07 September 2012

Friday Follies...
And another weekend stares us in the face...FINALLY!
The weather for most of the day will be nice...and less hot and humid, but later tonight, we're expecting some showers, possibly lasting into early tomorrow. But the really good news is that overnight temps will drop to the mid-FIFTIES.
With that said, let's take a peek into what else has been going on, shall we?
*** If you wanted to hear a good "speech" last night, all you had to do was listen to our fearless leader at the DNC.
If, however, you were hoping for some SUBSTANCE to that speech...sorry, wasn't going to happen.
The way Obama was "preaching", I was expecting either Martin Luther King or Gandhi to be somehow raised from the dead and walk onstage.
You have to give him that - he's a good ORATOR, but then again, so was Edward Everett, but even HE, after almost TWO hours of oration could not ever hope to compare with the several minutes it took Lincoln to read HIS speech...his Gettysburg Address.
So, it's not about QUANTITY, folks...it's about QUALITY.
Charles Krauthammer nailed it:
And, according to the AP, the "magic" seemed to be missing at the DNC.
Here's the link:
The AP uses the term AWOL...how appropriate.
The Dems actually BELIEVE that we are BETTER OFF than we were four years ago...
And they probably have a bridge for sale (cheap) in Manhattan.
If paychecks and jobs remained STATIC (no growth OR loss) and consumer prices were LOWER, than yes, we "might" all be better off.
But such has not been the case, has it?
This nation has LOST jobs...LOST homes...LOST wages...and that's only the tip of the iceberg.
We have seen rises in fuel, which leads to higher FOOD (and damn near everything else) prices.
Obama says he saved the auto industry...Better check the BS-O-Meter, gang.
He BAILED out ONE car company (GM) and tossed some cash at another (Chrysler), and it was all...taxpayer money (which we will never see again in any way, shape or form).
He has pursued alternative energy to the tune of HUNDREDS of BILLIONS as well, with a number of companies (after receiving the moolah), having up and FOLDED like a losing poker player...does the name SOLYNDRA ring any bells?
And he has dragged his feet when it comes to drilling for OUR OWN oil, with regulations that stifle new drilling, and also delaying the Keystone Pipeline from Canada.
All the while, his government (not ours) has spent OUR money like a bunch of drunken sailors on eternal LIBERTY.
Obama has racked up over SIX TRILLION DOLLARS of NEW DEBT...and this is on HIS WATCH...no one elses, and still he wants to play the "blame game"...anyone but HIM, right?
Sorry, but that might work for some spoiled child, but we're talking about a leader of the free world here.
Own up to what is wrong...be man enough to "fess up" to the missteps and mistakes made by YOUR administration.
That doesn't seem THAT much to ask of our very own President, does it?
Anyone that labors under the misconception that you CAN spend your way out of debt is SADLY MISTAKEN, and yet these progressives fall in lockstep with such programs.
No one gets out of hock by spending more money that they don't have....and to think that way is STUPID beyond belief.
The balance of this election run will be VERY interesting to watch, and we ALL have to be paying close attention to everything and everyone, so that we CAN make an informed choice when the time comes.
*** Yes, Virginia, the Ft. Wayne Air Show was a HUGE hit, with around 82K in attendance (and that includes yours truly), but we're probably NOT going to have another one NEXT year...so says the event coordinator.
(I saw this story on TV, but cannot find an online reference...sorry about that)
At the cost of around $350K (which is a bargain considering the logistics) it might be doable (again) within TWO years.
And I will be there as well, Lord willing.
(but lower the concessions prices...PLEASE)
I'd have to say that such an event makes a helluva lot MORE sense than all these "consultants" and "task forces" the city loves to create when they're not really needed, but our fabled King Henry knows best, right?
...or does he?
*** And our DUMBASS OF THE WEEK AWARD goes to...
Yeah, if you're a teenager escaping from a Juvey detention center, and you have the balls to STEAL a car for that getaway, make sure it's got enough FUEL on board...BTW, that "E" on the dashboard gauge does NOT mean "excellent" anymore than the "R" on the shifter means "race"...got it?
And to make a bad situation WORSE, when the trooper found the car (a 2002 Grand Prix) the youth told him he ran out of gas and was waiting for help. I'm sure the statey was MORE than willing to fulfill that request, as prescription painkillers AND a loaded .38 caliber handgun were ALSO found in the vehicle. Some days, it REALLY pays to be a LEO...like in THIS case, hmm?
When you read about HOW this kid managed to get away, you're going to admit that he was one BUSY little sumbitch.
But, at least we DO have a happy ending...and that never gets old, does it?
*** Lastly today...with this past Monday as a holiday, TODAY becomes our trash pickup day...real simple to figure out. Everything gets pushed BACK one day. But as is the case in the ghettohood, all the uninformed (by choice and ignorance) put the cans out the USUAL day (yesterday).
I always find it both amusing and disgusting to see that some folks don;t bother to become INFORMED...
Like what will happen to a large degree during this election.
A VAST number of people don'care to be informed, but would rather see which candidate will "gimme mo free sh*t"...and if a vote is based SOLELY on that premise, then I would have to say that we do indeed have a portion of our populace too damn stupid to be allowed to vote...period.
Same would apply to DRIVING...given the manner of people you encounter on the roads these days, some people should NOT be allowed to drive anything larger than a tricycle.
And we can add to this mix BEHAVIOR IN PUBLIC PLACES...copping an attitude because that burger wasn't made YOUR WAY (for free) and causing a ruckus in a fast food joint...or allowing your kids to scream and run all over the store, unsupervised, or permitting them to cause a scene at a restaurant.
All these scenarios can be avoided...when people take the time to LEARN stuff...the SIMPLE stuff...and the IMPORTANT stuff in life.
You can't get something for nothing (legally) so don't bother trying.
You CAN get damn near anything in life, though...IF you're willing to do what it takes to GET IT, and that might mean working...saving...setting the correct priorities for your life. Again, this is SO damn simple, it should be second-nature, and to some people it IS.
The AMERICAN DREAM is still alive and well, and the OPPORTUNITY to chase after it DOES exist.
But, like anything in life, there is NEVER a "guarantee", and many times, there are conditions to be met.
Thing is, you need to know all that AHEAD of time, and make the right choices along the way.
THAT is what made this nation great, and can keep there in that manner.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

And then gets captured by restaurant workers. He sure checked off everything on the "How to fubar an escape" list, didn't he?

Bob G. said...

My dad used to say that EVERYONE is good AT SOMETHING...he just never said that a few of those things are INCREDIBLY DUMB in nature.

Yeah, the guy's a LO-SER!

But that makes the rest of us look SO much better, right?

Hey thanks for swinging on by today to comment.

You guys have a great weekend up there and stay safe.

ms nk rey said...

All he has done is blame bush for "the mess" he inherited, I wonder has he even thought about the mess he will inherit if he is re-elected?
You and Mrs. G have a good weekend.

Bob G. said...

I don't think this man CARES about whatever "he" causes...

His agenda (and those as progressive as he appears to be) have a much different slant on what America should become, and if they have to blame anyone BUT themselves, that's what they're going to do.

Thanks for the well wishes.

Hope you're feeling good enough to enjoy this weekend, aside from any rain.
(betcha Little John is waiting for that BIG CATCH out back, too)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting today.

DO stay safe down there.

Jana said...

Obama is not only blaming Bush still, he's blaming Presidents from the past. A quote from his speech last night:

"And the truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades."

Notice he didn't say that a big chunk of it (the largest) was from his last four years as POTUS.

Bob G. said...

God Bless 'ya, dear...you're paying good attention to what's going on.
(as are a lot more of us).

Naturally, he's not going to ADMIT to ANY wrongs he or his administration has committed.

That's just the way a "community-activist" works...pass the blame on and divert attention from the truth.
(and shout a lot...lol)

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.