14 February 2012

It's St. Valentine's Day...
(hold the massacre)
Yes friends, LOVE is in the air (and SNOW is on our ground in the Heartland) today.
At least the schools had the sense to enact a 2-hour delay this morning. There is several inches (that I was out shoveling before 0530).
So, if you want the skinny on the history behind this day, here's a WIKI for 'ya:
And YES, there (traditionally) is a SAINT before the VALENTINE'S DAY, so that should piss off all the atheists and the administration in D.C. that wants to inhibit the fact that we are a JUDEO-CHRISTIAN nation to no small end...lol.
(sorry, Mohammed...you don't "make the cut")
*** Today is also the anniversary of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1929).
And if I know my bloggers, I'd bet that JOHN D. over at HIS blog (NOBODY MOVE! - link at left) will have a post about it, so take a click on over and check it out.
*** Now when it comes to actually celebrating this day, I tend to shy away, and it's not because of a lack of love...
I prefer to do flowers or chocolate or dinner (whatever) on days that Wifey might not expect it, and that could be any day at all.
Things can be more "fun" when you don't see it coming (the same can be said for ambushes or head smacks).
Still, I did get the Missus some things that are in transit and won't make it here TODAY, and I also don't worry about her finding out, because I already told her...LOL.
Sometimes, spontaneity trumps conventionality.
With that said, let's see what ELSE has been going on by taking a peek into some of Fort Wayne's left-leaning media sources, hmm?
(more about that later on)
*** Now then, what happens when you have a 39-year old man living at home with his parents, has emotional issues, AND has access to firearms?
Well, you have a STAND-OFF situation, naturally.
Here's the story link:
I was following this on the radio, and it's a nice neighborhood (seriously)..as well as being a CUL-DE-SAC.
(that can present problems to officers on scene)
I know that the city's SWAT team dusted off the trusty V-150 Commando armored car, and rolled that bear to the area, and at least ONE police sniper had taken up a position (they were asking around for second), but their main concern was the FOV (field of vision) from the house that didn't allow for much cover for the officers.
And maybe that's why there were so many FWPD vehicles there..."circling the wagons" as it were. Sure looked that way.
Neighboring houses were evacuated, and after a 2-hour standoff, negotiators were able to coax the man from the residence without incident.
The man is currently a guest of the local hospital, undergoing psych evals.
*** Another situation arose, stemming from a conviction that had police very wary as well.
Here's the link:
The radio had one officer cautioning another to "watch his six" with the family of the deceased woman, because there WAS a mention of a gun and that someone "would take care of it themselves".
That's the way these people shake...there are numerous videos of people being beat up right OUTSIDE of courthouses when they don't agree with a specific verdict.
Hell, these animals will break into fights IN the damn courtroom itself...
(and we already know HOW they behave in fast food joints and public transportation, don't we?)
Considering the charges (rape and murder) against this perp were "bargained" down to involuntary manslaughter, with a sentence of only EIGHT years (out in four, no doubt), I suppose I can relate the family's angst...
BUT (other shoe dropping time), there was a significant amount of COCAINE found in the vic's body, rendering a murder inconclusive.
So, NO ONE'S hands are "clean" on this one, and yet someone still wants that "pound of flesh"...amazing.
*** Fort Wayne was recently touted as the nation's FIFTH safest city on ONE list...(see last week's posts)...big fat, hairy deal.
I looked into close to FIVE other similar lists, and Fort Wayne didn't appear on ANY of those...
BUT (gimme that other shoe again) Fort Wayne (actually the entire state of Indiana) does appear on one list that it should not be proud of.
We (Indiana, including Ft. Wayne) are THIRD on the list of states (across the USA) with the highest robbery rates for PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.
How about that?
Here's a related story link:
You need Opana? Seems like "we" are the place to shop.
Given the recent spate of robberies JUST in Ft. Wayne (Walgreens mainly), it would seem to bear that new list out.
This past Saturday, around 1730 hrs, the Walgreens close to us at Southgate Plaza (200-300 block of E. Pettit Ave.) was ROBBED, and yet NO mention of it anywhere in the media, save for WFFT news...wonder why that is?
Damn shame it wasn't around 0900...I might have been able to "intervene" (...Bob-style...).
Maybe next time?
Hey, it's not like I go looking for this stuff, I just want to practice my VOA (violence-of-action) on some deserving would-be perp.
Must be all this pent-up anger I have over the state of our neighborhood and the lack of action to change it for the better.
(yeah, that's gotta be it)
*** Lastly today, most of the media sources in Fort Wayne happen to lean, and perhaps even more the the Tower of Pisa.
The least liberal source (imho) would have to be the News-Sentinel, followed by local station WFFT, and then perhaps WPTA and WISE.
The most left-leaning sources (unfortunately) seem to be WANE and the Journal-Gazette, and that's a shame.
The reporting of the national scene is typical of the lame-stream media, but LOCAL news (aside from politics, naturally) is a bit more middle of the road, thankfully.
Now, you have to understand the background for such reasoning, and it's real simple.
A group called Media Matters is at the helm of all things uber-liberal (and they also love to do personal attacks - talk about going OFF-TOPIC..sheesh)
This group happens to love leftists, and basically feed the drive-by media all the "dirt" about everyone and anyone EXCEPT anyone on the LEFT.
(imagine that)
And there are TWO columnists that Media Matters loves...namely Eugene Robinson and E.J. Dionne.
Now, if you want leftist propaganda at it's finest (or would that be worst?), read these guys.
And guess WHICH Ft. Wayne paper these bosom buddies are featured in almost every single day?
(you guessed it)...the Journal Gazette.
To some of us, this comes as no shock, while to others, hopefully it will be an epiphany.
And, if I remember correctly, Media Matters has the backing of one George Soros (that spooky dude that loves to collapse economies around the world, and an avowed one-world government kinda guy).
So, there is a center to this shrubbery maze...all YOU have to do is look long and hard enough to FIND it.
I certainly would not begrudge ANY news source from presenting ALL the facts and BOTH sides to a story or opinion for that matter.
That is how I become informed...viewing as many sources and points of view as are available.
That is how anyone makes better choices, and learns the truth.
But, if you much prefer propaganda that would make Goebbels blush (some days), then only read ONE side...and say nothing else.
I would prefer that the media in Fort Wayne would dare to be "different", and provide columns from a few conservatives, as a breath of fresh air from the libtard hype. I know whenever I see Robinson OR Dionne, I just keep turning the page, because THEIR "opinion" will ONLY be another attack on anyone else who believes DIFFERENT from their particular brand of hackneyed leftist rhetoric.
(I'm BORED with it, already, got it?)
And that is why on the sidebar column of this blog entitled "the pros", you will find mostly all right-leaning or moderate "persons of interest" that make VALID points, call everyone to task when warranted, and will provide REAL insight regarding this nation, where we might be headed and why, and how to get us back on track as a country our Founders would be proud of once again.
Besides, there are ALWAYS TWO SIDES to every story, and KNOWLEDGE is still power, kapeesh?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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