11 September 2011

The World Trade Center - Then and Now...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words:

'Nuff said.

May God bless those that gave all on that day, the families that lost love ones, and those that watch over us today.
May we always be vigilant, steadfast, and proud to live in this country.


Wrexie said...

I forgot to breath scrolling through the thousands of words these pictures speak... just like I did on this day 10 years ago, as I watched it unfold on my television screen holding on to the back of my couch as I crumbled to my knees and wept.

Lest we forget...

ms nk rey said...

I miss George Bush.

Bob G. said...

This was a mixed blessing for me.

I really NEEDED to do this, but when I looked through ALL the pictures I did to properly capture the pivotal moments in order, I kept getting cold chills, and my hands were trembling.

To fully appreciate, or understand the scope of this event, we honestly DO need to unite as a people...as a nation.
And we need to REMAIN that way.

Thank you very much for stopping by today and remembering.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...


...And I miss the country I grew up in.
Many would say that 9/11 was a day America lost it's innocence.
I beg to differ.
JFK's assassination did that decades before.

THIS day in 2001 just reenforced that belief that we HAD, in fact, lost our innocence, to me anyway.

Thank you so much for taking time to stop by today...and remember.

Stay safe down there.