26 July 2012

Thunderstorm Thursday...
Well, if the weatherperson has his (or her) way, that's exactly what we'll be seeing throughout the Midwest this afternoon...naturally, there ARE caveats included.
We might be ALSO be seeing high winds and hail.
(what...no FROGS or LOCUSTS?)
Cripes, not more tree limbs down...
Seems to me that we get the EXTREMES of the weather spectrum around here these days...feast OR famine, as it were.
So, before such things dampen our resolve, let's get busy with...the rest of the news, shall we?
*** First up, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Some men thrive on violence and killing. Some few enjoy it ecstatically. It takes but a small band of such men, armed and determined, to destroy a fragile society. If the worst thugs are not removed - or killed - the victimized society has no chance of reconstruction. Mass murderers do not reform, they just rearm. We love the idea of redemption, but the rest of the world wants revenge...those who thrive by the gun generally only understand a larger gun pointed at them. Violence cannot be halted without the will to respond in kind. Those who shake the hand of tyrants become their accomplices."
This was spoken by (ret) Lt. Col. RALPH PETERS, 'Sierra Leone's Blood Is On America's hands', Wall Street Journal, 11 May, 2000
Col. Peters is also a prolific author (fiction and non-fiction) and a contributor the FOX news channel...I've really come to admire the man.
Meanwhile, back at the Mess Hall...
*** The city says that the cleanup from the last bout of "severe weather" is going along nicely...
Here's the story link:
Now, some FACTS (that were omitted from the article).
We, here in the crotch of Fort Wayne have NOT (repeat, not) seen ANY city trucks coming through to "clean up" anything...at all.
We STILL have debris from the trees lining our curb strips...and some morons even placed it in the GUTTER, as I mentioned after the storm broke weeks ago...
City crews are beginning a SECOND PASS (so they say) looking for storm debris, and advise it must be at the curb by 1 August.
Are you people shitting me?
We haven't even seen a FIRST PASS...to date.
Sounds a lot like the LEAF PICKUP...we're ALWAYS supposed to get TWO pickups (as does the other three quadrants of the city...and yet, we ONLY GET ONE), and trees make no nevermind as to WHEN they decide to drop their foliage, so we DO have leaf piles...that sit and rot along the berms and curbs, unless some people get creative and rake them ALL into...(you guessed it)...the GUTTER.
We ALWAYS get the short end of the stick down here, and then wonder why things are going to hell...it's obvious.
And I've said it for a LONG time - the city (overall) doesn't give a rat's ass about OUR part of town, except when it's to feather some politician's hat
At this rate, by the time the city DOES get around to fixing all that is broke down here, the "broke" will have migrated into the other 3 quadrants (as it has already begun to do) and then the WHOLE city will be FUBAR...then we become another Detroit (where it can take up to 4 HOURS for police to respond) .
Yep...that's PROGRESS, folks.
*** New stats from Indiana claim that close to TWENTY-TWO PERCENT of the children are living in POVERTY...(oh, horrors!).
Here's the story link:
The stats represent a 30-year high (unlike the DAILY high most attributable to the flotsam that dot OUR part of the ghettohood) and the cause is laid at the feet of unemployed parents.
Nationwide, Indiana is still ranked at 31st when it comes to poverty (not as good as it should be), and statewide, the numbers are about 16.3% living in poverty. Here in Allen County, the rate is higher, and has dropped only slightly to 19.8% (some mooks moved back to Chicago or Atlanta, I'll bet).
Back in 2000, the poverty rate for kids in Allen County was 11.6%.
Wonder why they don't state what the rate was back in say...1980...or 1970?
(bet it was barely registering, so what's that tell us?)
The Indiana Youth Institute CEO says that they've noticed a significant increase in child poverty since 2000.
Guess that's what happens when Baby-Mama doesn't WANT to work, because being on the government teat is MUCH better than being productive, and then shacks up with whatever buck comes along and tells her what she wants to hear...as they make even MORE babies...nasty cycle, don't 'ya think?
Your tax dollars HARD at work (so the lazy don't have to be).
Some folks need to know what REAL poverty is all about...
Like in those OTHER nations elsewhere.
And while closely linked to poverty, child abuse and neglect actually DROPPED during the same period, and I find that curious.
I would agree that better intervention and prevention programs make some difference here, but suppose the children are "shuttled" being  back and forth between several households (as can often be the case)?
One house can "claim" poverty, while the child gets the needed amenities from another household...that's called FRAUD, and it IS rampant within the welfare/government assistance programs...make no mistake about that.
I believe that we have to find a better way to DEFINE what constitutes TRUE poverty in America.
Here's the WIKI:
If poverty means you DO have a cell phone, a car (with nice rims and stereo), all major appliances in the house or apartment, air-conditioning, a microwave oven, and a nice huge, honking big-screen TV in the living room...that's NOT what poverty really is.
Having a government-fed EBT card that's more easily recharged than a patio SOLAR LIGHT, just so you can dash out and get smokes, booze and some crunch N munch to go with that jug of orange drink and hot fries isn't living in poverty.
Owning the newest pair of "athletic footwear" (that cost over a $100 a pair) and wearing more bling than the Vegas Strip is not living in poverty.
But, apparently, THAT is exactly how we're portraying it nowadays...and that needs to change.
(or at least, the teat needs to be removed from a lot of undeserving mouths, to make room for those who DO need it)
*** And along the lines of food, there's THIS:
Yep, that DROUGHT we've been suffering through has begun it's own little domino-effect...starting with the crops, and winding up at the grocery checkout lanes. Now who couldn't see that one coming?
Ever since the recent recession a couple years back, (with the dumb-ass stimulus or "quantitative-easing", as the polticos call it) I've noticed food prices rising...and portions shrinking. I mentioned (here) about how breakfast CEREAL boxes have been getting SMALLER, as well as toilet tissue rolls and even dish-washing detergents (same price for less quantity...who the f$ck do they think they're fooling...I can READ packages...I paid attention in school and got a GOOD education).
But now, we can see prices rise a good, solid FOUR PERCENT...on top of the rises we've already been dealt.
Hardly seems fair, does it?
Now, this IS supposed to all take place NEXT year (if we survive the Mayan predictions), but you can bet the paycheck that we've BEEN seeing the effect already.
The price of grain has soared FIFTY PERCENT since June, and the trickle-down from that is all over the place from meats to sweeteners.
It makes me curious as to HOW this will affect the poverty levels of the children...and how it will impact the whole welfare program in general.
It also begs the question as to how much MORE will it cost everyone else as a result?
I don't begrudge the NEEDY anything they NEED, but when it becomes more of what they WANT, then I have to draw the line.
Maybe it's time to privatize the system, as well as find ways to create MORE private sector jobs for entry-level people...people who might HAVE to work in order to provide...kinda like the way things USED to be...when poverty levels were a helluva lot LOWER...with NO real government-sponsored "safety nets" to catch the fallen...and private charitable organizations managed to feed and clothe those IN NEED.
Wow...what a concept, eh?
The way things used to be...such a NOVEL idea...that WILL work.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

Sounds to me like the War on Poverty has turned out to be a real quagmire. We've been at it almost five decades, and still no victory in sight. I guess liberals should have taken their own advice and had an exit strategy before they committed to the fight.

Bob G. said...

John D.:

If the Libtards ever DID have an exit strategy, it's to make us ALL dependent upon the government...

My only (and biggest) problem with THAT train of thought, is HOW to pay for ALL of this SNAFU...and WHO exactly picks up a tab THAT big?

To me, I'd like to think we're making a larger gain with the war on DRUGS...than with the war on POVERTY.
Less fraud for one thing...lol.

Besides, I NEVER met a food that made people dumber than shit and high as a kite.

Still, I will admit to a specific "addiction" to certain ice creams and perhaps Dr. Pepper.
(("Hi, I'm Bob...and I'm a PEPPERHOLIC")

At best, the current welfare system is helping FEWER, while costing a GREATER amount. That's a lose-lose any way you shake it.
I suppose when the FOOD CARTELS get wind of this...we're screwed?

Hey, thanks a lot for rolling on up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.