10 May 2012

They're At It Again...

Today, we're going to be taking a look at some people (and things) that have some sort of recurring "theme" to them...some good...others, not so much.
I think you may even find that a few things are damn near unbelievable, but remember...we ARE all living on Bizarro World now.
*** First up though, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Given the same amount of intelligence, timidity will do a thousand times more damage in war than audacity."
This was attributed to Major-General Carl Von Clausewitz, On War 3.6,1832, tr. Michael Howard and Peter Paret, 1976.
And wouldn't you just KNOW it...he's got a WIKI of his very own:
Consider Carl one of those "romantics" when it came to warfare, who stressed the MORAL (psychological) and political aspects to war.
When serving as an aide-de-camp during the Napoleonic wars, he was captured and held in France from 1807-1808. After being released, he returned to Prussia to help in the reform of the Prussian army and state.
He was most noted as a military theorist who looked at the philosophical aspects of war.
Much of his works are still studied today.
The WIKI is a pretty good read by someone often overlooked when it comes to military history.
We owe MUCH of our own strategies to this man, and would be well to remember him.
Meanwhile, back at the military academy...
*** Obama swings a gate in the OTHER direction...
I hear our fearless leader has decided to REVERSE his view on gay marriage...JUST in time for the election.
Who could have NOT seen THIS one coming?
It's called FISHING FOR VOTES, because even members of your OWN party are jumping ship.
This isn't so much about legitimizing GAY marriage...it's more about devaluing the sanctity of CONVENTIONAL marriage (imho).
Gays can pretty much get hitched in more than a few states already, and I've no problem with them wanting to JOIN TOGETHER in some partnership or union. I'd much rather have gay couples living around us than the human flotsam we currently have, that's for sure,.
Now, I'm not going to get into the BIBLICAL aspect to this (man should not sleep with man, nor woman with woman...and so on...) as God has set down HIS laws for that. If people wish to break those laws, that's on THEM and not me...
I do find it amusing that many gays are STILL not on board with Obama even after his "revelation"...guess they can see the forest for the trees.
Obama is putting his baited hook in the waters and will wind up with a clean hook when he pulls it out. The "fish" are smarter than he realizes.
*** Two more shootings in Fort Wayne with one fatality.
Here's the link to this story:
Now, we can't say this is homicide number TEN...yet, as there was a suicide threat called into police before the shootings took place.
A 77 year-old man was found dead on scene and a 53 year-old man was taken to hospital in serious condition.
And amazingly enough, it didn't happen on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of town.
Police say there was no sign of forced entry to the house.
(( Update - 1430 hrs: The younger victim has also died and it appears to be a father and son who were involved in these shootings.
Here's the latest story:
They were identified as Glen R. Lantz, 77, and his son William D. Lantz, 53,both of Fort Wayne.
Glen Lantz was found dead in a home on Charlotte Avenue.
His cause of death is gunshot wound(s), and has been been classified as a homicide.
William Lantz died at the Parkview Regional Medical Center late Wednesday night. His cause of death is a gunshot wound of the head, and his manner of death is suicide. ))
Well, there we have it...homicide number TEN.
Neighbors on Charlotte St. seem to be in disbelief over this...
I say, welcome to life in (the new) Fort Wayne.
I will maintain that this city is headed to a precarious position when it comes to police "protection" of it's citizens.
There are too few officers and too many criminal activities...a bad balance.
Not to mention that I personally feel that not enough is being done by the command staff to PREVENT crimes.
Anyone (so trained) can arrive AFTER something occurs and do the investigation...
And there IS loads of help for those suffering from depression, so that's a non-issue for me.
But being able to regularly and actively PATROL areas assigned, notice trends, getting to know specific hot spots and the people found there in order to stop crimes BEFORE they happen is the REAL key when it comes to the whole "protect and serve" gig...everything after that is "damage control" (for the bosses as well as the politicians).
One should look no further than the "ongoing investigation" into the raced-based mob attack by blacks on two white reporters in Norfolk, VA.
And here's that story link from an independent site (pretty good read):
We won't get into the ramifications if the races were REVERSED, because we can easily predict the outcome and fallout with certainty.
But you DO have to wonder when these two innocent people have to resort to suing the Norfolk Police over the nonchalance displayed by those investigating this attack. Even Bishop E.W. Jackson (R- candidate for senator, VA), who was featured on last night's O'Reilly Factor spoke out about how mismanaged the Norfolk Police investigation has been as well as the black community's stance and what blacks are willing to "settle for"...a beautiful man with a real clarity of reason. Now, if THIS man ran for President, he'd get MY vote in a heartbeat.
*** Well, yet another study says they figured out HOW the dinosaurs died.
(I do hope you're sitting down for THIS one)...
They FARTED themselves to death!!!
Hey, I don't make this sh*t up...here's the story link + video:
Yep, those damn dinosaurs warmed the earth by farting TOO damn much...
I guess Michelle Obama will be wanting to ban BEER, CABBAGE, and BEANS next...LOL
(and don't forget broccoli...)
The food Nazis will come calling to make sure YOU don't contribute to global warming with all YOUR flatulence. Sales of BEANO will skyrocket!
Such lunacy from civilized man...where will it end?
Apparently, not DOWN UNDER...
*** A "new" AUSTRALIAN study says that watching TV shortens your life...
Yeah, sure...go ahead and say it...this IS a "WTF???" moment....!
Here's the link:
The thing I find MOST hilarious about this, is that the story was published WAY back in AUGUST of 2011...BUT, it just showed up in TODAY'S paper...so, what exactly took SO DAMN LONG?
(someone was probably WATCHING TV and forgot?)
The story claims it's the SEDENTARY aspect to TV viewing that is supposedly causing the shortened lifespans...
(( rolls eyes ))
And we're all living consistently LONGER since TV was invented...WHY (again)?
Now, I honestly love the Aussies...beautiful cities, gorgeous outback territories, real cool accent, Crocodile Dundee, Mad Max, and I admire their determination for taking a penal colony and turning into a REAL paradise, but who the hell is this loon with this study, and why is anyone even listening to him?
I think he's a libtard transplant from Columbia University...lol
Oy, mate...put another shrimp on the barbie, toss me a Fosters, and change the channel to FOX news.
And mind those JOEYS.
*** I really like DAWN dish washing detergent...one of the best greasy food remedies in the damn kitchen...
But they changed up on us...for the THIRD time since Obama took the White House (blame Bush, right?)
About FOUR years ago, the small size bottle was 14.7 fl. oz.
Cost $.99...a decent BARGAIN, right?
Then, about a year later, the size DECREASED to 10.3 fl. oz...but at least the PRICE remained the SAME...$.99.
A few weeks ago, I was looking at the bottles in the grocery, and noticed the size DECREASED YET AGAIN...to 9 fl. oz.
But this time, it wasn't even $.99, but $1.09.
This sure makes a good case to CHANGE UP to perhaps AJAX or even PALMOLIVE dish washing detergent (twice the size - damn near 18 fl. oz. for the original price of DAWN - $.99...!
I mean, aren't our budgets ALREADY stretched out tighter than a drum head?
I am NO devotee to "name brands"...and with good reason.
They don't buy anything with MY name on it (not that's there's anything out there TO buy with my name on it), so I feel no allegiance to buy anything simply because of it's product NAME. Ditto for clothing.
I feel if you're gonna screw over the consumer by down-sizing your product and making it appear to be the same size (which you could easily mistake, unless you not READ THE DAMN LABELS, like I do), then you just betrayed my trust IN your product.
And I will take my money elsewhere...where I will get a lot less screwed, thank you very much.
Grocery shopping USED to be a rote experience...go grab stuff you need, toss it in the cart, checkout and go home...boom, done.
Not anymore...
You have to PAY ATTENTION to damn near everything on the shelves...compare sizes, prices, and VALUE for the buck you're tossing to the cashier.
In today's economy, we have to be AS SMART (if not smarter) than those marketing these products, unless we all really DO have money to burn.
(which most of us do not)
*** Lastly today...where does all this craziness end?
If we're not dealing with politicians who are having revelations and flip-flopping like a frog on a hot plate, we're being bamboozled at the checkout line at our neighborhood grocery, all the while being told that farting is bad for the environment.
Those of us who buy INTO all this claptrap are selling themselves short when it comes to practicality.
We can all do better...if we're seeing what being done all around us.
And if that means we start reading labels at stores...fine with me.
If it means we take public servants to task for the lack of investigatory prowess...that's works.
And if it means watching less TV...well, there I draw the line...LOL.
Hey, you gotta stop short of cutting off your nose to spite your face sometimes, right?
We, as a nation can ALL do better...and we should if only for ourselves, which, en masse, will help everyone in the long run.
And really, aren't we all in this to succeed, rather than fail?
I'd like to think so.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Obama has to be the most predictable A-hole in the universe. As soon as Biden and that other lackey came out of the White House closet, anyone with a lick of sense KNEW they were merely trail balloons. Is it safe to put my big toe in the water? Whadda piece of work!

Dinos farting? Please. Tell Michelle I got something for her if she comes here, and here's your clue what: What's motherless, fatherless, born without skin, hollers once and never hollers again?

And the TV story- double please. Probably late to make the papers because the editor was busy watching Glee.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I never knew WHAT the word INCOMPETENT really looked like before...now I do!

ROFL on your dinofart and TV life-shortening comments.

I was beside myself reading these two "gems"...and we were "BOTH" laughing our butts off!

This is SO much difrerent than the world I remember growing up in...that's for sure.

Hey, thanks a lot for stopping by and telling me how you REALLY feel.
I honestly enjoyed it!
(laughter IS the best medicine for whatever ails you)

You stay safe up there.

gadfly said...

Farting dinosaurs gave up 520 million tons per year, whatever that means, because we are talking about a gas which has volume and density and therefore has a variable specific gravity. The best I can do here is believe whwn they tell me that today's bovines are pumping out 200 billion pounds and you can barely detect any methane in our atmosphere which, through the first 100 kilometers is by volume, not weight, some 51 billion cu km.

Accounting is far easier than this, so I think that I will un-retire.

Keep those cards and letters coming. I'm outta here!

Bob G. said...


Physics was never my strong point, but the ACCTG gig I can relate to...LOL.

Maybe it was a better QUALITY of methane the cows are tooting out?

Funny, but when I looked up the word ASININE in the dictionary, it said:

(go figure)

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and t-account free) out there