10 August 2012

Friday Follies...
A nice damp morning greets us after a night of thunderstorms and much-needed rain...(and about damn time, too).
Might even have to consider getting the LAWNMOWER back out and doing some trimming.
And, it's cooler than most days, with highs ONLY going into the upper 60s.
(be raking LEAVES next week at THIS rate...LOL)
So, let's get busy with our weekend, shall we?
*** First up, a story about a house...a stove...and FIRE.
Here's the link:
Yes, friends...yet ANOTHER house fire, sparked by an unattended stove.
This time, it was at 4865 S. Oliver St. on the city's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
(thanks for your participation)
The occupant suffered smoke inhalation, but was recued from the house, as were two dogs (who were probably NOT using that stove).
Another case of not knowing WTH you're doing...with the predictable results.
When all you DO is cookouts with a grill or fire pit, there's nothing REALLY to figure the hell out...it's aboriginal in nature, actually.
See how it works?
It's when you make things "complex" and toss idiots into a situation where they have CONTROLS on an APPLIANCE that need to be turned ON or OFF...no grill, no charcoal, no fire pit...it's called TECHNOLOGY...and it WORKS damn well...when utilized in the manner it was intended.
Food does not tend to itself, especially on a STOVE that's ON...it becomes a study in physics with the application of continued HEAT to certain biological items and metal containers.
I'll tell 'ya...if there is ONE street I wouldn't live on down here on a dare (beside MY street...LOL), it would be OLIVER STREET...whatta damn depository for the chronically criminal and stupid...that street has MORE sh*t going down along just a few blocks, than damn near anywhere else (except Eden Green, the epicenter of crime in many respects).
If your neighbor isn't trying to burn down his crib, he's being shot at.
THIS is what happens when the city doesn't give a rat's ass...and neither do many of the residents...chaos (on a good day)!
But wait...we're not finished YET...
*** A fire at an apartment complex chases out two tenants.
Here's THIS story:
Oops, here we go AGAIN....more idiocy involving morons, fire, and a stove.
This time, the fire was at the Hickory Mills Apartments  at 5804 Turtle Creek Drive near Paulding and Hessen Cassel Rd. on the SE side (where the hell ELSE would you expect this kind of sh*t?)
Two adults were evacuated from the property and slight smoke damage occurred at several other apartments.
This fire ALSO happened on the damn STOVE. (last time I checked, they still DO even come with INSTRUCTIONS with them)
And when people are not even cognisant of the method to USE a major appliance like a stove (or oven, God help us there), a portion of society is in DEEP, deep trouble.
I'd have to say that the engine companies of the FWFD are certainly EARNING their pay these days.
But, I'd also have to say that whenever you get these dumbasses that are moved into ANY house or apartment, there needs to be SOME sort of "qualification test" or EXAM issued to see If these people can do things for themselves on their own, without placing their neighborhood OR their own lives (and family) AT RISK...it's coming down to that...It's got to.
Find a way to see if these folks can be RESPONSIBLE individuals BEFORE they get a chance to torch the crib...
Maybe we'll find out that SOME people really AREN'T meant to handle appliances...(or automobiles...or firearms).
Just a thought.
*** The FAST AND FURIOUS scandal is taking a weird "turn" of late.
Now, suppose all those guns that were allowed to go across our border were NOT by accident, but done ON PURPOSE...and the purpose being to SUPPLY one major cartel (Sinaloa) with enough arms and ammo to off all the OTHER cartels...?
Impossible you say?
Check out THIS story from THE BLAZE:
Now, it could be a ruse on the part of the accused (in custody), but sometimes, songbirds DO produce a nice tune (that helps the GOOD guys).
It would NOT be the first time the U.S. has done such an OP...
Anyone remember IRAN-CONTRA?
Sound a bit too familiar?
This Fast and Furiious debacle has enough plausibility in it NOW (with this latest news) to warrant a lot more scrutiny, that's for sure.
*** At the London Olympics, we've pulled AHEAD of China in the overall AND gold medal race...AGAIN, and Great Britain wrested THIRD from the Russkies...again.
The U.S. track stars shined as expected, and that alone got us some medals.
Here's the breakdown:
GO USA...we're almost at the end of the games and I'd like to see us come out ON TOP.
*** Lastly today...it's always nice to go grocery shopping...meet a few new people, say hi to store staff, and to get bargains...IF you remember to BRING THE LIST.
Today, I did not.
But, I always have a fall-back plan...a PLAN-B (as should we all with much of our lives).
My plan is to rely on MEMORY, and at damn near 60 years old, it could be a bit dicey...except in MY case.
Wifey and I went with my memory, and came home to find we had gotten EVERY SINGLE ITEM on the list...!
Take THAT, you mental health researchers!
And with the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse lurking in the background, you're gonna NEED your MEMORY...and WITS about you.
So what better way to say "I Love You" to your significant other than with THIS beauty.

The PARATUS-16 rifle, made by DRD Tactical Arms, comes chambered for .308 - 20 round box mag (yeah, that'll stop ANY zombie at distance) that also breaks down and fits into something as small as a camera case (okay, a larger camera, but you get the idea).
Here's the lowdown on this remarkable weapon that IS available to CIVVIES:
Now that would make a perfect birthday gift, OR stocking stuffer for Christmas...
(hint to the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G.)
(Note to self - might need a slightly LARGER stocking.)
Just so you know...it retails for around $6K...the price of a NEW ROOF (for our house)...I think under THIS circumstance, we'll opt for the ROOF, and I can settle for something a bit less..."costly".
I prefer to be DRY first, then well kitted-out second...it's called PRIORITIES...LOL.
Here's their website...(like a kid in a candy store...lol)
Yeah, I could easily see myself mowing my lawn with THAT on a 3-point sling....!
Hopefully, the zombies will stay dead...and not UNdead for the time being.
It's like I say...you NEED to be PREPARED...and you NEED to be INFORMED.
Everyone should be to some degree, because that makes things in this country run a whole lot smoother.
In order to do this, you NEED to set PROPER PRIORITIES, too.
Some of the folks above obviously did not...I always like to TRY to, and if I fail, I learn from it and move forward again (and at least I haven't burned down a house yet "by accident"...heh, heh, heh)
As long as we draw breath, we have the opportunity to BE better...DO better...and WANT better...as long as we're willing to work to pursue our goals.
That's the E-ticket, friends.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

I think I'm going to add that PARATUS-16 to my Christmas list too. I won't get it, but a guy can dream, right?

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Roger that...!

(Don't worry - I probably won't get one EITHER...lol)

I think this might even rival that Beowulf that came out a couple years back.
With that .308 on board, it beats most anything out there in an AR platform.

Thanks for rolling on up today and commenting.

You have a good weekend and be safe out there,.