17 June 2011

Friday Follies...
Have to apologize for the tardiness of today's post, but whenever school lets out, Wifey and I switch over to the "Friday Schedule"., and grocery shopping head the list until classes are back in session.
Nevertheless, I will endeavor to bring today's to all of you.
So here we go...strap in, because we're NOT driving fast today...we're just flying low.
*** First up, and update to the stray bullets from the shooting range:
(( Published: June 17, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Range shut down after car, home struck by bullets - Archie Ingersoll The Journal Gazette
The Allen County Sheriff’s Department has temporarily closed its shooting range after receiving complaints from residents asserting that stray bullets hit a mobile home and a vehicle nearby.
"Public safety is No. 1," Lt. Steve Stone said Thursday.
Stone said the department does not know whether the bullets came from the range at Adams Center and Paulding roads. But the owner of the vehicle that was struck found a bullet in the road that was a caliber used at the range, Stone said.
About a month ago, the sheriff’s department received a report that a mobile home had been hit. The department changed the spots from which officers fired weapons and adjusted the positions of targets.
The complaint about the vehicle being struck came in this week and led the department to close the range.
Stone said the vehicle and the mobile home were both in a mobile home park that’s roughly a half mile from the range.
He said the department has agreed to replace the windshield of the vehicle that may have been hit.
He said the range, which is used by various agencies, will remain closed while the department looks into the potential problem and makes any needed changes.
In 2001, the sheriff’s department closed a firing range near Carroll and Lima roads after a homeowner reported finding a bullet in her front yard and a bullet hole in her house.
Yep...pretty much covered what I posted HERE yesterday, but the adjustment of the targets was a new angle.
And NO, we do NOT have TWO ranges, but just the one I THOUGHT we had...the 1/2 mile-away one down off of Paulding.
Still, bullets ARE stupid and CAN go a 1/2 mile, but you'd have to be AIMING at the trailer park and be damn sure WHERE that round was going first.
I'd rather not assess blame to the ACSD at this point (if it were me doing the investigation).
The neighborhood is wonderfully ripe for drive-bys, and the trailer park is not anywhere close to something like the old MELODY LAKES facility up off of state rt 309 in PA (1/2 hour outside Philly).
The trailers (here) are packed closer together with little "wiggle room"...much like some other (smaller) trailer parks in the...(all together, gang)...SOUTHEAST side of Fort Wayne.
*** Next up, this story is just SO typical:
Here's the link to the BLAZE:
Apparently it IS indecent exposure to wear droopy drawers on a airliner...so says U.S. Airways.
Good, about time that EVERYONE was held to the SAME STANDARD...!
Dress like a HUMAN BEING...or get off the damn planet...period!
*** Here's proof that being a young entrepreneur isn't "quite" what it USED to be:
Again, the link from the BLAZE:
For God's sake...a LEMONADE STAND????
A $500 FINE?
A "vendor's license" that NEEDS to be applied for?
What an uber-regulatory, bureaucratic CLUSTER-F$CK!
Let the kids ALONE...they're not hurting ANYONE, and if anything, are doing a SERVICE to their community.
Forget the FACT that they were going to DONATE their PROCEEDS to a PEDIATRIC CANCER FIGHTING CHARITY.
We don't need to censor children like this...hell we need a lot MORE just like 'em!
*** Anthony Weiner is OUTTA HERE...or is he?
Long after he leaves his position in Congress, he will STILL be in someone's pockets.
Link from the BLAZE:
Wow...a $1.28 MILLION DOLLAR PENSION...(must be pretty damn nice).
Whatever happened to LOSING the pension under such circumstances, instead of REWARDING folks for BAD BEHAVIOR, hmm?
*** We finally got the roof fixed today.
The guys were out front as we came back from the grocery.
Nice to get to talk with TWO (count 'em, 2) DECENT working-class men who know their way around their trade, aren't afraid to break a sweat, and know a crapload about GUNS as well (talk about hog-heaven).
We shot the sh*t for a time, before they had to leave, and it was damn refreshing to stand out FRONT of OUR "fortress", and chat with REAL HONEST PEOPLE. Sure beats the current crop of yahoos we have infesting the area, I can tell you.
*** Lastly today, Sunday is FATHER'S DAY, And while in this part of the ghettohood, it's the MOST CONFUSING DAY of the calendar year for most folks, it means something a lot different to me.
It's gonna be another day of missing MY dad...yeah, even after ALL these years (since 1978).
I can honestly say there is not ONE day that passes that I don't think about him.
Those of you who have lost such a man in your lives know what I mean.
And if your Dad is STILL alive, you might want to entertain the notion of sitting a spell and talking with him.
Or, if he lives too far away, ring him up. I'm sure he'll enjoy it.
Give him a hug, tell him you love him, and that you really DO appreciate all he has done for you.
Don't let a precious moment slip away or place it on the back burner of your life, saying "I'll get around to it...".
Many time, life has a nasty habit of taking from us that which we love.
A missed opportunity might never come again, so why chance it?
It's good for all those fathers, and it's ALSO good for all of you.
Hey, take him to see the new GREEN LANTERN flick...looks like a winner.
Have yourselves a fantastic weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and as always...
Stay safe out there, America.

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