17 October 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the mid-week crisis known as WEDNESDAY...LOL.
Going to be more spring-like than anything else today, with temps jumping into the low-mid 70s...BUT (uh, oh), we're going to see increasing clouds and rain later this evening into tonight.
That means if you're needing to mow the back yard (like I will a bit later this morning), best to get it done early today.
So, without any further ado, let's get busy finding out what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First up, this week's military quote otherwise known as WHO SAID THAT?
"The end and perfection of our victories is to avoid the vices and infirmities of those whom we subdue."
I think this fits nicely with last night's Presidential debate, and you'll have to go a way's back in history to find out the speaker of this quote.
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the motor pool...
*** The "Case of the Missing Coolant" might be a lot closer to becoming solved.
Since the Wifeymobile was in the shop, I've been watching the floor of the garage, and I've noticed a bit of "weeping"...a drop here and there.
Well, those drops (yes, of coolant) DO add up.
And it appears as though this leak is located near the front of the engine (I'm thinking water pump or seal). There is also moisture on the left of center side, so it might be leaking onto a control arm for the front suspension.
The car goes back in for brakes Friday, so when it's on the lift, the mechanic will see what I mean, and hopefully, will get it set to rights, once and for all. Don't want to lose coolant in the winter months...that would mean no heat, and that would suck.
*** Another home invasion in Fort Wayne...
Here's the lowdown:
This happened in the 2600 block of Pennsylvania St, on the city's EAST side.
What's incredible is that one of the perps, a Mark F. Johnson is listed as being "homeless".
The residents of the house were listed as a woman, her two children and two other males...is it just ME, or is that living arrangement a bit on the "weirdsville" side?
The woman was initially bound and gagged, and when the two other males came home around 0500 hours, they were also trussed up by the two perps, who were said to be carrying HANDGUNS (gee, didn't know HOMELESS PEOPLE got such amenities these days).
The perps stole cash, a big screen TV (the staple of every HUD, section 8 or otherwise welfare-sponsored crib), about $500, a laptop, some jewelry and the woman's 2007 Dodge Charger.
(yep, he's homeless, but he can drive as well).
Johnson was the one caught by FWPD when trying to leave the scene, but the other vehicle, a black SUV got away with the second perp.
Some of the stolen items were recovered in the Charger.
PIO for the FWPD, Raquel Foster said "It's rare for a homeless person to enter someone's house." Apparently NOT in Fort Wayne, dear.
Mr. Johnson doesn't have a PRIOR rap sheet HERE (just a current one) with Felony B and D staring him in the face, along with assorted misdemeanors. But, it would not surprise me if ANOTHER city has a record on him.
And that facial hair doesn't look unkempt, so I'm thinking he had SOME place he was cribbing...they ALWAYS have some place to flop, given the nature of these people and the acquaintances they acquire in such a short time.
I mean SOMEONE got him that gun, right?
*** Ready for a return to automotive pricing that rivals the great 1980s again?
How about a car that costs you ONLY $10K (back in '83, the Firebird cost me $11.7K - just as a point of reference)...or maybe a tad less?
What about a THREE-THOUSAND DOLLAR CAR...(like back in the 1960s) - interested NOW?
That's right, a BRAND NEW CAR for that low a price...
BUT...(uh, oh), there is a slight caveat.
(say it ain't so, Bob)
You won't be getting a car JUST LIKE the ones you could have purchased in the 1980s...or the '60s
Take a gander at your future, aka the TATA NANO (from India of all places), soon coming to a showroom near YOU.
I mentioned this FIRST here back on 11 January 2008. (see archives)

Yes friends, welcome to the age of the "micro car"...the kind you USED to be able to carry as a SPARE in the trunk of that old '65 Bonneville...!
Here's the story:
They even have a "sporty" version...called the MEGAPIXEL...(pictured above)
((...rolls eyes...))
This ranks right up there with the Fiat 500 and the SMART...all exercises of grandiose stupidity in automotive engineering (imho).
I suppose they call it a TATA for a reason...that's what people will say to YOU should you get in an accident in this vehicle...TA-TA...you're DEAD!
Hell, I've even seen women with BIGGER "Tatas" than THIS...LOL!
Talk about those pregnant roller skates...
Soon they'll be making them out of CARDBOARD!
...like the BICYCLE this man has come up with.
Here's the story:
An Israeli inventor has come up with this idea...why, I haven't a clue.
I'm sure this will piss off the NEXT generation of AMERICAN PICKERS...cardboard just doesn't have the longevity that STEEL does...
*** Yes, I watched the 2nd debate last night, and it was a real "slugfest" of sorts.
DID like the way Romney stood his ground and kept presenting FACTS and REAL FIGURES, and that whatever Obama stated could be readily fact-checked based on his past record (which has sucked brilliantly to date).
What I didn't like was the moderator (Candy Crowley, a libtard hack) basically tilting the board in Obama's favor with followup questions and redirection of the line of questioning. Still, Romney remained more IN CONTROL than did Obama.
Thing is, we have this man-child (Obama), brought up from a rather privileged background, and raised with a mindset of socialism and anti-American sentiment (based on some of his "mentors" ) who is like a spoiled brat, in that he HATES being called out on anything, and detests when anyone contradicts him, regardless of whether he's right or wrong (and he's wrong a lot more than right).
I was watching the body language of the two men, and Obama almost had seething rage in his demeanor (a "slow boil" at least), whereas Romney had the quiet confidence with a more focused and determined sense of purpose (to get his points across).
The questions asked by people were pretty good and concentrated on some issues not really addressed to date, and that was refreshing.
They managed to get 11 out of the 13 questions slated for the evening answered.
Naturally, in his final address, Obama pulled out the "social justice card" from his ass and spoke of the whole "everyone gets a fair shot...pay your fair share...a level playing filed...plays by the same rules"...I am SO sick and tired of hearing this mantra.
NO..we all have the SAME OPPORTUNITY to do with as WE choose (or not choose in many cases)...that's IT...PERIOD. END OF SUBJECT.
There is NEVER a guarantee for success, no matter how much the "field is levelled"...and to believe that is BS.
Read Larry Elder's "Ten Things You Can't Say In America"...a great book.
Even he says the same things I do (and said them first).
Our founding documents PROVIDE (and ensure) the SAME OPPORTUNITY (via freedoms and liberties) to ALL men (and women) EQUALLY...and from there, it's ALL UP TO YOU...and NOT the government.
*** Lastly today, it really bothers me to see a man in such a high office as our President wanting to all but demand we redistribute the wealth of this nation to make everyone THE SAME financially-speaking...never going to happen in a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC...
Besides, even if you DID manage to "even the field" by passing the bucks around so everyone had the SAME AMOUNT...some would piss it away, and then they'd bitch about how they don't HAVE any money anymore...that, my friends, is HUMAN NATURE, and it WOULD rear it's ugly head under such a condition.
The SMART folks would be investing, saving, and making THEIR OWN LIVES better, not to mention providing charity for those less fortunate (and not just plain lazy - Ant meet Grasshopper).
So, do we take MORE from THEM to re-even the field...and how many times do we perform such a magnanimous feat before someone REALLY gets cheesed the hell off?
You can plainly see that any venture such as this is destined to fail (sounds like something you mentioned from yesterday's post, Bob)...
People MUST be allowed to choose their OWN path whenever possible and as often as possible.
If that means their reliance depends on that "higher power" we speak of...so be it.
At least they have someone in their corner they can turn to.
But to take from those arbitrarily who HAVE saved and wisely invested THEIR earnings and give randomly to those who choose to NOT do likewise (when they damn well CAN) is nothing short of Societal TREASON to the American way of life and this nation.
Sorry, but that's just the way I feel, and I think a lot of you do as well.
In that...we will always have consensus.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

The best review of the debate I heard was, "Obama reminded me of a football player who scores a touchdown, dances all around, rubs the ball in the other team's face, and then the opposing player points at the scoreboard to show him he's down 50-7."

Bob G. said...

I haven't heard THAT one until NOW...and I have to say that it SURE was TRUE!
(always check the SCOREBORD...lol)

Good one.

Thanks for swinging by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

John D. said...

Does the Tata Nano come with air bags? If not, Christina Hendricks may be one of the few people who can survive an accident in one.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
LMAO...yeah, she can ride in my NON-airbag-equipped car ANY day!
She'd survive just fine - in both scenarios (wink-wink).

They say the Tata Nano DOES come with "airbags"...I'm thinking more like SANDWICH BAGS (with whipped cream?)...that's about as much room as you got to work with, right?

And if they all deploy, won't that sort of remind you of STALLONE in DEMOLITION MAN?

"...I feel like a damn CANOLI..."

I'll keep the Firebird...as long as possible.

Thanks a lot for rolling on up today and commentinmg.

You stay safe out there.