22 June 2011

Humpday Happenings...
Middle of the week AGAIN...and smack dab into SUMMER as well.
So people are asking me all the time "How's that garden doing, Bob?"
Truth be told, hardly anyone knows of my existence outside of HERE (Being the"lone wolf" I am, I kinda like it that way...under the radar, as it were), and even fewer still bother to ask, but it's my post today, and I want to show you all anyway...so there!
Here are some of the activities around the Fortress of Reason:
Yeah, things are doing OK, in spite of being assaulted by obnoxious noises from every conceivable direction.
The experts "say" that plants grow better when exposed to certain types of MUSIC.
And since I only prefer classic rock, classical and a little jazz now and then (with a bit of new age tossed in for the hell of it), our plants and flowers seem to be doing nicely.
That would ALSO explain why those living all around us who love (c)rap "music" (and are more than willing to "share" it with us 24/7/365) don't have ANYTHING growing around their places...LOL.
I'm sure that "style" of whatever it is works in certain specific circumstances, but it's anything but conducive to productivity in the botanical realm.
With that said, let's see what else has been making the news...
*** Well, at least Fort Wayne did NOT make the list of top ten DIRTIEST CITIES...or even the TOP TWENTY.
(but Lord knows, by the looks of my ghettohood, we're TRYING our damnedest!)
Here's the link to the source (top ten) article with another link there for the other ten cities:
The short list as follows:
1. New Orleans
2. Philadelphia
3. Los Angeles
4. Memphis
5. New York City
6. Baltimore
7. Las Vegas
8. Miami
9. Atlanta
10. Houston
Now WHAT would all these cities seem to "have in common"?
I think you already KNOW the answer.
(and yes, I will also accept "Democratic leadership" or "sanctuary city", or even "social justice") The other ten are pretty much a no-brainer as well, with Anchorage, AK being an unusual exception.
Have look, and have a laugh...or a cry, depending if you LIVE there or not.
*** Now, if you think that YOUR city is a cesspool to live in, be thankful you're not living in one of THESE 80 cities (and if you already DO, you have my sympathy).
Here's the link:
From here, you can scout the GLOBE for all those "hot-spots".
And they are in alphabetical order.
But if you want JUST the worst cities in AMERICA, here's the link to THAT site:
Now, that ought to settle up your "travel plans" for the foreseeable future, right?
*** And here is the lowdown on crime rates in 331 metro areas in America:
From this link, you can also go to the MIDSIZE metro areas (117) as well as the SMALLEST metro areas (114)
And I'm sure you'll find YOUR city, town, or borough somewhere in the mix.
*** Lastly today, Glenn Beck's show on ENERGY was pretty eye-opening yesterday.
He had business people who are ALL affected by rising energy costs, government manipulation of subsidies (none go to big oil, in case you were wondering), the "green" movement, and why it's not as feasible as you might think (electric cars STILL "run" on electricity provided by FOSSIL FUEL-POWERED PLANTS...DUH!), and why INNOVATION had always driven America's businesses and economy (and why that's being played way down and thwarted by the government). All in all, a really GOOD show (Beck's never really HAD a bad show, imho).
*** With that said, think on this:
All of us are involved in this "Theater of the Absurd" (read government power-grab), whether we WANT to be...or NOT.
We are being cajoled into a false sense of security, and being controlled by factions within our government.
There was a time when we managed to POLICE OURSELVES...to a much greater degree, and with stronger intent.
Today, we teeter on the brink of anarchy (which Plato stated was only ONE step beneath DEMOCRACY).
-Societally, we have allowed sanctioned murder of the unborn, while denying death penalties to hardened career criminals.
-We have said it was better to be "best friends" with our children instead of PARENTS.
-We have made corporal punishment TO our children into a criminal act.
-We are forcing kids to "grow up" at even earlier years than imagined just 20 years ago.
-We are not holding people responsible for their actions, nor are demanding accountability from them.
-We have settled for expecting LESS from kids, sought to "level the playing field" in education by promoting the dumbing down OF our kids through failed programs that have cost us TIME as well as MONEY.
-We have sent jobs overseas at ever-increasing rates, rather than being the productive society we once were by pricing ourselves OUT of the competitive markets around the globe.
-We have allowed our borders to become as porous as a screen door on a submarine, allowing TENS OF MILLIONS of illegals into this nation over the last 50+ years, and have done little to halt the flow of both people, crime and drugs into our country.
So WHEN will we begin to say"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH", and begin to take back this nation that was once ours?
If we have not started to do so YET...TODAY would be a damn good day to start, don'cha think?
We all have voices, and we can all say what needs to be said...and we can vote and petition.
I think the destination we all seek IS still there, but not on the road we're currently traveling.
We will need to stay the course and read our "maps" as we go.
And we will need to be , if nothing else, persistent and relentless in our pursuit to reclaim THIS nation (under God).
We can do it...and we must.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


John D said...

...don't have ANYTHING growing around their places...

Well, nothing legal, anyway.

Bob G. said...

John D:
Well I was speaking about URBAN settings (they like to grow INDOORS, mostly...lol)

In the boonies, they grow wherever they can find decent top cover from the prying eyes of the DEA helo!
And yes, not a single thing about it LEGAL.

Thanks for rolling on up today and commenting.

Stay safe.

Slamdunk said...

The rain and you all's hard work has your hard looking great.

I am just glad to have moved away from the big cities now and been gone a decade. I don't miss any of it--the trash, the crime, the noise, the crowds, the thugs...

Bob G. said...

It may not be all that huge (and nothing close to what some folks have elsewhere), but it's SINCERE (like Linus's Pumpkin patch...lol)

Funny thing - I grew up in a city, and I used to really LIKE it a lot.

Things were close by...stores, friends, grocery, service stations (that SERVED you and had free maps), even playgrounds and schools...ALL within walking distance.

Nowadays, all the bad things you mention are (unfortunately) ALL within "walking distance" in those same neighborhoods.

They're literally UNrecognizable now!
And those once nice amenities?
They're all gone.

Always said you can judge a city by it's WORST areas, instead of the propaganda those city leaders foist as being SO nice to live in...or at.
Got a story in Thursday's post that say just that.

It applies to FORT WAYNE just as readily as it does to Philly.
Just the SIZES are different.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

You stay safe out there.