09 January 2012

Monday Musings...
I don't know how YOUR weekend was, but ours down here in the ghettohood was another one of those marvelously typical ones.
That's not to say we had anything REALLY bad go down...just the usual amount of asshattery, numbnuttery, and idiocracy.
Fortunately, none of that hits us all at once.
*** The weekend began harmlessly enough, with Wifey doing what she does best on Fridays...COOK.
That's right friends, yours truly gets a day off from those Gordon Ramsey culinary chores (NOT cussing is always optional).
Now whenever Mrs. Bobby G. cooks, it usually involves some place that has carry out...OR, she'll phone in the order. either way works for me...LOL.
SO, she decides that since we haven't had GYROS in a couple months, she'd swing past the place on S. Anthony Blvd. (across from where the old firehouse used to be) next to the Taco Bell there and snag us two dinners.
Imagine my surprise when she arrived home with McD's under her arm, and a rather forlorn look on her brow.
She told me that King Gyros wasn't there any longer.
I asked her: "What did they put in its place...another CHICKEN or RIB joint?"
She said: "You don't understand...the place is GONE, as in removed from this plane of existence...there is NO building there anymore."
Now, that backed ME up a few paces, as she continued...
"The Taco Bell is gone too...it's like the empty site downtown near Parkview Field...all plowed under".
ALLllllllllrighty, then...seems the (...all together, gang...) SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne has lost even MORE jobs and businesses...I think we're OVER ONE HUNDRED in the past decade, with little if anything to replace ALL of these MIAs.
So, we chowed down on McD's, which also bothered Wifey, because she ALWAYS gets a PLAIN hamburger...just meat on a bun...simple, huh?
Apparently, the Rhodes scholars they have working at the one nearest US don't KNOW what a "plain" hamburger was, and gave her a "hamburger" the way they prep it for the standard menu...pickle, mustard, onions and ketchup...to THEM, that IS plain (dumbasses).
Believe it or not, a PLAIN hamburger is a "special order"...a NAKED chunk of beef patty on a bun is "complex", as opposed to the standard fare.
Go figure.
Yes, cooking CAN be laced with problems...whether it's in YOUR kitchen, or trying to get the most easy order on the planet from a fast food joint.
Almost reminded me of Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces w/ that chicken salad sandwich...lol.
Dinner was served...and that was only the beginning...
Saturday presented the usual morons speeding through the area (what? no police around to catch them?), folks parking against the flow of traffic, and of course, boomcars.
*** What happened around 0140 hrs the following morning was the "fun part".
I was nodding in the middle of some show (actually fell asleep with the TV on), and was startled by THREE (count 'em 3) GUNSHOTS, and they were pretty damn close by.
I immediately got up, pistol in hand, and began a quiet assessment of the neighborhood by looking carefully out our windows (the lights were already all off). I saw no one outside, nor was there any cars passing by, but those shots sounded like they came from the next corner up (about a hundred or so feet away). I even went out to the garage and checked it out for bullet holes. Could not see any evident of damage (thank God).
I came in and fired up the scanner to hear if anyone called a signal 113 (shots fired) into dispatch, and to perform an impromtu experiemnt..
After a HALF HOUR, NOT ONE damn call went out, and my little "experiment" seemed to go AS thought.
That's just A-F$CKING-MAZING!
You're probably wondering WHY *I* didn't call it in...well, that's my experiment...a societal exercise in DESENSITIZATION.
And everyone in my area PASSED (with flying colors).
They are (all, pretty much) TRULY desensitized, which speaks volumes to the state of affairs in certain communities not only in Fort Wayne, but those all across this nation.
I also noticed that NOT ONE DAMN POLICE CAR was in the area to HEAR the shots, otherwise, I'd see a cruiser roll through, right?
Now, to me, it's simple "math" :
NO citizen concern, + NO patrolling police = PROBLEMS! (out the ass).
I'll tell you, a sociology or psychology major could have a FIELD DAY down here with research for a paper on aberrant behavior and so-called cultural "norms".
But, I digress, being a bit sleep-deprived as all normal folks tend to be down here most of the time.
*** There is always something going on, rest assured of that much.
Like THIS tidbit from the news:
Yes, aside from all the other police activity, there is a stabbing.
The radio had officers wondering if the victim ran into a house nearby, then ran back outside where he fell.
There are no suspects yet, but given the number of "domestics" we have around here, it would not surprise me if there is a relationship that has not been forthcoming. People tend to not be as COOPERATIVE with law-enforcement down here,...UNTIL it affects THEM directly... THEN, they piss and moan AT the police for not doing ENOUGH.
(hell I can do that myself, especially after those gunshots with no intervention by the FWPD, unless I would have called it the hell in!)
Again, my "experiment" bears out some interesting facts.
And sometimes, you have to be objective about such things, and if that means you refrain from notifying police (so someone ELSE can "have a turn"), then so be it. You just don't make a habit of it...for (your) safety's sake.
But know that THIS incident with the shots fired WILL NOT be marked down on the "attaboy" list in MY tally book.
Consider it more of an "oh, sh*t" moment (for the FWPD).
The command staff REALLY needs to pay ATTENTION down here.
*** Next up, a Saturday morning visit from those wonderful Jehovah''s Witnesses.
(at least THEY weren't shooting off guns indiscriminately).
Got to jaw-jack with them on the front step for a spell...nice mixed race couple, really beautiful NORMAL people (well, as normal as JWs can be...lol)
I'm not into the whole JW gig, but I AM into the CHRISTIAN realm...been so for a long while.
Anywho, I got my free copies of AWAKE and THE WATCHTOWER for the year...lol.
Hey, I have to give these kids CREDIT for venturing into a "lion's den" down here in the ghettohood.
THAT type of commitment and dedication isn't for everyone when it comes to preaching the Word, especially with ALL the "heathens" around us.
(calling the locals that is actually doing a disservice to EVERY heathen, everywhere...these creatures are WORSE)
*** All of our decorations are now put away for about 340 days, when we dig them BACK OUT and put them all up again.
You know, when you mention it THAT way, it does bring the holidays a bit CLOSER...LOL!
The house is back to being "everyday" once again, and I kinda miss it all (not putting it up or taking it down though...THAT I can wait for)
The people across the street put their tree out right AFTER Christmas, and the high winds blew it onto OUR property (where I went out, picked it up and hoofed it back OVER onto THEIR property...where' it's been sitting ever since...lazy-asses)
Guess there's no Hispanic phrase for "take your damn tree to a recycle area or cut it up for proper disposal, you ESL (English as a SECOND language) dropout!"
Don'cha just LOVE "diversity" as it's defined THESE days?
Diversity means there are more ways to practice STUPIDITY and APATHY than you can shake your 40 oz or burrito at, right?
And to think that all of US are paying for such niceties in our neighborhoods...man, I love progress like THIS!
*** Lastly today, some members of our very own black community held a candlelight service yesterday for those victims of shootings.
Here's the story link:
Now, while I APPLAUD such a noble gesture, I do so with a few caveats.
Some of the victims of shootings (just last year) were those who CHOSE to get involved with the "wrong people", so let's make that fact abundantly clear from the get-go. And as we all know, BAD choices often lead to BAD outcomes.
This service was sponsored by the Brady Campaign to prevent Gun Violence (naturally).
(surprised Helmke wasn't there, that fop)
What is to be readily noticed is that NONE of the so-called Black Community LEADERS were there..!?!
The only "name" there was the head of the local NAACP (one Paulette Nellems).
"We just ask the community to stop the violence", she said.
All well and good, but you cannot solve ANY problem without addressing the CAUSES of those problems.
Nothing said about the BLACK community (which is the basis for a LARGE MAJORITY of the shootings in this city). White shooting are a lot less prevalent (the Lima Rd homicide/suicide late last year being one of those anomalies). Hispanic shootings are on the rise (as is the population itself), and it won't be long before even the Burmese figure out how to illegally get firearms (they like bladed weapons for the time being).
Hell, we already have BOSNIANS in gangs (goon squad) in the city, and it would not be wrong to suspect that close to TWENTY (known) gangs are "represented" JUST in Fort Wayne. Over FORTY gangs have members in the state of Indiana, and that covers ALL races.
What we need to take from this candlelight service, is that the LAW-ABIDING public can often be an ally as well as law-enforcement.
And a greater PRESENCE BY LAW-ENFORCEMENT at ALL hours in certain areas is to be pursued if ANY change is to be enacted for the better.
But most of all, it takes those WITHIN a specific "community" to belabor THEIR point of stopping ANY type of violence to THEIR LEADERS.
They need to get in THEIR face, and stand on THEIR neck, and hold THEM ALL responsible for the inaction that has led to so many lives being snuffed the hell out.
And if that means a change in BEHAVIOR...become a BETTER person than you were the previous day...not louder...not ignorant...not arrogant...BETTER, then by God, stop TALKING about it, and get to work DOING it!
Start claiming personal responsibility, instead of "passing the buck", because that hasn't been working all too well in those communities (or anywhere else).
Then, you won't be needing to hold vigils, or candlelight services, but rather hold ceremonies to acknowledge those OUTSTANDING people in the community...ones that we can ALL be proud to live among.
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

"When you know better, do better." Maya Angelou
I guess what is so obvious to us is not to others. It must be too hard for them to get a clear perspective when they are in the thick of it and it is all they know. I hope you and Mrs. G stay safe up there.. That sounds too close for comfort to me.

Slamdunk said...

Sad that your neighborhood no longer even cares about random gunshots. A true passing of the torch.

I did laugh about your poor wife's bad McDonald's experience. I wrote a post last year about the challenge of getting a happy meal for our youngest with no burger--just cheese on bread. It can get real confusing.

Bob G. said...

EXACTLY...you NAILED it with that quote!

This is NOT rocket science...it's plain old COMMON SENSE, but too many around here don't HAVE the sense they were even BORN with.

While I AM concerned for us, it would be wise for all the idiots to remember that bullets can fly BOTH ways.

No wonder why WE never have people stop over...LOL.

Blame the CITY...they ALLOWED this to happen and didn't bat an eye in the process.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to stop on by today and comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe down there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, we should open up an "APATHY R US" store...only problem is that no one would CARE to either STAFF it...or SHOP at it...LOL.
(but the "locals" would find time to ROB it!)

Yeah, fast food joints can be SO frustrating for the SIMPLEST things...like people FORGET how to do EASY stuff...kinda like a misdirected form of ADHD...?

The REAL challenge is to find another GYRO joint that was AS GOOD as the now missing one.

Thanks a lot for spending some time here this day and sharing your thoughts and comments.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Well, Robert...
First of all, you have to go to your neighborhood McDs often enough to train them in what it is you're asking for. Perhaps repeating the request with a "I'm allergic to pickles and if I get one I will sue this shop and the next two jobs you get until you resign yourself to poverty" or somesuch will aid in their memory retention.

Second, The shots were pro'lly just some poor unfortunate who woke up thinking it was NYE again.

Third- "We just ask the community to stop the violence"- That is the kind of forcefull positive message we've come to expect from minority community leaders. A good reason why so much progress has been made.

Fourth, your security word is "kelte" I almost thought I'd stumbled on to a Jehl website!

Bob G. said...

LOL...excellent points made all around.

I think if I tried to "jump the counter (not to be confued with jumping the shark), the store manager might take offense and have ME arrested for "properly intructing employees on CORRECT order taking".

I LOVE your THIRD point most of all...how VERY true that's been over time, hmm?

Thanks for stopping by and putting a smile on this old face today.

Stay safe up there.