02 May 2012

Humpday Happenings...
A little bit of fog after some rain, with 2-hour school delays greet us this morning.
Actually, that's not a bad beginning down here in the ghettohood...
It's LESS NOISY than usual...lol.
But, before we get into the "meat and potatoes" of today's post, we've got something to take care of FIRST.
And that's today's military quote, also known as WHO SAID THAT?.
"Men with a sharpness of mind are to be found only among those with a penchant for thought."
Now who said that anyway? (it wasn't Patton, or Max, or even Churchill)
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back on the firing range...
*** When I mention that the beginning of another month (down here in our very own ghettohood) is a portent to 30 or so MORE days of the same old crap (all over again), and here's proof positive how correct I am with such assessments.
A shooting at a local bar sends one to the hospital.
Here's the link:
Now, Foster's Sports Bar is located at that intersection where Lafayette, McKinnie, Clinton and Lexington all converge (kinda like a skewed sort of"5 points" ).
A Marathon station was put up across from it in the last two years (like we needed ANOTHER convenience store in this part of town).
I know of a few people (who I would NEVER associate with) that frequent the bar (daily), and they're FAR from being reputable folks. Think alcoholics and druggies, and those are the better clientele.
NO description of the shooter, NO one heard shots fired, and patrons only knew about the shooting when a rash of lights and sirens filled the parking lot.
The good news is that cameras at the Marathon station MIGHT provide a lead to who shot the man...maybe.
This intersection is one of those that you wouldn't want to be stranded at, especially AFTER the sun goes down.
People roam around the area all day and all night...every day and night.
Typical SE side behavior from the locals.
The victim of the shooting has been upgraded from critical to serious.
The investigation IS still ongoing.
*** And while we're on the subject of GUNS, how's THIS for getting a better education?
A (soon-to-be EX) student was caught yesterday at Wayne High School with a pistol on their person.
(Imagine THAT)
Here's the story link:
Nice to know an 18-year old can snag a NAME BRAND firearm like S&W for "show and tell", hmm?
And to have it fully LOADED on school grounds...NOT the smartest thing to do.
Naturally, FWCS spokesperson, Krista Stockman could not comment until the police finish their investigation.
I say you GOT the gun...you GOT the student...no one GOT hurt...as far as FWCS is concerned...case closed.
It's up to the JUDICIAL system to screw this up now.
The student will be disciplined in accordance to the FWCS behavioral code.
That means either a suspension, OR a visit to the "alternative" program at Ward Youth Center (which Stockman COULD comment on).
The student, QUANTAE JACKSON, 18, of the 4800 block of Gaywood St. was being held in lieu of $10,750 bail and faces one count of misdemeanor possession of a firearm without a license, and one count of felony possession of a gun on school grounds.
Any bets on his ethnicty? Doesn't sound IRISH to me.
Yes friends, another upstanding member of the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE community gets his just desserts.
To think the FWCS does not, in any way, shape, or manner, ALLOW it's EDUCATORS to be anywhere as "well-armed"...amazing.
Gotta love it.
*** Another lawyer "targeted" on the NW side of town?
Here's the story link:
Police are suspecting a connection to the shooting of David Kuker last month with THIS shooting at a house of a colleague of Kuker.
Jeffrey Goeglein lives a mile from Kuker's Shorewood subdivision house in the Falls of Beaver Creek off of Illinois Rd.
His house had two bullet holes in a rear window.
Both men work for the same law firm.
Increased patrols by the FWPD in the neighborhood could be expected, but police said there would be no officers watching other attorneys for the firm, as they don't have the manpower to do that.
I can CERTAINLY concur that the FWPD doesn't have the "manpower", otherwise I WOULD see a patrol around MY part of the ghettohood ONCE IN A DAMN WHILE.
I've stated numerous times that the FWPD is woefully short-handed when it comes to the number of police they NEED on the streets versus the number they actually HAVE.
Our whole ratio of police to citizens is BELOW the national average.
The department therefore, is more REactive than PROactive, and the lack of manpower demonstrates that to no small end...
*** Lastly today, we've seen instances where playing with guns in some manner has become the "advocate of choice" when it comes to handling life's problems.
And we can also plainly see that such methods are NOT those that reasonable  and responsible people would employ.
We can argue gun control until the cows come home, and we all lose our voices, but to do so is not going to prove the point that it is NEVER about controlling GUNS...it's about controlling PEOPLE, or to be more correct, the IMPULSES of those people to utilize a deadly weapon.
Same can be said for people who drive while under the influence...a vehicle can ALSO be a deadly weapon.
A little bit of common sense could avoid such things as vehicular accidents and homicides on our streets, roads, and highways.
Now, you can't legislate stupidity (a damn shame), but you can always make things (real) uncomfortable to those who would substitute reason for dumbassery.
Don't go after the guns...go after those who haven't the brains they were born with who are getting them...take THEM to task and lock THEM the hell up.
This nation could have NEVER become free from England's overbearing rule unless people were ARMED...good, decent, law-abiding people at that.
And with the problems we encounter today with irresponsible people who manage to GET guns, we clearly see that much of the freedoms we USED to enjoy are falling by the wayside.
We should never allow that to happen.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Yeah, those rough neighborhood bars were big police call generators for us.

I remember when I was working my college job with a big huge middle-aged guy who was a recovering alcoholic. He told me that those neighborhood bars got him into more trouble than anything. His second suggestion to anyone who would listen (after avoid the evils of too much drinking) was to only go to the nicer restaurants if you wanted a drink--avoid neighborhood hangouts like the plague.

And, send us some sunshine when yo get a chance--fog and rain here today as well.

Bob G. said...

The sunshine's on the way (USPS might be running a bit behind, but that's the gov't for 'ya...lol)

There used to be a time when such "watering holes" were a LOT more civilized...but still a bit "blue" when it came to language.

Barfights back in Philly (when I was growing up and even thorugh my teen years) were practically NON-existent.

It's all about how we've changed, generationally-speaking.
And with such change, comes the "fun" stuff...like crime.

That middle-aged guy you mentioned seemed to "know his way around the block" with his call. Lessons learned, eh?

I've got an upcoming post about ANOTHER one of these places (that used to be rather reputable) even CLOSER to our "fortress".
(Gotta work on that)

I think you could place the ENTIRE FWPD department (over 400+ officers) down HERE on the SE side, and maybe...just MAY-BE you might start making a dent in ALL the crime that goes unnoticed.
(and laws that go unenforced, due to all the radio-chasing).

But hey, it's NOT like I know ANYTHING about such stuff...I just "live the adventure" daily.

Thanks a lot for dropping by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Crap, I guessed someone whose name I can pronounce. How 'bout this- see if you can get the Civil War General I guessed?

Bob G. said...

Nice try...close, but you missed it by only 580 years...sorry.

As to MY guess for YOUR guess?
I dunno why, but Gen. Stonewall Jackson would come to mind...
(fanned on the wrist-shot, right?)

The answer might surprise you.
See 'ya here tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping on by and commenting.

You all stay safe up there.

CWMartin said...

Actually I was on the other side... I thought that would be the kind of philosophical musing McLelland would come up with while he was busy sitting on his ass doing nothing.

Bob G. said...

THat would have been a good call.
Wopuldn;t ahve thought of "do-nothing-George".
AT least he WAS good at OVERESTIMATING the size of the enemy forces...LOL.

I LOVE what Lincoln said when he placed GRANT in charge of the army:
"I cannot spare this man...HE FIGHTS!"

Thanks for stopping by and clueing me in.
Stay safe.