02 February 2012

It's THAT Time Of Year.Again...
If you check your calendar, you will notice that today is GROUNDHOG DAY.
Now, considering this is a LEAP year, it might or might not figure into the little guy's prediction.
But remember that ALL those damn SPOT LIGHTS shining on his little furry butt tends to screw up his "skills" as far as prognostication go.
When you poke your head of YOUR bedroom, and see enough brilliance to make you think you woke up on the dark side of the SUN (which doesn't really have a dark side...LOL), you tend to get a bit cranky.
Add to that some older guy with a top hat and white gloves grabbing you around your gut and dragging you from that nice comfy bed, and it's little wonder that things can get confused when predicting the seasons.
I know that would cheese me off to NO end...I'd haul off and bite that mook!
Yeah, he'd think TWICE next year...
*** For the past 126 years, people have gathered at Gobbler's Knob, PA to watch Punxsutawney Phil (and his descendants, obviously) give us "his" prediction as to whether we'll have SIX more weeks of Winter...OR have an early Spring.
This year, Phil saw his shadow, and that means six more weeks of Winter.
Truth be told, with ALL the people there, he probably saw several THOUSAND shadows, so we might enter another ICE AGE...LOL
I'm just sayin'...
*** This little item is getting some much needed press here in NE Indiana, and with good reason.
Here's the link to the story:
Seems the bureaucrats in D. C.'s DoD are deciding how "best" to make cuts to our military.
Constitutionally-speaking (as well as personally), I find this an affront to this nation.
One of the FIRST mandates OF our government is to "...provide for the common DEFENSE".
Can't do that when you're downsizing the military to such a degree, can you?
(look at what happened in Russia - rusting hardware all over the place)
The 122nd Fighter Group (Blacksnakes), based in here in Ft. Wayne MIGHT be on the chopping block (again).
It seemed only a few years back they were consolidated with Grissom AFB and received some of their F-16s in the merge.
Having recently switched the aircraft over to A-10s hasn't caused any misstep by the people here.
The money this base pumps into the local economy is nothing to sneeze at, either....we're talking close to $60 MILLION bucks.
But, those in power seem bent on screwing with our military...hopefully, it won't come down to that.
I'd hate to think of the alternatives... (yikes!!!)

*** And while we're talking about our TROOPS...there's THIS:
The article says that the V.A. has frozen plans for housing homeless VETS...
(yeah, go ahead and say it...)
I said for years, that of the over 400 VACANT houses in Ft. Wayne, MANY of them could be rehabbed for a lot less than NEW housing, and still accommodate those vets in need...might even chase out the criminal element.
And I'd MUCH rather have a bunch of VETS living around us than criminals...ANY day.
THOSE troopers can shoot, and I could use the "backup"...lol!
Again, we see something this nation NEEDS being tossed to the curb.
*** And then, there's this:
Imagine you're riding your bike home from work, and come across something along Towpath Trail in Ft. Wayne.
Something like...TEN "one-pot" meth labs tossed by the roadside in the grass...!
Nah, we don't have a drug problem here...we have a MAJOR drug problem here.
Here's the story link:
Still, good thing crime is going DOWN, right? (he said sarcastically)
*** But is THAT isn't enough...let's try THIS:
This story takes place in the NORTH end of the city (for a change) and speaks about THREE kids home alone with DRUGS at the residence.
Christopher Deron Hatch, 33, of 6816 Mimosa Lane (near Cook Rd) has been charged BEFORE (and done time) for drug possession (big surprise THERE, hmm?), and is again charged with maintaining a common nuisance, possession, and neglect of a dependant.
Jennifer Dell Ley, 31, also of the same residence is charged with similar crimes as well as child endangerment.
Renee M. Potter, 39, of the 7100 block of Blackhawk Drive is charged with possession as well as aiding and dealing.
Upstanding citizens all...up standing in front of the camera for that MUG SHOT!
*** Lastly today, taking a bite out of crime works...when you have the "teeth" to do it.
Gumming it doesn't quite cut it these days.
And what we have to realize, is that it's not ONLY the drugs that are the problem...it's the NEGLECT of the children.
These children become "damaged goods" way too early in life, and wind up with the wrong message being taught to them (at home).
Trying to UNDO such a societal clusterf$ck can (and is) a daunting task for whoever has those children, because under these circumstances, they should not be summarily returned to such an abhorrent environment.
Face it, some folks are not mature enough (or even intelligent enough) to properly RAISE children...and they are that way BY CHOICE.
They choose to ignore the responsibilities of life, in lieu of the more "entertaining" aspect of illicit behavior...and drugs (among other things).
The children are always the losers in this "game", make no mistake.
And it's high time to get that changed around.
When you permit people to be on the dole, rather than hold them accountable, THIS is the usual result.
But, when you make the same people uncomfortable in that situation, they will want to leave it.
I didn't say that...it was Ben Franklin...and his word is good enough for me,especially when he's RIGHT.
And that's all that needs to be said.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

I have gotten to where I pay no attention to that groundhog--I just assume it'll be 6 weeks of winter.

The homeless vets, and homelessness for that matter, is a complex issue. I think there is so much diversity in the problem that attempts by government to categorize it in one or two ways and then throw money results in less than wanted results.

I am all for strengthening non-profit agencies to help folks--agencies that can shape their efforts based on local needs rather than Washington minds dictating what will work for everyone.

John D. said...

With all this slashing of the military, it's like the 90s "peace dividend" era all over again. And we all know what that brought us: 9/11. I shudder to think of what's coming down the road at us after this bonehead play on the part of our rulers.

Bob G. said...

Hey, you can never forget "Phil"...lol.

I also think that finding ways to EMPOWER those non-profits, making it a lot easier t6o HELP the vets would go a long way, but, as is often the case, the gov't ALWAYS has to stick their finger in that pie...(up to their SHOULDERS)

Not to mention that starting a business (even a "non-profit"), is becoming more difficult HERE...unless you "know people".
(or move to Taiwan where you can start a business the same WEEK!)

Washington is having major trouble managing the NATION, so I think it's best they BUTT OUT of all the issues about individuals...they did enough damage as it is.

Hey, thanks a lot for stopping on by today to comment (and to see your shadow - that means at least SIX MORE WEEKS of blogging for YOU, buster...lol)

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
There is an old Middle East "proverb" that goes:
"A thousand throats can be cut in ONE night by a running man."

Personally, I would really hate to see "nightfall" when it comes to the defense of AMERICA...
(even IF the government wants a nice "sunset".)

You make a perfect case when your refer to 9/11.
And we can go farther back to the FIRST WTC bombing (1996?) to see what was coming, and what was ignored.
A word to the wise (the USA) should be sufficient!

We should not EVER allow that to happen here on our soil again!

Thanks for taking the time to roll on up here today and comment.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe out there.