24 January 2012

Believe It...Or Else...
Heartland weather...gotta love it, right?
It's snowing one day, then the temperatures jump to near FIFTY DEGREES the following day...with thunderstorms, and then back down below freezing the day after that...talk about weird.
At least there is ONE saving grace to all this - the weather is about as unstable as most of the locals around here (and the locals are a bit more predictable with certainty).
It must be so great to be a weather-person out here...imagine getting PAID to be WRONG at least 50% of the time, and guessing on the other fifty. Face it, even computer "models" can be wrong...mother nature is funny that way.
But enough about that. Let's get cracking and see what's been shaking out there in the (un) real world.
*** Item - A fetus was found at the Fort Wayne storm sewer facility.
Here's the story link:
(warning - put down the breakfast while reading)
Now, this is not being considered a homicide...yet.
Examinations to determine the COD are forthcoming, and will be released to the press when available.
If any criminal intent is found, then we can go with homicide.
It would not surprise me if some boyfriend kicked his "significant other", causing the miscarriage. A lot of "boyfriends" see abuse to a pregnant woman a way to prove one's manhood...(morons).
Such cases have been documented before, and those "manly" men soon become prison bitches (and rightly so).
*** Item - A volunteer worker at a FWCS school is dismissed.
Here's the story link (with video of the perp):
Now, the priors for Damion L. Jackson end in 2006 with a driving violation, but that MJ bust was in 2003, and SHOULD have sent a red flag up somewhere. I mean he IS working with teens in high school. And yet, he got past TWO background checks.
I suppose we're no longer holding people's pasts against them...good for us...bad for the kids when someone like this is charged with "inappropriate behavior" with one of those teens at the high school.
And MAY-BE that's why we can even hire on FWPD officers with a background that might include cocaine use.
I'm just sayin'...
We USED to call it "holding to HIGHER standards"...for a reason.
*** Item - A loaded gun as found at a MIDDLE SCHOOL in Fort Wayne.
Here's the story link:
Interesting that the gun was brought with the INTENTION of being SOLD...right after a fight...curious, is it not?
At least these three l'il perps will get a taste of what to expect if they continue down the road they're currently on.
Seems that crime is finding it's way into lower and lower grades these days...wonder why that IS?
I'm sure glad it's NOT due to the breakdown of traditional family values, the lack of societal mores, or the loss and neglect of civility, integrity and personal responsibility...right?
*** Item - Apartment fire triggered by lightning.
Here's the story:
The Autumn creek blaze seems to have been caused by a lightning strike, according to FWFD investigators (thank God no one fell asleep while cooking, or left something UNATTENDED on a stove the way SOME people do).
It was the fast thinking (and 911 dialing) by residents that fire fighters claim resulted in less damage and no injuries.
Why not just come out and say it was the QUALITY of the people living there...and be done with it, hmm?
Better people - better living conditions...simple as that.
*** Item - Be careful WHERE you hide stuff...
Here's the story:
Now, Clifford "Kenny" White (how the hell do you get KENNY from CLIFFORD, anyway?) has this "thing" about trying to keep his cocaine stash from the po-po...trouble is, the police are often several steps AHEAD of the curve.
It's not rocket science...it's really ALIMENTARY.
And you have to remember that all investigation rooms are MONITORED (by video), so if you want to poke at your ass (for some odd reason), someone WILL be watching...and taking notes.
Now to me, nothing says "busted" like farting out 45.9 grams of cocaine, which is what "Kenny" eventually wound up doing.
I'm sorry, but there are CERTAIN parts of the human body that have only ONE function - that being EITHER and ENTRANCE or an EXIT.
But not BOTH...and not for the purpose of Kenny's "desires".
With few exceptions (like specific medical procedures), there are NO 2-way streets in our anatomy.
(bet'cha Mr. White also likes to go IN through the OUT door at stores, too)
We know what the BRAIN looks like on drugs...no one ever has shown what the ASS looks like. (aside from a picture of Kenny in some mugshot book)
BTW, he's got a really nice LONG rap sheet (and before you ask...YES, he is black) with a LOT of controlled substance dealing as well as traffic violations out the ass (along with those grams of coke...lol)
And he currently lists his address as 405. E. Creighton Av.
His middle name is listed as KENNEDY (hence the "Kenny")
OMG...they caught KENNY...you BASTARDS!
*** Item - New charter school hits snag.
Here's the story:
Now the school is named after Justice Thurgood Marshall...a nice thing.
BUT, the "theme" of the school is...(...wait for it...)...
(who knew?)
This is very disturbing, when you think about it.
Social justice was something that Karl Marx really climbed in bed with...and caused millions to die as a result of communism.
But don't just take my word on it...check these links out that tell the TRUTH about "social justice"...like THIS wonderful article by (one of my favorite people) Walter Williams:
Or this one:
(lengthy, but definitely worth the read)
On how about THIS one:
And finally, THIS one:
That should get every one of you back on track if you thought that social justice was a "good" thing...because it isn't.
*** Lastly today, according to the Chinese calendar, we are now officially in the YEAR OF THE DRAGON.
I was born in such a year (1952) and the traits are explained thus: Innovative, Enterprising, Flexible, Self-assured, Brave, Passionate, Conceited, Tactless, Scrutinizing, Unanticipated, Quick-tempered. (sounds about right...lol)
And wow, do we have our share of "Dragons" out there!
Julianne Hough
Ryan Reynolds, Alicia Silverstone, Reese Witherspoon, Colin Ferrell, Soleil Moon Frye,
Nick Cage, Sandra Bullock, Rob Lowe, Keanu Reeves, Russell Crowe, Marisa Tomei, Famke Janssen, Patrick Warburton, Joss Whedon, Teri Hatcher, David Spade, Melissa Gilbert, French Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Christopher Judge, Blair Underwood, Robert Duncan McNeill, Adam Carolla, Ned Vaughn, Greg Gutfeld, Bobby Labonte
Liam Neeson, Jeff Goldblum, John Goodman, Mickey Rourke, Steven Segall, Stephen Lange, Mandy Patinkin, Patrick Swayze, Jenny Agutter, Mary McDonnell, Dan Ackroyd, Terry O'Quinn, Christopher Reeve, Mr. T, Michael Dorn, Chuck Lorre, Michael Jeter, Jonathan Frakes, Annie Potts, CCH Pounder, Annette O'Toole, Graham Greene, Alfre Woodard, Edward Zwick, Marilu Henner, Harry Anderson, Clive Barker
Al Pacino, John Hurt, Chuck Norris, Patrick Stewart, Martin Sheen, James Caan, Bruce Lee, Raquel Welch, George Romero, Rene Auberjonois, Ed Lauter, Burt Young, Sam Waterston, Nancy Sinatra, Alex Trebek
(and those are but SOME of the notable people born in such years - there are literally THOUSANDS more)
So, I think I'm in pretty good "company"...
Happy "New Year"...again.
(break out the bubbly...and the egg rolls...lol)
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Thankfully I'm old enough to remember that "social justice" is a "red flag " word. Where's McCarthy when you need him?

Bob G. said...


I'm with 'ya there regarding McCarthy.
I don't look at him as a loon (as he's often portrayed)...just WAY ahead of his time.

Maybe we don't have communists under EVERY rock, but you have to admit that these days...we got a LOT more rocks to look under.

Yes, we COULD use him today.

Hey, thanks much for stopping by here today and comemnting.

You stay safe & warm up there.
(and don't fall asleep while cooking...lol)

Disgusted said...

Bob, you're right about Damion L. Jackson. How did he get hired? You would think think Work One, ran by FWCS School Board Member Steve Corona and assisted by your 6th District Councilman Glynn Hines, would care about who they let around the FWCS students. Maybe they don't have high standards.

Also I had heard that Clifford "Kenny" White is the brother of Memorial Park Assistant Principle Shadwaynn Curry,aka Mikki White, the one who was arrested on the MJ dealing charges. Their brother is Voices of Unity Director Marshall White. I wonder why Tracy Warner never reported this? Clifford White has one hell of a rap sheet. Guess I'll have to see if he did any time at the IDOC.

Bob G. said...

Thanks for what you said about Damion Jackson.

I don't think it's a question of him falling through the cracks...I feel the "cracks" are made too damn large to do anything BUT fall through them, thenks to such contrivances as "affirmative action"...people look the other way in the name of diversity.
Yeah, how's that working for everyone?

You know...it's SO odd you said that about Kenny.
He looked SO damn familiar (the eyes, especially) and I, for the life of me could NOT place him.

But it makes sense to me NOW...good call on that.

Seems that whole family is "firmly entrenched" with their OWN "good old boy" network.
Tell you ONE thing - this city could use some GOOD investigative journalists...!
(even Kevin Leininger can only do SO much).

Can you imagine the levels of crap they'd find here?

Dunno about IDOC, though...bet he slipped through THAT one.
I only found Allen County "addresses" for him (lockup).

Thanks so much for rolling on up today and bringing more TRUTH to light.
Always welcome & appreciated.

Stay safe out there.

Disgusted said...

Kenny and his wife live on the NE corner of Lafayette and Creighton. It looks like it's just south of the tobacco place. The three of them are the children of the late Rev. Jesse White. I guess you could say that Kenny's dope "wos da' real shit".

Bob G. said...

ROFLMAO...but does that kinda shit "float"?
(I'm betting not)

Thanks for the info...AND the laugh!

Stay safe.

Disgusted said...

Oops, made a mistake about the three Whites. Marshall White was the son of Rev. Jesse White. Mikki and Clifford Kenny White are the children of Rev. Clifford and Carolyn White. Carolyn White is or was a long time FWCS high school French/Spanish teacher. Hmmm, is that how Mikki got her job as Vice Principle at Memorial Park? She did spend at least a year teaching at Fairfield after her gig as Prince's backup singer. Hmmm, here's another interesting tidbit. Derek Curry's, Mikki White's dope dealing husband, five time baby momma is a teachers aide at Fairfield. Talk about a culture of corruption.

Bob G. said...

S'OK about the slip...it happens.
And yes...QUITE the culture of corruption..,.makes me wonder WHY the "media" isn't on this like you-know-what on what?

Inquiring minds WANT (read need) to know.

Thanks for the update.

Saty safe out there.