29 November 2012

Matters of Perspective...
Welcome to the "Almost Friday" edition of all the news that's print to fit, including all the pungent social commentary you've come to expect from yours truly. The weather today should be nice, with highs in the upper 40s, and not seeing any chance of precipitation.
With that dispensed with, let's pour ourselves a refreshing beverage and take a gander into what is going on in BIZARRO WORLD.
Before we dig into society's local cesspool, we need to provide the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? military quote:
"Who wants a military leader incapable of understanding that the opponent is not going to surrender - that he must be crushed?"
This was spoken by that wonderful poster boy for Marxism, Josef Stalin to (none other than) H.G. Wells, quoted in M. Berchin and E. Ben-Horin: The Red Army, 1942. Interesting that Wells would be seen chatting with Stalin, but considering Wells' dislike for the British government (as can be read in several of his novels, which predate the FIRST World war) it provides us with a different side of the author in his later years.
Wells also had an affair with Margaret Sanger, declared himself a socialist, was intrigued by the tenets of the Fabian Society, and became a member.
Liberal leftists would LOVE him today.
Here's his WIKI:
And here's the WIKI for Stalin:
Meanwhile, back at the manifesto...
*** We can chalk up HOMICIDE NUMBER TWENTY-SIX (that's 26 for those keeping the dead pool going).
And guess what?
It happened on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne!
(you guys sound better each time...lol)
Here's the media source story:
It doesn't say much, other than someone was shot in the E&M Barber Shop at the Pontiac Mall (isn't that part of that urban enterprise area?) located at 1108 Pontiac and Smith Sts.
That's the same place where Ray's "Snack bar" can be found - the guy we used to get ALL the wrong numbers from (asking for "the morning numbers" - nice side-racket), all because our number was ONE digit off, and the locals can't read, and fat-finger like crazy.
Now...for the "rest of the story"...as I heard it over the radio
This occurred around 1548 hrs..
The victim was described as having MORE than one gunshot wound.
One was to the head, and another had to have been somewhere on an extremity as the EMTs applied a tourniquet to it - and with a HEAD wound, you NEVER place one on the NECK...DUH!
((warning - graphic content follows))
During transport, the BP was 120/80 (a little "thready") and he had "grey matter" coming from his skull (as per the EMT description en route to hospital).
There was no sign of an exit wound from the skull.
Police were looking for a GOLD DODGE PICKUP as the possible getaway vehicle.
After hearing that, I figured this victim either was not going to make it, or wind up as a vegetable (brain dead).
Guess we can add "getting a haircut" to the ever-growing list of things you CAN NO LONGER DO WITH SAFETY on the SE side of town.
(thanks to all the diligence shown by our new Quadrant Captain...aka the "empty uniform" known as Cpt.Garry Hamilton)
How the department could place this guy in that position confounds the hell outta me (affirmative action at work, no doubt).
Hey, we could still make THIRTY homicides, if these perps get busy.
The (obviously black) woman both on TV and in the article fears for her children's safety.
Lemme clue you in on something, toots - it's the CHILDREN (that grow up) who are CAUSING most of this sh*t down here, due in no small part to FAILED PARENTING, and an ethnic community that just isn't cutting the muster.
We STILL don't hear word one from ANY of those "leaders", and nothing from the FWPD top brass, right Rus?
All the while, I'm always concerned for the safety of me and the lovely Mrs.bobby G.
(but at least, I CAN SHOOT a lot better)
*** Now if you've been a "REGULAR" here (and you know who you are, even if you don't eat prunes every day...LOL), you hear me talk about the LACK OF RETAIL on the SE side (unless you like either K-mart or Wal-Mart, 'cause that's about ALL 'YA GOT, folks), and how we need more of damn near everything.
Menards does serve a PURPOSE and that being home IMPROVEMENT (with the fix-ups for all the section 8 rental cribs trashed by govt.-sponsored lowlifes ), so that's aside from this.
And you've heard me state in no uncertain terms as to WHY we don't have more retail (down here), or WHY other retail venues (well over 100) have gone "bye-bye"...
It's the CRIME!
(like all the shootings and robberies...gee, 'ya think?)
Well, after the first of next year, we can now add the MARSHALLS located at Southgate Plaza as the newest retail "victim" to succumb to the criminal element.
Here's the story link:
What the article neglects to mention is the level of crime in the immediate area...(it's called SPIN for a reason, people.)
The spokesperson "says" it's due to LOW SALES (yeah, they never figure shoplifting into those numbers) 
And yet, other stores owned by the same company, TJX
(on Maysville Rd and Coliseum Blvd) WILL remain open.
Now what do THOSE stores have that is lacking down HERE?
-- Better clientele?
-- Less crime?
-- Less "shrink"?
-- ALL of the above?
Yep...all of the above.
It's the same story that played out at the old Southtown Mall...(normal, law-abiding) people will REFRAIN from shopping at ANY place where a modicum of safety cannot be had.
I've worked in Store Technical Services for a big box, and we dealt with security issues, both inside AND outside the building, and whenever people feel they can have a good experience while shopping, they WILL come.
When they cannot, they WILL not (shop, that is).
It's too simple an equation to NOT be capable of figuring out.
Yet some (in City Hall) cannot...or WILL not.
THAT is what caused Southtown to close, and it is also the REALITY behind those "low sales" figures at Marshalls.
This is what you WON'T hear on the news...because it's the TRUTH!
*** Some "good" news - the FWPD arrested the man who committed that Dollar General robbery on E. State Blvd last week.
Here's the link:
Looks like Keith Allen Mason, 33, should have chosen a better line of "work".
Thanks to CRIMESTOPPERS, police received a tip that led to the arrest (in this case, snitches DON'T get stitches).
Mason is listed as "homeless"...wonder how that goes down at the shelter when he brings in his HANDGUN?
Or is that all part of the new OBAMACARE...everyone "gets a fair shake (down) "?
Sure makes 'ya wonder...
*** Lastly today, we've had FOUR shootings in just the last 3 days, but that is only what is being tossed at us by the media.
I KNOW for a fact, that EVERY SINGLE DAY, within a 3 mile radius of our "Fortress of Reason" there is AT LEAST ONE shooting.
Now, it could be a signal 58 (person shot) or just a signal 113 (shots fired), but being as how bullets tend to be dumb, and not know the difference between a building, a person, or a vehicle, it's easy to see that the shooter who is tossing those rounds downrange is a helluva lot MORE STUPID.
These aborigines haven't a clue when it comes to boundaries...or other people getting hurt, or ethical behavior.
They have no qualms about dumping a mag or two at another car, and STILL not being able to hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle.
And that means innocents are often placed in the crossfire.
Still, it's NOT about the guns they use (and have probably stolen or gotten by other illegal means like "straw-purchasing")...it's about THEM...the shooter, the perp, the crim...whatever the hell you want to call these societal failures that are allowed to roam our streets like a shark in search of it's next bit of prey.
Our judicial system fails us daily, as these minions of mayhem are turned back on the streets with impunity and with a regularity unheard of in years past.
There is no EASY solution, save for making punishment FIT the crimes.
When penitence no longer is permitted, don't expect those incarcerated or even arrested to concern themselves with the affairs of the law-abiding.
And when we allow our society to devolve in such a manner, we paint a dire picture of our future for all of us.
We, as a nation can do BETTER than that...and we MUST.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

But as long as Raquel Foster does her spin job well, and Karen Richards can still smile pretty for the camera, none of the rest of it matters, right? Hamilton, fetch me a doughnut!

Bob G. said...

Off. Jason Anthony does a MUCH better "PIO" job, as do Offs. Scott Tegtmeyer and Johnny Chambers.

But the RADIO never spins it.

As for Richards smiling PRETTY?
(ain't NOTHING pretty about her, unless she would QUIT - that'd be pretty SWEET)

ROFLMAO...love the doughnut fetch!!!
That's Brilliant (and inspired)!

Thanks for making me laugh today...And for stopping by to comment.

You stay safe (and custard-filled?) up there.