23 December 2011

Friday Follies - Pre Christmas Edition...
It's the last Friday before Christmas, and all through the fortress, not a creature was stirring, and that was because I expansion-foamed the mouse, fed the cats, who were now napping again (as is usual for the better part of 16 hours a day), with Wifey nodding on the sofa trying to watch something on QVC, while I viewed the History channel's holiday fare of APOCALYPTIC shows in the living room.
But that didn't stop the REST of the world from turning...nosiree.
And therein lies the basis for today's post (as if you thought otherwise).
Where to start....where indeed...
*** Okay, so yesterday, Mrs. Bobby G. has a dental appointment and I go out to the garage ahead of time to check the car (it's a habit I grew up with - another post for another day), and when I open the door, I notice something is "missing"...
A plastic cover piece on the corner of the door is GONE...as in vamoosed, disappeared, into the wind...not there.
And it's as big as my fist, so it didn't fall into the car, and the one on the opposite door is there (and difficult to remove, because I had to get a part number). Suffice it to say, I got a might pissed...parts don;t just vanish on automobiles (unless they have "help").
I'm calling around TRYING to find a replacement piece (good luck with THAT - the ONLY piece that apparently NEVER falls off this model car is the one that DID on ours...that just ain't right).
Now, I don't believe Wifey knocked the piece off, because it would make a NICE sound if it fell to the ground, so my guess would be it might have come off at the repair shop and someone didn't notice, or doesn't want to fess up. Either way, we're in the market for GM part # 16513782 (LH) in color code VY DK SAPPHIRE...(already got some online hooks out for a replacement, plus I've some other leads available)
Having been a former parts department manager, I still live by the "motto" I coined when working there:
(and that WAS true...you could ask ANY of the electronics techs working at the service center. It was scary-true)
Here's hoping "the old charm" hasn't worn off yet...hmm?
And yes, we're still doing some last-minute shopping...because we CAN...so THERE!
*** Another robbery in Fort Wayne by two men with a similar M.O. caught my eye:
Here's the link to the story:
This is what we used to call a "salt and pepper" team, and the story says they may be wanted in other robberies...gee, 'ya think?
This kind of duo tends to stand out, and for the OBVIOUS reasons.
Makes me wonder HOW they can flee after the robbery wearing saggy-baggys?
A K-9 was brought in, but was unable to track their scent (they smell THAT bad?).
By the looks of the perps, it would seem they ditched the "outer" garments...(layered clothing is NOT just for keeping warm these days.
Let's hope these two run afoul of the WRONG clerk and wind up playing catch with a few .45 ACP rounds...in the spirit of the season.
*** It appears as though the 122nd Fighter Wing, based here in Ft. Wayne is going to REVIVE the air shows they USED to have here.
Now THIS puts a smile on my face...and about time, too
Here's the link to this story:
Haven't had one here since WAY back about 13 years ago, and while neither the Blue Angels OR Thunderbirds will be available for the Labor Day 2012 event, there are still plenty of other attractions that could make it worthwhile.
Hell, the static display of aircraft alone is worth the price to get in (for me, anyway).
Plus, I get to chat with some very cool people (something I can't do on any sort of regular basis in my own part of the ghettohood, unless it's a police officer that I'm providing information to...lol)
They expect close to 20K people in attendance, and I can say that they just might get it. This city should have NEVER stopped having the air shows, if they have the means to promote one (imho).
Rest assured, God willing, I WILL be there when they open the gates around Labor Day.
(and no, I'm really not planning to sign autographs, but if I DO, it won't cost you anything...I promise...LOL)
*** Last night, as per routine, we retire to be around 2330 hrs (I stay up a tad later most nights - slight bit of insomnia comes with age for me), when the Missus comes back down stairs saying there's people arguing outside. I had heard it, too, so I "met" her halfway to the living room.
We watched as some "neighbors" were being LESS than "neighborly" with all this posturing and shouting in the damn intersection.
Seems while WE retired to BED, THEY were retiring to BEDLAM (as Dickens would say).
Any way, as Wifey was dialing up the po-po (we like our sleep UNinterrupted) a FWPD cruiser rolls up...and then another...and another. Soon, we had about FIVE cars all in the intersection. One white male was instructed to leave, and he walked away, but no one else was detained.
What was really unusual, was no one was patted down for weapons.
This altercation surely seemed like it would escalate into something PHYSICAL (before the police arrives).
Well, after things were sorted out, the five cars LEFT, and Wifey and I tried again to jump the freight train to slumberland...
That trip was a REAL short one.
Within 10 minutes, we heard shouting AGAIN, and before Wifey could make a call, SEVEN FWPD cruisers rolled on scene, including the "Batmobile" (as I like to call it) - an all black Impala "cage car".
THIS time, one person DID get the "cuff n stuff" and after about ten minutes of milling about, everyone left, and the "neighbors" decided they had enough holiday festiveness, and also went inside...
And believe it or not, the REST of the night was peaceful (as much as can be expected down here)...amazing.
I can tell you straight away, that "if" these people across the street think for ONE minute they can pursue such actions late at night, they'd best look for ANOTHER place to crib, because that kind of sh*t ain't gonna cut it around OUR house.
Now, I know these people love their drinking (and probably their MJ as well), but such people are better served living among folks of "similar" persuasions, kapeesh?
Let's hope (for their sake) I don't have to exact MY type of "natural justice".
*** Lastly today, we're almost at the doorstep to Christmas, and we should be able to ENJOY the holiday, and not be saddled with problematic people with nothing better to do than live off of your tax money.
We SHOULD be pursuing more charitable ventures...helping those in need, and basically doing a lot more GOOD locally and around town and the globe, than arguing during a drunkfest in the middle of some street, right?
Yeah, you would think that could be the case...but often it isn't.
Although we're nowhere near such things as desperate times, many will act as though we are.
Others will act stupidly no matter WHAT the world does around them.
We need to focus on what WE hold "near and dear to us", be it family or tradition, or just plain old-fashioned values and principles.
I believe we can have a beautiful holiday in spite of idiocy...and greed...and bellicose behavior.
And I think it's readily available to ALL of us...if we stop and make the effort.
So in your travels this weekend, pause to reflect in these things...I think when the true meaning of Christmas comes along, you'll be able to say it didn't pass you by, but rather you embraced it with both hands...and a caring heart.
We'll catch you all on the flip-side, then...
Do have yourselves a beautiful Christmas, AND a fantastic weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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