15 September 2011

Another Day, Another Rating...
Got some things to get the old noggin rockin' today, but first, the answers to yesterday's "WHO SAID THAT?"
#1 - Was General of the Army George C. Marshall, quoted on 1 September 1945, biennial report, Chief-of-Staff, U.S. Army
#2 (as MSN guessed) WAS indeed Sir Winston S. Churchill (1874-1965)
Now...on with ...the REST of the news.
*** Anyone else wondering about all this brouhaha over schoolkids getting IMMUNIZATION shots???
We had NO choice in the matter...we just GOT 'em.
And I can honestly say that every disease we were inoculated against...we NEVER GOT!
(guess that sh*t WORKED, hmm?)
Now, some parents are NOT immunizing their children when they enter school.
And, I suppose the diseases we still had around when I was that age are, in fact gone off the planet (others, not so much), but isn't it always better to "err on the side of caution", rather than roll the dice with your child's life?
Isn't a more efficient immune system PREFERRED than one that has not been exposed to diseases that it can protect itself against?
If you travel overseas, you STILL have to make sure you have the litany of immunization shots, or boosters.
This just smacks of parents jerking the knee by saying "we're not gonna let the government dictate to us what our children need".
All well and good, and I can go along with most of that.
But, when it becomes a HEALTH issue for (perhaps) the nation, should an epidemic break out, and it has been known to STILL occur, isn't "safety for ONE safety for ALL"?
There are a lot of places the government does NOT NEED to be in our lives, but in this case, I have to side with the preventive aspect to ALL of the populace. You never know if some dipshit terrorist is going to yank some biological crap out of some orifice and launch an attack in the USA.
(because is OTHER countries, they STILL have diseases we don't have here in America)
To me, I'd say STFU and get the damn shots (like we had to)...keep EVERYONE healthy...period.
*** Next up, that dumbass 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (from Frisco, leftist-loon capital of the USA) comes this little trinket:
They are at it again, claiming the phrase IN GOD WE TRUST is unconstitutional.
(good, gimme ALL YOUR MONEY, then)
Now this body of libtards has been pushing this issue for YEARS, and once again, we find they have ordered a San Diego County teacher to REMOVE the phrase from his classroom.
Interestingly enough, OTHER teachers have been ALLOWED to have pictures of the DALI LAMA, and MALCOLM X in THEIR classrooms. Double-standards, anyone?
Where does such lunacy END, hmm?
(...because we sure as hell know WHERE IT STARTS)
I'd disbar every single one of those morons in the court, and then disband the damn court itself...maybe then, we'd have a modicum of patriotism and civility back once again out there.
If they (apparently) detest what this nation was founded upon (biblical principles) SO damn much, maybe this bunch of kool-aid drinkers need to MOVE TO VENEZUELA!
I'm just sayin'...
*** Indiana has a lot of good things going for it..I know, I've seen enough to realize this state has potential, and ought to retain all the good aspects it can for as long as it can, but when it comes to "civic involvement"...it really sucks-on-ice.
Here's the source article with the proof:
What amazes me is I didn't even know we had such a thing as a "Civic Health Index"...?!?
I know we have a HEAT index, and a WIND-CHILL index.
Indiana ranked FORTY-EIGHT in voter turnout last year (out of 50 states, naturally), with a turnout rate of 39.4%.
Back in 2006, turnout was 45.5%...must be all the immigrant population that can't speak English mucking up the stats (click on charts to enlarge).
We did fare better when it came to religious, school sports, neighborhood, or other types of groups (do GANGS count?) with 36.2% (above the national average). Indiana ranks 32nd in volunteerism, however, slightly under the national average.
I know my "neighbors" don't do ANY civic work AT ALL...and NO, volunteering to make a "booze-run" or cop some dope does NOT count!
(even though it IS a neighborhood "activity" and promotes group participation)
Forty-Five percent of Hoosiers don't even talk politics...imagine that.
(Well, I'm from Pennsylvania anyway, so I have to excuse myself...lol)
*** Lastly today, we have another dubious distinction for the state of Indiana...
We have some of the HIGHEST RATES of unemployment ERRORS in the USA!
Here's the source article:
The error rate was 43.56%, with only Louisiana being higher (43.63%), and the blame was tossed at registration and work search issues.
Seems we need some ACCOUNTABILITY here...'ya think?
In some cases, recipients listed only ONE job applied for or provided incomplete information for the other two.
That crap never floated the (very) few times I applied, and I was usually back to work before the first damn check was cut...I hated unemployment offices THAT much. It's all about self-MOTIVATION...you want something bad enough, you chase after it.
Wonder how much FRAUD, WASTE and ABUSE can be cited in these figures...or for that matter how much of the same can be said for the Social security system or Welfare???
(bet'cha the numbers would make your eyes bleed)
And that's not fair to those that HAVE paid into a program and only want their OWN money back, never wanting to defraud anyone, or have to rely on that income because of a REAL and permanent disability.
THOSE folks need the help, and not people who "want" it...
But...I'm SUCH a "traditionalist"...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Hey, Bob, check my comments on my Valley of the Dolls post. Your anonymous guy finally took my challenge!

Bob G. said...

This oughta be SO good...it's gotta be FATTENING...LOL.

Bob G. said...

I was right...ROFLMAO.
Nicely said (by you).

Stay safe up there.