08 June 2011

Humpday Happenings...
Another day...another HOT one on tap here in the Midwest.
Yesterday set another record with 97 degrees for the date.
Today might be right up alongside with more heat...
Is it just ME, or does it seem like it should be AUGUST?
(sure feels like it)
Anyway, time to dust off some of my "recently de-classified" files, kept in the basement (right next to my comic collection...how apropos), and let the rest of you in on some really odd stuff.
So, turn the A/C on (you're gonna need it), pour a refreshing beverage of your choice, sit back and enjoy.
*** From the "When Good Cops Keep Going Bad" files:
Now you all know I am a staunch advocate of law-enforcement.
And for all the RIGHT reasons.
But I do draw the lines with such things as:
-- Ineffective policies
-- Affirmative action
-- Conduct unbecoming an officer
-- Abusing one's authority
-- "Cowboy Diplomacy" on the streets
Well, you get the idea....no one wants an officer who is frequently guilty of some or all of the above.
Case in point, this story:
(( Published: June 8, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Troubled detective quits amid allegations - Dominic Adams The Journal Gazette
FORT WAYNE – A Fort Wayne police detective suspended 21 times for a combined 622 days during his 26-year career resigned amid new allegations of improper conduct.
The Board of Public Safety accepted Wayne E. Kelly’s resignation during its meeting Monday.
Chief Rusty York said there were two separate incidents of improper conduct and investigative negligence.
The improper conduct involved Kelly giving his cellphone number to a woman he had pulled over last year, York said. In the second accusation of improper conduct, Kelly didn’t follow investigative procedures, but York said it didn’t adversely affect the case.
Kelly also had a yearlong suspension before York was chief and a six-month suspension in 2009, York said. Kelly was hired in 1985.
"I can tell you that wouldn’t happen today," York said of Kelly’s suspensions amounting to more than a year off.
"You’re not going to find another record like that on the Fort Wayne Police Department. The majority of the police officers go through their career without a violation. Those that do get violations, it’s for something minor like coming in late for work or a traffic accident."
Kelly’s retirement was effective Friday, and York said he will get his full pension when he turns 52, which is more than a year away.
Kelly also received 10 letters of reprimand, along with five commendations during his career.
York said the Board of Public Safety now has the ability to look at an officer’s complete history when considering discipline. In the past, the board looked only at the last two years."I think that happened several times with Officer Kelly," York said of Kelly being able to keep his job through
so many suspensions.
York said if Kelly hadn’t retired, the Board of Public Safety would have heard his case.
Also Monday, the board also accepted the resignation of Officer Jason S. Bronson.
An internal affairs investigation about improper conduct by Bronson was under way, but he resigned before the investigation was complete, York said.
Bronson had been suspended nine times, one of which was a six-month suspension, according to his personnel file.
Other officers suspended Monday included William J. Drake for improper conduct, Gary W. Griffith for emergency runs/pursuits, Jessica M. Ingram for being away without leave, George A. Nicklow for improper handling of evidence and Larry L. Tague Jr. for being absent without leave.
Every officer who is a member of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association can have a union-appointed attorney present during any internal affairs investigations, PBA President Sofia Rosales said.
"At some point, the administration needs to take ownership as well," Rosales said. "I don’t expect any officer with any kind of significant history in internal affairs investigations to withstand their tenure here."
(( *AHEM* ))
Personally, I have several points regarding the "retirement".
(talk about "job-security" for the Internal Affair "headhunters'''...sheesh!)
There is a "rule of thumb" that goes something like this:
An "attaboy" = a COMMENDATION.
An "oh-sh*t" = a REPRIMAND or SUSPENSION.
And it takes about TEN "attboys" to wipe out just ONE "oh-sh*t"...kapeesh?
This detective long ago used up ALL his "attaboys", and was hip-deep in "oh-sh*ts".
And that YEAR-LONG suspension should have sent up some red flags somewhere.
(imho), He should NOT receive a FULL pension...that's unfair to the other (19) officers that have to "pay" for HIS pension.
Now, no one is perfect, and every officer will screw up once in a while...that's human nature, but to put on the SHIELD (along with the responsibility that comes with that shield) and then use the job as a "dating service" is just plain WRONG.
LEOs should always strive to HOLD THEMSELVES to HIGHER STANDARDS, as citizens want to be able to RELY on them, have TRUST in them, and know these officers will act in the best interest of the CITIZENS...and not themselves and their own "pursuits"...
But that's just *my* opinion, folks. decide for yourselves.
*** From the "Who's Watching Your Kids AT School NOW?" files:
I loved most ALL my teachers when I went to school...many I feared worse than the wrath of God (or Khan).
And it was those educators that helped mold me into someone I was pretty much happy with.
They acted on behalf of my parents when I was AT SCHOOL...
Hell, both my parents AND my teachers had similar principles and values, but that's the way things worked in those days.
Today, it would seem that the educator is not quite AS IMPORTANT as technology.
And here's the proof:
(( SACS okays laptops for students in grades 6-8
Updated: Tuesday, 07 Jun 2011, 11:35 PM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 07 Jun 2011, 8:30 PM EDT
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - The Southwest Allen County Schools board voted 4-1 Tuesday night to approve a plan to buy laptop computers for both of its middle schools.
Right now, the plan does not involve allowing the students to take the computers home. Board members will discuss that a later work session.
Board members chose HP's bid. It was lower than budgeted. SACS will purchase 1,171 laptops at a cost of $611 each. They will replace the desktop computers currently used by students at Woodside and Summit Middle Schools.
HP will also pay the corporation $20,000 for its old equipment.
The plan passed 4 to 1 with board member Tim Loomis voting against it.
Loomis thinks a work session should have been held before approving laptop financing.
Superintendent Steve Yager thinks this type of technology will be a lot more versatile in classrooms.
"If we have 1,171 computers in the middle schools, they can be moved from classroom to classroom rather than have desktop units which can't be moved throughout the building," said Yager. "We're a long way from one on one programs. So we've got a lot of work to do, a lot of explanation to do, and sharing information with the board and public regarding that program before we get into it."
The board also approved financing new science textbooks for the Homestead High School Tuesday night.
Now, you'll admit that this doesn't take the PLACE of the teachers...YET, but it's headed in that direction.
Also, who the hell gave them the PRICING PLAN for these units?
$611 BUCKS?
Gimme a break.
How's about we get the kids (if we HAVE to) something called a NETBOOK...helluva lot CHEAPER (around $199 if you shop around), and if broken, lost or stolen, are a lot EASIER to replace.
I'd much prefer something that is more "COMBAT-TESTED" (like in Iraq)...something a bit more "bullet-proof", given the nature of young children and preteens these days.
The SACS board DOES indeed have a LOT of thinking to do on this matter, and hopefully, they will not sacrifice good TEACHERS for a warm & fuzzy piece of new-age tech. We can but hope. After all, this stuff IS the "wave of the future".
(So were FLYING CARS and JET PACKS for everyone)
*** I'm also a staunch GUN advocate...in that I believe that EVERY law-abiding citizen that can (and wants to) carry one...SHOULD.
Used to be a time when our society suffered a lot more CIVILITY...because guns were carried either openly or concealed in vest pockets. So you didn't go picking fights or causing trouble, and acted politely to others...or you could get SHOT DEAD for being a braggart or some other type of nuisance to others.
These days, we "think" we're more civilized than that, what with all our gun laws, regulations, and "permits" to carry.
This story had me smiling:
(( Last updated: June 7, 2011 9:27 a.m.
Citilink to let riders carry guns on its buses - Benjamin Lanka The Journal Gazette
FORT WAYNE – Starting next month, Citilink patrons will be allowed to ride with their guns, despite safety concerns from the transit company. Citilink’s board of directors on Thursday is scheduled to vote on a new weapons policy to comply with state law, essentially allowing passengers to bring their guns on board.
Ken Housden, Citilink general manager, said the transit system’s current weapons policy does not comply with the new law. He said he isn’t thrilled with the changes, but his organization can’t ignore the new state statute.
"Guns and public transportation are not a good mix," he said. "We can’t change the law."
Senate Bill 292 generally pre-empts local ordinances that regulate firearms, including cities with specific gun bans and rules prohibiting weapons in public buildings and parks.
Housden said this means Citilink has no authority to ban firearms from its vehicles. The law, which takes effect July 1, does exempt the Statehouse, meaning people are not allowed to carry firearms where legislators work.The new policy would ban weapons from the vehicles, but exempts firearms, theoretically meaning people can’t bring knives or other similar weapons onto Citilink buses.
Several Citilink patrons on Monday said they were concerned with the new law. Melissa Walker, 50, of Fort Wayne, said there wasn’t a reason for people to need to carry their guns onto buses.
"If you’re not an officer, you shouldn’t have to take a gun," she said.
Constance Turner, 71, of Fort Wayne, said even guns used in self-defense can cause problems. A person aiming at a criminal or other dangerous passenger might accidentally hit someone else, she said.
Housden admitted concern of even talking about the new law because he didn’t want to broadcast the fact people would be allowed to carry guns on public transportation.
Fred Lanahan, Citilink board president, said he hopes the new law won’t lead to any problems, but he does believe it goes too far.
"I don’t see there’s any need to allow guns with or without permit on public transportation," he said.
While Lanahan said there really isn’t any way for drivers to know whether someone is carrying a gun onto a bus,
Citilink does not want to encourage people to bring firearms on board.
The proposed policy would ban Citilink drivers and employees from carrying any weapons while on duty. Lanahan said there was no consideration to allow drivers to carry guns now that passengers can. He said he hopes the state legislature would reconsider the law next year.
The Allen County Public Library board expressed similar concerns about the law previously.
Now HOW MANY YouTube videos are out there right this minute that SHOW savages attacking people on PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?
(short answer - WAY too many)
I have NO problem with law-abiding citizens carrying ANYWHERE...they're NOT the problem, and neither are the guns THEY carry.
The REAL issue is the CRIMINAL ELEMENT...like the ones that robbed a Taco Bell up around Dupont & Lima Rds. yesterday (armed robbery call).
THOSE are the ones that don't need to carry ANY weapon at all (but do anyway).
And THOSE are the people we need to protect OURSELVES from ('cause the po-po can't roll everywhere all the time to everyone).
How many videos are there out there that show "people" (read more savages) causing chaos in fast food establishments?
(again...way too many)
Hell, the way society is today, I thought it WAS okay to carry weapons on buses ...sure looked that way from some of the rides I've taken in my day.
Thing is, with this new law in Fort Wayne, you CAN carry a frearm, but NOT a knife (and I guess that ruiles out me taking the #4 bus with my SWORD draped across my back)...
I know when I go out, I have a KNIFE, and a mini MACE, and very often a CO2-powered BB pistol (you'll put yer eye out with that), and that's only becasue I haven't gotten a CCW permit, but I plan to change that very soon.
I WANT to carry everywhere I can, and with good reason (not the least of which is the area we live in).
With drive-bys and too many lazy-ass bucks with way too much time on their drug-dealing hands, it would behoove me to "fill MY hand" if the need ever arises, and then perform whatever "public service" fits the venue (put them in the ground before they do it to you).
Not the best way to live...just the only way for now.
And it never hurts to be a little MORE prepared that the bad guys (and with better aim).
*** Lastly today, it IS hot outside, and that means more stress on your body, no matter WHAT age you are.
If you're "more mature" than most, the heat affects you sooner,and often with greater intensity.
Stay indoors if possible, but if you do have to venture out, make sure you're not driving about with some electrolytic depletion or suffering from lack of hydration.
Down some Powerade or water before going out, and top off whenever you feel the need.
Wear loose-fitting light-colored clothing, and for God's sake, wear a hat (hopefully with the brim pointed FORWARD...unless you're a catcher for a local baseball club...lol)
Having a hot sun beat down on your head WILL fry your skull (and not help whatever hair you have much).
And a dip in a nearby pool doesn't hurt one bit either, as our "friends" (above) have become keenly aware of...lol.
After all, you don't want anyone calling YOU a "hot-head", right?
A little caution in this weather WILL go a long way, trust me.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe (and cool) out there, America.

(( And sometime in the next 24-48 hrs, I just might cross the ONE-HUNDRED-THOUSAND PAGE VIEWS BARRIER...Thank you SO MUCH everyone for making it possible))


CWMartin said...

I thought about a post on Wayne Kelley, titled, "And yet another reason why I hate unions" But I think you and the JG got it coverred quite nicely.

And boy would I like to take yer weather advice, but my paycheck includes all the sauna you can take.

Bob G. said...

I appreciate your sentiments regarding Detective Kelly.

Nice to know the J-G is in good company...(wink, wink...nudge, nudge)

And to weather, I can definitely SHARE your feelings there.
I have worked a (fair?) share of saunas in my day.
That's ONE thing I never miss about welding shops.
(well that, and getting burned on a regular basis)

Remember, you can always play CATCH-UP when you return to "Homestead-Heights"!

Thing is, Scrappy REALLY knows how to enjoy keeping cool, and I envy that.
(but I would miss my opposing thumbs).

Thanks a lot for spending some time here today and commenting.

Stay safe (and comfy) up there.

Momma Fargo said...

21 suspensions isn't quite like a 21 gun salute, is it? Or maybe it is. LOL. They both are the death of something.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You sure got THAT right, dear.
(death of integrity for one thing)

I did think about looking at it like having TWENTY second chances...LOL

And here I thought there was only ONE "second" to ANY chance...the rest defeat the initial purpose, right?
He'd have to live a hundred more years to get enough "attaboys" to erase ALL those "oh, sh*ts".

Major fail there.

Thanks so much for rolling up today and commenting.
Stay safe (and dry) out there in your CV "slick".