05 April 2012

The Nature Of The Beast...
For some reason, I've been recently intrigued with the "status" of OUR human nature, and I'm one of those people that firmly believe that WE are both the causes AND the solutions to ALL of OUR problems (rather than those blaming others or things beyond their own control).
I suppose that comes down to the whole "You can't second-guess God" premise.
My take about such matters shortly, but first, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"More is not better; better is better."
This was attributed to General Gordon R, Sullivan, quoted in Military Review - July/August 1996
And, just in case you were wondering WHO (the hell) he IS (yes, he's STILL alive at 74 years old, God bless him), here's his WIKI:
Also, here's the *4-1-1* from the Strategic Studies Institute with his published works:
Good solid soldier...love those guys!
Meanwhile, back at the Battalion HQ...
*** Yes, human nature is something every species has had since their particular model came out.
Consider it a form of "instinct" - that which is inherent in us all.
Could be that fight or flight response, or the penchant to hunt for food, but it's mostly things in our lives that we usually control quite readily, and with good reason. We've been TAUGHT what is meant by SELF-CONTROL (or we all should have been).
For example...we are ALL (basically) KILLERS. I know you find that hard to believe, but it's true.
We ALL have the capacity to KILL...when REQUIRED to do so, be it in self-defense (which is actually an adjunct to combat - kill the OTHER guy FIRST, because he's trying to kill you, ergo SELF-defense or a pre-emptive measure), or to protect our loved ones.
We could go out and do ALL sorts of nasty to anyone we choose, because we have this "human nature" within us...but we just CHOOSE not to participate in such things. Besides, they're all pretty much AGAINST THE LAWS we have established for our CIVILIZED society.
That's NOT to say that some people WILL skirt the LAW, and do what they damn well please, in essence, give IN to those instinctual behaviors, for whatever reason.
Now, I'm tickling 60 years old (get there in August, God willing), and I spent a part of yesterday with Wifey outside, prepping the garden, while she was planting seeds in small pots for seedlings (dodging those frost alerts).
Other people the SAME age, though, are WAY too busy walking much darker paths, giving in to those bestial aspects of our human nature...
*** Case in point, THIS little gem on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side of Ft. Wayne:
Here's the story link:
Looks like James A. Howell (age 60...what a coincidence) got a LOT more than he was bargaining for yesterday, when he attempted to rob a couple businesses in Southgate Plaza - a mere spit and a slide form our "fortress".
The story says the teller at the Chase bank (first robbery attempt) refused to comply...he actually LAUGHED at the robber, who fled and went into Belmont Beverages, punched a clerk twice in the chest and took some money from the open cash drawer.
He then fled past the Salvation Army and was taken to ground by two young men when the clerk yelled "we've been robbed" and noticed Howell "jogging" on by. Howell was "detained" until police arrived, which, given the "nature" of the area, was rather quickly.
And here I was...gardening...while I COULD have been robbing stores and being chased down by citizens.
Or perhaps, MAYBE "Jimmy-Boy" COULD have been gardening instead of practicing his felonious tendencies?
Chalk it ALL up to human nature...and a few BAD CHOICES on HIS part.
Now, Jim-bo has a rap sheet (you figured as much, right?)
02D04-0707-MC-001457 Howell, James A 07/16/2007
Allen Superior Court 6 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal
Decided P.C. THEFT
02D04-0707-FD-000594 Howell, James A 07/19/2007
Allen Superior Court 5 FD - Class D Felony
Decided THEFT
02D05-1203-CM-001753 NA HOWELL, JAMES A 03/26/2012
Allen Superior Court 5 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Pending 35-43-4-3(a)/MA: Conversion

What's amazing is that this last offense is PENDING - hearing set for 23 April.
(guess he's gonna be REAL EASY to locate FOR that hearing, hmm?).

He ALSO has had three addresses since 2007:
Fort Wayne, IN 46806
1317 West Washington Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Other Agency Numbers
143019 Fort Wayne Police Department,
2753 Allen County Sheriff's Department
301 Superior St W
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Funny thing, for FIVE years, old Jimmy was a good boy, then, all of a sudden, he gets BACK into "the game"...
I think he could have used a GARDEN to occupy his time better.
*** Uh, oh...ANOTHER house fire blamed on COOKING!
(say it ain't so, Bob)
Here's the link to the story:
AGAIN, we see it was food that was LEFT UNATTENDED that caused the blaze on the ...(all together gang...) SOUTHEAST side of town.
At least it wasn't at 2-freaking-AM!!!
More human nature...thinking (erroneously) that FOOD will ATTEND TO ITSELF..without ANY intervention.
Sorry, I think Gordon Ramsay or Bobby Flay would have something to say on THAT matter.
When are people going to realize that SOME folks simply do NOT know how to f$cking ENGAGE their BRAINS when performing relatively SIMPLE TASKS about the house...or for that matter, why are they living IN the damn house, when they'd obviously be MUCH more "at home" on some wide-open plain in the Veldt? Idiocy like this is becoming too much the "norm" these days.
*** Lastly, human nature can do a great many things both FOR us in life, as well as AGAINST us, depending upon how WE choose to put it to work.
You will hear many people say "Well, that's only human nature", when they see something happen.
It could be something stupid like that attempted bank robbery, OR it could be the selfless act of rescuing a person from a burning vehicle.
Human nature is comprised of a myriad of responses, both emotional and logical...sometimes, a melding of both.
Some folks operate solely upon the instincts that fuel such behavior, while the rest of us will weigh the causes and effect, determine the consequences, and then act appropriately.
The amazing thing, is that we can often do this in mere SECONDS, because we have been TAUGHT (by parents, teachers, mentors or even self) to understand such things.
And I believe that THIS is just "human nature" at work...for the best.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

Funny thing, for FIVE years, old Jimmy was a good boy, then, all of a sudden, he gets BACK into "the game"...

Or maybe he just hadn't been caught in five years. But that's my cynical nature talking. :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
If you're cynical, than so am I...
I only posted the ALLEN COUNTY arrests.
Hey, we ain't CYNICAL...we're PRACTICAL (and logical)...

Now how much you want to bet that he's got priors in OTHER states?
There were two other court recorsd for OWEN county, IN (1994-95), but "OUR" perp doesn't quite look like the:
"I love Cataract Falls"
...kinda guy.
(it's down in the SW part of the state)

Thanks for rolling on up today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

I told Laurie, "I recognize that name. He's been busted before recently." Yep.

Bob G. said...

IT makes me wonder about the recidivism rate in this city.

Time and time again, we see this EXACT situation pop up - a person ALREADY "in the system", either awaiting a hearing or still on probation...goes and does something that gets them tossed in jail AGAIN...just so they can get right back out and repeat the process.

Talk about a weird-ass form of "job-security" for the local law-enforcement...like having OTIS THE DRUNK in town...you KNOW he's good for a collar a week...lol.

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

You stay safe up there.