10 July 2012

What's Important To Some...
Life is complex...that's a given.
It's not meant to be easy, because when things come to us easy, we just suck it all up and keep on going, never thinking twice...and that's when we should be learning stuff...stuff that can help US...and help others.
Nothing wrong with that, right?
Life is a constant study in a myriad of things, and some of them are:
1) Paying attention.
2) Prioritizing.
3) Trying to do well in whatever endeavor we find ourselves.
4) Being able to do for ourselves so that we can thereby help others.
5) Watching others and learning from their mistakes.
6) Learning what we need to know when we need to know it.
7) Not putting oneself at the "head of every parade".
8) Understanding who we are and what our goals might be.
-- There are many others, and I didn't even enter the realm of religion, but I think that these eight (simple rules) are the basis...the foundation for being a decent person.
I can't imagine many BAD folks that follow such rules and still get into trouble.
I also feel that these 8 ideas or perspectives can go very far when it comes to determining what is IMPORTANT in our lives.
To some people (and I use that word loosely, for THEIR behavior doesn't appear all that "human") when it comes to the "important" things in THEIR lives, they seem to have gotten some wires crossed in their primate skulls.
Take yesterday's story about the gun of that off-duty officer (who was hugged from behind) at a birthday party in Detroit.
The end result of some bad decision-making left one person dead, and begs the question of SAFETY, because it seemed to be lacking.
-- Then there's the moron who strapped those 4 children to the hood of his car as he drove (a few blocks) to the Belmont Beverage LIQUOR STORE to quench his thirst.
The result of that can be found here:
Yep...FOUR felonies...all for practicing that special kind of stupid.
-- And then there is THIS story about 2 separate incidents of children being left in sweltering vehicles over the weekend as what passes for a parent were "elsewhere".
A 16-month old survived the ordeal when "mom" went clothes shopping.
Meg Trueblood, 30, has been charged with a single count of neglect.
The 18 year old father of the 4-month old that died, one Joshua Strycanski is being held for negligent homicide of an dependent infant.
Both "parents" are from the Indianapolis area.
Yeah, SOME people have "busy lifestyles", as the article states...BULLSH*T!
No lifestyle is THAT busy that you would (knowingly or otherwise) place your infant at SUCH risk during the heat wave we had last week...
I'd have to say that someone's priorities were a bit on the SKEWED side...clothing over child safety?
Yeah, this IS a "WTF???" moment...!.
-- Or how about the fact that ever since the burn ban in Fort Wayne, we've heard fireworks of the CONSUMER type going off EVERY single night, some close enough to shake the house...?
Anyone in the FWPD care to convince me that they're "on the case" and attempting to find the culprit(s) and cit them?
Now, I've heard two numbers...148 and 176. These represent the NUMBER of fireworks CALLS into the FWPD dispatch over the 4th holiday...and yet, I've yet to see ONE stinking citation or jailing of the perpetrators, as our venerable Allen County Prosecutor, Karen Richards stated she (law-enforcement) would BE DOING....why is that?
Isn't it THAT "important" to you?
The safety of the houses in an area that's about as dry as the Sahara, due to this drought isn't worth a few collars?
And what about what's important to those setting OFF the aerials and mortars in the area?
Well, obviously breaking the law is MORE important that even their own safety (and definitely the safety of anyone and everyone living near them), but no one ever said that criminals were smart enough to figure such basic concepts out...right?
How about this story of a toddler that drown in the Salamonie Reservoir?
Here's the link to THAT story:
Again, those tasked with watching the toddler were busy "having fun"...too busy to see the girl wade into the water (off a sandbar) unnoticed.
DO we care so little about others and so much about ourselves that we negate certain basic responsibilities like raising a child?
Well, we can carry this over to DRIVING...as in not paying attention, or having our attention "diverted" elsewhere, especially while playing with a cell phone...the typical result of such lapses in attention often become the stuff of the 6 o'clock news with highway accidents or even fatalities.
Is it THAT important to be on the phone WHILE driving?
(unless you following America's Most Wanted trying to get their tag number)
Americans used to be a lot more caring (overall) as a people...we looked out for others as well as our own.
Today, those numbers have fallen dramatically.
And all the while, we keep touting our achievements while graduating kids who have no idea who the founding fathers were, when we declared our independence from which country and only knew Sam Adams from the BEER...not the man (and revolutionary patriot).
Yeah, I watch Bill O'Reilly...LOL.
-- Too many folks have too little knowledge (or wisdom) as to what is REALLY important in their lives, and sadly, too little care about why they should even give a rat's a$$ about it..something's certainly WRONG there, hmm?
Many have allowed the vices and temptations of today's world to trump the ability to make reason a "study-partner" in their lives.
What is important to THEM is the moment...the immediate...the "here and now", and that supplants any and all responsibility to themselves and certainly to their children and other people.
Now, I don't believe that what is important to THEM is anywhere as important to people like US...right?
The whole "self" thing used to always be a few notches down the totem pole when I was growing up...it was more about family and God and personal betterment through knowledge....dumb things like that...which happened to WORK a lot better than sloth, or irresponsible behavior and moral divisiveness.
-- To me, there is no excuse whatsoever for what these people choose to do, other than the fact that they're adept at making BAD choices...all too often, and at the expense of their children, if not total strangers.
We need to get the message across that such behavior isn't what founded this nation, nor caused it to grow and flourish over time.
But it can (and will) cause the downfall of us, if we don't make everyone aware that they need to step up, pay the hell attention and change their methodologies when it comes to what is important in ALL our lives...and it might not the self-effacing, "all-mighty" US.
To some, that might come as a shock...to others, an epiphany.
And I know there are many out there than could use the LATTER...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I wanted to add one thing one the baby that got roasted. Maybe it would have helped, maybe not. But my thought is, the idiots that come up withour safety rules tell you, "ALWAYS put the baby seat in the back". And then over and over, we see someone FORGET they're in the back, and this happens. Frankly, I think it is a STUPID idea to have the seat in the back when travelling alone, for JUST this reason. How often to YOU think, Mr. and Mrs. America, about the stuff in your back seat? Nice attempt, safety experts, but the Law of Unintended Consequences bites you over and over again on this one.

Bob G. said...

Excellent point...!

They don't want 'em UP FRONT due to the AIRBAG controversy (even with rearward-facing car seats...go figure).

Then again, in defense of all of us who DO check the backseat...I'd say a second or two of "prevention" (checking back there) is worth hours of angst ...and an unintended trip to the ER in a vain attemot to resusitate a dead infant.

Hell, I always look in the car after I get out and before I get back in (looking for someone trying to jack me - bad idea for them)...

But you know some women and clothes...
Maybe we can't properly legislate STUPIDITY, but we sure as hell can make it DAMN unfomfortable for others to remain in that state.

Hey, thanks for swinging by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

John D. said...

It never ceases to amaze me how some people ignore their kids. I used to see it all the time when I was working loss prevention. Mom's tooling up and down the aisles of the store while the kids wander all over the place. Purse? She's watching it like a hawk. Never lets it out of her sight. Kids? No idea where they are. They'll turn up. Eventually.

If anything, it's a wonder there aren't more tragedies involving children in this country.

Slamdunk said...

Wow, Bob I am not easily speechless, but the kids on the hood story got me.

I had to check the calendar to make sure it was not april fools, and click the link to make sure you weren't pulling my leg. And the driver was only .17 intoxicated--meaning he was not sloshed to make that decision? I don't have any insights on that one. Wow.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I know it scares the bejeezus outta me whenever I see ANY form of "neglect" on behalf of a parent these days...we're a LOT different world than when we grew up, and advantages WILL be taken by predators when they see an opening...

It's little wonder we actually NEED cameras all over the place, turning our society into some ORWELLIAN behemoth..and still, kids get under the radar and things still happen.

If educating these people about their priorities IS the answer, perhaps those running the show need to start asking the PROPER questions...
Just a thought, anyway.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment..
Roll safe out there.

Bob G. said...


It sure takes ALL kinds to pull off that SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID, doesn't it?
And not ALL the kids were HIS.
My archives from 9 MAY chronicle the "adventure" (original story).

The post includes the RAP SHEETS of both "guardians" (people like this can't reasonably be called PARENTS, imho).

Sometimes, it will leave a person speechless to see such things happen.
I just get pissed beyond belief.

Thanks much for taking time to stop on by today and comment.

You stay safe out there.