25 April 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the middle of the week edition, and we've got some interesting stuff to take in today.
Weather wise, it's not bad outside - highs today in the mid to upper 60s with a chance of rain in the late afternoon.
We'll jump right into today's "quagmire" of queries and qualms in a moment...but first, it's time to take a stab at our military quote of the week, otherwise known as WHO SAID THAT?
"The incompetence of the authorities and of G.H.Q. is greater on the other side than with us, and that is saying a good deal."
SO...who said that, anyway?
Answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the pillbox...
*** Those of you on BLOGGER have noticed that the "format" is going to change...whether WE like it or not.
I've tried it...it SUCKS BIG TIME!!!
Just TRY to add pictures, size them individually, and then move them around the blog post...can't find a way to do it!

I went back to the old format, which they changed to the new one anyway, so we're ALL saddled with this "new" crap.
It's just another way to over complicate the basic, and provide us with something "better"...yeah, right.
The LAST time they mucked about, I had all sorts of problems, as did more than a few others.
If something WORKS...you just don't up and SCREW with over, unless you're BLOGGER...that much I've learned.
Apparently, IE is NOT the browser that BLOGSPOT will function under...it's GOOGLE CHROME.
I don't trust GOOGLE at all...they like to embed your software with Lord knows what (so they can track where you go).
They SAY it's for marketing...bullsh*t.
Now, I don't plan to quit blogging...but I might consider hanging to ANOTHER blog server...like WORDPRESS.
It's always advisable to have "options" available, if BLOGGER gets out-of-hand.
Just so's you all know...I am NOT responsible for the "LOOK" of the blog during this interim...I HATE IT!!!
*** Next up, a wonderful hit & run accident on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side of Ft. Wayne.
This happened around 0315 hours at the corner of Paulding Rd. & Hanna St.
Here's the story (from WANE):
Looks like THIS intersection has the potential to become the NEXT Anthony & McKinnie (and we all know the levels of crime that's gone on THERE in years past, right?). The crash snapped a utility pole and took down several wires (someone had some momentum built up),
One person remained on scene and was taken to hospital with minor injuries. The second vehicle fled and police have not located either the vehicle or the driver (or passengers) at this time. The case remains under investigation...(Gee, 'ya THINK???).
Here we are...3-freaking-AM, and people have nothing BETTER to do than drive around and smack into sh*t.
Where are the PATROLS that are supposed to make sure things like this are not supposed to occur?
And speaking of people breaking the law in the EARLY morning...
*** We've had issues with the Journal-gazette carriers ever since our one, GOOD carrier decided to hang up his paper route.
Homer Rasler was punctual, and always placed the paper ON the steps (and not in our flower beds), and he was there is ankle-deep snow.
Nothing stopped this man, and he always got a nice tip in our payments to the paper.
but this latest round of numbnuts have absolutely NO sense of ethical business practices.
One carrier had PRIORS from DUI (sure want him driving on MY streets), which explains why the paper wound up damn near anywhere BUT our steps.
This latest moolie has a problem, too.
He's a BOOMER (and not the MY baby generation kind).
Around 0504 hrs, I hear this thumping our front (I'm at the other end of the house, just got the hell up), and there the paper carrier goes, tearing down the street...could STILL hear his car at the other corner (over a hundred feet away)!
Now, the noise ordinance has a THIRTY FOOT rule...not a HUNDRED foot rule.
I'm calling the paper today to register a complaint.
Hell, we've ENOUGH of these assholes around here as it is, we certainly DO NOT NEED to be awakened by them prematurely.
We'll see how this shakes out, because I'm feeling a bit of "racial bias" on the part of this carrier (and we are the ONLY people on the whole block that DO get the morning paper).
There is something called "respecting your customers" aka the PEOPLE THAT PAY YOUR WAGES...at least, there USED to be.
*** And then, there's THIS little gem...
Fort Wayne almost made it to the top of yet ANOTHER list...the city actually came in SECOND (so close).
But, it might not be the BEST list to be on.
Here's the story link:
At FIRST glance, you might think that being at almost the TOP of the list of 146 areas throughout the ENTIRE NATION for AFFORDABLE HOUSING might really be a GOOD thing...
And then...you see WHICH area is NUMBER ONE...
DETROIT (at $62.45 per sq. ft.)!
Ft. Wayne was second with $66.03 per sq. ft.
I can hear the moaning out there from our "Fortress"...LOL
Topping out the top five were Toledo, Indianapolis, and Wichita, KS
Yep, you heard me correctly...none other than the ghetto capital of our OWN frigging nation...
You just KNOW I was wearing a CHESHIRE GRIN over this one.
Frisco was the LEAST affordable at $420.99 per sq. ft. Then again, it IS the libtard capital of the nation.
Sure, the housing is affordable HERE in Ft. Wayne....IF you don't mind living among the human refuse that HUD and the FWHA seek to place all around you, as you watch YOUR home value diminish to near non-existence.
And SURE the property taxes are lower than a snake's belly, but look at ALL you get for such prices:
Crime - Litter - Noise - Disrespect - Vandalism - (did I mention crime?) - Drug & alcohol abuse - MORE noise - (oh, and the other CRIME).
Now WHO can argue with such a wonderful "trade-off", hmm?
But wait, there's even more...
How's about those UTILITY RATE HIKES in WATER and now (perhaps) ELECTRICITY?
Whatever you SAVE on property taxes gets eaten up by the utilities...PLUS, your tax money is helping to fund ALL the transient indigents moving INTO your once nice neighborhood, turning it into some 3rd world sub-continental urban cesspool along the way.
Now, if you're also into FIREARMS, this might be the place for you...because you might have to USE them to dissuade some prowler trying to break in and steal your stuff in the early morning hours.
And then, there's always the blocked streets (double and triple parking while the moolies stop to chat each other up for a while, or all the people that were never brought up to understand what those strips of CONCRETE are along the streets with the nice CURBS attached to them (pssst...they're used for WALKING ON, you throwback aborigines, so get your asses out of the damn streets).
Yes, Fort Wayne, the SECOND most affordable place to get a house, as long as you're a dope-smoking, heroin-shooting, meth-making, rapist with domestic battery priors who can't stop robbing Walgreens for Opana, or shooting at houses because they got dissed in their last drug buy.
It makes me wonder WHY the media didn't pick up on this story (here)...maybe it was because the story was buried in the Business section of the paper, where not too many tend to go?
Fort Wayne...on the list of FAT cities...DUMB cities, and now CHEAP cities (and by the homicide rates over the years, that surely applies to LIFE itself...at least in SOME communities).
What amazes me is that Fort Wayne is ALSO on the list of "best places to raise a family"...yeah, it they're going to be CAREER CRIMINALS.
The cost of living is definitely LOWER than many other places...but so is the COST OF DYING.
Just ask ALL those at the "homicide vigil" held here:
Sure, there were innocents unjustly killed, but what about ALL those who were (imho) justifiably offed because they were doing something illegal?
All the witnesses who never come forward with information to help the police solve these homicides SHOULD be held over as accomplices.
APATHY is the worst trait of human nature.
To do NOTHING when something is required is the epitome of laziness.
This nation is in such a state....more and more people choose to do nothing, and the government rewards their "efforts".
I would like to see that all change...if for no other reason, than to have our parents believe that all that THEY did and sacrificed to make our lives better...were not in vain. I think that's reason enough.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...

Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

I switched format a few months ago because I knew it was coming anyway (I gave negative feedback when they asked).

I have had trouble getting the pics and text to line up even when using the html mode. Mysterious spaces and breaks seem to be added; without my consent.

Wow, sounds like a bad run of paper droppers. I can relate to this when the best mailman ever, Terry, around here finally had to retire. He walked our neighborhood, knew everyone by first name including pets, and never was without a smile.

We now have a younger guy who has no interest in greeting anyone, will only talk to you if you stand in his path and make him say hello, and thinks it is a good idea to park his mail truck on a grassy part of one of the neighbor's lawns where the road narrows--instead of parking on the paved part of one of the side streets. No loud music, but maybe I expect too much.

Enjoy your day Bob.

CWMartin said...

Yeah Charlie Butcher was going on about being the 2nd cheapest (Yep, I'm down again today)and while he was bright enough to make fun of #1, he just shut his eyes to the fact that the others are up there largely for the same thing. ON the other hand, being seven times cheaper than Frisco does have it's good points.

ms nk rey said...

I agree with the new Blogger format. But I am old and I hate changes, I will stick with it because I am lazy. Yeah and I admit it too. After 3 tries I am beginning to hate the word verification as well. Pffft

Bob G. said...

The LAST time BLOGGER mucked with things, I LOST my template...and now...THIS.


Been leaving VERY negative (and R-rated) feedback all day (and I've just begun)

Yeah, the list of carriers for the local paper are pitiful, and that's being WAY too kind.

Ethics...it's what we USED to have a lot more of.
And each generation seems to be getting worse (and I'm getting older...lol).

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Seven times cheaper than San Fran seems good, until you start seeing how all those "savings" are REALLY costing you MORE (in many other ways, like the simple task of being able to get a good night sleep WITHOUT gunfire...or BOOMCARS).

Oh, believe me, you DO get what you "pay" for in THIS city...
(Ft. Wayne - the NEXT Detroit?)

Let's hope it NEVER gets THAT bad.

Thanks much for stoping on over today and taking time to comment.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

Just wait until you try to place pictures here...and then attempt to "size" them the way you USED to be able to do...ain't gonna happen!

I like a certain "format" to my posts, and the ability to add pictures WHERE I think they should go...can't do it now.
No more "drag and place".

And I don't plan to learn all this HTML "BS" (I'm American and speak ENGLISH, thank you).

You'd THINK that BLOGGER would want to have the most USER-FRIENDLY blog site on the web...guess not.

It's like wanting a plain old PHONE, and then getting ALL this other crap you don't need, and can't figure the hell out.

Maybe SOME of us DO want just that...something BASIC...that we CAN use and actually ENJOY using.
(like I did the past SIX years)

Seems way too much to ask for these days, doesn't it?

Thanks so much for spending part of your day over here and taking time to comment.

Stay safe down there.