04 June 2012

Monday Musings...

Welcome to another week of Springtime weather...with little of any chance of rain...until later this week (for US in ft. Wayne, anyway).
The East coast got socked with some severe weather, however.They even issued TORNADO warnings for parts of VA, like Norfolk.
I thought that only happened out HERE...in the "Heartland"?
Anywho, let's get busy with what's been going on since last we convened here.
*** Another homicide in Fort Wayne occurred Saturday around 0945 hrs..
Here's the story link:
Gregory Darnell Mitchell, age 58 was found by relatives in a house at 1911 S. Clinton St.
No sign of forced entry was discovered...and curiously, no GUN was found, but the C.O.D. (cause of death) was a gunshot wound.
No suspects and no arrests so far.
Now, Gregory had some criminal infractions going back to 1988, but the LAST one was way back in 2004 for driving left-of-center, operating while suspended, and false or fictitious registration. After that, not one single ticket or arrest for anything.
In THIS instance, people DID hear shots ring our earlier in the morning, but why no one in the neighborhood decided to check anything else out says much to our society these days.
It's the whole "desensitization" and apathy gig going on.
While this is being ruled the SIXTEENTH homicide for Allen County (so far), I'm claiming it's number SEVENTEEN, because we STILL haven't heard from the coroner regarding the death of 26 year old Joshua Frisby (of 2516 S. Lafayette St) yet, who ALSO was found dead with a gunshot wound.
This is becoming quite the mystery, regarding the homicide call in ONE shooting, but not another...that took place DAYS before the most recent one.
(( Editor's Note: We "officially" have homicide number SEVENETEEN...but it's NOT the one I mentioned, as chronicled in THIS News Sentinel story pubnlished today:
Now, since this is homicide number SEVENTEEN, I'm going to claim we actually have EIGHTEEN homicides total, because of the Josh Frisby shooting...so there. ))
Moving on...
*** Imagine seeing a stray hound running in the neighborhood, not really bothering anything...just got loose.
And then take one of our more "stellar" personalities that roam the area, rather than look for work and be a productive citizen.
Mix the two together and you have the possibility for animal abuse.
Saw this black couple walking around the area when they came across this stray dog...had it's tail wagging, too, so that tells me it's not going to attack, right?
Well, this "macho-ass" black male buck decides to grab a rock from MY pile at the end of our driveway (strategically-placed to keep people from wearing down our lawn when they exit saod alley), and take it with him, just waiting for the chance to toss it at this poor pooch...which is exactly what he did when the dog came close after they rounded the corner.
Luckily, he missed, because I didn't hear a yelp (he picked the rock back up and carried it away in his right hand), but that just says SO MUCH about the "quality" of people you find while traveling down here.
Imagine all that I see while LIVING down here.
Yes sir, takes a BIG man (in his own mind, obviously) to display the typical behavior we see daily, laced with all this aggression. Bet'cha he beats the ladies.
Hell, the damn DOG WAS BLACK, too...you'd think there'd be some sort of cross-species "KINSHIP" or something...guess not.
Don't know where the dog ran off to, but it didn't seem injured in any way.
I have this St. Francis thing going on with me...I love animals and I've only been bit ONCE (by my OWN dog, because I was young, was messing with her food, and was asking for it), but never by ANY other dog I've met, friendly or otherwise. Only had one instance where a dog came running up to our fence (got loose from down the street), barking it's damn head off and snarling...so I did what ANY person would do in my shoes:
I whipped out the AIRSOFT pistol I was carrying and popped a 6mm plastic BB off of it's skull!
That ALONE was enough to send it running...it's the "surprise" factor at work there. The dog wasn't expecting it, and knowing dogs from growing up with them, it made sense to act as I did.
But, I will NEVER go "out of my way" to harm a stray in that manner for the hell of it, like this piece of crap attempted to do.
I catch him doing anything like that again, I might have to "act on my own", and he won't like that at all.
Meanwhile, back at the kennel...
*** You KNOW I was going to watch that WANE show: FOCUS 15 - COLOR BLIND? this past Saturday evening, and I was not disappointed.
And by THAT, I mean, the questions AND answers I expected to hear were presented, which means NO ONE got to properly address the REAL problems...they all did the "PC-two-step".
Jonathan Ray, President of the Urban League here amazed me with his ability to define racism as being white on black...at least that's where he seemed to be coming from. Well, he IS black, and most ALL black "leaders" in THIS city are bent on one thing...black for black sake.
Racism IS a two-way street, meaning that increases of BLACK-on-WHITE crime is also racist, or race-based.
But they don't seem to want to talk about that...or even acknowledge it.
Funny, got a lot of WHITE victims across the USA that could argue THAT point quite well.
FWPD Chief Rusty York was his usual self...walking on eggshells, and not wanting to say that racism is ALSO found in other "colors" besides black and white...like BLUE. Much of the ghettohood is racist against anyone wearing (police) BLUE, and that's a damn fact.
Trust was bantered about like some badminton bird...back and forth, with no real conclusions being drawn.
The community distrusts the police and the police distrust the community.
To ME, from where I live...that makes sense, and why shouldn't it?
Some communities (and the inherent sub-cultures within them) will often defer to their OWN "brand" of justice whenever a wrong is perceived, let alone committed. They want THEIR law to prevail, screw the system and the societal laws. They operate in their own little realm,.
And the police have just cause to distrust such communities, because when a crime IS committed, whatever witnesses are on scene are rarely forthcoming with ANY useful information (snitches get stitches), and that's why "dey din see nuffin', man"...whatta crock of sh*t.
Larry Lee, a board member for the Urban League mentioned ONE thing he advocates (regarding "color-blindness" in the community) that should send people running from the damn room...SOCIAL JUSTICE...!
Whenever I hear ANYONE say that phrase, I know they're pushing that good old socialist agenda...no surprise that we see such things in the Urban League...(or the NAACP) is it?
Social Justice - where the government takes from YOU to give to someone else, usually UNdeserving. Gotta love that.
One professor from IPFW made an interesting point.
He stated that whites have PRIVILEGE (by and large)...really?
Funny, I don't FEEL privileged, and I certainly don't LOOK privileged.
When watching that, I was talking back to the TV (nasty habit when others speak with paper assholes) and countered HIS statement with:
So there you have it...a classic study akin to chess. PRIVILEGE vs ENTITLEMENTS.
The one thing in the show that made ANY sense was when the professor said that EVERYONE has some sort of PREJUDICE.
It's when we ACT upon that prejudice that it can become DISCRIMINATION...
Sounds about right to me, and I'm not even a sociology or psychology major...never was.
I am just an observer of human nature, and know what works well most times.
The show lacked the BASIS for the root cause of such problems of color, or discrimination, or even prejudice...
As always, it's not any THING...but every ONE...the PEOPLE are the cause.
And, they are also the solution (fortunately).
But there FIRST has to be an end to this "disconnect", as I prefer to call it - this belief that the (bad) blacks are not predatory, not criminal in nature, and are just pawns and victims of white oppression...that's plain old BS!
The black community has to acknowledge that it FIRST has a problem FROM WITHIN...much like a drug addict or alcoholic, before ANY treatments can be attempted.
The MEDIA is listed as being part of the problem...because they REPORT it.
The POLICE are listed as being part of the problem because they ARREST CRIMINALS in those badlands where minorities are the majority.
(btw, it's called CRIMINAL PROFILING for a reason, and it's got nothing to do with SKIN COLOR...just so's we're clear on that)
All the black community is famous for is pointing fingers at others, when in fact, they need to look in the damn mirror for much of their issues that affect their communities.
When Jonathan Ray was pulled over for a traffic stop, he was told by the officer: "If you have no warrants, you can go", Ray took that as a bit of an affront, and I have to ask WHY?
Police do that with ALL cars pulled over...that's called making all that damn technology WORK...and not wasting our tax money that bought most of it.
The police run the PLATE, your NAME (on the license), whether the license is CURRENT or expired, any restrictions, your INSURANCE (validity), and if nothing shakes, you probably get a verbal warning and off 'ya go.
That's WHY they DO that sh*t...so don't do things on the road that give the police cause for suspicion, or reason to pull you over (like running red lights, or swerving all the hell over the road).
People...and I mean everyone will judge you by the manner in which you present yourself...by dress, by speech, by posture, by actions...whatever.
So, doesn't it make GOOD sense to be the BEST you that you can be, if for no OTHER reason, than to give yourself a pat on the back?
Overall, the show was OK...Mark Mellinger was (as usual) a good host, and asked good questions. As to whether they were answered, well...you'd have to decide that on your own.
I think they (somewhat) were as far as I'm concerned, and based on what I know to be the truth about this part of town...
No perceptions...just stark reality.
Or, you can call it REALVILLE. That's the truth.
And as usual, the truth can be quite liberating...if you desire to be free.
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

And thus I didn't watch that program. Seeing a bunch of hand holding civic leaders scratch each others backs while whitewashing the subject isn't my idea of worthwhile time spent.

John D. said...

OK, the jerk throwing a rock at the dog has my blood pressure up. What a jacka$$. Sounds like a wannabe Michael Vick.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, that's kind of what I was expecting going into it, and therefore wasn't disappointed (in that regard).

As to addressing the REAL problems the precipitate race-based bias (on both sides of the color fence) and accompanying behaviors, THAT should have been the main focus...the PRENVENTATIVE measures that could be used...insteadd of all the finger-pointing.
WANE could do a MONTH'S worth of shows and after that, they "might" be closer to solving the problem...MAY-be.

Thanks for stopping on down today and commenting.

You stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I tried to get a picture of him TOSSING the rock, but the camera wouldn't reset fast enough...PLUS, my blood pressure was reaching "critical mass", as well.

I will say this, if he were ONLY a jacka$$, he probably would not have thrown the rock and moved on.
This behavior is truly reprehensible (imho).

(maybe it's their pheremones)

And now we know why SOME people don't deserve to have PETS...let alone CHILDREN, right?

Hey, thanks a lot for taking the time to stop over today and comment.
Much appreciated.

Roll safe out there.