22 November 2011

The Show That Never Ends...
I've been following the recent "super" committee that was created to fund ways to cut government spending, and I must say that I did not see anything SUPER about it.
To me, this was destined to fail from the git-go, and it was nice to be proved correct in that.
The word SUPER was used in such an improper context, so as to appear to be something "over and above" the USUAL committees (that can't seem to get much done in D.C.)
Certain things come to mind when I think "super".
-- Super-charged - An engine with a belt-driven device that increases horsepower output.
-- Superman - Immigrant to Earth that fights evil for truth, justice, and the AMERICAN way.
-- Super model - Cheryl Tiegs, Elle Macpherson, Miranda Kerr...'nuff said
-- Super bomb - Edward Teller's phrase for atomic fusion explosion
-- Super 8 - Motel chain that leaves the light on
-- Super - Slang for an apartment building head custodian
-- Super Friends - Cartoon show from the 70s
-- Super Eight - old type of film (8mm) used for home movies
-- Super Mario - Nintendo character - had a brother named Luigi
-- Super Bowl - Last pro football game of the season which USED to be worth watching

-- Superhero - Iron Man, Captain America, Green Lantern, the Flash, Spiderman (you get the idea)
So you can see that the word SUPER means SOMETHING.
But this Super Committee?
Not so much, unless you consider their lack of ability and willingness to come to some common ground a SUPER-FLOP!
In THAT, they have excelled beyond reason, and that means certain "predesignated" cuts to the national budget will take place in 2013.
I also hear that means people will see about TWO PERCENT LESS in their paychecks...
(( "WTF???" ))
Now, I always thought that LESS money in one's paycheck meant some TAX was going UP...didn't you?
And a TAX HIKE is not the same as a "budget cut", is it?
Curiouser and curiouser (said Alice in Wonderland).
*** Saw a REALLY good show on the Discovery Channel last night, called CURIOSITY (hosted by, of all people, Donald Trump).
The show provided the viewer with the entire "What is America really worth?" aspect.
I was amazed at how it was presented, and Trump was on his game (as were the writers of the show).
Someone did some HEFTY amounts of "homework" here.
Turns out that this nation, it's resources, infrastructure, military, creativeness and it's people ARE worth a lot more than many realize.
America is currently worth about $232 TRILLION bucks...give or take.
Here's a link to the page where snippets from the show can be found:
It's pretty cool stuff.
Our HOMES are (collectively) worth a whopping $16.4 TRILLION bucks, so I guess Obama could practice eminent domain on EVERYONE in America, pay off the national debt, and STILL have money left over for Pelosi, Reid et al to go waste somewhere else, hmm?
Of course, ALL of us would THEN be homeless and living in the backseats of our vehicles, but hey, It's only socialism, folks...LOL!
(and it's what those liberal would love to see happen...so they could come "to our rescue")...yeah, right. No thanks.
I'll keep my guns, bible, house, car, and money...Obama can "keep the change"!
*** The Occupy movement is getting nastier and nastier (and still not bathing regularly, either).
I guess people are beginning to see what CAN (and usually does) happen whenever people don't follow the law, and are given that "free pass" to protest in whatever manner that they see fit, inconveniencing innocent people as they proceed, right?
I said to the Missus a few WEEKS ago, almost as soon as this OWS crap hit the streets (and the fan), that the police would soon be portrayed as "gestapo" and cries of brutality would be forthcoming.
Looks like I was pretty much on track with THAT.
We're seeing videos of police using O/C on protesters...who REFUSED TO MOVE and WERE WARNED in advance that they WOULD indeed be pepper-sprayed, if they did not comply.
The police are only following procedure (and the law).
If these protesters want to petition for and secure PERMITS (by paying for them) to be able to gather at a particular place and hold their rally...fine and dandy, people.
But you cannot "claim" or "occupy" any place you're not supposed to be without those permits, and certainly for the purpose of setting up some ad hoc homestead for the indigent, criminally-intentioned, or the chronically-stupid.
The protesters are decrying the use of the O/C (how ironic there with the whole crying aspect) but if they looked back in HISTORY, the alternatives would have been a LOT more hurtful.
How about a bunch of police DOGS to sic on the protesters...or the tried and true WATER CANNONS (during the Civil Rights movement, which was NOTHING like the occupy movements). Anyone remember KENT STATE and the SHOOTINGS?
Those alternatives could be a lot worse than some pepper spray in the puss, right?
So move your lazy asses along, get some permits, or better yet, take a bath, look for a job, or return to school so you can GET a job, and be done with it...this nation has some other severe problems to attend to, without having to worry about some dissidents trying to overthrow our system of capitalism, in lieu of some socialistic and fascist state. Leave that to Venezuela...or North Korea...or Kenya..or several dozen other nations wanting to be in the 3rd world.
*** Lastly today, I want to touch a bit more on what I mentioned yesterday.
A few people can spoil it for the many...we see that every day.
But how often do we hear about ALL the people that help the many by doing what they would normally do?
For example, we will have a story about ONE police officer that has committed some impropriety for whatever reason and is taken to task for it.
What about ALL the others who diligently patrol the streets, or stand in riot gear against hoards of angry protesters, or who find themselves running down a perp in some alley strewn with used hypodermic needles,.broken glass and garbage?
How about those involved in domestics every day, who have to endure the worst humanity has to offer?
What about a routine traffic stop that turns ugly in a heartbeat, and could cause an officer to not be able to return to his./her family after shift?
Sure, we can always point out those that make life difficult for everyone else...that's the EASY part. They set themselves up to be noticed by whatever stupid stunt they pull, and they deserve whatever punishment comes along.
Still, it's the REST of everybody that rarely gets noticed, simply because they perform the mundane...work at their jobs, do what is expected of them by their employer, and do their work as a means to an end when it comes to taking care of themselves, their family and their households.
And it's this time of year when such recognition shouldn't be passed over.
This nation is predicated upon the fact that we all have that life, liberty, and that pursuit of whatever happiness we can secure for us and ours.
And we need to be thankful in that regard for a Creator that has given to us such perspectives...such allowances for each of us to promote a sense of giving, and of thanks wherever it might be needed.
We need to remember all the people that help to make this nation great, because there is a vast number of them out there.
And if you ever have a desire to meet such a person, all you have to do is look in the mirror.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

((BTW, anyone remember what happened on this day back in 1963? Seems many media sources HAVE. I haven't))


ms nk rey said...

The failure of the Super committee gives both parties ammo for the next election. So is it the politicians or the voters who are ultimately responsible for this SNAFU ?

Bob G. said...

Well, it COULD be "six of one - half dozen of the other"...LOL.

Those that voted (in good faith) for these yahoos can shoulder some of this, but those that sat on the taxpayer's dime (on this committee) and did relatively NOTHING since their inception but play ring-around the rosie, are the primary culprits (imho).

It's sure been a learning experience...for everyone.

Thanks a lot for taking time to stop by and comment.

Stay safe (and dry) down there.

ms nk rey said...

just saw your BTW my guess is Kennedy Shot in Dallas motorcade. And yes I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing.

Bob G. said...

You got it...!
I really haven't heard anything on the news today.
I really hope we don;t forget about this day...for that reason if for no other.
Been a LONG time for me since 6th grade, I can tell you.

Thanks again for stopping by today.
(enjoy the rain...makes things grow)

Stay safe down there.

CWMartin said...

I was sitting on my potty chair while mom took a nap- per usual. I was a year and a half, and I will never forget uncle walter's voice on the break-in. I remember knowing the president was IMPORTANT, but that's about it.

Slamdunk said...

Yeah, the Super was doomed from the start. Politicians talk, but they know what is coming and the difficult choices that they keep putting off until tomorrow.

With all the JFK stuff on tv, I was glad to have a hint for your last question.

Happy Thanksgiving Bob.

Bob G. said...

My Lord, you were such a "young'un"...

Cronkite was THE voice of news back then, as was Huntley & Brinkley (NBC).
We had to find out while we were in school, and then go home to our parents' shock as well...
An interesting day to be sure.
And one I shall never forget.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

The main trouble I find with most all politicians THESE days...is that they have forgotten what it was like to be one of "we, the people"...
If they'd only remember...

The History Channel ran some JFK shows (lost family films), and it hearkened back to a time when we ALL were a bit more "innocent"...

Wouldn't mind getting some of THAT these days, hmm?

Enjoy the holiday.
And thanks for stopping on by and commenting.

Stay safe out there.