13 July 2011

Humpday Happenings...
Sorry about being a bit tardier than usual for a humpday...You'll have to thank some friends of some "neighbors" for that one.
Amazing how getting less sleep at night tends to put one off of one's game as one gets older.
And, as chronicled here, there are other AMAZING aspects to living in such an area as ours, which will invariably want to keep you up to all hours, JUST so you can take in all the nuances...(yeah, right).
IT would be nice to be permitted to purchase a few WOLVES, and after the sun sets, turn them out to patrol around the house, leaving them to "indulge themselves" as far as fun and survival goes, but there'd be WAY too many hoops to jump through (for me), and someone would probably not find it as "amusing" as I would (damn).
Our "newbies" (the Hispanic male and white female) across the street are finally "flexing their muscles", as it were, JUST like I predicted and mentioned here yesterday. They had one loudass car with more Hispanics over to their house AFTER MIDNIGHT, and shining a spot light on them means nothing (like shut the f$ck up you wetback bastards...people MIGHT want to sleep at a normal time).
Now, THIS is NOT what I meant (yesterday) when I spoke about the makeup of a GOOD neighborhood...not one damn bit.
One of MY favorite Bob-isms goes something like this (and I know most of you have hard this at least ONCE):
"Any neighborhood is ONLY AS GOOD as it's WORST resident."
You can also apply this all the way up to the top of ANY leadership totem pole, management hierarchy, or military situation.
(and feel free to do so)
*** But first, let's take a refresher course as to HOW a city can take a once nice area and turn it into a slum, shall we?
Let's set the WAY-BACK machine to around September of 1982, when International Harvester decided to CLOSE the truck plant on the near SE side and move to Springfield Ohio.
Much of the immediate neighborhoods felt the impact as the plant laid off close to 11,000 employees (many of them took a 125-mile bus ride to and from Ohio JUST to preserve their jobs and retirement pensions).
That hurt this city, and the city leaders didn't seem to want to do much to recoup the losses or even to avert such an economic disaster.
Interestingly enough it as also the same year we had a MAJOR flood in town, prompting a visit from (then) President Reagan (at least he gave a damn).
We were called "The city that saved itself"...for what will soon be evident.
Win Moses was mayor during this time. And he was (you guessed it) a DEMOCRAT. (well that explains a lot, Bob)
He left office in 1985 due to a scandal over campaign financing and plea-bargains his ass out of jail. He is back in office TWO WEEKS later after a landslide vote in the special democratic caucus.
Gee, Matt Kelty didn't get off THAT luckily...wonder why the DEMS get it easy?
Anyway, the city was hard hit for jobs back THEN, and did little to acquire anyone to replace Harvester.
People moved away, looking for work (because that's what normal, working-class people do), and THAT opened the door for the likes of HUD, and the Section 8 "brigade" to wander in and "take over" part of the SE side.
Now, in 1987, republican (in name only) Paul Helmke was elected to THREE consecutive terms as mayor.
(what were you people thinking?)
All THAT did for the city was to build UP the NORTH END of town, while leaving the SOUTH end to "it's own devices"...
But Helmke was never without some good lip-service to the masses like in THIS story:
This IS a good read (if all of what was said and done MADE a damn DIFFERENCE, which is really has not), but goes to show HOW EFFECTIVE his "efforts" were to deter crime (they were not), and clean up an area that was on the brink of sinking into Dante's 7th layer of Hades (which it pretty much has).
Amazing what some politicians will do (or in this part of town's case, NOT do) when it comes to being ignorant...they become BLISSFUL, don't they?
The all-time high for homicides came under Helmke's watch (42 back in the mid 90s, thanks to the advent of CRACK coming to town), and the AMOUNT of crime has grown, although some would have you believe that crime IS going DOWN...
Thank THAT on reclassification of certain CRIMES from one area of severity to another. What was once a really BAD crime is not "not so bad", so we don't count it any longer.
Well, that wail make the citizens sleep a LOT better...(maybe not down here).
All that serves to do is lull some into that false sense of security...ripe to become the next victim.
So, over the last two decades, we 've continued to lose jobs down here...AND businesses...AND NEIGHBORS (who were replaced with ghetto-fleas...scum-of-the-earth vermin with no respect for anyone or anything).
*** Now, I said all that, to say this:
I actually had a lot more HOPE for having this area change around, and even our property taxes were reflecting this (our once $40K house went up to almost DOUBLE assessed value - $76.3K and change).
Then, the bottom dropped out and the value PLUMMETED to a current assessment "value" of around $28K...!
(yeah, that's pretty much what I was saying, too)
Real estate around here is traded like stocks on Wall Street...trouble is, the properties have SO LITTLE value, because of it, and your assessment is based on such things.
Some people up and buy a place for cheap, and then rotate RENTERS without background checks.
(which means they don't know WHO or what THE F$CK is moving in...or whether they have a JOB to PAY for the hovel)
But, thanks to a THRIVING drug trade down here (we're probably the ONLY household around here that DOESN'T use street-pharms), money is easily obtained.
Hell the SE side of town, where most of the "action" is, has been "touted" (?) as the part of Fort Wayne that has the SECOND HIGHEST LEVEL of disposable income (from WELFARE checks?). That puts us behind the NW part of town (who really DO have jobs, and make their money the old-fashioned way...they EARN it).
If THAT isn't a "WTF?" moment, I can't figure out what is.
And if we're SO damn "wealthy", why the hell doesn't the area LOOK a helluva LOT BETTER, as a result?
(that would be due to a lack of knowing one's PRIORITIES)
*** What goes on down here is a disease for this city, but it's not totally incurable.
Sure, it might taste nasty, and the "rehab" might hurt like hell, but there ARE solutions that will enable this section of Fort Wayne to get about the task of being able to WALK AGAIN, let alone stand on it's own two feet, and actually CONTRIBUTE to the city's coffers.
Remaining on the current path does no one any good, and creates MORE victims...not fewer ones.
It punishes the innocent, and rewards the guilty...and that needs to change.
Another quote I love comes from the movie The Punisher (2004):
"...In certain extreme situations, the law is inadequate. In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law. To pursue... natural justice. This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it's an emotional response. No, not vengeance. Punishment."
Maybe we don't need to become vigilantes (although having one around to keep the peace would be a godsend at this point)...just become a lot more VIGILANT, period.
It's a damn good start, anyway.
Just when you misbehaved as a youth, there was punishment provided by parents, teachers, relatives...whoever.
And it wised you the hell up as you matured.
Problem is, too many out there today have been denied this, and as a result, have become self-serving and narcissistic.
They need to be corralled in, and trained back up in the manner regarding CIVIL behavior.
We've gone too long without chiding such people, and have permitted what used to be abhorrent to become our new social standard.
We, as a people...as a nation CAN do better, and we really need to see to that as soon as possible.
The consequences of inaction are too insidious to contemplate.
And our nation really does not want to go there.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

According to Obama, we may not be getting our social security checks next month (scare tactic)... do you suppose your neighbors will get their money? If they do I will be very upset, as I worked 45 yrs and paid into Social Security. It is my opinion that the government needs to be better stewards of our money. Your area is a micro version of what our country is going to become. IMHO. Keep making a difference Bobby G.

CWMartin said...

BG: Sorry about your night. You ever consider getting out your Kick-ass woofers and aiming them towards the offending house at, say 8-9 am?
Very nice job on the mini-history of Ft Wayne- the city that was still saying it had no gang problem while the paint on the overpasses that the Vice Lords tagged was peeling the evidence off. Ft Wayne's Flag should have somewhere on it an ostrich with its head buried.
And a nice job on the Three Ghetto Festival, too- I've been either busy or incapacitated (relatively) the last couple o' days.
My brother and a cousin were among the nomadic Harvester employees who sacrificed family time to live on top of each other in a rented trailer. Good times.
Hey, and stop over to the cap blog and let me know what you think of the Zulu story. I'm going to look for the poem I mentioned within for an upcoming Windmills post.
Laurie is going to be doing a guest top ten on time machine in the next few weeks- you ought to see if you got one in you too!

Bob G. said...

Barry's just blowing more smoke out the but...the checks WILL go out, and that comes from a lot more people who really KNOW how the government works.

The governemnt needs to get OUR of the business of managing OTHER folks money...period.

I'd much rather have ALL the money I paid into SSI BACK...before they up and lose that cash.
(or give it all away)

And we'd better not hope wish, or think that my area is what our nation MIGHT become.
If anyone messed with the FREE MONEY these welfare leeches get, there WILL be riots and blood in our streets...that's just they way THEY would respond.
They are entitled the same RIGHT for the SAME oppotunities everyone else has...and NOT money from hard-working people.

All I can do is continue to fight the good fight, and trust in God to protect us all.

Thanks so much for your confidence in me.
I promiise to never betray such trust.

And thanks for stopping on by today to comment.

Stay safe down there.

Bob G. said...

If I ever DID decide to "fight sound with sound", it would ONLY be with the utilization of an LRAD device (they're really cool)...

Your comment of my history of the Fort is MARVELOUS...and SO true. Only brevity prevented me from telling ALL of the stories that need to be told.
Maybe some day soon...heh.

Got to get a copy of the history of Fort Wayne. Should be good for some laughs!

Ahhhh, you have personal history regarding Harvester...
I knew I'd come across some folks someday...love to hear ALL the details about events that led to the closing.

Glad you liked OUR "festival"...
Just wait until the "circus" comes to town (and brings the sideshow freaks along)...LOL.

Me? A top ten?
Wow, those are some HUGE shoes to fill...believe you me.
I could NEVER do the proper justice that YOU do with teh Time Machine (I'd probably drive it into a house down here...LMAO)

And have you seen the COST of PLUTONIUM these days???

I'll drop by the "cap" blog and check it out.

Thanks a lot for spending some time here today and commenting.

Stay safe up there, my friends.

Slamdunk said...

"We've gone too long without chiding such people, and have permitted what used to be abhorrent to become our new social standard."

Amen Bob, we as a society can do better and thanks to you for having the courage to say it and insist that we take action.

Bob G. said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement...
My only regret is that I didn't speak up a LOT sooner.

Then again, life tends to get in the way of things sometimes.

And we find ourselves either busy beyond belief, or otherwise distacted from what is right in front of us.

Hell, blame it on getting older and becoming a curmudgeon...LOL.

Thanks for taking the time to stop on by and comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.