28 July 2011

Tales From the SOUTH Side...
Yes my friends, time again for some of the stories that demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt WHY this part of Fort Wayne has the problems it does...an WHY, when something that is as chronically broken as THIS part of town is, NEVER seems to get fixed to any noticeable degree.
*** Yesterday, I linked to a 2009 story by Kevin Leininger about the real issues on the SOUTH EAST side (where the Bobby G. Fortress of Reason happens to be situated), and if you read the article, you can plainly SEE the evidence behind the problems, as well as those that I harp on continuously.
(And if you DIDN'T read it - shame on you...get back there and read it...I can wait...lol)
Now, I ALSO mentioned back on 12 July about a "new" housing project (rent-to-own) that will be located along S. Hanna St (near the Public Safety Academy, and also close by to the apartments down there that have their own share of criminal activities).
That project will figure nicely into today's post about the REPLY Mr. Leininger received from one Hana Stith, an advocate of racial divisiveness in her own right.
Think of this as:
"Turf Wars - Revenge Of The Stith"
(with apologoes to George Lucas), okay?
Since her reply is rather LENGTHY in nature, here is the link...now go read it, before I have to make you drop and give me twenty:
(the few comments alone are from people who "get it" when it comes to the SE side as well)
Hana did get a few things correct (which have little bearing on Kevin's article), such as mentioning RED-LINING by real estate agents and forcing people into foreclosure (as a result). That was PROVEN down here, and opened the floodgates for HUD to come on in...and we ALL know what follows in THEIR wake, don't we?
She mentioned the METRO SQUAD as well, and that is SUPPOSED to target gangs and the subsequent issues surrounding that behavior.
Funny thing about the SE side and gangs...the MAJORITY is the "minority" in that regard, meaning that BLACKS lead the way in gang-related activity, followed by Hispanics.
Now WHO would have known that with SO many blacks and Hispanics down there, the ODDS would favor THEM for such things, hmn?
Whites are the new minority down here, and I can attest to that.
As a result, "WE" are the "chosen ones" (but not to become Jedi Knights, bringing order to the galaxy...DAMN!), and that means WE are the ones targeted the most for racism, disrespect and crime...period.
Of course, I AM speaking about the law-abiding whites who are in the crosshairs here, and not the meth-head zombie dopers wandering about with less to live for than the entitlement driven minorities.
Hana needs to remove herself from the 1960s... all white folks are not the "devil", as Louis Farrakhan would have some believe.
Ms. Stith also claims the school system summarily EXPELS black students...that is NOT true.
ANY student will be expelled when they are more of a hindrance to the OTHER 30+ kids in a given class than they are a help...that goes for ANY child or ANY color. It's not racism, although she wants to make it into that.
To quote: (( ...Stopping cars would take more guns off the street. A higher presence of police resulting in fewer homicides is not proved, but when the streets are flooded with police officers looking for trouble, trust me, there will be trouble. When young black men are stopped for no reason, they will become upset and that will lead to confrontations and blacks being arrested on all kinds of charges. ))
(( *AHEM* ))
Stopping cars takes a LOT more off the street than you think...guns, DRUGS, other contraband, not to mention the impairment suffered by such drivers that are arrested for being in that state (across the border from STUPID).
And any "trouble" that occurs is usually caused by BLACKS who attempt to FLEE the scene, be it a robbery, accident, or even a traffic stop.
Listen to the damn police radio, girl...hear the TRUTH out there.
THIS is the result of a "gimme" mindset...NO boundaries, NO respect, and NO qualms about doing whatever suits these mooks.
It's called CRIMINAL profiling...for a REASON, dear...get with the program.
You give the police CAUSE to pull you over, and you WILL be.
Drive like an idiot, play your crap music loud, have a busted light somewhere, drive impaired, or have "smoke" billowing from the vehicle...THAT will be awarded with a citation (or more). That's just common sense.
And what appears to be "Gestapo tactics" is for the protection of everyone involved.
When an officer takes someone who is resisting "to ground", it's to control a potentially uncontrollable situation.
And that means the perp isn't shot, and the officer stays alive to go home also.
Any breech of such training CAN result in death...and often has, or have you NEVER seen the police officer's memorial pages as to HOW they were killed? Ms. Stith needs to embrace the police, because if it were not for them, she could become just another statistic.
Now, that's all I have to say about that.
Moving on to the HOUSING PROJECT.
*** This is indirectly related to Hana Stith's "assessment" (accent on the "ass") about the SE side of town.
Here is the story as presented by WANE:
(( Neighbors: new housing plan is bad idea
Updated: Wednesday, 27 Jul 2011, 10:17 PM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 27 Jul 2011, 9:38 PM EDT
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - A rent-to-own housing development is slated to be built on Fort Wayne's southeast side, near the Public Safety Academy. City Council approved the plan Tuesday, but some think it's a bad idea.
Many people who live nearby, like Cheryl Williams, said that side of town is already saturated with low-income housing and they're worried about who's going to move in.
"Somebody, anybody they don't care. Anybody, as long as you can pay your rent and you're low income you can move in. Although they say they have a screening process, I wonder. We can't even figure out what they screening process is. They haven't told us," said Williams.
City Councilman Glynn Hines, who represents people on the city's southeast side, sees it differently. "If you bring in a product, in this case a home ownership opportunity, then that would hopefully in the future stabilize the neighborhood," he said.
The plan calls for 49 brand new homes to be built on South Hanna Street. They will all be rent-to-own and available to households that make 60% below the median income for our area - which is about $45,000. After the home has been rented for 15 years, the occupant could
buy it.
"With this particular development, what makes it so unique is that the equity stays with the unit," Hines said.
Cheryl Williams disagrees. "We have the highest rate of low-income citizens living in the city of Fort Wayne. They live here," she said.
Councilman Hines said that's not the case with these homes. "The homes are $120,000. You tell me if you would consider that low income," said Hines. He thinks the new housing development will be good for business and jobs.
"They look for how many individuals live in that area," Hines said. "The more rooftops you have, the better it is to attract certain businesses."
"Subsidized housing is not the way to bring jobs. Glynn talks about rooftops. That's a lie.
It is not rooftops. There were no rooftops way out on Lima Road. It's not rooftops. What was out on Lima Road was money,"
Williams countered.
Construction could begin sometime later this year. The concerned neighbors said they're not giving up on trying to stop this development from being built. They plan to reach out to state and congressional leaders
( *WHEW*)
Talk about a clusterf*ck, eh?
I'd say that Ms Williams is RIGHT ON TARGET with her call on this project!
And I'd back her to the hilt.
She isn't representative of the entitlement mentality, and her willingness to call Hines out on the issue bears that much out...kudos to her!
(damn shame SHE doesn't live across the street from us...I would welcome the sanity)
This project IS a waste of time, money and effort...period.
(and will become the newest addition to Fort Wayne's Slumworld in the near future)
We have a greatest concentration of residents down HERE (yes, the people ARE DENSE in that regard...lol)
We ALSO have the SECOND HIGHEST amount of "disposable" income (according to some IPFW study a few years back, I believe), with only the NW being first with the "big bucks".
(Gee, and where are ALL the businesses located? UP NORTH)
We ALSO have the highest MURDER RATE and amount of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.
And we ALSO have the highest number of those at or below the "poverty" level.
Now, if you read my posts last week about POVERTY, you get an idea of what's in these rental cribs to begin with (much of the same as what's in YOUR house), so we're not talking APPALACHIAN or BOTSWANA'S poor here...not by a long shot.
Hines is another stuck in the VICTICRATIC carousel...
Too often, the forest can't be seen for the trees...and so go around again...more of the same old, and nothing ever gets accomplished.
It just gets a little bit worse...every year.
I would advise HIM (and Ms Stith) to read a short poem, written by a relatively little-known author named James Oppenheim.
*** Here is this small poem that speaks as a GIANT:
The Slave
THEY set the slave free, striking off his chains...
Then he was as much of a slave as ever.
He was still chained to servility,
He was still manacled to indolence and sloth,
He was still bound by fear and superstition,
By ignorance, suspicion, and savagery...
His slavery was not in the chains,
But in himself....
They can only set free men free...
And there is no need of that:
Free men set themselves free
That, my friends (as Paul Harvey would say)...is the REST of the story...
I think there is a lot to be gleaned and learned from this.
And many times, we learn the MOST from things that are the "least"...Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Read over the letter from HS. She did make one good point:
"What we can do, as a community is to try to mentor and better educate our young black men and keep them in school from an early age." But in the true brain dead attitiude of most of the Af-am intelligencia, she followed that up with the rant about expelling black boys. Problem- black young men need to stay in school and learn. Diagnosis: It can't possibly be the fault of parents to lazy to encourage education, or fathers too busy serving prison time or selling drugs to mentor them, or mothers whose example of how to live is on the government dole. No, it's the fault of the school system expelling them en masse. Its the same old song: "My son was a good boy, he had a big smile and everybody loved him. I can't understand why the police would shoot him, just because he robbed a store, pistol-whipped a clerk, ran over a baby in a a stroller while escaping, and threatened to throw a stick of dynamite at the officers when they cornered him. It must be racism."

As long as the black community continues to take NO RESPONSIBILITY for their own state, they will never understand.

Bob G. said...

I ststed Hana got a "few" things right, but they were offset by her "blaming" anyone and everyone BUT the root cause.

Every time we have a shooting either OF a black or BY a black (often it's BOTH), the BLACK COMMUNITY seems to go MIA, unless there is something "noteworthy" about it...like the FWPD did the shooting.

And THEN they come out in droves, like the POLICE are to blame.

Sorry, Bobby don't play that.

And tossing random solutions at ANY problem without understanding OR acknowledging the CAUSES of the problem in the first place is sheer folly (and very wasteful).

Maybe someday, they will learn.
It's really NOT that hard to figure the hell out.

Thanks for your astute take on this chronic issue.
And thanks for spending time and commenting here today.

Stay safe up there.