02 November 2011

Humpday Happenings...
I really MEANT to watch the mayoral "debate" last evening here in Ft. Wayne, but I got tied up watching a Humphrey Bogart classic (from 1946) on the TCM channel...THE BIG SLEEP!
This is still a really good private eye movie with lots of twists and turns.
You gotta love Philip Marlowe.
And Bogey does the character justice.
Not to mention, a very young Lauren Bacall is easy on the eyes.

I mean here's a guy who drove around with TWO (count 'em, 2) .38s attached to the flip-down door of the glovebox...way ahead of James Bond in that regard.
After the movie, I remembered the debate and surfed over the hear the last few minutes...and then it hit me.
There I was, scotch on the rocks in hand, watching THE BIG SLEEP (the movie) when I SHOULD have been watching the BIGGER SLEEP (the debate)...now that's ironic...LOL!
Anywho, on with...the "rest of the story"...
*** Got some more of the *4-1-1* on the person shot and killed at Mookie's on Halloween night. (and you knew I would find something)
Justin L.Bush, 26 of Fort Wayne is the recently deceased, and he's not been a good boy up until his demise.
Bush’s death was ruled a homicide, Fort Wayne’s and Allen County’s 18th this year.
The coroner did not say how many times he had been shot.
Here's his rap sheet:
-02D04-0603-CM-002018 Bush, Justin L 03/22/2006
Allen Superior Court 5 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
-02D04-0610-CM-007162 Bush, Justin L 10/30/2006
Allen Superior Court 4 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided BATTERY (A)
-02D04-0708-MC-001715 Bush, Justin L 08/20/2007
Allen Superior Court 6 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal
02D04-0708-FC-000203 Bush, Justin L 08/23/2007
Allen Superior Court 4 FC - Class C Felony

-02D04-0902-FD-000154 Bush, Justin L 02/17/2009
Allen Superior Court 5 FD - Class D Felony
-02D05-1102-CM-000843 150503 BUSH, JUSTIN L 02/11/2011
Allen Superior Court 5 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided 9-24-18-1/MC: Knowingly or Intentionally Operating Motor Vehicle w/o Ever Receiving a License
-02D05-1103-IF-002243 619263 BUSH, JUSTIN L 03/09/2011
Allen Superior Court 5 IF - Infraction
Decided 9-21-17-12/IFC: Sidewalk Available; Prohibition on Walking Along or Upon Roadway
02D05-1108-CM-005175 661906
661906 BUSH, JUSTIN L 08/29/2011
Allen Superior Court 5 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided 35-44-2-2(d)(1)/MB: False Informing
9-24-18-1/MC: Knowingly or Intentionally Operating Motor Vehicle w/o Ever Receiving a License
9-21-5-2/IFC: Speeding
And his known addresses:
Fort Wayne, IN 46803
--5217 Cloverbrook Dr
Fort Wayne, IN 46806
--Miami C F Doc 185405
3038 W 850 S
Bunker Hill, IN 46914
That LAST one sure looks like the address of the MIAMI CORRECTIONAL FACILITY...
(yes, it IS)
Looks like the late Mr. Bush was well-acquainted with the "bologna sandwich-for-lunch" bunch, (and liked orange jumpsuits) hmm?
The recently wounded Dean Bakari, had a brush with the po-po as well back in March this year.
-02D06-1103-IF-002238 619265 BAKARI, DEAN T 03/09/2011
Allen Superior Court 6 IF - Infraction
Decided 9-21-17-12/IFC: Sidewalk Available; Prohibition on Walking Along or Upon Roadway
His address is:
904 Savila Ave.
Fort wayne, 46807
Britteny A. Sanders apparently has no record, or is using an alias, for no records bounce back for her.
What I want to know is WHEN did the FWPD actually CITE PEOPLE for NOT WALKING ON A SIDEWALK?
And WHY don't they do that in MY NEIGHBORHOOD?
Hell, put an officer down here, AND on commission, and he can retire in less than FIVE YEARS with all the violations of THAT ordinance...LOL!
That's ALL people do around here...walk in the middle of the damn street!
Guess that's called "selective ticketing"...much like what doesn't go on (down here) when it comes to IMPROPERLY ILLUMINATED LICENSE PLATES, right? See about 20 of THOSE per night, too.
And then there's the people who place the tag in a DARKENED REAR WINDOW...can't make the damn thing out at all.
But, it IS nice to see that the phrase DOUBLE-STANDARD is not going to waste down here.
I mean this nation pretty much RUNS on such a thing, doesn't it?
(Talk about one helluva "alternative fuel"...)
Almost every facet of our society is beset with some sort of double-standard...
One thing for some people...
Another different thing for the rest of them...
Yeah, that just OOZES equality right there.
*** Now, here's a person with a real capitalistic streak in her:
Yeah, nothing like a nice MEDICAID BILLING SCAM to get the bloodhounds antsy, hmm?
And the house she lives in (after committing fraud to the tune of over $400K) is pretty damn nice, too.
Good thing she ONLY gets ONE YEAR in the pokey...our economy can use people with such "creativity" these days...(tongue in cheek, here).
And I'm glad she ONLY filed about 5000 fake health care bills.
She's now part of the "OCCUPY ALLEN COUNTY JAIL" movement.
*** Smithfield, North Carolina Police are in a "pinch" these days (no pun intended)
Here's the link to an interesting story:
Looks like the 911 calls might have to "wait"...because fuel costs for that department are creating problems.
Well, they call ALWAYS go "green" and start using PRIUSES....'ya think?
This is another case of ENTROPY...taxing a system until it can give no more; stretching things further than they are permitted to go.
And the result might be something the rest of us are getting a bit too used to seeing.
Just imagine a police force that cannot provide the BASICS for the officers on the street, and then think about the ramifications.
You can very well wind up with a MAD MAX scenario...aka a DYSTOPIAN situation.
See how all these seemingly "little" things can add up...like dominoes falling.
We pretty much take for granted the fact that the police will always have fuel available in enough quantity that all the lawbreakers can (and shall) be caught. But that's not always the case today.
The last couple years saw things like certain calibers of ammunition in shorter supplies, and naturally, we're always biting our lip when it comes to fuel availability and the (other) costs accrued.
Hell, when I roll up to the pump and see anything UNDER $3.50...I'm damn near ecstatic!
(and I'm only filling up the Wifey-mobile or my Batmobile...not a police cruiser or SUV)
Like I say, you have to pay attention to ALL the small sh*t out there, because it WILL all congeal into much LARGER SH*T if we're not careful.
And when we're all up to our necks in that larger sh*t, the smell will be the LEAST of our worries.
We need to remain vigilant...and always willing to ask questions.
We need to pay attention to details, and stay on track, no matter how much we're buffeted about. THAT is how this nation get reclaimed and made better again.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

(( Tomorrow: Get your go-bag ready for another "Road Trip", gang!))


Slamdunk said...

Bogey or a mayoral debate? I think you made the right choice. I am sure the blow-by-blow will be in your local paper anyway.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I want to think I did make the right call on this.
...even IF I have seen this Bogey flick close to TEN times...at least HE never gets old...lol!
ANd we don;t have debates any longer...just Q&As and character beat-downs.

I say stick to the ISSUES!
(and I think Bogey would second that)

Hey, thanks for dropping on by today to comment.

Stay safe out there.

John D said...

I'm with Slamdunk, you made the right choice. THE BIG SLEEP is a great flick. The novel by Raymond Chandler is worth checking out too.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I guess we oughta thank our lucky stars that Hollywood is deciding (for the time being) to NOT tamper with such classics and want a "remake"...
Chandler, along with Spillane tell some great stories with memorable characters.
Maybe we could call them the Wambaugh or Grosso or Fitzsimmons of THEIR day?

Hell, I'm a "soft-sell" for BOGEY, and Howard Hawks (The Thing) does a great job directing (as usual).

Wish they'd show The Lady In The Lake with Robert Montgomery (1947) as Marlowe...never seen that one yet.
I did like Robert Mitchum in Farewell My Lovely (1973?).

Yeah, gimme a good gumshoe story over a mayoral debate ANY day.

Thanks a lot for swinging on past today and commenting.

Roll safe.

CWMartin said...

Best part you missed was Henry dodging one question and Mellinger politely pointing out that he hadn't answered the question (and got asked it again, and pseudo dodged again) and Paula asking him if his wanting to buy the North river property from the Rifkin family had anything to do with the large contribution said family made to the Henry campaign. Poor Ahrends was scared spitless, which is a shame because he makes a decent case.

Bob G. said...

THat's the SAD part about a LOT of the whole "political process"...

People with GOOD ideas and VALID points never get to be heard and many don;t have the "charisma" needed in today's word of instant everything and over-the-top "hype"...

Damn shame, too

Didn't know that having good hair, perfect teeth, smooth skin, or even being part of the "good old boy network" was THE precursor to being a good politician.

I'd much rather have a average Joe or Jane that DID know the difference between their butt...and a hole in the ground.

But I'm such a "traditionalist"...lol.

Hey, thanks for spending some time here today to comment.

Stay safe up there.