30 March 2012

Friday Follies...
End to the last week in March, and it looks like this month will be going out "like a lamb" with Sunday temps reaching near 80 degrees (good day to get the lawn cut...however EARLY in the year it might seem for us in the Heartland of America).
Today is a soft day...nice rain (off and on).
We've a few things to get settled first, before we "go softly into the good weekend", so let's get rolling.
*** Our major news and talk radio station here has made the jump to FM (92.3) with a simulcast debut this week.
WOWO ushered this in with a marvelous replay of a NASA rocket launch, doing the countdown as Also Sprach Zarathustra played behind it (the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey)...fantastic way to begin a new era in broadcasting for the station.
Not to mention,.,..the sound is WAY better with a lot less "fade" than with AM (1190), and no power drop after dark.
In other words..."They done good...they done REAL good!"
(And, yes...Pat Miller DOES sound about 20 pounds thinner on the FM air...LOL)
*** Next up, the town of Ligonier, Indiana has made it to the "big leagues" with larger cities.
Here's the story:
Yep, the Latino community "feels" it's being unjustly targeted by police who seem to be pulling them over while driving.
let me say from the start that whenever you have a LARGE contingent of a particular ethnicity in an area, AND they produce reasonable CAUSE by an officer for being pulled over (expired tags, blown out lights, speeding, weaving or erratic driving, etc), you will almost INVARIABLY pull over someone FROM that ethnicity...it's called the LAW OF AVERAGES, folks.
That goes without saying down in our ghettohood HERE...with about 70-80 percent of the populace BLACK, the ODDS of pulling someone over (when required by law) are stacked in the OFFICER'S favor...sorry about that, Jamarcus and Paco.
It's by NO means an indicator of "racial" or "ethnic" profiling...so knock that crap the hell off.
Perhaps someone is looking to snag some quick money with another frivolous lawsuit.
And I will wager the Latino population in Ligonier is second to whites, as are the tickets being written.
Personally, if I wanted to see so many Hispanics, I USED to be able to trek on down to Guadalajara for the weekend.
Not any longer...(and pass the tacos).
Oh, and if you DON'T want to get pulled over by the po-po...then DON'T do anything that would cause the officers to DO SO.
It's called common sense...as in try using some.
*** Next up, another Indiana city is taking on the whole "expression" (?) gig.
Here's THIS story:
In the NW town of Merrillville, the city leaders are following the lead of other cities that have placed outright BANS on those nasty-ass "saggy-baggys" the yoots are wearing. And I have to applaud their decision, because that makes the person wearing them look like a frigging thug...or at best, a damn SLOB.
My folks always drove home the point that: "People will judge you by the way you dress." (among other things, naturally...it's human nature).
I know whenever I see someone who's the poster child for the "saggy-bottom boys", my only thought is that this individual has absolutely NO self worth or takes any pride in the manner in which they care to attire themselves.
Now the city is only going to impose FINES and not criminal charges (I dunno...seems a crime to have NORMAL folks having to endure such "southern exposure" to me). One councilman is suggesting that the ban apply to town-owned property and parks.
I really don't give a hoot in hell for what people wish to do in the privacy of their OWN home, but when they take to parading their bottoms around like some damn baboon in heat for all to see, that should be bothersome to a LOT of us that at least KNOW where the hell our WAISTLINES are and can figure out how to cinch up our britches accordingly.
And PUH-LEASE don't even TRY and pull the "cultural expression" card out of your asses (however easy it MIGHT be when your pants are hitched around your thighs)...what the hell kind of "culture" would foster such behavior...except an ABERRANT one, hmm?
You'd get MORE culture from a container of freaking YOGURT!
Wish to hell THIS city would grow some balls and follow suit.
Then again, this city needs to do a LOT more that it should...but doesn't, and that should disturb a helluva lot MORE of us than it does.
*** Hoodie sales are UP (which is more than the pants are these days)...wonder WHY?
Here's the story:
Now, I can count the hoodies I've owned through life on ONE hand...(with several fingers missing).
Not really into them. I do have a couple jackets that have a hood in the collar, but I don't use it.
I'm not THAT introverted where I'm afraid to show my face in public (and send the masses screaming from the room in terror...lol)
Well, it's not THAT bad...I just prefer to look folks in the eyes when I see them, and not hide under a shroud of cotton-poly made in Malaysia with an emblem on it of a team that never wears anything with MY name (or logo) on it.
But, if I were to get a hoodie, I might think long and hard about which SPECIAL one I would consider...
There are a few that peaked MY interest, and I don't think any store owner would feel threatened if I walked in wearing one of MY choices.
Then again, I would never wear anything that has FUBU on it (F$cked Up By Us)...and DEFINITELY NOT anything with "glitter" on it, like some young men wear (Never see Chuck Norris doing THAT). That screams "flamer" to me. Maybe they like men when they're incarcerated?
In any event, it's a fad...like so many others (some that refuse to go away...like "rap" music...LOL).
Be nice to see normal folks again...in numbers we can all feel comfortable around.
*** Lastly today...got yer LOTTERY ticket yet?
I mean it IS over $500 MILLION DOLLARS...that's a half BILLION...cripes, almighty!
And OH, the fun I could have with ALL that moolah...
That's worth about a YEAR fulla seconds on the National Debt Clock (according to statistical growth OF said debt).
Well, AFTER TAXES (and partially bailing out the government in the process for 15 minutes...lol) you'd wind up somewhere in the neighborhood of around $320 MILLION DOLLARS, (REAL nice neighborhood) and that ain't nothing to sneeze at.
Have you thought about what YOU would do with that much money (and the power that would come with it)?
"And with great power comes great responsibility" (Spiderman movie - Uncle Ben to Peter Parker)
Yeah, I'd be responsible all right...responsible for BUYING UP damn near EVERY hovel in a ONE MILE RADIUS and then RAZING it to the damn ground, putting up a 10 ft high electrical fence with OUR house in the goddamn MIDDLE of it.
(and if this city wanted MY money to do that, they'd have to "bend to my suggestions" regarding this.)
--THEN, I could build that damn MOAT I wanted and get that Trebuchet for the front lawn (which would be considerable - I need a riding mower).
--I could have my OWN shooting range - indoors AND outdoors, pistol AND long guns.
--And that reminds me, I'd buy a FEW more guns...and LOTS of ammo.

--Generator for backup power - check.
--New car for Wifey - check.
--Aston Martin for ME (oh, I'd STILL keep the Firebird..AND get the seatbelts and A/C fixed along with some "personal modifications")...
--Guinness and top shelf single-malt scotch - check.
--Oh, one thing I would do is BUY the Allen County SPCA and fund them for a few years...then I could visit ALL those animals any time I wanted to.
--Gonna take part of my "new" property and make it a TRUE WILDLIFE preserve (and not the societal one we currently have).
--I'd Tithe the 10% to SOME church selected at random.
--I'd also send a HUGE donation to Wounded Warriors.
--I'd bop on up to TOYS R US and fill a truck with stuff and drop it off to orphan kids in the area.
--And I'd have a few Montessini Pizzas delivered to ME out here (from Philly), along with some Geno's cheesesteaks and Tastykakes and Taylor Pork Roll (and scrapple..gotta have scrapple).
Now...what to do with the REST of that 150 MILLION I'd have left the hell over...
Hell, invest some of it in GOLD, and sit on the rest, watching it make me MORE money.
I might even go and get a big-screen TV...LOL
Ah hell...I'd just go buy a movie theater.
Well, that's the SHORT list...initially.
Now, if we should win...maybe I'll just scrap all that and buy 1/4 of Wyoming, or a WHOLE mountain in the Poconos in PA and move THERE...BWAHAHahahahaaaa.
Yeah, always fun to dream, because the price is always right.
And let be our dreams be that which motivates us forward in our lives.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

I read and reread it and found no mention of you gifting your friends when you win the lottery. I am sure this is an over sight. But I want to make sure this old lady is on the good list.. hehe.
About the hoodies, I remember when they were were scared of men wearing hoods.. times are changing.

Bob G. said...

I didn't mention THAT because if we DID win, I wanted it to BE...A...SURPRISE...!!!
(there's goes THAT idea shot-to-hell...ROFL)

You're like my wife...can't surprise her if I show up naked with a bow in the "right place"...

(don't worry, I would NEVERR show up at YOUR house that way - Not into the nudist gig, AND I always drive FULLY-CLOTHED...LOL.)

Nah, I got ALL my friends (real AND online) "covered" w/ the gift thing if we make that $500 MILLION BUCK "payday".
(hey, you want a NEW BOAT?)

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.
Made me smile.

You stay safe (and "gifted") down there.

CWMartin said...

Dang, she beat me in line! Anyway, I got my $10 worth. Told a co-worker that #1, I'd buy the company "and fire the lot of you!" #2, Turn the building into "a big-a$$ McDonalds (to which co-worker said, "then I'm good, I can flip burgers"). And #3 I'd "show up Monday naked to see how long it would take them to fire me!"

Also, I think the Cap hoodie is you; we have a new guy who likes the draggy drawers though not as low as the foo in your picture (makes up for it by laying on the table for almost any task; and Pat wishes that FM would help with weight loss in his personal appearances, too. If memory serves, they tried this once before, but that was before "the 50,000 watt blowtorch of the midwest" got cut off so young urban commandoes in NYC could hear hip-hop at night.

Bob G. said...

LOL...I like your ideas about the lottery winnings...(buy the company then fire the lazies...brilliant)

If that "Cap" hoodie is me, then I;m gonna need a trash can lid to paint red, white and blue to fling at the perps...!

Having only been in Ft. Wayne since 1997 (yeah, I know THEIR loss prior to that...LMAO), I wasn't aware they tried this before.

Glad they did, and if there is one music style you will NEVER hear on any device WE own...it's "urban contemporary".
(who thinks such crap up?)

And remember you simply CANNOT have CRAP...WITHOUT RAP.

BTW...we did NOT win...not even close (on to Plan *B*)

Hey, thanks for swinging on by tocay and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

Momma Fargo said...

LOL. Stand down on buying so much of Wyoming. I will sell you a very safe, beautiful piece for a fraction of the price.

Sounds like you are full of piss and vinegar today, Bob! Love it!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Well, we DID NOT WIN, so I gotta scrap the WY plan (and being a neighbor looking for a good landscaper...for the time being).

My SECOND choice woulda been buying CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN in CO...(the military really isn't using the damn thing...and I figure I could get it on the "cheap".)

Talk about being able to "get away from IT ALL...!

Piss & Vinegar...yepper, that's me.
(on a good day...LMAO)

No one wants to see me on a BAD ONE (not even ME...)

Thanks so very much for taking time from your day to stop by and comment.
Much appreciated.

Roll safe out there.