16 November 2011

Humpday Happenings...
I hear we're going to be in for a change in the weather in these parts...gonna start feeling a bit more "seasonal"...well, that will certainly go with all the CHRISTMAS stuff I'm seeing all over.
Now, hold that thouight, becasue I almost forgot to place this week's WHO SAID THAT in here.
The quote is:
"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom".
(answer tomorrow)
Now, about this Christmas thing...and my pet peeve.
Cripes, can we push this holiday season any EARLIER?
Geez...used to be the day AFTER THANKSGIVING...you know, when Santa rode in on the Macy's Day Parade float (It was the Gimbels Parade in Philly - used a ladder truck to get him to HIS area inside the store...those were some cool days to be a kid), and THEN, it was officially the Christmas season.
Not anymore...
We're moving Black Friday to THURSDAYS now...and opening EARLIER with some stores wanting to be OPEN ON THANKSGIVING...
WTF is with that?
Employees are raising a fuss over that, and good for them, I say.
I've worked holiday seasons, and we NEVER had to jump through such hoops for the "sake of the consumers".
Then again, we USED to be able to WAIT for the damn holidays to get here.
Again, the attention span of America is such that we "need" the diversion (the shopping season) to get us away from all the other crap that's floating past us these days. right?
We all need to back up...take a deep breath, and RELAX.
Christmas will be here before we know it, that much IS certain.
And for those people who ALREADY have their damn CHRISTMAS LIGHTS the hell up...GET A DAMN LIFE.
Cripes, you people are as bad as those that LEAVE the lights UP UNTIL AFTER ST. PATTY'S DAY...!
If you need to shop...get a damn CALENDAR and be sure the CHECK THE DATES, because you're too far "ahead of schedule".
Now, with that little rant out of the way...lets see what else is shaking this morning...
*** Finally, the OWSers are no longer in Zucotti Park (NYC) or at the areas in Oakland or Portland, Oregon.
Police came to Zucotti after midnight Monday and ROUSTED their filthy asses the hell OUTTA THERE.
This SHOULD have been addressed AS SOON AS the permit to be at the park expired (if they even had one), or when the sun went down.
That's the way the law works.
You want to "rent" a park for a specific venue, then pay to secure the proper permits to do so, otherwise you have NO reason to be setting up a "homestead" there...
These parks are for EVERYONE (to enjoy), and you're treading on THEIR right to "pursue happiness" by creating a damn "Hooverville".
And for all those 1st Amendment junkies that cry "free speech" and "right to assemble", lemme straighten your "tie" on this once and for all.
You DO have the RIGHT to assemble...but you DON'T have the "right" to OCCUPY.
Occupation implies more than just an "assembly" of people...as the Nazis demonstrated when they OCCUPIED FRANCE, or the Iraqis when they OCCUPIED KUWAIT...it's a whole different ballgame, people.
In Fort Wayne, it is becoming a bit of an eyesore in Freimann Square, and if I were to be a participant in such a "protest", I'd just show up in the morning, and leave when the sun goes down. THAT would be well within your rights to do so, and no one could bug you.
And I would behave in a manner that would NOT bring shame upon what I was there to protest for...that's common sense.
Then again, I wouldn't be trying to collapse the "system" as many of these people would like to see happen.
If I were to protest anything, it would be the overblown government that wastes OUR money daily to the tune of a $14 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT.
I would protest against people that don't "feel" like working, but would rather suckle on the government's teat.
I would protest special interests that deprive Americans of the ability to open small businesses, and subsidies that allow tax loopholes large enough to fly a Boeing 767 through for millionaires like Jon Bon Jovi that only paid $100 taxes for his palatial estate ONLY BECAUSE he has a frigging BEE FARM, and receives money for that.
We're not all wealthy enough to raise bees, are we?
I think everyone has to pull their OWN weight in such matters...pay their FAIR share, and that being rich enough to have a regimental size lawyer pool should not be the basis for skirting any tax laws.
I saw this first-hand in the Treasury Department...fair is never always fair for all. But that's NOT saying that it can NEVER be that way...
*** A couple weird-ass things yesterday that made me go "hmm..."
1) I was monitoring the police radio, and I heard a hostage situation going down with shots fired (in some apartment complex).
So, I checked all over the news media sources in town to figure out what was happening...nothing.

Not a peep anywhere.

So, since I didn't hear anything from anybody, I can only conclude that it WAS a training scenario...pretty damn realistic, if you ask me.
Odd thing, I didn't know they broadcast those kind of (simulated) OPS on the REGULAR frequencies...I'm just sayin'.
(could be confusing to some should they hear it)
And, if it WAS a REAL OP, it was sure kept UNDER WRAPS really well.
2) You never know what you're going to see in my part of the ghettohood...it's that "diverse", and not in the way one intends to use that word.
Yesterday I see this car hauler park on our street (?)...with MICHIGAN TAGS (??), and some HIGH-PRICED vehicles on it (???).
Now, to me, THAT seems suspicious. I mean there was a red Porsche, a brown Mercedes, and a white Lexus (all high-end), and even down here, you don't see cars like THOSE. The aborigines & Ecuadorian illegals prefer Escalades, Caddies, Lincolns, and ex-police cruisers for the most part, along with the ghettotypical P.O.S.-mobiles in gag-a-maggot hues.
And then I see the white driver of the hauler roll a (vintage) 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme "442" on the ass-end of the trailer. Took it from a house near the other end of the street (to be honest, that car in the shape it appeared to be is worth MORE than most of the houses around here, and could command a fair price at an auction). There was NO tag on the Olds.
Again, this is way too odd for this area...perhaps a REPO? (all the way from Michigan???)
I dunno, but there is an abundance of OTHER-STATE-PLATED vehicles in this area, mostly from ILLINOIS, OHIO (our closest neighbor), and MICHIGAN to make me wonder WHY they choose THIS area to "hang out".
With the regular transport of contraband substances (that would be illegal DRUGS), it's little wonder that you COULD in fact,.find a "haven" of sorts down here and for several reasons:
1) Lots of transiency to go around...rent by the month in many cases.
2) Easy to establish a drop house or a stash house in a "blighted" area (like ours has become)
3) Enough vacant houses to use for stash or cash drops
4) Little if any citizen intervention to muck up the drug "transactions"
That's not the kind of combination that I think of whenever the mayor speaks to that "Quality-of life" issue we're SUPPOSED to be enjoying.
Thing is, the CITY created the environment for such things to occur...they have allowed it to flourish.
Just recently a MAJOR pot bust occurred in a house along the 6000 block of Fairfield (about a 1/2 mile from our "Fortress") that netted over several HUNDRED plants on a "live-grow" scenario. Two white (trash) guys were busted and face FEDERAL (distribution) charges.
Here's the source article link:
So, you can see that this part of town is "ripe for the picking" as the farmers say.
Yes friends...rarely a DULL moment down here, and I could use a bit of dull these days, to break the monotony of all this other activity.
But I'm STILL not going to put up the Christmas tree or hang lights...NOT for a couple MORE weeks...so THERE...LOL!
In the meanwhile...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Short French Dude said...

One of the many quotables from General George S. Patton.

Bob G. said...

Aw, you're spoiling it for every one else (all FOUR of them)...LOL!

Thanks for stopping by today.

Take care out there.

CWMartin said...

"Seasonal", my butt- it's COLD!!!

Mrs. Crankipants said...

Shouldn't we be calling black Friday - "Friday of Color" or better yet, "Over Consumption of Cheap Chinese Goods"?

Bob G. said...

Hey, I was being "nice"...for a change...LOL!
(oh, yeah, it's COLD out there for these old bones)

Thanks for stopping on by today.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

Mrs. C.:
Great to see you...glad you could stop on by today.

Yeah, I was thinking along similar lines about "Black" Friday.
(Don't wanna have Sharpton knocking on MY door)
I DO like your Chinese imperative for that day. Well thought out.

What the hell ever happened to making stuff IN AMERICA, anyway?

When I was a kid, only CRAP was made in the far east...

Makes 'ya wonder, right?

Thanks for spending some time here to comment.
Always a pleasure.

You stay safe out there.