31 May 2012

More Things That Make 'Ya Go "Hmm"...

We'll be tackling the title of today's post in a minute, but we've got some other things to cover first.
-- Today's weather...NICE (for a change) with a GOOD chance of something we call RAIN coming later today into tonight...at least that's what we're hearing from the weather-folks. Temps will top out in the lower 70s...suh-weet!
-- The answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Humility must always be the portion of any man who receives acclaim earned in the blood of his followers and the sacrifices of his friends."
This was attributed to none other than General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower, (12 June 1945, address to London).
If you want a WIKI...your wish is my command, so here it is:
He didn't do bad for a person of Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry...he and I have that much in common.
His life is an amazing study and worth the time to read about it.
Here is another quote of his that I find wonderfully timeless in days such as these:
"If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking... is freedom."
Truly, a great man in many ways...
Meanwhile, back at the farmhouse...
*** An update to the woman found shot to death in an idling car on the near NW side of Ft. Wayne:
Here's the story link:
Emily Diane Housholder, 38 was the victim of a gunshot wound to the head, and is listed as the latest homicide.
The media is saying FIFTEEN, but I am claiming SIXTEEN, because the person found dead at the house on Lafayette street is STILL not listed as a homicide...more about that after this.
The car was NOT a LEXUS as first stated by media sources, but rather a 2012 Hyundai Equus. The vehicle windows were all intact, but one door was open and allowed FWPD officers inside. No weapon was found on scene. No one reported hearing gunshots...then again, no one cared that much to see a vehicle idling for HOURS either. Desensitized to something out of the ordinary...told you that people are getting this way.
The vehicle had a dealer plate, and police traced it to the dealership where Housholder's husband works. He is NOT a suspect, and has provided information that police are following up on.
Investigators have an idea as to a motive, but are withholding it until more information becomes available.
What I found were three traffic citations in Allen County (2002, 2005, 2006) for failure to wear seat belt and exceeding speed.
There was one citation from New Haven in 2011 for tailgating, so clearly, she ain't no "gangsta".
Her address was listed as
(2002) 1836 Wheeler St.Fort Wayne, 46808
(2005-present) 11604 Fox Valley Run, Fort Wayne, 46845
I dunno, but that kinda sounds like a "jacking" gone wrong...too many questions and too few answers right now.
*** The man found dead at the house in the 2500 block of S. Lafayette St has been ID'ed.
Here's the story link:
Joshua E. Frisby, age 26 was the victim.
NO gun was found at THIS scene, either...
The only thing found as far as "rap sheets" go was ONE citation for unsafe lane change back in 2011, so HE doesn't appear "thuggish" in nature, either.
His address THEN was listed as:
11615 Hardisty Rd. Fort Wayne, 46845
Now the REALLY odd thing is that BOTH of these victims are supposed to be from the 46845 zip code...BUT both were found somewhere OTHER than near that area...isn't that curious?
Is there something going on in 46845?
That's one HELLUVA coincidence, don'cha think?
If THAT doesn't make you go "hmm...", I dunno what will.
*** Well, perhaps THIS story about teenage life gone bad might.
Here's the link:
Stephen Perez, age 18 was at the wheel of the vehicle being pursued by local police Tuesday evening.
After the chase, during which Perez drove against traffic, over curbs and onto sidewalks, he bailed and ran toward a house, but police caught him, took him to ground and gave him the old "Cuff N Stuff".
Perez was found with 9 grams of marijuana in his possession.
His address was listed as being in the 1800 block of Webster St. and he's currently a guest of the Allen County lockup with a $7K bail.
*** By this time tomorrow, our bathroom sink will be fixed good as new...or somewhere (as we used to say) "close enough for government work"...LOL!
And that means that right after I finish HERE, I'm off for an "emergency cleanup" of the aforementioned lavatory.
I don't want to give the plumber the impression that our "fortress" has anything approaching a "ghetto-esque" appearance to it.
Scrub the floor, clean off all the fixtures and counter top, do the mirrors, get all the "stuff" from under the sink vanity removed so the fellow has some room to maneuver (and I can tell you that even for ME, that's one TIGHT FIT...kinda like "Charlie's tunnels" in the 'Nam...only NO rats, bugs, snakes, or other things to ruin one's outing.
Hopefully, he'll leave our humble abode with a sense that there STILL ARE real honest-to-God NORMAL folks that live down here and DO care about their house...and the area in general.
That's just the way we shake...we do "normal" REAL well.
Other folks around here?
Not so much.
Heard one of our "problem" houses going at it verbally last night...can't recall hearing the F-bomb used by two people SO damn much in quite sometime.
Thought it was a damn longshoreman's get-together for a moment on the Philly docks..LOL.
I wonder if the woman who was cussin' up a storm with her male buck cares if her MOTHER knows she eats with that same mouth?
Apparently, being "entitled" entitles you to act in a reprehensible manner loud enough to be heard half a block away.
Well, I have a feeling they might be moving...most all of them do...sooner or later.
*** Lastly today, saw the end to the Hatfields and the McCoys...very good series and I recommend it to anyone that wants to know about the "feud" or has family members that are always on each other's ass.
Either way, you'll learn something.
And what we ALL need to learn, is that there are those among us who simply do NOT play by the SAME rules; rules meant to provide freedom and liberty, as well as security and safety for everyone.
Those that swim "against the current" and provide nothing but statistical evidence in their wake of nonsense, crime, and otherwise exhibit what NOT to do with one's life, need to be taken to task, so that others don't have to suffer needlessly at their hands.
They used to call it being PENITENT, hence the word penitentiary...a place where bad people went to think about what they did wrong,. and to atone for the mistakes made.
We need to (again) enact punishment for those harming the innocent, and anything less is something we used to call INJUSTICE.
Funny, never saw THAT word mentioned in our founding documents...only JUSTICE...as in FOR ALL.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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