03 January 2012

A Taste of Winter Weather...
Yes, friends, you can tell that winter IS in the air...and that global warming has taken a holiday (probably to the Caribbean, or perhaps even Australia), as we here in Fort Wayne received our first significant snowfall of this year (the one late last year was just a "trial run").
Although we only got a dusting down here at the "Fortress of Reason" (nestled in the crotch of the Ghettoland Abusement Park and Discount House of Pharmaceuticals), points north and west of the city received up to SIX (count 'em...6) inches of the flaky white stuff.
And naturally, drivers thought it still OK to drive like it was a normal day...and quickly found out how WRONG they were.
Slide-offs, spin outs, and fender benders along roads and highways farther north kept traffic moving at a more "respectable" pace, and officers were kept busy.
With road traffic at the usual volume, it's unlikely we'll see any plowing, but I would wager that salt crews might have rolled to cover the overpasses north and west...just as a precaution (I know I would do that).
We DO have this "gypsy" plow that comes over OUR alley, damn near waking the dead around 0630. Don't know where he lives at, but I have a good idea. This guy plows whatever snow across the street onto the entrance of the NEXT block's alley....how STUPID is that?
Love to see the police nail this guy for something (like maybe tearing up the gravel in OUR alley, which it sounds like he's doing).
There was barely ONE STINKING INCH OF SNOW, and this jerk is PLOWING???
It's getting so we can almost find at least ONE "WTF???" moment per day around here...and I'm not EVEN trying hard...LOL!
Anyway, with THAT (hopefully) behind us, let's see what ELSE in happening out and about, hmm?
*** Well, THAT didn't take long to happen, did it?
The FIRST homicide of the new year has occurred in Allen County (Huntertown to be exact)...it's "official", now.
Here's the link to the story:
Let me ask this: Is ANY argument worth the type of escalation that results in gunplay...on New Year's Day?
The end was a homicide and suicide.
Now, I'll be the first to tell you that around my ghettohood, there are a LOT of people that DESERVE to be shot (at least once, especially the LOUDASSES), because of the arrogance and disrespect they employ on a daily basis...
This situation in Huntertown seems like another "domestic", and those can get real serious real fast...emotions run high.
I know I never cease to be amazed at people that feel the "need" to wail the snot out of one another on a regular basis, at any time of day.
But my folks had a simple remedy for that:
They never went to bed angry at one another...and THAT worked!
*** The memorial service for Aliahna Lemmon...
Here's the *4-1-1* on this continuing story:
And here's her obit:
As hard as it is to see an older (and loved) person pass, it's even MORE so with a child.
If you have ever seen the Lord Of the Rings trilogy, there is a quote that comes to mind:
"No parent should have to bury their child" - (Theoden, King of Rohan to Gandalf on the passing of his son, Theodred)
Art does imitate life, even in times such as these.
And so, we but turn another page...
*** More of a "Nanny State"?
Hopefully THIS will not be coming HERE anytime soon...or maybe it will....
This story has to do with EATING WHILE DRIVING.
Here's the link (with video):
I find this both hilarious AND disturbing at the same time.
Now, I admit to eating behind the wheel...just never in MY car or the Wifeymobile WHILE EITHER IS IN MOTION.
Face it, you've got plenty of distractions as it is, and like Dad ALWAYS said:
"You should treat driving as your SECOND job, son."
And by God, he was right (as usual...now I know where I get that from...lol)
Multi-tasking might be find and dandy for AT HOME...in front of your 'puter..but NOT when you're behind the wheel of a ton and a half (or more) of rolling metal, rubber, plastic and other assorted parts.
Besides, ever drop a glob of Arby sauce (or worse yet...HOT COFFEE) in your LAP while motoring?
NOT the best way to keep your focus ON THE DAMN ROAD...is it?
I know I dropped a lit cigar between my legs ONCE...and ONLY once.
Ever try to drive a car while attempting to STAND UP...in a HARDTOP (while removing the offensive and rather HOT cigar from the seat)?
Tell 'ya right now...it AIN'T EASY, folks!
Luckily I was in a parking lot, and far enough from the stores to NOT hit anyone or anything.
Lesson learned THERE.
Think about it...if this were a few thousand years ago, what self-respecting charioteer would be munching on some grapes while driving said chariot along the Appian Way, hmm?
Or what helmsman on a trade caravel would be gnawing on some salt pork while navigating the Cape of Good Hope (which was one of the most treacherous passages in those days)?
You're not just a DRIVER of your vehicle...you're the "Master and Commander" of it, as it were (even if you don't look or dress like Russell Crowe).
You are the CAPTAIN of that vehicle, and as such, are RESPONSIBLE for it's movement along whatever street, road or highway you have chosen.
Thing is, too many folks treat it all way too lightly, as they do a LOT of life.
And that can cause problems...for themselves and to others.
If you really NEED to eat and drive, pull the hell OVER...ditto for phones, makeup, shavers, reading the newspapers...whatever.
Cripes, we have enough issues with DRUNK (or otherwise impaired) drivers, don't we?
Do we honestly need to ADD to that problem?
I would hope not.
So, an ounce of prevention WILL be worth a pound of cure here...trust me.
*** Lastly today, I watched a portion of the first City Council meeting last evening, and I was impressed by near everyone now on council, as far as their goals go. Naturally, Glynn Hines (our councilperson in the 6th district aka the ghettohood) is an empty suit in my eyes.
Sure, he wants to see the (...all together, gang...) SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne prosper.
Hell, I want to see it prosper, but not in the way it's been pursued since he took over...hasn't gotten one bit better since 1999.
It's gotten WORSE, and rarely any outcry as to HOW it got this way and how to fix it.
What HAS really changed since...say, 1999 down here anyway?
Well, for one thing, LOTS of white homeowners have "shipped out"...plain and simple.
I know that ALL but two of our formers neighbors just moved away, because they couldn't take it any longer - the way this neighborhood was turning into a ghettohood.
And I can appreciate their views...trying to KEEP a neighborhood from slipping into the ten levels of hell takes someone not willing to take any crap from the transient refuse that will soon be moving into the area.
You don't "give up" simply because someone else WANTS you to (and wants your property to add to the slumdom of the area).
The other two neighbors passed away, turning the houses either vacant or available for "rent", and we all know what THAT means these days.
But that's a small part of the REAL problem.
When human refuse moves into one house...just ONE, it can affect an ENTIRE BLOCK...(and usually does).
I've seen it firsthand.
And such people bring all their "baggage" with them...typically criminal in nature.
It's not long before local businesses are targeted, robbed, and eventually LEAVE the area.
Now, we've not only got bad people in once nice houses, we've got retail gaps out the ass...nowhere to shop (and plenty of that).
The police begin to turn MORE resources into the area to stem the rising tide of crime...
But, racial allegations soon are levelled at the department, along with frivolous lawsuits for profiling and the like, and that can cause them to back off.
Patrols become fewer, and only for immediate responses for emergencies.
Crime become unpreventable, and the police become relegated to investigatory matters.
None of the houses in the area are "owned" by any sort of REALTOR, but by private persons (slumlords), and no one moving into these rapidly-dilapidated hovels is vetted to ANY extent, so the criminal element grows exponentially.
NOW...you've got a full-blown GHETTO on your hands, and woe to those few "holdouts" that still live among the human excrement that prowls the streets to all hours, looking to serve themselves and find ways to pay for their drug habits.
They can't find too many regular people to commit crime against, so they begin preying on ONE ANOTHER.
And that actually makes the city breathe a sigh of relief...let them kill ONE ANOTHER.
Thing is, the city has LOST all that tax revenue by allowing such things to happen, so they ANNEX surrounding areas, in the hope of shoring UP that tax base. And that ghetto keeps on GROWING...taking MORE tax money from the city coffers (because none of the "new" residents don't do a damn thing productive like WORK...or pay taxes...they live off of YOU instead...and the city.)
And that is how you ruin a part of a city...all it takes is COMMITMENT...and about a dozen or so years.
Nice, huh?
The COSTS to Fort Wayne are becoming immeasurable, and perhaps some day, someone behind some big-ass desk downtown will figure this out, and do something to change it..
And all THAT would take...is the SAME level of commitment, wouldn't it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Anonymous said...

We've been getting a taste of winter here too. Not much in the way of snow, but bitter cold. It's barely January, and I'm already jonesing for summer.

Diane said...

the state of Kommiefornia =- tuning your radio? What's next? remove all passengers? Can't drive with your kids, they might distract you (I was backing up, girls were fighting, and I backed into a pole & left a nice dent in my back bumper on my truck - right over the "al gore is a pain in my gas" bumper sticker)

Actually, the accident that started all this, it was already illegal for the guy to be texting, and the bus driver was also at fault)

This is an interesting article: http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/ntsb-misled-public-on-cellphone-toll/

I guess I am just really fed up wiht the nanny-state.

Although on driving, dad pounded it in that you always drive defensively, and I guess its second nature to me.

At least you got some snow. I am not expecting any flurries this year, the coldest we have gotten to so far is only 33f.

I remember shoveling lots of snow, and having to shovel out the driveway, because the plow that went down the road threw up a couple feet of snow behind the cars, making it unable to back out.

Hope you had a good Christmas & New Years!

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I hear 'ya there, man!

What is it with this whole getting older and hating winter thing, anyway?
I've been in some PRETTY COLD situations when I was younger, and I remember my ability to stave off the effects to be a LOT better.

Make me wonder long & hard about those that "retire" to AZ or FL (both hotbeds of CRIME as well).

We can't seem to win, can we?

Hey, thanks fof stopping on by today and commenting.

Here's to a better year THIS year, right?

Stay safe (and warm) out there.

Bob G. said...

Happy New Year, dear.

Yeah, "Kommiefornia" (LOL, as you call it - nice one) IS in a world of hurt for NORMAL people.

I have friends living there, and this must be HELL-ON-EARTH for them.
(and they're REALLY good folks)

Dad always impressed upon me that HOW you drive is JUST as important as HOW well you perfrom your job...and if that means watching out for the other guy...works for me.
Being a CAUTIOUS driver is always JOB-ONE with me...even if I'm all by myself.

And once learned the right way...you NEVER forget it.

I still like the snow (it quiets down the local idiots), but shoveling hurts more than I recall...must be getting too old too soon...LOL.

Walking through snow-covered woods with a light downfall is beautiful and SO damn serene. I miss that.

I would love to see those that plow US in get their just desserts a few times...maybe they wouldn't run down the streets SO fast, and toss all that snow BACK onto our freshly shoveled sidewalks...just a thought.

The holidays were kind to us, thankfully, and we look forward to a better year this year (unless the MAYANS are right...lol).

Thanks so much for spending some time here today and commenting.
Always appreciated.

Stay safe down there.