09 December 2011

Friday Follies...
Looks like we're waking up to some of that "flaky white stuff", and I DON'T mean a bunch of democratic legislation (although that's never far from the truth these days). We've got a bit of snow on the ground...but not to worry, little if any accumulation is expected.
(I keep the shovel handy whenever they say that...just in case.)
-- And in memory of the recently deceased HARRY MORGAN, Sgt Friday is partnered up with Detective Gannon once again.
(thanks for the great acting, "Col. Potter" - we'll miss 'ya)
Now, we've plenty of things to mull over today, so let's get busy checking it all out.
*** Detroit Takeover Seen As Racist?
Here's the link to the Bloomberg article:
(and this is a really worthwhile read)
Shades of "Delta City" in the movie ROBOCOP (the "new" Detroit)!
Now WHO would have ever expected that a democratically run city with a black population of about 82% (with the majority of them either in city positions OR "on the dole") and corruption problems compound by rising crime out the butt would EVER be "in trouble", hmm?
This city, which was once the FIFTH largest city in America has indeed fallen on hard times, and by it's own hand.
So, the STATE wants to "take over" the city.
And that's got the blacks all riled up.
Well, Detroit DOES have a deficit expected to top $200 MILLION by next June.
(Sounds a lot like Philly)
Detroit has lost TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT of it's population to largely white suburbs (since the year 2000...gee, and with all the crime...wonder why THAT is?)
Michigan's emergency managers have the authority to NULLIFY union contracts (remember those UNION workers smoking pot and boozing it up during their lunch-breaks?), sell off assets, and fire workers.
Michigan ALREADY has FOUR cities that are under the control of emergency managers, and adding DETROIT to the mix will bring close to FIFTY PERCENT of all the black population under city control in which they have little say.
Now, I thought such people WANTED to "be taken care of", because they were all "entitled"?
Sorry folks, you can't have it BOTH ways under these conditions.
(talk about "tough love"...LOL)
One councilman for Detroit (Kwame Kenyatta) says an emergency manager is like a "master" - someone to control the plantation.
No, Kwame, you're wrong. A MASTER controls a PLANTATION that is MAKING A PROFIT FOR that master.
You and your people aren't doing anything but exacerbating an already serious problem.
Consider these managers more like OVERLORDS, because by the looks of things, you need SOMEONE to get your sh*t together.
(your way just ain't cutting it these days)
Detroit has a history of racial divide, and a professor of "urban affairs" states that "This town has been steeped in racial hatred for so long, white folks and black folks have a real hard time getting along".
No, it's just that white people are tired of seeing YOUR black folks made MORE EQUAL (through entitlements, affirmative action, and double-standards) than ALL other folks combined...that's all.
THERE is the REAL CRIME and CORRUPTION in Detroit...plain and simple.
*** More on those Fort Wayne robbers:
Cloaked robbers called "true bandits"....gee, 'ya THINK?
Here's the link to the story:
I have to admire the FWPD for the spokespeople they get.
I have never seen a more qualified version of overstating the obvious in YEARS.
(( "These are true bank bandits," officer Raquel Foster, a city police spokeswoman, said Thursday. "We really do believe they were casing this bank." ))
Wow...talk about an EPIPHANY...(whew)!
These perps were not the dullest knife in the damn drawer....that much IS clear.
Any robber worth a damn would HAVE to case a place before making their move.
You watch for patterns, number of people showing up to open the place, vehicle types, traffic around the immediate area, police presence...all of that.
The same goes for "night drops" at banks,when people are carrying large sums in bags to deposit.
What have I said (here) TIME and time again about the FACT that "they are watching you", hmm?
People like these thugs have NOTHING BETTER to do BUT spend all day and night watching everyone else...looking for that "planned encounter" to avail them of something that doesn't belong to them...doesn't get any clearer than that, does it?
These are predators...circling about, looking for that ONE opportunity to pounce on the unsuspecting.
Trying to thwart such perps is a study in patience and persistence for law-enforcement.
The thugs KNOW more about the area already...they've been biding their time, carefully scoping out things, and waiting for the time to make their move.
On the radio yesterday, the police thought they might have one of the suspects, but the bandanna was the wrong pattern.
The article mentions TWO other robberies (3 November and 7 October this year) that have the same M.O. regarding the robbers.
On scene evidence is usually not available, given the precautions these robbers seem to be taking.
They turn the jackets inside-out, wear gloves, and obscure their faces.
As to the footwear? Hell, that can be discarded at the drop of a hat.
(They could even be "throwaway" footwear that was purchased by a third party at the Salvation Army or Goodwill stores)
Add a police scanner to the getaway vehicle (another accomplice) and you've got the recipe for tilting the odds in favor of the thieves.
If and when these guys are caught, it will most likely be due to mere CHANCE...the right person at the right place at the right time sort of thing.
(unless the police decide to call in the feds and set up a sting-op)
Must be nice to be "livin' large" on everyone else's dime.
And THAT alone could be the downfall of such thugs...we shall see.
*** Eric Holder and Jon Corzine MUST be from the same end of the genetic pool (the SHALLOW end), because they pretty much say the same things these days.
Holder went before Congress and stated he knew nothing about the "Fast and Furious" gig that sent hundreds of weapons across our southern border.
Somehow, I can't see someone like BOBBY KENNEDY saying the same thing.
You're the damn ATTORNEY GENERAL of the USA, for God's sake...own UP to and start acting like a damn BOSS.
KNOW what the hell your right hand is doing when your left one in busy doing something else, you schmuck!
Jeezus, this pisses me off.
Same with Corzine...he goes and "loses" over $1.2 BILLION bucks (through shady wheeling and dealing) and then says he "doesn't know" where the money went...
You know what the f$ck an ACCOUNTANT is, dipsh*t?
Ever call for some OVERSIGHT into your books?
Ask any questions as to WHERE money might be going in the first place?
Curiosity might "kill the cat", but it damn sure never hurt anyone wanting to get to the bottom of knowing WHAT is going on.
You ask questions - you get answers, and if they're the wrong answers, you dig deeper and get to the TRUTH of the matter.
And we wonder why New Jersey went down the crapper when he ran the state?
Astounding beyond belief...and utterly ridiculous.
I say, jail them both for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE...period.
*** Lastly today, let's do a "180" and get back to the holidays for a bit.
Today's light snowfall should remind us all of those wonderful days of youth...when the expectation of Christmas had us bouncing off the walls and driving the parents crazy.
We'd get together with our friends at school, and talk about what we hoped we'd get at Christmas.
We would sing Christmas songs and carols, and perhaps even perform is a Christmas play or pageant.
And we would definitely have the POLLYANNA gifts.
That was a fun time to be in school...AND we got to learn stuff too...LOL!
Sure, we learned the three-Rs, but we ALSO learned more than that.
We learned it was cool to GIVE to another person.
We learned it was OK to sing Christmas songs that had the word GAY in it (as in Deck the Halls) because we were taught that words can have MORE than just ONE meaning.
We learned it was fine to mention GOD in school, because our teachers and administrators had a much better sense of a HIGHER POWER in their lives, and were not given to rhetorical nonsense by some fringe group.
We learned that Jewish kids had their own holiday celebration, too...and we respected that as much as they respected ours.
Adults took this all in stride.
Jewish police and firemen traded off with Christian brothers at this time of year.
During Hanukkah, the Christian officers/firefighters filled in, and during Christmas, the Jewish officers/firefighters filled in.
Ditto for HOSPITAL staff...it was no bother to help one another at the holiday season.
And we all had a better understanding of who we were, as well as who THEY were...and that was OK, too.
We ALL enjoyed the season...no matter your religious following, and certainly no matter the age.
Can't say that as much THESE days...can we?
We allow one atheist to remove OUR belief system in favor of more "generic" tripe.
We permit secular humanism to trump faith-based tradition.
I say it's time to get back to BASICS, and if that means we extol the virtues of our Judeo-Christian faith and religions, then by God...so be it.
And if we practice a little "righteous indignation" along the way to wise these morons up...well, it worked for Jesus when he entered the temple and turned over all those tables of the money-changers.
We need to embrace more of what the season is all about, and not just be forced into a tolerant stance for the sake of self-esteem.
We should not be concerned with being selfish, but rather, being a lot more selfless, and a lot less thin-skinned.
Tolerance is fine, as long as it's not forced down our throats like scalding hot cocoa.
We can be tolerant, as long as others are JUST as much so.
Do have yourselves a fantastic weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


johndumond said...

Holder needs to go. His Sergeant Schultz imitation is wearing thin. If he legitimately didn't know, he is, at the very least, criminally incompetent.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I like that - the "Sgt. Schultz" imitation...LOL

Had not thought of that...but I will from now on!

I think of former Attorney generals (like Kennedy, Ed Meese, Thornburgh, & Ramsey Clark) and then I see Holder, and the only comparison is to Janet Reno (and even SHE was HEADS above him regarding competence, and that ain't sayin' all that much).

Holder can't be THAT unknowing of the law-enforcemnt aspects of the USA.
Chief Leo?
Chief Lawyer?
He's not holding up HIS part of the log here...that's for sure.

Be nice to see him impeached by the House...because they CAN do it.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting today.
(I thought everyone took a couple days off...LOL)

Have a great weekend and roll safe out there.

CWMartin said...

One of your best posts, Robert. The Friday & Gannon was classy and classic. The story on Detroit was another in a series of eye openers in which the final one will be seeing Fort Apache openned somewhere other than the Bronx. I have been fighting the atheist battle far too long. Because they have only one concept of tolerance- we put up with them. And I watched the Holder testimony. I loved Trey Geddy from Carolina and the lady former LEO from Florida, and the guy that shouted out John Mitchell's name brought me to the floor.

Bob G. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

The Detroit (and Michigan for that matter) situation should be VERY disturbing to a lot more people...but curiously, it only bothers those that will fall DIRECTLY under the auspices of such a state "takeover".
If history serves, it was a bunch of WHITE men (like those who made CARS) that put the MOTOR in the "Motor city" ang got it on the map, so to speak.

It was people with a REAL vision, and not some race-based TUNNEL-vision who made that city great.

But we see today who (and what) has brought this city to the brink of disaster...and no one seems to care if the city goes OVER that brink (except those that are getting that free ride).

Something tells me the Bible (still) has a LOT to say about slothful behavior...AND it's consequences.
(parables anyone?)

And if we're not careful, this WILL be repeated in a lot more cities across America (and sooner than we think).

THEN, we start sweating...a LOT.

As to the ATHEISTS...got a novel way of "splainin' it to 'em"...from FOx's TGHE FIOVE show.
nTantaros said something like this:

"If athesists believe in NOTHING as far as GOD goes, then every time you see a NATIVITY scene with NOTHING around it, those non-believers ARE ALREADY being 'represented', right?"

So they should just get OVER it.
I thought that was priceless.

Hey, thanks for spending some time here today and commenting.

Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there at "Lake Scrappy".

Momma Fargo said...

LMAO at cloaked robbers. I'm laughing at hoodies being the modern cloaks. I always thought of cloaks as cool and hip on outlaws of yesteryear. Now..hoodies. Crazy. Love the rubble pics. Makes me want to clean up my own back yard.

Stay safe, Bob. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Hoodies for hoods...sounds like a damn CHARITY EVENT...LOL!

And don't forget the BANDANNAS!
- still red for BLOODS, blue for CRIPS...last time I checked.
Latin Kings?
No friggin' clue.
And the Burmese (and Croatians) will just machete your a$$...no mask, no witnesses...no problem.

Those rubble pics ARE OF DETROIT...and they're the TAMER pics...some of them are just plain DEE-F$CKIN-SGUSTING!

Goes to show what LOTS of $$$ tossed at entitlements ...AND years of democrat rule WILL do for a city, hmm?
Shades of ROBOCOP...or WILD IN THE STREETS (both good flicks about cities down the crapper)

And that simply CANNOT look anything CLOSE to YOUR BACKYARD, kiddo...no friggin' way!
(you got mountains as a backdrop for one thing...lol)

I ALWAYS "try" and keep my butt outta the sling, but you know me (vbeg - and whistling to self)...

Stuff likes to come looking for ME.
Fortunately, I'm ready...and "waiting".

Gonna have a good post about some crimes around town this weekend.
Hope you drop by.

And thanks for rolling up today and commenting.
Always a pleasure to "see 'ya"!

Stay safe in the G-ride, dear.

indysunshine said...

been along times since i've posted to your blog. been busy being a grandma :). but, i agree with everything you said today. amen.

never the less the detroit thing is more smoke and mirrors in my mind. all they ever talk about is black/white issues. they need to start speaking more about the muslim community up there and who is buying up all the properties and what countries they are from. NOW, that would be interesting.

noticed i have to sign in to blogger now to post. hope everything is going well your way.


Bob G. said...

Welcome back...been missing 'ya.
I could agree with you on the Detroit "smoke and mirros" thing...the Muslim community (as well as growing numbers of Hispancis) ALL serve to add to the racial component.

In Fort Wayne, we have the Burmese to contend with as well, and they've been busy stabbing a few of their own around town.

I told Mrs. bobby G. it will be a sad day when they learn enough English to go purchase firearms...THEN the "fun" will start.

We also have BOSNIAN gangs (the good squad) around town (but the media is playing that one cloe to the vest).

Most everyone in Motown is somewhat RESPONSIBLE for the decline up there.

Thanks for stopping on by, "Grandma"...lol.
(and a young one at that)

You stay safe diwn there.