07 September 2011

Humpday Happenings...
Should be an interesting day today in some respects, and hopefully a less "vibrant" day than it was yesterday.
Let's take the interesting stuff first, OK?
*** Went down (actually traveled NORTH, so make that "UP") to the courthouse to "attend" jury duty.
(( *rolls eyes* ))
Always a fun time...not.
They told us to be there at 0830....and I was there at 0805.
Even held the door for an Allen Country deputy as he went inside. Told him to roll safe out there. He thanked me and gave a "you too, SIR" back.
Me? SIR? Kinda cool...might be a good day after all.
Well, 0830 came...and went....and went a little more. Then the bailiff came and called the "first twelve" prospective jurors...and I'll give 'ya THREE guesses WHO was in that bunch? ((hint, your first two guesses don't count...LOL))
Yep...right into the JURY BOX (nice swivel leather padded chairs...could use one in the 'puter room HERE).
This was a CRIMINAL case (2 days long, no sequestering required), and involved a young black male left in charge of a 6-month old who was accused of NEGLECT and BATTERY. (I'll show you the "rap sheet" for the defendant in tomorrow's post...)
Sorry, but that's ALL you have to "splain" to me...child abuse and/or neglect....got NO sympathy for people like this.
Do you recall the case where "baby-mama" killed her child and then stuffed him into a plastic bin for the better part of a year (at another house)...or the case with the "demon-possession" where baby-mama force fed vinegar and oil into a 3 year old's mouth until HE croaked?
Some people just do NOT deserve to HAVE children, let alone be charged with WATCHING THEM.
They need REAL parents...period.
When the attorneys asked the "impartiality" question, I had to voice my opinion, so I raised my hand...and when asked, I told them this:
"I live in the SE side of Fort Wayne, and get to see a lot of things regular folks don't, such as neglect of toddlers...allowing them to wander into a street with traffic going by, or swinging an infant by it's arm over one's head, like it was some sort of rag doll.
These people treat their pit bulls better in many cases, yet they keep having kids with no accountability or trying to maintain any personal responsibility...so you see my view of things is from my front door, and not tainted by media bias. One has to believe what one sees...."
At this point, you could hear a pin drop...and the floor was CARPETED nicely.
But, I had to say what I believe..and what IS the TRUTH.
Didn't take long to call my number and send me packing...(again).
My car was where I parked it, so THAT was a plus, AND, I did get to climb (and later descend) all THREE floors of marble steps (my morning edification), as well as take an "abbreviated" tour of the Allen County Courthouse. (to superior room #1)
And yes, Judge Surbeck is nicer in person, than as quoted...LOL.
Thankfully, aside from the daggers stared at me by the defendant's family (who look like most any of my neighbors), I even got to talk to an older man (on the way back to the car-park) who TAUGHT procedure regarding SEARCH & SEIZURE...!
(how cool is that?)
We talked about the Creamer book "Law of Arrest, Search & Seizure"...this man TAUGHT from it, and I helped PUBLISH it way back in the 1970s...
A kinship was struck...I LOVE it.
So, we chatted for a few, then I drove home, in the drizzle, even screeched the tires at one light...heh, heh, heh...my old Batmobile's STILL got it!
And here I am typing the blog for those faithful readers out there...
Mission Accomplished...!
(for another TWO years...didn't even have to invoke the 13th Amendment, either)
*** Now, onto the "vibrant" aspect to yesterday down in the ghettohood.
It never ceases to amaze as to how WELL taxpayer money is used by our government.
I mean one could always suppose that our government (Fed, state or local) always has OUR "best interest" at heart, right?
Well...maybe not so much.
Here's just one example as to how our government sees fit to spend YOUR hard-earned tax dollars.
They fund public displays such as the one I'm about to reveal.
(and trust me, you will NOT see THIS on the news anywhere in Fort Wayne)

I saw this "couple" walking down the street around noon, and I could just tell by the manner in which they walked that "something" was up...or soon would be.
You can just tell the stride...the "purpose" in the footfalls.
Pay attention to THIS car...it figures in the whole mix..

Sure enough, it wasn't long before a "meeting of the minds" took place, and right outside my window.
(talk about some front row seating - can't get spots THIS good at center ice at the Coliseum)
Now, I don't know what all this was over, and don't care to know.
What I DO know, is that to the casual observer, it would appear to have come out of the blue.
But I saw a potential for confrontation brewing, and I my "hunch" was proved right again (these moolies are predictable).
So, between getting a picture, I was on the horn to the po-po, getting them a *20* and the descriptions of the mid-day UFC "participants"...
Strangely enough, they began to break it up as I was hanging up (isn't that always the way? - must have po-po radar or something), but two cruisers rolled up and stopped one of the black women (there were several involved complete with torn shirts and fists flying - still had a piece of shirt on our lawn).
The one officer (looked to be Mike Joyner, of all people - former PIO for the FWPD) chatted with the woman for a few, and then LEFT the scene.
Now, I HAD provided BOTH the HOUSE NUMBERS where these people came from who were fighting, so, the least I expected was to see the police roll up to either or both of the residences, and see what was going on...
Nope...absolutely NO FOLLOW-UP...AT ALL.
(( "WTF?" ))
Yeah, believe the woman with the torn shirt, all sweaty from a smackdown that says: "evathins' cool...we be cool".
If it happened ONCE, it will invariably happen AGAIN, and maybe NEXT time, a WEAPON might be involved.
That's the way these people shake.
And that is why they don't want ME on their jury...I KNOW more than they would want me to know (can't get MY age without picking up a few things and a good gut for feelings - always a dangerous proposition, but fun for ME)
I do plan to forward a set of these pictures to our quadrant captain, in the hope that what I've been telling her about certain houses around here for OVER a year starts to SINK IN...
A picture IS worth a thousand words anyway, right, people?
So there we have it...Bob's (sorta) Excellent Adventure. And it's ONLY noon time.
We'll see you back here on the morrow, kapeesh?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


John D said...

Next time you ought to get some video. This definitely sounds like good Youtube material. :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Funny you mention that...the camera I have DOES the capacity for video, but the buttons are SO damn small, and I was trying to juggle the phone and the camera and give the necessary *83* (info) to the police at the same time.

The easiest button to reach was the still-shutter...

I'm sure there WILL be a next time...there always is.

Maybe I can go viral with it...
'ya never know.
(the next Tarentino, perhaps)

Hey, thanks for rolling up and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Boy that Bob. Gets to leave jury duty early and when he arrives home, gets a floor show! And to think he complains about the neighborhood!

Bob G. said...


Hey, I keep telling you guys how much "fun" it is down here...never a DULL moment, and not a day that goes by we don't have "something" going on.

Your HUD dollars in action...gotta love that, eh?

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.