04 August 2011

It's Not a Bad Day - So Far...
I was thinking about what to blog about today...perhaps something like decrying how BAD the government is...or how most all my "neighbors" are dirty AND lazy...or even hearkening back to days "when I was young", but I figured many of you already do that (and quite well on YOUR blogs, I must say)...LOL.
Yes, there are a few out there who attempt to suggest what you should (or should not) post about, but hey, this IS still America, and the last time I checked, the FIRST AMENDMENT was in full-swing, so to any detractors out there...find another channel to peruse, because only THE TRUTH will be appointed to reign HERE...
With that said, let's move on...
*** Da Prez turns the Big "5-0"...
(and we thought the 5-0 meant the po-po were coming...silly us)
Yep, President Obama turns 50 today, and it's kinda sad to see him share the same horoscope sign as myself (LEO - no police pun intended there...lol). In some ways, we share a few traits (we like to be right...thing is, I AM a lot more than HE is...), so maybe we should switch places?
Nah, the world does NOT want me to have the "football" THAT close to me.
I can see a LOT of nations looking for a big table to crawl under quickly.
But, if I were President, let's just say that America would be some place the terrorists would NEVER want to screw with ever again.
Oh, and that goes for illegal aliens...from ANY other nation.
Now, the President celebrated with a $38,500 a plate "reception" (fundraiser) in Chi-Town last evening...
Wish I could charge that much for all the kids that used to come to my parties (I was lucky to get a lousy CARD)...hell, I could have retired 20 years ago...LOL!
I wonder if Obama had to get a special EPA waiver for all those candles (and their carbon-footprint) ...or did they just use CFL substitutes, in lieu of the "greening" of America?
And isn't that BIRTHDAY CAKE on the "endangered species" list of foods Michelle (my belle) Obama is trying to eradicate?
(perhaps it was made from TOFU...with ALGAE ICING)
I can truthfully say that although I do not have the "privileged" background in scholastic achievements or that "sheepskin" from some prestigious university, I've got a LOT more "on the ball" that our fearless leader - and SO DO YOU.
Like COMMON SENSE (which must NOT be taught at those colleges, OR at any social activist rallies), or LOGIC and REASON.
Well, Obama's got another NINE years to get to where I'm at chronologically, so MAY-BE he'll catch on during that time...we can but hope.
Just because everyone gets OLDER, doesn't mean everyone becomes SMARTER...or WISER.
(That is reserved for those of us that HAVE paid attention and actually LEARNED things from life's experiences)
*** Had a visit yesterday from my friend, Phil Marx, and I must say that it's ALWAYS refreshing and enlightening to have someone over to our "Fortress" that not only has a brain, but knows HOW to use it (unlike the locals here).
Conversations with him are always great, no matter how light (or deep) the topics might be.
He KNOWS what it's like when crime comes to your corner...he's been there.
We may not be on the exact same page politically, but we DO agree on other things and we both KNOW what should work, and what does not when to comes to deterring crime in our respective areas. And yes, most of it IS plain old common sense.
*** A new "Mega-Kroger" comes to Fort Wayne (soon).
Here's the link to the story:
Now, our mayor is all giddy with this, and why not? It's a HUGE store, complete with a marketplace, furniture gallery and other sundry home goods.
it will be the LARGEST Kroger in the whole damn state.
Only trouble is...it will be UP NORTH (where all the OTHER real businesses already are, and have been for quite some time)...!
Meanwhile, on the SE side, we're busy trying to build NEW rentals for indigent transients...what a damn disconnect (must be all the CRIME down here).
We don't OPEN a new Krogers down here...we tend to CLOSE them instead...like the one on Decatur Road (the large cornucopia sign) that's been vacant for OVER TWO YEARS (and counting).
And that's why the Missus and I prefer to trek out to Waynedale to shop...a lot better than the Kroger at Southgate Plaza (which although larger, has way too many undesirable elements to make me feel warm and fuzzy...and we prefer to have OUR CAR where we left it when we come back outside).
Hey, maybe we can get that "Shop With A Cop" gig working for us when we go GROCERY shopping (they only do it for kids at Christmas)?
*** This story shows that ONE person (or maybe even two) CAN make a difference. here's the link:
Now this demonstrates what is meant by a sense of COMMUNITY...took this dumbass perp to ground!
I love it.
The perp broke into the house after the police and family left the residence because of an elderly woman's death.
What do I tell you about OTHER people watching YOUR house...they DO, and often enough.
Preying on an already distressed family...how pathetic.
At least neighbors know what to do in HUNTINGTON, Indiana...!
And at least people HAVE decent neighbors there...wish I could say the same thing (I used to years ago).
*** If you didn't get gas by late last night, you might see some "sticker-shock" at the pumps THIS morning around Fort Wayne.
(( Gas prices are up again at some FW stations - $3.85 a gallon.
Updated: Thursday, 04 Aug 2011, 4:14 AM EDT
Published : Thursday, 04 Aug 2011, 3:54 AM EDT
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - If you need gas Thursday morning, and drive by a station that's less than $3.70 a gallon you might want to stop.
A few stations around Fort Wayne increased prices to $3.85 late Wednesday night.
Most are in the southwest and northern parts of town.
Here we go AGAIN...(you might want to see to getting that LOCKING GAS CAP pretty soon)
*** Finally this morning, when was the last time you tried to make your life MORE difficult?
When did you go out of your way to actively seek strife?
You're probably saying: "Hell no, I NEVER do that...I try to do the EXACT OPPOSITE".
(good for you)
Yet, try as we might, trouble will invariably come along and meet us.
We do not have to look for it.
And, many times, all we can do with such a "wild ride" is to hold on for dear life.
Sometimes, it can be OBVIOUS...other times, more subtle than a summer breeze at sundown.
We can never plan for EVERY eventuality...we just don't have the time or the resources...
But, we can take some time to ponder our preparedness.
Are we doing what we can to be aware that something wicked this way could come?
Or are we just riding the waves of life, oblivious to the pitfalls that will find us?
I believe we are made of sterner stuff...and we can more often that not, prevail.
We can't spend every waking hour worrying about things, either...that only gets us an early grave and some nice flowers on top.
We need to find a balance...between CONCERN and LIVING.
Too much of one dispels the other, and life is too short AND complex for that.
Each of us can do both...in proper moderation, but that also takes some work on our part.
We all have responsibilities to attend to, be they the children, the household, our careers...whatever.
We also have a responsibility to OURSELVES.
And that is perhaps the best place to begin.
Maybe life has beaten us up a little...or a lot. No matter.
We need to keep our path and press forward.
The strength of our resolve can often be the deciding factor when it comes to how we live our lives, as well as how we deal with life's problems.
Our character, born of our parents, and their parents before them helps to determine WHO we have become, and HOW we meet challenges of everyday life. We make up the balance.
We strive to be strong in those aspects, so that we can remain strong...for ourselves and for those who care for.
It's always YOUR choice...no matter what.
Make it as good a choice as you can...every day.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


CWMartin said...

A very anonymous beginning to the day, eh.
Verrry interesting, the Kroger piece. Can't wait for the grand opening and the free meal, er, samples.
As for the rest, I have but one thing to say...

Bob G. said...

You have no idea how much I want some good old BOREDOM around this area...
THAT would be refreshing!
Amazing how all those NCIE stores wind up somewhere IOTHER than the SOUTH side, isn;t it?
It's like it's BY DESIGN...
(who knew?)
As for "football"...they wouldn't let me ANYWHERE near that "nuclear one" the President has nearby...lol

Gimme those days of Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, and Don Meredith!
(also Len Dawson, Daryl Lamonica and George Blanda...oh, and Bob Griese)
Yeah...that about covers the teams I watched every week.

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and cool) up there.

Slamdunk said...

Burglars preying on families attending funerals. I saw an article about a DC firehall been burglarized while the firefighters were on a call. Everything that's old is new again.

At least everything bad and old is new again.

Enjoy your evening Bob.

Bob G. said...

This kind of thing was unHEARD of when I was a kid.
And the number of such events across the nation TODAY is astonishing.

Anyone that argues that our society is "better" than in decades past, MIGHT want to see which direction their MORAL COMPASS is pointing, because something's amiss there.

Thanks for spending a little time here today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.