13 September 2012

You Know It's Thursday When...
Seems like some days there is more sh*t hitting more fans than we realize, and today finds us all not too far from THAT situation.
We'll delve more into that in a bit, but first, if you like increased clouds, you might like today.
Temps are expected to top out in the upper 70s. Not a bad day at all.
Moving along, here's the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
" We will have to say that in any case the decisive role does not belong to technology - behind technology there is always a living person without whom the technology is dead."
This is attributed to Mikail Frunze, (1885-1925) quoted to M. Gareyev Frunze, Military Theories, 1985
And here is his WIKI:
A pretty intriguing person for a Communist, who had been sentenced to death once and spent ten years in a Siberian prison, and was, in many ways ahead of his time. Many leaders around him thought his mind very creative and unorthodox in his views on matters of implementation and policy.
More than a few mentions of his name appear throughout Moscow, and in St. Petersburg, a train station bears his name.
Meanwhile, back at the Bolshevik camp...
*** We're up to THREE U.S. embassies targeted by radical Islamists.
Here's the latest:
After the attacks in both Cairo and Libya (the Libyan one had been planned, while the attack in Cairo was a rabble mob), we're also hearing about the embassy in YEMEN coming under siege.
Here's THAT link:
After seeing Lt. Col Ralph Peters last night on The O'Reilly Factor, I think we need to take a page from the Colonel's "handbook" on how to DEAL with these people.
Here's a video with Megyn Kelly and Ralph Peters discussing it...(it's a good watch):
My prayers go out to the ambassador who was killed as well as the other three Americans.
*** The Memorial Service for America's first man to walk on the moon,  Neil Armstrong will be held today at 1000 hrs, and it will be televised.
He will be buried at sea.
*** Another bank robbery in Ft.Wayne.
Here's the link:
This is the second one this week, and this "bank robbery task force" we have in town has shown up at EVERY...SINGLE...ROBBERY...after they occurred.
Good to know someone's on the job.
As for the perps? It could be the same twosome that hit the OTHER bank on Monday...the M.O. is similar (two black men with handguns...an all TOO familiar pall that hangs upon this city these days).
I say you either have to staff every bank with some sort of LEO presence, or arm the bank personnel...
Maybe when a few of the robbers take a one-way ride to the MORGUE, that might send a message.
*** Fort Wayne makes yet ANOTHER list...
We recently heard that Fort Wayne is considered to be one of the BEST cities to raise a family, but did you ALSO know that we made the grade when it comes to something perhaps a little LESS "family-oriented"?
According to Men's Health magazine, Ft. Wayne is now in the TOP ONE HUNDRED SMUTTIEST CITIES IN AMERICA!
Here's the link:
The funny thing is...this survey came out WAY back in MAY of this year...and we're just hearing about it NOW???
Fort Wayne - great place to raise a family...AND get a lap-dance...bet the kids will LOVE that, hmm?
*** You might find this next story a bit more on the "disturbing" side when it comes to the morale of our LEOs out there.
(and those of you readers who ARE LEOs will probably be nodding in agreement)
Here's the link to the story:
Here we have two FWPD officers that are suing the CITY for discrimination, but it's not the racially-motivated tone you always seem to encounter.
Off. Robert Elmer is suing because of discrimination due to a disability...namely ECZEMA.
(don't laugh...read the story first)
Off. Boyce Ballinger is suing because of discrimination due to his struggle with anxiety and depression.
Apparently, there is a Captain Timothy G. Bogenschutz, who is at the center of the problems these officers have had to deal with.
The good captain went and placed disciplinary reports in the officers' personal files (regarding the conditions) WITHOUT having the officers review and then sign off on them (as is standard policy).
Off. Elmer was taken to task for not wearing a wool winter hat which aggravated his eczema (that and psoriasis are really nothing to dismiss - they are both viable conditions that although are treatable to some extent, can cause irritation and excessive itching).
Just google either disease and see what I mean.
Now, there are OTHER hats similar in appearance that are easily available to law-enforcement in polyester blends and such.
This so-called "zero-tolerance" policy with dress has to have some wiggle room under certain conditions such as this.
The ONLY zero-tolerance policy should be relegated to the STREETS,...and the CRIME that inhabits them...period!
Wise the hell UP, Rusty and stop being a damn pinhead...ditto for YOU too, "Captain Timmy"!
(makes you wonder how he got to BE captain)
In Off. Ballinger's case, he suffers from anxiety and depression...this could very well be considered a form of PTSD.
Face it, when you beat the streets as these officers do, and see ALL kinds of crap around you (mostly two-legged in variety), it takes it's toll.
And since we're all different, it affects each of us accordingly.
If anything, Off. Ballinger should be getting the help he needs, so he doesn't wind up giving a blow job to his service pistol, as what unfortunately happens with too many officers EVERY...SINGLE...YEAR in this country (when they're not being ambushed and murdered by street thugs).
NONE of Ballinger's superiors should be openly discussing his condition in such a cavalier manner (as is alleged).
This sort of stuff is VERY personal, and should be treated that way...by all concerned.
Naturally, Chief York is not discussing any of this, but is referring it to the legal department of the city (nice out, Rus).
When you go UP the brass ladder, THIS is the sort of thing that becomes the basis for corruption.
It always starts small, undermining the rank the file officers...the ones on our streets every day, putting themselves in harm's way so that we can sleep a bit better nightly.
We need a real TOP-DOWN investigation within the FWPD, and we need it soon.
If that means we call in the FBI to investigate this...so be it.
(yes, THAT agency also does this sort of thing when it comes to public safety)
Morale for the department is already SO far down the crapper than even Roto-Rooter is backing the hell off.
There are enough problems ON THE STREETS in this damn city, without causing more within the thin blue line.
Based on what the media has revealed, this looks fairly straight-forward.
(Or maybe this is all about two hack officers that like to piss and moan about nothing...but I don't think so.)
*** Lastly today, we've so many problems both here and abroad that I know it seems we have no place to turn without bumping into some more crap.
But, we also have the solutions available to us.
All we have to do is find the people ready to use them...to implement that which needs implementation.
We spend time and money to train men and women to serve the public in an environment that is replete with every sort of human flotsam that society can dredge up from it's bowels...and sometimes expect the impossible (which always used to take a few minutes longer in my day...).
We need to know that we can depend on the police when we HAVE to, and have them available when we NEED to.
We also have to depend on ourselves...one another, when the police are elsewhere.
Every man and woman has it within them the will to be self-reliant to some extent, and we should embrace that for all it's worth.
And we should not falter in our support of those who protect us, because not only are the lives of the populace at stake, but also the lives of those behind the shield.
Everyone is involved to some degree, and we can work together to solve most any problem that comes along.
THAT is what this country should always be about.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

1. There is only ONE way to deal with terrorists... Frunze would have known what it was.

2. WTF would possess Capt. Kangaroo there to NOT let the officers know what was going in their files? How quick can we sign him and Rusty up for a brisk case of leprosy?

3. Orlando at the top... I've known about Orange Blossom Boulevard there for a long time... guess you know now what Mickey does on his off-days, eh?

Bob G. said...

1- I agree with 'ya there!.
(we need a "lake of glass" where most of those nations currently occupy)

2- Everything that's SUPPOSED to go into your file HAS to be reviewed "by you", and you either sign off on it, OR, you can appeal it...and that's it.

3- Orlando has been a "city of contrasts" for a LONG time..and it was just as disturbing back in the 70s (when I was there) as it is today...they just have LOTS MORE of it.
(Magic Kingdom...indeed)
Walt in spinning in his grave.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and smut-free) up there.

Michael V said...
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Michael V said...

"Or maybe this is all about two hack officers that like to piss and moan about nothing...but I don't think so."
You should of had that in capital letters and not kept it in lower case letters. That is what this case sounds like to me. Two hack officers that are gonna piss and moan about nothing. You don't know the whole damn story.

Bob G. said...

MIchael V.:
You're right..."I" don;t know "the whole damn story", but I know enough about procedure that you DO NOT place reprimands into ANY officer's file without having the officer SIGN OFF on it...or taking it to an appelate level.

Perhaps YOU don't know the whole story either?

Plus, I stated that it was "based on what the media has revealed"...blame THEM, if anyone.

Also, the "2 hack officers" thing was meant FACETIOUSLY...as "in jest"...

If you read the post, you'd notice that both officers have REAL issues, and it's not a gripe-session.

If you have issues with the police, talk to them.
I can't help 'ya.

Thanks for commenting.