27 April 2012

Friday Follies...
Welcome to...THE WEEKEND!
This month is flying right past, isn't it?
And here in the Heartland, we've another chilly morning, with temps starting out in the lower 30s!
But hey, there's nothing wrong with having the brisk morning air put a bit of a spring in your step, considering the "season", right?
So, let's take a look at what's been going on while we slept...
((--But first, I am NOT responsible for any "layout" changes to my blog...it's ANOTHER BLOGGER BUG, and I sent them a "feedback" as to the problem. The template looks to be identical as the copy I D/Led last year, so I sure as hell didn't change anyuthing.))
*** There are literally THOUSANDS of ways to die, some natural...some, not so much.
Here's an example of what can happen when you're drving a compact car and decide to run a light.
The car in the story USED to be a Dodge Neon.
I'll bet that whatever the destination of the two deceased occupants of that Neon was, it didn't include a rather LENGHTY (read permanent) sidetrip to the NEXT life.
Lesson to be learned here?
Whenever you're driving (especially in some econobox lightweight), anything BIGGER than you on the road WILL leave a mark, should you meet.
And, by all means, PAY THE HELL ATTENTION!!!
*** And in a somewhat morbidly related story...
Fort Wayne's very own Glenbrook Mall has a new store (to fill the increasing number of vacancies within the property), and it's probably one of the LAST stores you'd think of...or need in THIS life.
Well, they do sell OTHER funerary stuff, but IF you want a casket shaped like a chopped '49 Merc, THIS IS the place for you!
Here's the story link:
Somehow, I don't think they would carry a coffin shaped like a Dodge Neon...I'm just sayin'...
But, how about a Star Trek photon torpedo casing (like they put Spock in at the end of ST2 - TWOK)?
Now THAT is the ultimate in geek-chic.
The name of the store is "Til We Meet Again"...how quaint..
Just the place to purchase that URN to keep Uncle Charlie's ashes in...instead of that Yuban coffee can.
*** And then, there's THIS...
What is one to do when a WIND TURBINE breaks it's blades and sheds parts into the cornfields below?
Here's the lowdown...
I find it funny that this turbine COULD have been damaged by...(wait for it)...HIGH WINDS.
(oh, the IRONY)
The company (Vestas) that makes the blades says the damaged unit is STILL under warranty (well, that's a good thing).
And they have their OWN WIKI:
The manner that the blades shed their "skin" reminds me of layers of carbon fiber or fiberglass.
I read somewhere where these 122 ft. blades were manufactured in somwhere OTHER than in America.
(well, it IS a DANISH company...I could use a danish now to go with my coffee...cream cheese danish)
Moving on...
*** Another holdup in Ft. Wayne, proving that crime DOES pay (again).
This one took place at a Rally's restaurant at 4810 Coldwater rd. around 2340 hrs. Tuesday.
Here's the link:
No weapon or injuries were reported in the report.
An undisclosed amount of money was taken.
See what you can do whenever you walk into a place (here) and yell "Get on the ground"?
You can have an early "pay-day".
*** Another robbery took place at a Kroger store on W. State Blvd around 2100 hrs last evening.
Here's this link:
At least THIS time, the perp HAD a black, semi-auto handgun (probably an airsoft w/ the red tip cut off)
Still coulda been a real one...the getaway vehicle was a sliver Chevy Cruz, so someone has enough cash for a new car.
(and now, they have even MORE cash)
A description of the robber is at the link, but suffice it to say, they pretty much ALL follow the same "dress code". So, if anyone comes into YOUR place of business or the store you're shopping in, wearing all black, and has a mask over their face, it could be a good bet that they're there to ROB the joint.
*** How do you keep a 4 year old from getting between you and another during an argument in Fort Wayne?
Simple, throw a Channel-Lock adjustable WRENCH in the direction of his niece, striking her in the skull.
Here's this sad story about stupidity gone rampant.
Now, the girl is alive, but suffered a fractured skull, and had to have major surgery to repair the damage, and she had to be put on a ventilator when one of her lungs collapsed.
In the aftermath, doctors induced a coma, and had to remove part of her brain the size of an egg (and for a 4 year old, that's fairly substantial).
Jeremiah D. Jones, 34, the man who threw the wrench (at his son supposedly - BACK IN FEBRUARY!!!), has finally been charged...but NOT YET arrested...(okay, why the f$ck NOT?).
And wouldn't you just KNOW it...he's BLACK - 6'3', 200 lbs. Wow couldn't have seen THAT one coming.
What is it with such animalistic bevahior that escalates from a simple difference of opinion, anyway?
He's only got a couple misdemeanor priors in the system since 1998...but NOT ANYMORE!
*** Next, a story about a man, an island, and a dream:
Now, I don't know about you, but I find this a bit fascinating, considering the lack of "amenities".
Still, after 39 years, this man has made the island into a huge preserve, complete with tortoises and mahogany trees.
Love to see what his house looks like.
The island is located in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean (wonder if they get FOX news THERE?)
Gonna need one HELLUVA high antenna.
The short video is worth a watch.
Brendon Grimshaw is one remarkable person, and one that has a lot more love of solitude than I would prefer.
But, he DOES have a really COOL island all to himself.
Try and top THAT.
*** And a hearty CONGRATS to the Ft. Wayne Komets for beating the Mavericks in game 7 of theor semi-final playoff series.
Reminded me of the old "Broad St. Bullies" days of the Philadelphia Flyers.
Nice end to a real nail-biter.
On to Witchita, now.
*** Lastly today, we see the highs and the lows that mankind aspires to.
And each of us has in some microcosmic way, similar circumstances, none of which (hopefully) leads us down the path to incarceration or otherwise illegal activities.
Every day is never just like the other, in spite of repetitiveness on the parts of others or us.
Each day is a NEW chance...a new opportunity...for whatever we have in mind.
Maybe none of us can buy some island, but we CAN do something, however small to affect some good type of change...the LASTING kind of change.
Perhaps we can plant ONE small tree...or some flowers...or do a good turn for another person for no reason other than we CAN do it.
You take all these small things...add them up over time, and you got something pretty damn BIG going on...a GOOD thing.
And Lord knows we can ALL use a bit more of that in today's world.
(Hmm...makes me wonder if they could turn my '83 Firebird into a casket...hmm....and I still want a cheese danish for my coffee)
Have yourselves a fantastic weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

The libs love wind power; unless it blocks their ocean views.

You beat me to the story on the island man.

I think the commenters at the news site where I read the story were off base. They bragged how they would want that life no questions asked. I think that limited perspective fails to realize how difficult that life mostly alone with one goal in mind is. Getting up each day and working on one goal for four decades is something to be celebrated with the understanding that not everyone can do such a thing.

Enjoy your weekend Bob.

Bob G. said...


Wind power is something that is a 2-edged sword...it CAN be a good thing, OR it can be a problem in areas where TORNADIC ACTIVITY abounds...gotta be careful on this one.

The whole "island living"
has SOME perks...but unless you're accustomed to living alone and with nothing but your two hands and ingenuity to help with your survivial, it's not for the average person...look at SURVIVOR...(I don't any longer...too much politics there, now).

Now, if Brendon has another island where he actually LIVES on, that's another thing.
I mean , we'd ALL like a brew once in a decade...or so.

We're ALL social creatures at heart.
And such isolation for that long would wear on most all of us.

Grimshaw is ONE on a million with his particualr passion.
Wish I could be 1/10th as noble.

(doesn't stop me from tyring, though)

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.
You have yourselves a great weekend.
(and I think you kick like a MAN...so there, sue me)

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

First off- a sports report HERE? The apocalypse is nearing...

Second, Someone dumb enough to run a red light and get clobbered probably should be buried in whatever's left of the car. I guess until we have stoplights that flash, "Hey dipshit..."

Third, some people you can't even trust to play with DULL objects... a shame a child had to suffer to show this jerk how little brains he has.

Bob G. said...

Hey, don't go out and build yourself a survival bunker YET...LOL!
(we're not THAT close to THE END)

I do admire a sports team (esp. hockey) that never seems to give up.
Like to see the Komets go ALL the way and grab ANOTHER cup.

ROFL...'ya know, I really LOVE that idea for the traffic lights...goes right there with the crosswalk "countdown" signals...see those yet?
(we can RUN across...we have FOUR seconds left...no, make that THREE...TWO...hurry UP!)

Some folks ARE DULL OBJECTS...that story proved it.
I do hope the girl recovers with as few developmental problems as possible.
And toss the damn BOOK at this "father" (several times).

Thanks a lot for stopping on by today and commenting.
Have a good weekend up there at Scrappy Hollow.

Stay safe.

gadfly said...

I meant to mention yesterday and did not, that you can download a Photo Shop program for free called Gimp that will allow you to size your photos in advance of uploading to Blogger. Alternatively you can load your pics to Flikr or Photobucket and call them into your post using common html code that actually sizes it the way you want using "align" and "img src" commands. Don't panic, just Google those commands and try using them with a photo from photobucket. In no time we will make you a pro - after all these years! ... or is it "still crazy after all these years?"

Bob G. said...

ROFLMAO...you had me nailed with the word GIMP...!!!
I am a computer "gimp" of the FIRST MAGNITUDE!

And to think that back in the mid 1970s, I RAN our publisher's computer room...but THOSE were the days of languages like BASIC, RPG II, and COBOL...lol.
I even flow-charted the entire system functions for the programming staff.

How times HAVE changed indeed.

These days, it's ALL about "luck", as in discovering that upgrading to IE8 took some of the problemns out of my way with BLOGGER.
(luckily, he mused)

Perhaps you can teach an old dog "new" tricks, but a lot of times, you dig around until you you find that "bone" (you forgot about).

Thanks for the heads up on the software...have to check into it.
Remember, don't call me ISHMAEL (or ever late for dinner)...just call me THE GIMP...!
(very crazy after all these years, too)

Thanks again and do stay safe out there.