09 March 2012

Friday Follies...
We made it, folks....it's the weekend again.
(and some weeks, it never seems to get here soon enough, does it?)
With that said, let's see what's happening out and about.
*** And the grand total is.....(drum roll).....NINETY EIGHT CATS!
This is a followup to the story about the cat hoarder on Elmer St.
Here's the latest link:
Sadly, many of them won't be able to be adopted and have to be euthanized...kinda like all those prisoners on death row...only they get fed, housed, and clothed for YEARS prior to their "demise".
Wish we were all a lot more FAIR when it came to EVERY species on the planet.
*** Who says the USPS doesn't deliver "on time"?
Well, there is ONE man in Huntington who found out the hard way when it comes to inappropriate contraband being sent through the postal service.
Here's the story link:
Yep, those drug-sniffing dogs at the Fort Wayne main facility sure do their job WELL, don't they?
Funny thing, when drugs are sent (at $76 bucks postage, no less) to an address that is basically either a vacant or abandoned dwelling, the right people WILL tend to notice, and make sure the person receiving the package has a nice warm cell to stay in, along with those nice orange coveralls and flip-flops.
*** In a followup story regarding that bar fight that resulted in the 4th homicide here this year (so far), the charges against the man who shot the other combatant behind the bar have been dropped.
Here's the story link:
Seems we have a self-defense issue here, and in such cases, a GUN trumps a FIST...any day.
The shooter, Michael J. Collier was initially charged with murder and aggravated battery Saturday, an yesterday morning, a hearing was held on the preliminary charges, which expired 3 business days after their filing. Collier was free on his own recognizance.
The prosecutor could file formal charges, but does not plan to pursue it at this time, after reviewing the information.
*** And still another SE side house fire after dark...
Here's the story link:
At least in THIS case, the fire doesn't appear to be attributable to cooking and then falling asleep in the middle of doing it.
The attic was where the fire seemed to start (maybe they moved the stove UP THERE?).
In this part of the ghettohood, one can NEVER tell what goes on in the minds of these "locals".
*** Local tax preparer gets an *F* from the BBB...
Here's the story link:
Now this place is located on the SOUTH side of the city, so that alone ought to send up a red flag or two.
And Instant Tax Services has ONLY been in business for TWO years.
Yet, in that short time, this "business" has managed to get the attention of the Better Business Bureau.
Apparently, there were lots of "fees" (some hidden) that customers were not made aware of.
Look, if you can't be UP FRONT with your clients, maybe you shouldn't be in business.
Hell, even the Mafia tells you that much...lol
But sometimes, it's the IRS that can be "at fault".
When I worked for the Treasury Department, we came in right behind that fiasco where the IRS was literally dumping thousands of tax forms in order to me their quota, and get more money from the other FEDS to pad THEIR budget (bosses got bonuses for that as well). Forms were placed above ceiling tiles, and there was a HUGE blowup over that - BIG investigation and lots of people fired and even some promoted out of harm's way, as it were.
The IRS also was prone to "misinformation" when it came to outside preparers.
You could call into the IRS on ANY given day, ask ten "simple" questions about tax preparations, and be assured of getting at LEAST 6 WRONG answers from the person on the phone.
And THAT was supposed to be SOP for them...
H&R Block caught seven types of hell from the Feds when they were prepping tax forms in the mid-80s, and that was pretty much due to the IRS not being forthcoming with ALL the changes in the tax codes for both the previous AND current years.
Forms prepped by them were flying out of our computer systems faster than they were being entered.
Many were even sent (erroneously) to the QRDT (investigatory) division for processing.
Pissed a lot of folks off.
That mess, along with the missing tax forms WAS eventually cleared up and swept under several very LARGE carpets...never to be heard of again.
So, in some cases, it's NOT ALWAYS the fault of the preparer.
But in THIS instance, the lack of truth to the individuals coming in and depending on good service are getting the sh*t end of the damn stick here.
And this company needs to be held accountable...OR closed the hell down.
*** Lastly today, my nephew Erik, the veteran firefighter in VA chatted me up yesterday afternoon...helluva great "kid".
We talked about politics, family life, "The Job", firearms, and a few other things.
He's currently working on his THIRD child (his Wife would like SIX...yowzah!), and I asked him if he "...was working on creating his OWN LADDER COMPANY"...lol!
At least their retirements will be nice...with all the kids chipping in to buy that ISLAND for my nephew and his wife!
Seriously though, he IS a well-read and highly intelligent young (compared to me) man, and has a good career with the DCFD (7 years in, now, and was acting officer for a few months a while back). He's got full EMS training, and is a great father and provider.
His wife's no slouch, either. Besides being a good mom, she works at the FBI in D.C. (can't disclose exact job description, but let's say she gets to "see stuff", and leave it at that, kapeesh?).
So it was a nice afternoon, well spent.
Cripes, I remember playing LEGOS with him in the basement a long time ago (when I was taller than he was)...
Now, he towers over me...LOL
All the time that's passed...kinda makes 'ya smile.
Time can be that way...funny in a sort of odd AND humorous manner.
It can remind us of good things in life through a word, thought, or action, and it can also stare back at us and make us wonder WHERE all that time went. It can provoke the broadest of smiles, or a deluge of tears...sometimes, a little of both.
We look back and think of those times, as well as the time we spent enjoying them.
We look forward, knowing that whatever time is left to us is shorter than the time behind us.
So, we treat every coming day with a little more anticipatory thanks, because, like every person that has come before us, or will follow...not one will live forever, so we make the best of each day we are granted.
Yeah, time is curious beyond comprehension...most times.
And it's this weekend we play with time just a bit, and turn our clocks AHEAD one hour (daylight saving time).
It's only an hour, though (so don't forget Saturday night)...
But think of all those MOMENTS that go into that hour...and how they might best be spent.
Then ponder ALL the moments in your life to date.
And feel free to smile...you earned it.

Do have yourselves a fantastic weekend.

Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay safe out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Nice to see your nephew and wife. Glad you got the time with them. BTW, we ALL tower over you! ;)

I fail to see the "logic" behind "helping " animals like that. Like I don't see the logic in shooting someone "several times" in self defense.

Also, the post last night on solar flares was originally going to be a comment on your blog, but I thought, "Hey! What if..."

On the fence posts: How about blades that would pop straight up, fan out like a helicopter rotor, and spin at high speeds? Maybe releasing shirukens as it spun?

Bob G. said...

Now I know why I like you so darn much...you're a real WISEGUY...LOL.
(and coming from Philly, that's a compliment)

There IS a "logic" when it comes to shooting someone SEVERAL TIMES when defending oneself.
(no one to testify AGAINST you)

Not to mention, if it does come down to YOU or the OTHER GUY...I like to pursue the YOU, and you always shoot to STOP the threat.
(if that results in death for that person, then you HAVE paid attention in shooting classes).

I like the blade idea...now, if only SOLYNDRA was still in business so they provide the solar panels...LMAO!
Maybe Obama can toss a few hundred MILLION my way?
(dream BIG, Bob)

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today and commenting. I look forward to the musical part of my weekend at YOUR blog.

Stay safe up there in Scrappy Hollow.