18 July 2011

Monday Musings...
Being the sentimentalist I am (on a good day...with no "interruptions") I can't help but look to this particular week in a manner that would be an homage to the late Irving Berlin with his 1933 song HEAT WAVE (and first sung by Ethyl Waters).
It is SO hot and humid out there today, I swear you can wring out the damn air you're breathing.
You can stand in one spot and leave a puddle in less than a minute!
(like the locals that put on too much AXE and can do the same on a normal day)
And naturally, the news is "hyping" this up...like it's something "new"...
Got news for 'em all...heat waves have been around for a LONG time.
Unfortunately, air-conditioning has not, but thankfully IS these days.
Global-Warming...run for the mountains, people!!!
(yeah, right)
Why don't we set the WAY-BACK machine to the early-mid 1930s - location, the heartland of America.
You want to talk about HEAT?
There were a LOT more days when the raw temperatures were in the century numbers.
Curiously enough, it was at the same time when criminals like Bonnie and Clyde, Ma Barker, and John Dillinger roamed the states.
Now, I'm not saying we're ripe for another bank robbing spree.
I'm just saying that there WERE people "working" (after a fashion) during the horrendous heat that permeated the Midwest.
So my advice in such weather today would be that if you don't HAVE to be anywhere...don't bother going outside (unless you're a fan of spontaneous combustion). That especially goes for those with pre-existing breathing conditions...and seniors.
There are times when even the heartiest among us might succumb to such hot weather, so don't take that chance.
Stay hydrated with plenty of fluids (more if you're outside), and feel free to "mix it up" a bit.
Some Gatorade or Powerade does wonders, but water is good, too. Soda is fine as long as you're drinking it sparingly...ditto for coffee and tea.
BTW, both coffee and tea work DAMN well when ICED.
Moving on...
*** As is with most ANY morning around the ghettohood, I (and sometimes the Missus) like to get things done EARLY.
Technically, that means BEFORE 1100 hours, when the locals roll out after a long night and going to sleep (?) around 4AM.
So, out we were this morning before the sun rose over the hovels, watering the lawn and plants, because they deserve it (and we sunk a few bucks into them, and would prefer to enjoy them as long as possible).
Call it our "daily edification". And I fed the birds. the one particular squirrel (I call him "Gimpy"...he's got a bum back foot), and young Mr. Bunny.
I fed the neighbor's cat, watered HER flowers and checked the perimeter of her house...normal.
...And the "locals" slept on...marvelous.
Now, we kick on the A/C and settle back for a hot day in Fort Wayne.
Gonna be interesting to see how soon before we hear about a 46, 96 on the police radio (domestic).
I mean what BETTER way to start off a hot and humid day than with smacking someone around the house, hmm?
Gee, NORMAL people don't do that...wonder why?
Maybe it's because they're either WORKING for a living, or otherwise engaged in some PRODUCTIVE activity elsewhere or even in their own house.
Well, that would explain an awful lot...which is what we have living around us...an AWFUL LOT (of moolies)...LOL.
*** One thing that occurred around the fortress the past couple days was the fact that a GALLON of milk we bought , with an EXPIRATION DATE OF 21 JULY has decided to go prematurely BAD (still have half of it left)!
I mean "W - T - F - ?"
We're not even AT the 21st, so what gives here?
Someone at the dairy screwed up ROYALLY (imho), and I suppose we should take the UNUSED portion back to the store, but we'll just suck it up...for now. Should this happen AGAIN, we will take it back and send a nasty-gram to the store's owners.
I suppose if we were "other-raced" and on the government dole, and screamed and made a scene in the store (as I've seen before with others) we might wind up with a week's groceries FOR FREE...but we're not like that, because we don't act in that manner.
We're more CIVILIZED in that regard.
And speaking of being civilized...and/or on the dole...
Stop on over to THE OBSERVER's blog (link at left), and read the post from 15 July (last article about incarcerated minority men)...excellent and intriguing source story (It amazes me how you people FIND all this good stuff).
I am getting together an upcoming post about this and what I've come to know over the years, so stay tuned for that.
*** Lastly today, I've noticed that I've some new "followers".
First of all, thank you SO much for having enough confidence in this old Philly boy to want to be part of the action here.
And while I know not all of you comment, you DO stop on by to at least see what I'm on about each day, and that makes me want to work even more to give you people a forum that is deserving of both YOUR time and YOUR talents.
I want you to say "Yeah, that's what I was thinking" when you read something here. And yet, if there is one thing I have a little trouble with, it's the term "follower"...
Makes me look like some LEADER or something...which I am not (right now, anyway).
We ALL have the capacity to LEAD...as long as we LEARN in the process.
Every one of us leads at one time or another...either by the way we parent the children, or perhaps it's due to our status at work, or it can even be in part to who we were brought up to be.
There will come a time in everyone's life when they MUST lead.
Now, that sure sounds pretty intimidating, and on the surface, it can be, but think on this:
How you conduct yourself in the most innocuous activities IS a form of "leadership".
Your EXAMPLE on how you run your everyday affairs...your LIFE is the bar you have set for yourself.
You LEAD by example.
You TEACH (others) by example.
Everyone is meant to lead at some point...for some reason, but we're not all BORN TO LEAD.
And woe to those who follow someone who cannot figure out how to lead.
Circumstances in each of our lives can determine WHEN and even IF we might be capable of leading.
One day, we are a follower...the next, we are thrust into leadership. It can happen that fast.
All it takes to motivate us into ACTION are the right parameters, and these can be man-made or natural by design.
And ALL of you have it within you to BECOME a leader, under the right circumstances, so never sell yourself short on that.
That's why I snagged a quote from the good old USMC..."The few, the proud...etc".
You may be followers by the way Google presents it, but I consider you all MY EQUALS. We learn from one another...it's that simple.
And there may come that time when I will FOLLOW you.
So thank you all again for being part of this "mutual admiration society", as it were...I'm really enjoying the ride.
I value your friendship and kinship.
Have yourselves an outstanding week (and don't let me find any of you OUT STANDING in this heat, kapeesh?)
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Coffeypot said...

The picture of the old motorcycle is great. It's an old Indian and they had special bikes made for the police that had the gas on the left side so the cop could shoot with his right hand. Cool, huh? I guess there weren't a lot to left handed cops back in the 30's and 40's.

ms nk rey said...

Bobby G, I am taking your advise to stay inside. The past few days have been very difficult for me. This hot humid weather is keeping me inside more than I like. It makes it even more difficult to breathe and simple chores are out of the question. I worry about anyone who has to work in this oppressive heat. I also want to say that I am not a great commenter on blogs, but I am a faithful reader and do so enjoy your views. Take care and be safe.

Bob G. said...

You have a darn good EYE, there.
And this is a great photo from those OLD "heatwave" days...

Hard to believe they HAD to wear that heavy clothing even if they were riding their MCs, hmm?

They did away with the 2-wheeled FWPD units (here)...cost they said (as compared to what?)...and they couldn't load down the motorcycles with computer crap (which doesn't work half the time in the patrol cars as it is)...go figure.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today.
Stay cool (and safe) out there.

Bob G. said...

I had a feeling you'd be hard-tasked to do the easy things...and I understand.
You take care of YOU first.

If I lived down there, you wouldn't have to fret yourself with "chores"...that's just the way I am.

(Next life I promise to move next door...lol.)

I USED to be out in weather like this...hated every minute of it, too (I only weigh about 150 lbs, dripping wet...which I was on days like this)...LOL.

And I've suffered from heat exhaustion...one of THE worst feelings Ive ever had since riding some of those "amusement" rides on the Jersey shore (and then "losing my lunch").

It's REAL easy to lose more than 5 lbs outside today under heavy labor...and when you get close to having heat STROKE...it's time to call it A DAY!

Thanks for taking time to drop by (in this heat) today.

Stay safe (and stay cool) down there.

Slamdunk said...

I love the dogs in the pool shot Bob and agree with your advice. The kids will run around the backyard for a few minutes and then return inside for some AC.

I can also relate to your milk spoiling problem. We finally stopped bying milk at our chain box store because 10% of it would be spoiled or spoil early. I guess that is the risk with saving a few dimes--so we pay more now and have not been disappointed yet.

Stay cool.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I can honestly say I measured MY time outdoors today in...MINUTES (and few of those to boot)!

We ALWAYS look for the expiration date (for milk) that is FARTHEST (ahead) from the date we shop...
We've few alternatives at this point.

I'm thinking of going back to POWDERED MILK (remember that?)
I figure at $2.69 a GALLON, they should either make it so it DOES NOT SPOIL within one stinking week...OR be able to POWER our VEHICLES WITH IT!
(either way will work for me)

Then again, I never could get used to Sam Adams on my FROOT LOOPS...!
(even if it IS "Summer Ale")

Thanks a lot for stopping on by today.

Stay safe out there.
(and keep that A/C cranked UP)

Momma Fargo said...

Bob G.,

I want to jump in the pool with the dogs. The heat is killing me. LOL. I'm a fair weather person, coping best at 75 degrees. I know that's a lot to ask of Mother Nature.

Good advice today. Keep up the leading and patriotic posts. Good Americans like you are awesome!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I hear 'ya with the pool gig...!

I also like it "moderate" out there.
Too hot is bad.
Too cold is bad.

Musta been all the times I read Goldilocks & the 3 Bears...
I like it "just right"....ROFL!

And thanks for the kind words...I like to think of myself as JUST an American.
(who happens to want to do good)

Guess that'll work.

Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to roll on up and comment.

Stay safe and keep cool out there.