08 August 2011

Monday Musings...
It was a welcome relief to FINALLY get some substantial rainfall in our area, but unfortunately for those in say, North Carolina, they've been hit with flash floods...Seems you just cannot win, no matter where you live these days.
But, as is always the case down HERE in the ghettohood...we did not come through the rainfall UNscathed.
*** Our roof, which was supposed to have been repaired, still is leaking (albeit a lot slower), so, we'll have to call back the people that fixed it, and see WHY it's still leaking and HOW we can get this damn thing taken care of, once and for all.
And that's the GOOD news...
(( *AHEM* ))
The BAD news is that "somehow" the Fios lines connected to our house came down, and it wasn't because of high winds...we didn't HAVE any.
I happened to look outside (a common thing down here, given the nature of the primate refuse roaming about the area), and noticed our lines were lying across the lawn AND driveway (good thing we didn't have to go anywhere).
Wifey called the FWFD, and they came out to take a look-see.
They said they'd contact the proper people about THEIR line being down...it is kinda close to the alley, and we don't want the damn thing ripped out totally if a large vehicle comes through.
Fortunately, we STILL have TV and Internet...BUT, the landline is pretty much kaput. You get a dial-tone for 3 seconds, and then nothing but static.
I've worked T-COMM in the past, and I know the line has to be damaged somewhere.
Having intermittent signal means we do not have carrier connectivity, and an internal line break is very likely.
A voltage check for "TIP" and "RING" is required. Line static and dropouts are NOT an "option".
The boxes on the side of the house have to be the SOURCE of the problem, but I can't (and won''t) access either one...that's FRONTIER'S JOB, and they were slated to come out Sunday (sometime).
I DID notice that a 3 inch long screw that once held the lines against the house had pulled out and was lying on the lawn (bad install, for sure), and I am going to recommend that the line be "relocated" a LOT closer to the UTILITY MASTHEAD at the corner of the house (a good hardpoint to affix the lines), where it cannot yank itself from the SIDING of our "Fortress".
And I'm hoping the technician remembers to bring along his HANDSET to test the lines coming into the house...that's would I would do.
Weird thing, I could have SWORN I heard voices (outside) before I looked out to see how the rain was doing...could have been the other TV in the family room, but it was a bit odd to say the least.
And if anyone DID screw with our sh*t, they better count themselves damn lucky I didn't catch them, or they'd be visiting the coroner.
I NEVER put anything beyond the scope of these "people" around here...not after we had the house paintballed, egged, and had a rock tossed through our family room window a few years back...and the ONLY reason I can figure out why all THAT was done, was because we're white, and someone wants us outta here, for we don't associate with ANY of these ghetto-fleas.
Anyway, here's hoping we have this addressed ASAP, so we can rely on something other than the one cell phone Wifey has to TALK DIRECTLY with anyone in the "outside" world.
And yes, we DID have MORE thunderstorms coming through Sunday, and I can speak from experience that I DID NOT LIKE working in the rain...
Lesson to learn here: Better to have a GOOD install that lasts, then a lousy one that does not (and on a rainy-ass weekend)!
And that smacks back to the old firearms saying:
"A poor weapon in the hands of a good shooter IS better than a good weapon in the hands of a poor shooter."
Update - 7 Aug - 1645 hrs: No technician yet, and the rain has passed...gotta LOVE customer "service", don'cha? Service is "slated" for Monday in the MORNING..whatta f$cking joke!))
Looks like service is so much more IMPROVED since I was in the field (not)...it's not like YOU matter...(you just pay the bill and their salaries)
It's more like "when we decide to get around to it".
Hell, I'd be FIRED if I acted in that manner...I was ON CALL 24/7, and that was with a PAGER only...amazing....well, this IS the SE side of Fort Wayne, and we aren't black and sponsored by our government, so there 'ya are.
A followup on this tomorrow.
*** Meanwhile, back at "the ranch"...
Fort Wayne suffered (?)...I mean held it's 18th annual HARAMBEE festival Saturday...
(( ...yawn... ))
Now for those of you NOT versed in traditional African languages in AMERICA (where ENGLISH needs to be language NUMBER ONE), HARAMBEE is Swahili (Kenyan - like Obama) for "PULLING TOGETHER", and was a phrase coined along the docks of this eastern African nation.
Great concept...if the TRUE MEANING is adhered to, and put squarely INTO PRACTICE.
Such is not ALWAYS the case, however...
The "theme" for this year's Fort Wayne festival is: "Neighborhoods Coming Together"...again, a noble CONCEPT.
I am just NOT seeing the concept being practiced, though...not one damn bit.
(the festival DID provide some free stuff, though...it's all about being entertained, right?)
NO ONE pulls "together" down here...except to have all the undesirables annoy the peaceful folks...THAT they DO pull together for.
Now, I suppose I could show you some nice photos of Kenya...great travelogues extolling the VIRTUES of such a scenic nation...
People "pulling together" in a spirit of HARAMBEE, right?
But, how's about I show you some of the REALITY of the people over THERE doing some pulling together?
Like THIS:
Civil war...political corruption...famine...nationwide AIDS/HIV...societal unrest...protests...demonstrations...a lousy economy...
Well, you get the idea.
To WHAT freaking end?
If anything, they're pulling APART.

(at the seams)

And it's ongoing year after year over there.
Cripes, add some high-rises, a few cabs, and some liberal polticos giving the nation away to the locals, and you pretty much have a LOT of the urban situations we're finding in cities TODAY...HERE...in America!
*** And that brings me to the center of today's SHRUBBERY MAZE...
We've got MORE reported flash mobs appearing across America, and they're predominantly (in some cases TOTALLY)...BLACK.
And they're targeting WHITE PEOPLE...
(say it ain't so, Bob)
Wish I COULD say these flash mobs aren't racially-motivated, but in fact, THEY ARE.
We have blacks targeting whites.
Talk about "pulling together" in a sense of Harambee....(how quaint).
THAT is called RACISM, in case you were ONLY following what the "lame-street media" (erroneously) defines it as - only whites can be "racist".
Here's a story from the Wisconsin State Fair that bears out the FACTS of the case:
And another article:
And still another source story:
Now DENIAL is STILL "ain't just a river in Egypt" folks (thank you, Mark Twain), so it would have to make one wonder WHY such things are being perpetrated upon whites who attend such events JUST to have a good time?
It's not as though any blacks were ever NOT allowed to attend...they DID, and in such numbers as to OVERWHELM the local police department when the blacks began to accost whites, and become a lot less civil in their riotous behavior.
One former soldier at the fair damn near had a flashback to being in theater in the Middle East, by the way these blacks acted against whites.
He equated it to how terrorists attacks citizens over there.
You have to think long and hard when it comes to ANY police department being fully able to CONTROL such a scenario, because as it stands NOW, too many officers out there right now, are outnumbered and in some cases, outgunned.
Why are we seeing more and more shooting of LEOs, and even officers being set up and AMBUSHED?
The perps know what's going on...why the hell do you think the level of RESPECT for law-enforcement is in the crapper these days?
It's not because of police brutality...it's due in most part to the FACT that the criminal element KNOWS the score...and we're fast approaching the final quarter...third and long...and looking for the "hail Mary" pass to get close enough to that end-zone and even up the game for the LEOs out there.
Again, GUN control will NOT halt this trend, but some sort of PEOPLE control will; a change in the manner we treat each other...we called it MORALITY.
Time and again, we're seeing HUNDREDS of (almost totally) blacks staging these flash mobs...at a state fair, in a shopping mall in Philly...at convenience stores in Minnesota, or in the streets of Chicago...all for the sake of satisfying THEIR basal instincts and immediate gratification (regarding mayhem)...and all the police can seem to do is show up for "damage-control".
How come we see no WHITE flash mobs? Or ASIAN ones? Or even Hispanic ones (the Hispanic ones ARE coming, trust me)?
Many times, the police officers are the ones INJURED by such "events"...seven were hurt just at the Wisconsin gig alone.
--You have to start asking yourself (if you're a LEO) ..."Is this sh^t gonna be worth all the stress to me AND my family?"
--As a citizen, you have to ask yourself: "Can the police provide adequate protection to the LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS under such conditions?"
--And as a police chief, you have to ask: "How much becomes too much to handle with the officers I currently have on staff?"
Situations such as occurred in Wisconsin have to be part of something greater...we cannot just chalk it off to "random juvenile behavior...kids being kids"...THAT dog just ain't gonna hunt for me (OR for you).
How do you explain the fights breaking out at fast food joints..or on public transit...ALL started by blacks?
Seems we have this double-standard for behavior these days...doesn't it?
Now, if you think that is bad...consider THIS.
It's been documented by our OWN soldiers that the military is TRAINING our own men & women to perform in more URBAN scenarios...like what is found within OUR OWN CITIES...and not in Kabul.
Some soldiers are looking to get OUT of the military, because they do not EVER want to draw down on a U.S. citizen...and that's disturbing to me.
But there it is...along with some interesting "facilities" located throughout the USA.
We have several large "places" that the military has available for "wholesale internment"...go figure.
Someone planning to scoop up a bunch of radical Islamics...or regular US citizens instead?
If we're not going to plan to use these facilities...then WHY HAVE THEM?
Are they for US, the potential "political prisoners", or people deemed "dangerous" to the status quo?
Let's hope we're not talking an AUTHORITARIAN approach to "better government"...that would be a BAD thing.
But Obama DID once mention that a "national civilian police force" might be in the offing...
I don't make this crap up...here's the proof:
http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/07/obamas_civilian_national_secur.html The military would be the initial force needed to surpress the population...and then the "NCPF" would invariably take over, taking jurisdiction over even the military, and definitely the local police departments.
Yeah, maybe it's all some conspiracy-laced pipe-dream...but then WHY would our OWN soldiers come forward saying the pieces are going into place already, and that 20,000 troops are already being trained for such an operation?
Mobilizattion of hardware is also happening (Oregon and Washington state), and the vehilces have a "urban camo" paintjob, and not traditional desert or even woodland camo...makes 'ya think.
Here's something to ponder:
A spirit of Harambee? In America?
Yeah...I wish.
I'd much rather settle for some of that AMERICAN SPIRIT...you know the kind.
The kinds where neighbor DOES help neighbor...where our nation's folks DO know how to respect one another, and work together for the common good of EVERYONE. The spirit this nation USED to have in such abundance.
It might seem a little old-fashioned these days, but it always worked in the past...and it worked pretty damn well.
Maybe, it might be time to pay a little closer attention to see what BOTH HANDS of our governemnt are doing...in our best interest, that is.
QUESTION that which demands it.
SPEAK with clarity of thought, and with purpose.
LEARN what you need to understand BOTH SIDES to each and every story.
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I'm going to hope that your wire problem was a)just a bad install, and b)quickly fixed. And a great thought- comparing these so called "ethnic celebrations" to the nations they are supposed to celebrate. Kinda like Cokie Roberts saying that people would prefer a parliamentary government "but the thing that stands in the way is the US Constitution". Yeah, she should try living in a parliamentary governed nation once before advocating that. How about Greece? Or Italy, where MPs are judged by their nice butt instead of their legislative accomplishments. Or the UK where socialized medicine has... well, she'll figure that out for herself, soon enough.

Bob G. said...

First up...it WAS and it IS...lol.

Next, That "comparison" just JUMPED out and smacked me...then it all became TOO obvious - an insidious DUPLICITY was at work here, wanting us to embrace ONE, while ignoring the OTHER...

And that's why I'm careful to watch BOTH hands of any "illusionist".

Parliamentary gov't?
(and I thought she gave UP "smoking"...LOL.)

OUR government (as designed) IS the best on the planet...make nio mistake.
others only WISH they'd thought of it FIRST...or could actually PRACTICE it.

Thanks so much for spending some time here today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

gadfly said...


Sorry to hear about your roof problem. I searched all over to find something to cheer you up -- and I found just the thing!


Bob G. said...

ROFL...I haven't heard THAT song for a VERY long time.
Thanks for the thoughts....it makes things easier to deal with NOW.
Thankfully, we're NOWHERE close to drowning...LOL.

And thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe out there.