23 September 2011

Friday Follies...
Welcome to FALL...and goodbye to A/C bills.
(time to now be concerned about HEATING costs...LOL)
Truth be told, we haven't had to run EITHER the A/C or the furnace in the last few days...AT ALL!
THAT savings in utility costs will no doubt be eaten away when winter hits.
Now, all we have to do is watch the leaves change colors (before we have to rake them ALL up).
Almost makes you feel like "the harder you try, the behinder you get".
But let's not dwell....
*** Oops, sorry...didn't see the debate last night (too busy watching reruns of the Big Bang Theory on TBS)!
Personally, I take most all political hopefuls with a grain of salt...pretty much heard it all before.
What I'd like to see is someone who just speaks plainly, speaks the truth, and speaks it more often than not.
Now THAT would be a welcome change I CAN believe in.
None of this redistributive crap...everyone (that can) holds up their OWN chunk of the log...period.
Stop apologizing for America, stop sending our jobs everywhere else, and stop with all the smoke and mirrors.
If I want THAT, I'll stop by a bloody funhouse (and pay a helluva lot less to do so).
*** Anyone see the "child cage fight" crap coming out of the UK?
Kinda like a mini-UFC...and in my opinion, pretty sad commentary on parenting and social mores.
Now, don't get me wrong...some of these young hellions could use a little DISCIPLINE in their lives, and would certainly benefit from it (just as we had to endure in our day), but there are better methods than this to accomplish the task, right?
*** This story made me laugh:
An arrest was made in the recent Canterbury Green Apartment robberies.
Porislav Cuckovic was nabbed when he left behind his CELL PHONE...!
Wow, I guess there really IS a good use for such things, aside from being used as an emergency comms device.
(who knew? Wonder if he's BOSNIAN and part of that "Goon Squad" gang here?)
Goes to show that the more crap you carry when committing a crime, the better the odds of dropping something that can connect you TO the crime,...(dumbass)!
So by all means you Fort Wayne criminal scum...STUFF those pockets FULL...please!
(we'll thank you later, trust me)
*** This editorial in today's paper addresses that issue of police entering your home, and it's a decent read:
http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20110923/EDIT07/309239997/1021/EDIT Homeowners do not have the right to forcibly protect their dwellings from unlawful police entry...so says the Indiana Supreme Court.
Now THIS is one huge can of worms that's been opened.
Specific definitions need to be applied as to what constitutes "unlawful" entry.
Hell, even VAMPIRES have to be "invited" inside your house...that's the "rule" (according to legend).
I know the best recourse (for an officer) is to ask the resident to STEP OUTSIDE (so you can talk to them, or prep for a "cuff n stuff").
But, what if the resident is combative and refuses to come out?
Where does the line get drawn that compels law-enforcement to act accordingly when attempting to PREVENT or diffuse a potentially dangerous situation? Like I say...this is going to be interesting.
This all stems from a resident shoving an officer after they were inside the house...(not my first choice of action against a LEO).
Then again, I always invite them in...got nothing to hide.
Word to the wise, hmm?
*** If you own a handgun in Indiana (and what self-respecting and law-abiding citizen doesn't?), and have a permit to carry it, or even thinking of stopping in the Hoosier state, this article might illuminate the dark places you've been wondering about:
Indiana is a "must issue" state when it comes to permits (Vermont being the only exception to that rule...no permit required to carry), but there still remains a tad bit of confusion with ALL the laws.
This story clears up a lot of it.
Many Hoosiers are stone-cold ignorant when it comes to KNOWING the laws...like having a man who is wearing a pistol (which if legal), and has a right to carry WITH a permit to prove it (also quite legal) escorted by police from the zoo, because "others" were frightened. (what others? Does one speak for everyone now?)
Those others might wish to God that pistol-carrying citizen was there when the time comes (to protect them and stop a situation from becoming real bad, real fast).
Sure, you can carry in Indiana, AND, you can OPEN-CARRY as well...but those "others" might not take kindly to YOU exercising YOUR 2nd Amendment rights...and therein lies the problem.
WHO is being denied their "right" in the first place?
Is it the person legally carrying a legal firearm on their hip...or is it the person that "just feels uncomfortable" and calls the police to remove the gun-person from their view?
Well, I think you know where *I* stand on this...
We are awash with instances where ONE person can make a difference, and not in the way I mention at the end of every post here.
ONE person can indeed make a difference...simply by denying the rights accorded to an individual by the U.S. or state Constitutions.
Is THAT fair?
Definitely not.
We have prayers banned at graduations...because it "offends" just ONE person.
We change rules and regulations because ONE tree-hugger just doesn't like it.
That's NOT how America operates...or should ever become that way.
If ONE person, through knowledge and wisdom...with a smattering of integrity and moral upbringing, can prove that what they know to be TRUE, is in fact just that, THEN, they have an obligation to educate others...to show to them the REASON behind such a belief.
But if ONE person just "feels uncomfortable", or is only looking to abrogate the rights of others JUST by doing or saying the opposite, that is CONTRARY to the manner in which real Americans conduct themselves.
We should be here to help one another, after we learn what it means to help ourselves (and not to everyone else's rights).
If there is a program on TV that I don't feel like watching...guess what?
I do NOT email the production company and tell them to remove it altogether...
We DO have freedom of CHOICE....and some folks just have a knack for making a lot worse choices then we could ever imagine...
Trouble is, those folks find more excuses to change OUR lives and modify OUR behavior, when all THEY need to do is stop and think (obviously a foreign concept to them).
You don't make a nation better by relieving people of their rights one person at a time...or by doing it wholesale.
You make a nation better by paying the hell attention...and by learning...and by securing wisdom to make better choices.
And THAT can be done one person at a time also...an usually is.
There is no exception to good values in one's life...or to principles that embody what the Founders wanted for the people of this country.
They wanted liberty...and freedom...not subjugation or obfuscation.
And we would be mindful to remember that.
Have yourselves a great Fall weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay safe out there, America.

((and watch out for falling satellites))


John D said...

I'm not a big fan of open carry for self defense. The way I look at it, you're tipping the bad guy off as to what he's up against. A smart bad guy (there are a few, I suppose) will target the biggest threat first. I'd rather he not know what he's up against until it's too late (ie, when I double-tap him in the chest and put another round in his brain-basket). Of course I live in New York, where no one has the right to carry unless a judge says you do.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I hear 'ya about tipping your hand (then again, they'd have to eye the backup piece...AND the assorted backups for that (tac-knife, & papper spray)
And I'm just an average Joe...er, BOB.

Funny thing, I've been researching the Indiana laws, and I don't see ANYTHING about wearing a shotgun slung over my shoulder while mowing my lawn or taking a trip to the grocery...???

And IN law doesn't mention what type of HOLSTER you can open-carry with.
I'd prefer a low-slung tactical rig firmly attached to my BDU belt and thigh.
(big evil grin)

Scare my neighbors?
Hey, given the type of people they tend to be (law-breaking refuse)...your're damn right they deserved to be scared (very scared).
I perfer it that way.

NY state needs to bring their archaic carry laws into the 21st century. Lots of good people DENIED the right to carry (and Lord knows they have reason to in some parts), right?

Thanks for rolling on up today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.

indy said...

i personally believe when you are home you can carry anyway you feel is need. kinda like breast feeding. whip it out if you feel is needed. but, when in public i would perfer that breast feeding and handgun carry (or m16 in your case???? lol) be concelled. please i really dont want to see eithor one in public. kinda like men going shirtless. yea, its legal. but, please. cover it all up!!!!!

Bob G. said...

LOL...I LIKE the way you think...!

(M-16? Not yet...just a 12 gauge)

In a more rural area, or a small town, it would be easier, (mpore peopel know you) but in larger cities..it's like saggy-baggys...

TUCK 'EM IN and keep it hidden, be they undershorts OR firearms.
Some folks are "antsy" about it.

Wonder if my SWORD falls under that law??

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe down there.