23 April 2012

Monday Musings...
A bit of a chill in the air this morning, but spring will soon be taking over for the balance of the day.
I kinda like that "briskness" in the air...used to wake me the hell up on a LOT of AMs.
As is standard practice, we'll be taking on some stories in a bit.
But first, how was this past weekend?
*** I know I spent Saturday morning grocery shopping with Wifey, and stopping by the local DO IT BEST store for sundries (and bird seed - best price in town I've found).
After leaving there, we rounded the back of Southgate Plaza, and wouldn't you know it...some tractor trailer was unloading across the area where traffic can pass by...imagine that...at 9AM no less.
The ONLY place to get by was UNDER the huge Southgate sign (if you had a van, or even a pickup, it would be a crapshoot as to IF you could fit at all).
Well, since I learned to drive in PHILLY (south Philly to be exact), I can pretty much take a car ANYPLACE, with the possible exceptions of those mountain roads (with no guard rails and no room to pass) in western PERU.
Plus, I HAVE been known to ALSO be able to get TEN pounds of stuff into a FIVE pound bag (when required).
So, under the sign Wifey and I went...no scrapes, scratches, dents, or dings.
Didn't even roll on the curb there, either...chalk one up for having a great driving instructor (thanks, Walt)!
He told me "If you can drive HERE (meaning the narrow-ass streets of S. Philly), you CAN drive anywhere.".
Problem solved right?
Not quite...
There is a STOP sign at the Walgreens there, so, being the good driver I am....I STOPPED.
On my 9 o'clock I spotted a white Lincoln that was also coming to a STOP SIGN in HIS direction.
Now, it's ALL those years of driving (anywhere) that taught me stuff that's saved my ass numerous times.
So, I hung back and GRADUALLY rolled forward, foot on brake.
The Lincoln didn't EVEN stop, but rolled right through past us.
It was then I hit the horn (the PRIMARY educational road tool in Philly, as well as the favorite "ghetto door bell " in Fort Wayne).
I pulled along side him at the exit from Southgate and asked (in a stentorian manner...which means LOUDLY):
"Hey, you know what the f$ck the word STOP means, asshole?"
(proper verbiage is another educational tool for the road with ALL idiots)
He just honked HIS horn and turned left, so I provided him the sound of OUR horn (again) and gave him the MIDDLE FINGER SALUTE.
(it's HALF a peace sign, you know)
At least we got home without any OTHER incident.
*** As for Sunday...ahh, it was nice...for a while.
Got ALL the lawns mowed (started at 0730...nice and early before any the moolies fall outta bed), and our purple Iris just begged to be photographed, but as I was finishing up the trimming w/ my weed-whacker, I could hear some loudass over THREE blocks away (coming eastbound from Lafayette St).
It was a white GMC suburban (one of our "regulars" that I've told our quadrant captain of the FWPD about REPEATEDLY - for the last 6-8 months).
Well, he gets to OUR house and I do the "finger bang" at him, because I detest this disrespectful, individual and wish he'd drop the hell dead...and he goes and turns that (c)rap UP...typical response whenever they're WRONG and want to break a law...
It was at this point I got "creative", and threw back by jacket, exposing my 9mm crossdraw on my waistband...and I started walking towards his vehicle (stopped at the YIELD sign) at our corner...he then drove off hurriedly (for SOME reason). Never got the chance to "have a word" with him....damn.
But later, that spaghetti dinner (with hot Italian sausage and sauce made from scratch) we had at my own hand turned the day back around.
(and that garlic bread I also made helped a lot....YUM)
So, you can see that whatever tiny bits of "GOOD" you accidentally come across in the ghettohood, they are often offset by the "BAD" and also the "UGLY" (hmm...be a good title for a western...a "spaghetti" western at that...lol)
Moving along...
*** Yes, there are ALWAYS things happening down on the...(...all together, gang)...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne.
Like THIS story that happened early yesterday (when he COULD have been out mowing a lawn, and enjoying life in general):
Here's the link:
Now Damichael is NO stranger to DA judicial system as evidenced by DA rap sheet here:
02D04-0607-CM-005160 McMillon, Damichael L 07/31/2006
Allen Superior Court 6 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
02D04-0703-CM-001281 McMillon, Damichael L 03/05/2007
Allen Superior Court 4 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
02D04-0705-CM-002832 McMillon, Damichael L 05/15/2007
Allen Superior Court 4 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
02D04-0708-CM-005205 McMillon, Damichael L 08/23/2007
Allen Superior Court 6 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
02D05-1010-MC-002281 NA
NA McMillon, Damichael L, III 10/25/2010
Allen Superior Court 5 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation)
Decided 35-47-2-1/FC: Carrying Handgun w/o License-Prior/Prior Felony w/in 15 Yrs/School Prop, School Bus
35-43-4-2(b)/FD: Receiving Stolen Property
02D06-1010-MC-002336 NA McMillon, Damichael L, III 10/29/2010
Allen Superior Court 6 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation)
Decided 35-33-10-3: Extradition
02D05-1106-CM-003561 NA MCMILLON, DAMICHAEL L, III 06/14/2011
Allen Superior Court 5 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided 35-42-2-1.3(a)/MA: Domestic Battery
02D04-1111-CM-006843 NA MCMILLON, DAMICHAEL L, III 11/14/2011
Allen Superior Court 4 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided 35-44-2-2(c)(1)/MB: False Informing
And since 2006, he's had several addresses (to apparently stay "ahead" of the po-po)...typical tactics.
1) 3034 Schele
Fort Wayne, IN 46803 (2006-2007)
3516 Southpark Dr
Fort Wayne, IN 46802 (2008-2010)
Fort Wayne, IN 46806 (2011-present)
Guess we can add the ALLEN COUNTY JAIL as another address.
*** Next up, found a new show on Sunday nights I really like...called NYC 22.
it's about a rookie class of officers assigned to some of the badlands in Harlem
I really love their SGT...great writing for his character.
The stars are basically unknowns (to me, anyway), but this type of ensemble tends to bring together some excel let talent.
And like I said, the writing is really decent.
The rooks are from all backgrounds and ethnicity, so that provides some good backstories.
What I found "interesting" was the fact that while the rooks wanted to bust the street side pot seller, they were advised to leave him alone, because THAT dealer was keeping the GANGS from taking over the area with THEIR line of street pharms...
A case of the CATS or the RATS.
You chase out or bust the CATS in the ghetto, then the RATS (rival gangs and drug lords) come in and take over.
Now, if I didn't know better, I'd swear I've seen that occur in another city...perhaps in the Midwest...(big, cheesy, evil grin).
Wonder WHERE that could be?
*** I trust all of you ALSO had a "happy" Earth Day yesterday...?
Wifey and I took a quiz in the PARADE magazine that came w/ the Sunday paper...we BOTH had the SAME score (8), but it was due to DIFFERENT reasons (answers)...go figure.
We are both (officially) kinda/sorta "green", but we're NOT starting any movement to back it up in the future...LOL.
Our driving styles are about the same, and our electrical and plumbing "efficiencies" are similar (we don't much like those "curly-fries bulbs" )
We do prefer to wash the cars at home, which the story said was BAD...(toxic liquids in the ground, yada,yada,yada...).
Um, they DO have eco-friendly carwash detergents, you idiots...or you can always use dishwashing detergents (they are fine for car finishes when properly diluted)...learned THAT one AGES ago (long before earth day became a contrived celebratory "event").
When the hell DID we become THE PLANET OF THE MOOKS, anyway?
*** Lastly today, crime never takes holidays, is never conscious of the environmental impact it has upon society OR the planet and never "plays favorites". Bullets are like words...once out of the muzzle, it's over and done with...can't call EITHER back, kapeesh?
So, it's little wonder while watching the replay of the State of the 6th District on local cable access, I hear our very own FWPD chief state that CRIME IS ON THE RISE around the city...
(...rolls eyes...)
Gee, seems I've been saying THAT one for YEARS, Rus...you finally reading my blog or what?
Well, the LARCENY rate is rising fast (due to the economy some will tout), and that means bigger crimes will follow.
That's one of life's inevitabilities.
Another one is the opportunity to make something of one's life.
That chance is ALWAYS there, but how many people today actively pursue it, and to what end?
Taking that chance is much easier when one is young and still has those "stars in the eyes" demeanor.
It's more difficult (and sometimes all but impossible) to accomplish when one is rounding the 3/4 post in the race.
Every day is a new chance...a new gift with which to either take hold of and do something with...or not.
And all every single one of us has to do is make the right choice...and do the right thing.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

From what I can tell, adherence to traffic signs is optional in parking lots. That's how my daughter came to get broadsided by some jack-hole who disregarded a sign (and common sense) as he rocketed out of a local Rite Aid's lot. Morons abound on America's roadways. At this rate, I may have to buy a tank.

Bob G. said...

John D:
Ow, sorry to hear about your daughter's t-bone.

Given the number of FWPD CRUISERS that get the broadside, I'm believing that the process of THINKING on behalf of these other idiots is becoming optional...

Sure helps to have your neck on a damn swivel most days...and that's JUST for the average citizen trying to go from A to B.

The signs must be placed there for a "beautification" program for the city, the way SOME folks IGNORE them.
(at least it sure seems that way)

Hey, thanks for rolling on up today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

When will they learn... adding "Da" to the front of any name is an invitation for the child to one day end up in "Da" joint.

IDK, Bob, sounds like you had a very successful "discussion with the guy at the yield sign...

Finally, when did you ever know a liberal writer (assuming here, since the test was on "green" stuff) to bother to look up FACTS on the way to their point?

Slamdunk said...

Glad that Philly driver training is still paying dividends. Nicely done.

It took me awhile to learn "expect other drivers to screw up" strategy. I can remember as a just on my own in big city when the parents came for a visit. I was in the backseat while my dad drove mom and I to a restaurant. The light turned green and I remember thinking "Dad GOOOOO." Instead he looked left, looked right, and then slowly entered the intersection. Before we got all the way in, a drunk in an SUV ran the light and whizzed inches past our front end. He never slowed down.

If I'd have been driving that night, it would have been messy. Lesson emphasized.

Enjoy the cold weather there Bob.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, that "talk" was kinda ONE-sided, tho...
(why carry a big stick, when you can carry a BOOM-STICK?)

There ARE people out there with the ONLY thing going for them, is that they are INCITEFUL (not the other, good one...lol)
They WANT to piss you off, for NO reason at all, but we know much of it IS race-based...the "reverse" form we never seem to hear about...
But mark my words, we WILL and soon enough w/ the Martin-Zimmerman case...you watch.
It's starting already BY the blacks.

As to the Liberal-green thing?
(between you, me and the fence post, I NEVER have, and NEVER will...ROFL)

Thanks much for swinging by here today and commenting.

Stay safe up in Scrappy Hollow.

Bob G. said...

Philly driving has kept my Guardian Angel from pulling the O/T MANY times...and I am glad I learned back there.

MY Dad was much like yours...not OCD-OVERLY cautious (like those that peddle along at FIVE MPH), just CAUTIOUS (enough) period, but there will always come a time when that weird-ass situation will have YOUR name on it, and come at you from the last place you'd expect (and that's why I try to look THERE first...lol)
Plus, I learned much from driving partners and buddies along the way.

Dad was one of those "trust your gut instincts" kinda guy.
And I am much like him, to my never-ending appreciation.

Hey, thank you for taking the time to drop by today and comment.

Stay safe (and happy motoring) out there.