08 August 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the mid-week crisis known as WEDNESDAY, friends.
As is usual, we'll begin with our military quote of the week, otherwise referred to as WHO SAID THAT?
"Never lead soldiers into combat before having made sufficient trial of their courage."
So...who said that?
Answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile...back in the trenches...
*** Free Breakfast at Schools...you probably already KNOW what I'm going to say about THIS, right?
(...pause for effect...)
I've belabored this point for as long as the noise problems here with moronic boomcar drivers.
How in the name of God can someone NOT be able to figure out HOW to give their child BREAKFAST of all things?
It's the EASIEST MEAL of the day to prepare, if you've got several functional brain cells.!
The claim is that these meals are for the "low-income", or poverty-stricken...
Here's the story link:
They've already been handing out free (or reduced) meals ALL DAMN SUMMER...!
No one in this city can ever be THAT broke where they cannot be able to make TOAST...or a stinking bowl of CORN FLAKES.
I mean c'mon now...this isn't APPALACHIA...or SOMALIA...or even KENYA.
These folks HAVE to know how to make the most basic of breakfasts for their kids, even if it's to shove a bowl in front of them, hand them a spoon, some milk and Froot Loops.
If not, then WTH are all those EBT cards and WIC programs funding, anyway?
I say if they HAVE to have the free meal program, then make it a bit "less than free" by CHARGING their WIC account or EBT card...at least THAT way, we can "follow the money" and see that it gets to where it's "supposed" to go.
Yeah, that makes sense to me.
Perhaps they should have a class in school where teens can learn to make BREAKFAST in case they wind up as premature parents?
Oh, wait...they USED to have classes like that...we called them HOME ECONOMICS...!!!
And it wasn't for the pregnant girls in high school...didn't really HAVE any back then.
I do know something needs to be done for the accountability aspect of such programs.
But enough with all the FREE sh*t....because it's NOT free...everyone else who pays taxes PAYS for it.
Cradle-to-grave government intrusion...got a helluva start (in our schools), doesn't it?
*** This story is just SO damn typical of what passes for humankind on the..(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side of Ft. Wayne.
Here's the story link:
So, you "think" you can have a gathering or block party WITHOUT some sort of fracas down here?
Think again, folks!
Personally, I don't believe ANY of the people involved were actually displaying ANY kind of serious THOUGHT, otherwise, they'd not have dumbasses shooting up the place and injuring an INFANT...that was INSIDE A DAMN HOUSE!
This melee took place at the corner of Bowser and Oliver streets,
When police rolled up, there were about 100 people lining the street (hope they had a permit for a crowd THAT big), and multiple groups within that "mob" were being LOUD AND DISRUPTIVE...(sounds about right for such vermin).
Several groups starting FIGHTING, and that's when the several people began shooting at one another.
Someone yelled at the crowd to STOP, because there were children all over the place, the report stated.
And we ALL know how well such people tend to "comply"...like NOT AT ALL.
Even the FWPD PIO said: "...You have IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE with firearms..."
You expect these "people" to be anything CLOSE to responsible?
WTF are you thinking?
One juvey was busted for MINOR CONSUMPTION, DISORDERLY CONDUCT...AND RESISTING ARREST. (big surprise there)
Another was questioned in the shooting, but was then cut loose by the police.
And THAT is why I prefer to NOT have ANY number of such people milling about OUR corner.
To ME, TWO is a damn crowd with these folks.
I've already had impromptu fights break out on our property by total strangers (to me), and I simply will not tolerate it.
One hundred people at an intersection...that's ASKING for trouble down here.
But, that's what you get with the "government-sponsored" and entitled people when they find that being LAZY gets you MORE than being productive.
(BTW, it can get you SHOT, too)
*** Yesterday at the London Olympics...the USA "done good...we done REAL good".
Here's the wrap-up for the day's events:
You had to stay up after 2300 hours to see Aly Raisman win her bronze medal of the balance beam, because after her performance and initial score, Bela Karolyi told the USA coach (from the stands) to challenge the scoring, which he did, and the judges recanted and added a tenth of a point to Raisman's score, placing her in THIRD.
Goes to show that if something is wrong, and you press the issue, you CAN wind up winning.
Good for you, Bela!
And good for YOU, Aly!
Here's the rundown on the medals:
We're still right behind China (by 3) with overall and gold medals, but Great Britain has gotten by Russia into 2nd place, with South Korea ousting Russia for 3rd place. Getting really interesting now in the home-stretch of the games.
*** Lastly today, we see more and more evidence about the level that some people display when it comes to SELF-CONTROL, most notably in the Olympic games...
With such self-control comes self-confidence, and a real sense of self-esteem, but it's that foundation of self-CONTROL that gets the ball rolling with everything else.
And we see what can happen when people LACK self-control...and good old COMMON SENSE.
It's not because these people had a brain-fart that they wreak such havoc; they have never really come to KNOW what the hell self-control IS...or should be.
They have been brought up by a government willing to "take care of them", without TEACHING them the basics of civilized behavior.
In other words...you can't become a better person by doing nothing...or "you can't get to THERE from HERE."
Simple as that, friends.
Like I said yesterday, if people LEARNED about how to control ONESELF, all the other "controls" would pretty much take care of themselves...the way things USED to be..a lot less hassle for everyone, and a lot more civility to go around.
Yeah, I think we could ALL do with more of THAT.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Bob, I took a guess but was WAAAAY too modern.

Breakfast deal, you got to learn to translate into PC speak. "Breakfast for the disadvantaged" translates to "breakfast because we know yo mama's too lazy, and you might just learn something this way... even if the lesson is only somebody cares."

Jana said...

Bela has VERY ill about the way the judges have been scoring the gymnasts in these games. Remember how furious he was when Wieber did not qualify for the all around? I said "WOW!" and had to agree with him.

Just wanted to tell you, I started keeping a blog here on Blogger:


Only a few entries so far. I'm not much for posting every day. It's just my thoughts and things going on in my life. Nothing too interesting or fantastic.

Bob G. said...

Now THAT is what is really meant on the b'fast deal...
You NAILED it!
As for me?
Well, thank my God I was TAUGHT how to pour cereal and milk into a bowl, and then properly use a spoon(without killing anyone on the block)to feed MYSELF breakfast.
And before that, I had a MOM (and Dad) that, yes...CARED.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting today.

You stay safe (and Frosted Flaked) up there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I've always admired Bela Karolyi...reminds me of the LECH WALESA of Olympic Gymnastics...lol!

Good to see you have your own blog.
I will be sure to stop on by.
And never think that it's NOT interesting.
If it's interesting to YOU...then it means SOMETHING...and perhaps to others as well.
You never know how many souls you touch in that manner.

Good to see you again and thanks so much for taking time to stop by and comment.

You & Hubs stay safe out there!

indysunshine said...

ok the breakfast deal. even my daughter and i have talked about this. she has even said why do people need free breakfast and lunch when the school is out. and she mentions wic and food stamps. so this is what we came to figure out on this. people are too freaking lazy to give their kids something to eat. and they are selling the foodstamp money to feed other people. so i am not for this free breakfast thing. but, i am for some kid learning someone gives a rats butt about them. and hopefully they embrace the school where they are getting it from and like going to school not only for the free food. friendly faces, and friends. but for the higher learning.

Bob G. said...

See...even YOUR daughter questions something she doesn't think is "right"...she's very astute and that's rare these days.

It's good that she wants to KNOW.

--Yes, there are lazy-asses among us.
--Yes, they DO want something for "nuffin".
--Yes, they have created a "black market" for food stamp fraud.

I'd like to see the kids take to the schools and KNOW that THEY care about the child's well-being, but what passes for the kid's family goes and UNDOES every thing learned AT the school...seen that happen too often.

If a few kids understand and take to learning as a result, that's good, but the bad is far outweighing that good (imho).

We need some REAL reform, and a LOT more accountability by the parents of these children.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
(we could do a week on just this topic.)

Stay safe down there.