16 May 2012

Humpday Happenings...

Lots of stuff to get our hands into this morning...some you might find interesting, some enlightening, and some you might even find entertaining.
Whatever the case may be, let's get busy living, because getting busy dying ain't got much of a future, n'est-ce pas?
*** First of, as is the case on WEDNESDAYS here, it's time for our military quote of the week -AKA - WHO SAID THAT?
(And this ties in wonderfully with the new fence we have now.)
"The art of defending fortified places consists of putting off the moment of their reduction."
So...who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post (and NO cheating...right, Mrs. Bobby G.?...LOL)
Meanwhile, back at the ramparts...
*** Our new fence went up yesterday morning, and it looks spectacular...!
I was joking to Wifey that by doing THIS, we just jacked UP the property values of everyone else in the immediate ghettohood by several CENTS...!
(uh, oh)
I can see that NEXT property tax bill...gonna probably cost us a whopping DIME more...might even get up back UP to last years $89.00 mark...for the WHOLE year...!
Oh, the troglodytes are REALLY gonna hate us NOW...LOL!
(screw them)

The fence is all CEDAR, with galvanized STEEL posts (as requested), is as STRAIGHT as an arrow, and level enough to balance an EGG on!
Now THAT is some quality craftsmanship!
My "Pros from Dover" were Nick (left) and Jerry from GLEAVE construction...right down on Decatur Rd.
I have NEVER seen a nail gun used SO expertly in my life...sounded like a damn .30 cal light machine gun going the hell off...he was THAT fast (AND accurate). Even roofers aren't that quick (least the ones I've seen and heard).
Oh, and in case you were wondering, ALL the fence is made up of INDIVIDUAL planks...and not "pre-fab" panels like you can scarf up over at Menards.
The difference is rather remarkable when a fence is put up in THIS manner...kinda like the difference between MOM'S pies and those you buy in the store (Mom's tasted better)...the fence was "homemade"...completely.
I really can't say enough about Gleave, and the two fellows I had on our work site.
Nick and Jerry represent what is meant by MADE IN AMERICA...quality work by quality people, working for a quality business.
Yeah, this outfit shot up to the top of MY list of places to do business with...and I'm making my OTHER list of jobs in the near future.
Hey, I figure any place (and workers) that the CHILDREN'S ZOO wants doing THEIR work...MUST be damn good enough.
And I was certainly NOT disappointed one damn bit.
If you have the need for framework, fencing, doors, or even concrete and steps, give them a look-see and chat 'em up.
Here's their website, too:
And no, I'm not getting any discounts or one devalued Washington for saying what I have about these men and the company they work for.
I just ALWAYS give credit where it's due, and these folks have earned my respect and my trust.
I just say what I mean...and mean what I say...it's that simple.
Moving onward...
*** The FWPD gets a 1% raise...!?!
Well, it's been OVER a year in coming...and was approved last night at City Council's meeting
Here's the story:
Now, the FOP has to start working on the NEXT contract...it's like Deja Vu...all over again.
And that 1% increase applies only to the 76 sergeants and lieutenants in the department, which is on track with the 1% increase seen by most FORT WAYNE employees. It will be a retroactive raise dating back to 2011.
*** In a related story, the FWPD closed down 67 drug houses in 2011 (and why didn't I see any in MY area close?).
The REAL trick is the amendment to the city''s drug house ordinance that NOW extends to any and all BUSINESSES that deal in synthetic pot, otherwise known as SPICE...and we're pretty much talking about ALL those damn gas stations / convenience stores that dot MOST of the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side of town.
Here's the lowdown on this:
I think we're moving in the right direction (for once) with this addition to the ordinance....IF it can be ENFORCED (unlike many other ordinances that are kicked to the curb and all but overlooked).
Now, about those 67 houses that were shut DOWN...
(( ahem ))
If I were chief of the FWPD (the city would NOT be prepared for such an epiphany...nor would the "crims and yo-yos" - those that yell out "YO...YO"...lol). one of the FIRST things I would have done regarding the houses we closed...would be to PUBLISH every single LOCATION, the names of any and all RESIDENTS connected with these houses, as well as the LANDLORDS (or other owners) of these dwellings.
Make it KNOWN TO ALL who was there and who's been part and parcel to this.
That way, if one of these landlords wants to buy even MORE houses (and Lord knows we have way too many available for "purchase"), it would send up a RED FLAG, that MAY-BE this person is NOT the most reputable.
Ditto for the residents who had that "common nuisance" working...let everyone know WHO THEY ARE...in case they want to "set up shop" in another, perhaps "nicer" neighborhood...like YOURS.
We post the *4-1-1* for SEX OFFENDERS...same SHOULD apply to DRUG OFFENDERS (dealers).
That would be a DAMN GOOD START anyway (imho).
BTW, I suppose we can NOW include those 67 houses in the mix with the over 400+ houses to be RAZED...or perhaps those SEVERAL THOUSAND others that are sitting vacant and "unowned" by either person or bank?
In any city, an EMPTY house is a house NOT producing revenue the city needs, and those empties that bring DOWN the value of other houses around them only further REDUCES the income for that city.
Pretty easy stuff to figure out, isn't it?
Yeah, a little bit of KNOWLEDGE can be marvelously dangerous...in the right hands (and mind).
Be nice if the MEDIA would somehow latch onto such things...and run with them, instead of avoiding them like the damn plague.
*** Lastly today...you hear me say a lot of things here, much of it with a recurring "theme"...
You can't get to my age without picking up a few things along the way, whether it's knowledge, wisdom, courage...whatever.
If you don't, you ain't trying hard enough...and you SHOULD be.
Life is not meant to be an endless pile of "E-Ticket" books for all the cool rides at Disney world...sorry, hate to burst your bubble, but that's the way things are. Life is filled with those hills, valleys, wrong turns, roundabouts, stop lights, yield signs, and so on...
Therefore, life is to be PAID ATTENTION to...much like when you're driving.
The only difference comes in what we determine our "destination" to be.
When we're driving a vehicle, the answer becomes elementary.
When dealing with life, it might not be as simple...and there's a reason for that.
We are ALL meant to be more than we have settled for to date.
Every one of us has a specific set of goals or achievements we'd like to see happen, and we have to work through the "best route" to get there.
Sure, we might encounter detours, and maybe a fender-bender or two, but although such things might slow our journey, we must never be allowed to stop altogether. Let''s save that for the big "dirt-nap" instead.
Each day is a gift...and a challenge as to how we will advance through it.
And we should accept that, all the while never taking our eyes off of what we need to do, what we have to do, and in the order we should proceed, so that we CAN in fact "pursue that happiness" granted us by our founding documents.
That is much of what our freedom is based upon.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Gleave must be happy with such an honest and thorough pimping. Nice to hear about an outfit who could WORK for Mike Holmes rather than be cleaned up after By Mike Holmes.

Bob G. said...

I forgot to tell the guys from Gleave what my web address was (here), so aside from you faithful few, dunno HOW many folks will see it?
(maybe some of those that never post will be nice enough to "pass de woid"...lol.

Like more than a few things in life...you LEARN from (or by) experience.
And brother, we've had OUR share of that down here...

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there.

ms nk rey said...

Your fence looks fantastic. I love seeing little glimpses of your world.

gadfly said...

Nice fence, Bob G.! Now your place is beginning to look like the Old Fort stockade - but that picket fence will have to go.

Don't ask why, but my mind just flashed to George Pickett - and any Pennsylvanian worth his salt knows George.

Bob G. said...

Thanks...glad you like it.
It is really nice.

But, truth be told...I would gladly do without it, should I be fortunate eniough to have a view like YOURS out back...
(no fence required there, right?)

We only do what we have to.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and commenting.

You stay safe down there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah...we're working on our very own version of FORT APACHE...lol
(just like the playsets we had as kids...only BIGGER)

And, just for the hell of it, I asked the workers if they COULD build us a "watch tower"...

Nick said "I don't see why not...we can do that".
I mean, they DID build a giraffe viewing platform at the zoo!

God, I love a person with a creative streak and the ability to make it reality!

(bet the CITY would give it a THUMBS DOWN, though...spoiled sports)
That's why we don't have a MOAT (with crocs)

George Pickett...very good guess (and sounds like something he'd say, but he was usually on the OFFENSIVE and rarely defended).

You would have thought that Bobby Lee could have figured that out as well (as he DID have to defend, and on more than one instance).

You'll like the answer to the quote, I think.

Thanks for spending a little time here today and commenting.
much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.