11 October 2011

Does Anyone Ever Wonder...
Look around you today, and see all that's going on.
Not just out our back doors or out the window, but see with a wider vision, and view the things we used to think were unthinkable.
Some people will always want to maintain that we are "better off" TODAY than in times past, and that "those days" are for old fogies and those lost in that past.
I contend that times (then) were very much better.
Now, I may be one of those who yearns for a kindlier, simpler time (guess we all do to some degree as we get older), and I think after decades of running about (figuratively and literally), I think "we" deserve to take it a bit easier.
I think we EARNED it.
Maybe that's just age creeping on up, but I do know that a lot of things in life were enjoyed more when we took our damn time.
And I would also say that we used to do a lot more things WITH PURPOSE....we had an inkling...an idea, as to WHAT we were doing, what we had to do, and how we were going to go about doing it.
I still hold to such diminishing values as those, and I don't apologize for them one damn bit.
So, I do wonder what is the driving factor for a lot of what we see these days?
Sure doesn't seem like any purpose is attached to it.
I'm talking about these "occupy" venues (I like the term "Flea-Baggers", or the Flea-Bag Movement ...lol) popping up all over this country.
Now, I grew up in the turbulent 60s - an era of civil rights, free love, and a growing drug culture.
Somehow, I managed to survive all that, along with a lot of other crap that came our way (as a society).
As Nietzsche once said "Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger".
I feel that applies to a lot of us from that time, although I don't consider myself a follower of good old Friedrich.
I'm also from a generation that still knew what was meant by "sticks & stones may break my bones, but NAMES will never hurt me".
And I grow so freaking WEARY about this uber-PC society that's evolving...no one can say what they FEEL...what they BELIEVE, or what they KNOW to be true without calling down the Sword of Damocles upon one's head.
We all have to be SO tolerant, and SO wary of the feelings of every other person on the planet, that OUR feelings are driven SO far down, we can lose them altogether. Funny thing...many times, those we are chided to be tolerant towards don't even deserve such tolerance in the first place.
Now, we have banned words like a (fill in the appropriate letter) - word for damn near everything or everyone.
We can't call people by what they wish to be called by (based on their behavior, however aberrant that might be).
As an example, how often are terrorists NOT called terrorists THESE days by the lame-stream-media?
Also, we seem to no longer be a nation of Americans, but rather some sort of hyphenated populace...all in the name of diversity, mind you.
But, I digress...
--These "unwashed masses" that are inhabiting our cities for the sole purpose of who-knows-what (besides fomenting anarchy), are becoming a major financial burden upon those cities.
Just look at the amount of O/T money being wasted by NYC to pay for all the police.
Now, don't get me wrong...they NEED the police there (to maintain order and arrest those who become bellicose or unruly), but if one of the results of this occupation of Wall St. is to empty the city coffer, that might just happen.
Resources across the nation are being stretched further because of these protesters (they've already taken to pissing & defecating on NYPD cruisers nearby), who still have yet to figure out a REAL plan or motive for what they're doing, other than the fact that they CAN do it.
Consider these occupations akin to the Nazis when they rolled across Europe in the late 1930s.
Only with the Nazis, it was because they needed "breathing room"...
Here, there is little (if any) consensus about WHAT the protests are about, other than collapsing capitalism.
It might behoove these morons to know that it's BECAUSE of capitalism, that they are allowed to be there in the first place.
And it's capitalism that allows them to hunker down in expensive sleeping bags, using their cell phones or iPads to "stay in touch" with whoever in between Starbucks lattes.
Our freedoms are (to a large degree) born from capitalism, for if you go the opposite route, you have socialism, fascism, communism, and so on.
Those "isms" we don't really need, because with them comes the loss of liberty and of freedom.
I think what they're doing is wrong, insomuch as the MANNER in which they choose to pursue it.
There is a right way as well as a wrong way to do ANYTHING in life (and some drill instructors would often add TWO MORE ways to that mix - the military way and THEIR way - you always did it THEIR way...lol)
Prime example of doing things the WRONG way...a "neighbor" of ours...raking the fallen leaves which, in and of itself, is nothing short of a MIRACLE down here...anyone WORKING is epiphanic in nature (except in OUR house, where it's pretty much SOP).
Now, I don't fault her for raking leaves...not one bit...as long as it's done RIGHT.
BUT, when the CITY SAYS: "Leaves are to be raked to the CURB STRIP for pickup", that does NOT mean rake them all into the GUTTER, next to the CULVERT, where they will no doubt CLOG the damn thing.
That's the WRONG way of doing it...got it?
Also, when the CITY SAYS: "Leaves can be bagged in the appropriate lawn trash receptacles and left out for pickup", that does NOT mean you rake the leaves, and them fill up a 96 gallon TRASH CONTAINER with them, and put it out along the curb several days EARLY...right?
(those are for the "regular" trash...not nature's refuse)
I swear we have a section of the populace whose ONLY reason for living is to OPPOSE anything, or anyone.
And we even have an acronym for that these days...called O.D.D.
(Oppositional Defiance Disorder)
Yes, we can now "reward" such behavior, by not only giving it it's OWN NAME (and chapter in some medical tome), but providing it's own regimen of medications to allay such a growing bane on humanity.
Gee, in MY day, we used to call it "Paying the f$ck attention AND following the rules, or law."
The methods of protesting in those days were done by people with a PLAN...a purpose...and reason.
Today, we can't so much protest a war, but we can bitch, piss and moan vociferously about those people with MONEY (many of whom spent much of their lives working their asses off in order to GET IT, right?).
Sure, I admit to a level of "envy" whenever I see some people with more money than intellect, and I often feel it's a bit unfair, but never to the point of protest, nor a manner in which I would inconvenience others who are also trying to bust their butts going to or coming from their jobs or careers.
If we're not careful here, we could see another type of "occupy" occurring...that of the military OCCUPYING our streets to amend the overtaxed law-enforcement agencies of this nation. We really don't want to go down that path.
And even if these protesters were to develop a reason for their "taking over" a part of our cities, we have to ask ourselves about the HEALTH issues (some haven't bathed in weeks), and the possibilities of violence breaking out (already had several hundred arrests on Wall St alone).
The wrong person at the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing makes for one helluva catalyst for violence.
And, as we all know, some people don't require a heap of encouragement in order to devolve into animalistic (read STUPID) behavior.
We see evidence of that every time we listen to the news, or pick up the paper...or listen to the police radio.
So, yes, I do wonder what has become of "US"...the Americans that had it better because of better times, and if we didn't, we might groan about it for a spell, but still MOVE FORWARD with our lives, always STRIVING for something better?
And it should make ALL of us who still believe in this nation wonder, as well...
We need to get back to not only defining what is RIGHT and what is WRONG, but tearing away the subterfuge that muddles the current definitions.
Freedom and liberty are built upon every individual owning up to THEMSELVES...being able to hold oneself accountable for one's actions, and suffering the consequences for not doing do. It's about being responsible in one's life, to ourselves.
We can't be responsible for another, unless they are under our charge (like our children), but we can hold those that practice irresponsibility accountable for their actions as well as their inactions and apathy.
We did have it better, because we used to practice such things in all our lives.
And it would sure be nice to get back to something close to that again, wouldn't it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


John D said...

These "Occupy" clowns really make me laugh. They protest the greedy businesses that get "corporate welfare", but have let the politicians who voted to hand out said welfare completely off the hook. All these protests are is an astro-turf attempt to emulate the tea party movement. And it ain't working. My guess is that you'll see violence erupt at some of these protests before this is all over.

Slamdunk said...

It is ironic that the protesters force the government to pay law enforcment overtime to deal with their party. Funds I am sure that could be put to social programs or something that these folks would cheer for.

On the neighbor raking--yeah, you want to applaud effort but I guess there is always a catch.

And your comment on the beer drinking dog reminded me that I think we had one of those as a child.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
If there was EVER a more BLATANT model of today's DOUBLE-STANDARDS in our society...brother, THIS is it!

I wouldn't even venture a guess as to HOW MANY of these so-called "protesters" are ALREADY tweaked out the ass on some illegal substance.

And there is already PROOF that some are being PAID to show the hell up (with union help).

I wish it would all blow the hell over, but I think some folks are gonna get stupid and have to receive a wood-shampoo before it does...and then will come all the lawsuits (naturally).

Hey, thanks a lot for taking time to stop on by today.

You roll safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Weird thing is, the BACKERS of these "occupy" events already HAVE enough money to fund the protesters AND lobby for even more government "control"...thank George Soros for that one.
And that money COULD be better used.

As for Ms Beulah Rakemup, yeah, there IS always a catch(22?).

She MEANT well, so it's OK...(not).

Tell ya, some folks don't KNOW what it is to properly RUN a household (nothing to mold one after, no doubt).
Gotta love it.

And yes, it's always good to fill out one's childhood with a beer-drinking canine...LMAO!

Thanks so much for stopping on over today and copmmenting.

Stay safe out there.

Momma Fargo said...

I think I busted a gut at HOPEY-CHANGY THINGY. OMG. Yeah. I was just thinking the other day about growing up and how simple and bliss things were.

It's a freaking nightmare. We Americans are so self destructive. The country living I have is the only thing left I have that is simple and peaceful.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
What makes me wonder is WHY have we indeed become so self-destructive?

What can be the net result?

And WHO is tasked with "cleaning up the mess" after all this crap blows over?

God knows I want to be POSITIVE about my adult life, but it's getting a bit harder with all the LOONS out there.

And yes, country living IS a HUGE blessing...you are very fortunate.

Hope your gut wasn't busted "too" badly...lol.

Thanks so much for takling time to roll on up today.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe out there.

Diane said...

I heard a great term for them the other day - forgot which show.. perhaps Michael Berry.. "occuposeurs" (sp?)

Bob G. said...


That is priceless...!!!
I LOVE it.

Michael Berry, you say?

I would have thought it would be more along the lines of Mark Levin or Michael Savage...LOL.

Kudos to him...AND to you for sharing.

Thanks for stopping on by today.

Stay safe down there.