27 June 2011

Monday Musings...
Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends...
(and yes, those are song lyrics you're looking at...congrats for noticing.)
Another week of fighting the good fight, taking on the powers of evil, looking for bargains so we can stretch our dollars, and waiting to see what this government administration has in store for us "in our best interest"...
And it's barely MONDAY...imagine that.
*** We begin with a "post-game" show (of sorts) regarding this past weekend.
-- First off, I had to mention that Peter Falk passed away at the age of 83 last Thursday.
here's the WIKI on Mr. Falk:

I do believe that there are no major cast members of the movie THE GREAT RACE left alive now.
That movie is a favorite of mine...damn shame they never did make a sequel (Paris to New York - the "return trip").
I loved Falk's portrayal of the bumbling sidekick (Max) to Jack Lemmon's "Professor Fate".
Marvelous casting. Those two were MADE for each other.
-- Next, an artist from comic book history (and a large part of my childhood) GENE COLAN also died.
Here's the WIKI on Gene:
If you ever picked up a copy of some Marvel comic title from the 1960s, you probably held some of Gene's work in your hands.
He penciled such notable characters as Doctor Strange, Daredevil, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Batman, but he made his mark on MY life when he succeeded Don Heck in doing the IRON MAN series found in the old TALES OF SUSPENSE title, carrying over into the IRON MAN series with issue #1.
His talent and particular pencilling style will be sorely missed and probably never repeated again.
-- Now, if you noticed, this past Saturday was Mrs. Bobby G.'s birthday, and we went to Red Lobster for lunch.
It was there we met fellow blogger Chris (Tilting at Windmills) and his wife Laurie.
I must say, we did indeed have a good time chatting about a myriad of topics...oh, and the food was pretty good, too.
Now, I have to back up JUST a bit and state that our "new neighbors" across the street had their SECOND week of "yard sales", and that meant people were pulling up alongside OUR property (and driveway), so as we left to head up north, I said to her:
"You wait...we'll have someone across the driveway, and we better NOT when we get home."
There was this Hispanic guy (Victor - lives at the house of a felon down the corner of our block) who was posting SIGNS for the yard sale, and "thought" he'd put one on one of our trees on our property (he thought WRONG).
I was out the door and said:
"You don't want to put that there on our tree...a utility pole works just as well." He took the hint, but I had a gut feeling it was just the beginning.
Well, on the way home, (we went over Wells St, as the bridge on S. Clinton was being repaired and slows traffic), as we turned into Glenbrook Mall to cross behind and get to Wells, some black male idiot in a dark brown Alero comes screaming out of the parking lot, not looking any which-way EXCEPT at the MIDDLE FINGER I promptly gave him for driving like a maniac and cutting across our bow, barely missing us!!!
I mean he was the ONLY car around us (that winding road is meant to allow people to access parking on the back side of the mall, and is usually empty...that's why we took it), and picked THAT moment to try to get into an accident (and picking the WRONG person to pull that kind of sh*t on).
It was like someone suddenly opened the sluice gate and let all the morons out.
And it was like that most of the several mile drive home...people braking for no reason, not signalling turns, darting across intersections, not knowing WHAT LANE (we used to call them "Dream-Weavers") they're SUPPOSED to be in...that kinda crap.
Well, we FINALLY (and by the grace of God, no doubt) back to OUR street, and sure enough...adding insult to (near) injury, there's a damn full size VAN blocking our driveway.
So, I do what any person (like me) would do...roll up and LAY ON THE HORN (well it is MY driveway, and has a PRIVATE PROPERTY - KEEP OUT sign posted). The older white guy pulls it up out of the way, and after I get our car safe in the garage, I say (loud enough to be heard):
"This better not become a goddamn parking lot, because I DO know how to dial the FWPD."
Didn't really see much "business" after that outburst.
A little later on, the "usual" house down the block had yet ANOTHER visit from the FWPD, and this time ANIMAL CONTROL came by.
No one got the "cuff 'n stuff" (as usual) and NO animals were removed (which surprised me, as I had come to believe that EVERYONE in that house WAS an "animal"...meaning a bit less than human for my liking)...amazing.
I'd figure if the police are coming to MY house at least once a month, something might be wrong somewhere...'ya think?
And it's never JUST one FWPD vehicle...they must really LIKE "company"...that's gotta be it.
When we got settled, I set about making Wifey's cake...chocolate fudge cake with chocolate icing (still practicing my "writing skills" with the decorating gig, but I got the "rosettes" down pretty well...lol).
Since we were full from lunch, we just had the cake and the birthday song a bit later...and yes, it was good enough to eat.
Bobby G. doesn't cook OR bake crap...that's a given in MY kitchen...!
Sunday, was a lot "tamer" by comparison...no driveway blockages.
Victor, however was taken to riding a battery-powered scooter about the street (as he was "running" the yard sale...AGAIN).
And, as a result (he does like to drink), he dumped the scooter (and himself) in the middle of the street. I was really laughing too hard to get a picture of THAT, but it was destined to happen sooner or later.
Needless to say, the scooter got a much-needed rest.
Yes, it does appear that we always have our shares of neighborhood morons...that's just the way Section 8 (and the gimme parade) works down here...
Don't ever place anyone with financial troubles that is a GOOD person (wanting to work OUT of poverty) around us (who are not poverty-stricken in any way) when you can dump some lazy-ass baby factories and their boyfriends of the month (and their posse) all around instead...
And people wonder WHY the SE side gets a bad rep?
C'mon, now...it's been PLANNED this way by the city.
It's by...DESIGN.
(we must be following the "Detroit Model"...ROFL)
Anyway, yesterday, I made garlic pepper cubed steaks with baked potato for dinner (with salad) and b'day cake for dessert.
We would have had those cheesy rolls/biscuits we were SUPPOSED to have brought home from Red Lobster, but someone who had a birthday this weekend forgot...wonder who that was?
Suffice it to say, we managed to stave off the bad with the good we were fortunate to attain this past weekend.
And now, we get to look forward to July 4th, and all the fireworks (that we've been hearing for weeks, and the FWPD can't seem to get a handle on).
Yes...it's a brand new week...and we hit the ground running (or in my case, lightly jogging at a comfortable pace until the lower limbs get a bit nimbler...takes about a half hour to iron out the kinks...LOL)
Got some places to go this week, things to get, lists to make...and leftover chocolate cake that we'd really hate to see go stale.
(we'll be working on that last one...definitely)
Remember, there's no bad thing in life that a good piece of cake can't help cure.
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

Sounds like you and TAW had a nice visit Saturday. So many nice folks out there in blog land. The cake looks delicious, hope you enjoyed some for me. Mrs. G is a lucky woman.

Slamdunk said...

Happy birthday to your wife Bob.

Yard sales can be quite an ordeal as well.

Yes, the Mrs. here complains about one of our neighbors who actually just put his home up for sale. They are quirky, but certainly not what I would define as bad neighbors. Bad neighbors are the ones that have blowout parties, park anywhere and everywhere on your property, leave garbage on your lawn, and play music at 3 am just for your enjoyment. I am really hoping the new folks do not fit that description.

CWMartin said...

1. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer!
2.Glad to see you posted the Colan artwork we talked about- your descriptions were spot-on.
3. Your trip home was just "typical day on Ft Wayne streets". My dad taught me by example to be courteous on the road- they don't even try to teach that in driver's ed anymore.
4. Thanks for the blog "pimping", as usual.
5. Good grief, what's with deserts tonight? I just got done lusting after the chocolate muffins on Mynx's blog, and now cake? Do you people realize I have nothing but swiss rolls here?
6.uhmmm... actually, for the sake of accuracy, Laurie and I ain't married, or "friends with benefits" either- just 2 old friends who God put in the same house to fill in pesky financial, emotional, and social voids. No harm done.
7. Animal ctl and FWPD were probably just observing to see which of them actually had jurisdiction.
Gabby tonight, ain't I?

Bob G. said...

I had a scoop of chocolate ice cream on my piece of cake FOR YOU...!
It's so moist, you can mush the crumbs with a fork to pick them up.

Thanks for the well wishes for my wife.
(We hope to see YOU soon enough.)

And thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe down there.

Bob G. said...


The "sales" are being held in a garage (proper), so perhaps I may have misspoken.

Still, I wish they'd sell their yard...AND their garage, AND their house.

Be nice to grab all the houses, raze them, and have some vacant land around us...
(a gated "community" of two?)

How urbanly-RURAL...LOL.

I've already SIZED these folks up, and they're not too far removed from the rest of the locals...they're still "feeling their oats" to use the saying.

Gonna be a "fun" 4th...that's for sure.

Hey, thanks for the B'Day wishes for Wifey and for spending some time here today.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

- Have to tell everyone about the day my partner and I MET ELP...that was a very cool thing!
(even got a CD signed for another friend of mine)
- If I couldn't find the artwork we chatted about ONLINE, I was fully prepared to dig htrough my COLLECTION and get the covers...LOL
- I'm starting to feel that being a COURTEOUS driver here means shoot FIRST...and then APOLOGIZE for doing so.
- Hey, we "bro's" gots to stick togethu, yaknowhuahmsayin?
- BTW, we got TWO boxes of SWISS ROLLS here is 'ya run out...LOL.
- Well, I didn't see a ring, and I kinda figuring you may NOT be hitched, but I think you two represent much of the GOOD side of what a marriage is...sorry about my faux-pas.
- I was thinking a dog bite, but I didn't see any of the babymakers being herded off on a LEASH, so maybe I was incorrect in that "assumption"...heh, heh, heh.

Gald we could do the MEET 'N GREET.
We had a blast!

Thanks for taking time to swing on by today and comment.

You all stay safe up there.

CWMartin said...

"...but I think you two represent much of the GOOD side of what a marriage is...sorry about my faux-pas."

Like I said, no problem- especially after a nice compliment like that.

Security word "barbocki"- a doll you fill with seasonal beer?

Momma Fargo said...

Peter Falk was awesome.

I might add that watching your neighborhood would be pure entertainment. LOL

Bob G. said...

(I have no control over that, but that IS funny)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yes, Peter Falk was one of a kind...that's for sure.

And "entertaining" doesn't even BEGIN to cover it all when it comes to my part of the ghettohood, trust me.

I just wish it were all a tad more on the BORING side...I could use the rest...LOL.

Hey, thanks for taking time to roll up and coop for a while today.

Stay safe (and DRY) out there.