21 December 2012

Friday Follies - Special Apocalypse Edition...
Welcome to the winter solstice, the end of the week, the end of the Mayan calendar, and supposedly, the end of the world (as we know it?).
The Heartland weather today is snow showers, with falling temperatures throughout the day, ending with a "guesstimated" total accumulation of between 1-3 inches, depending on where you live (and how many asteroids strike your property).
With our first snowfall, you really need to drive (more) defensively out there today, making sure to give yourself more time to get where you're headed, and always allow extra stopping distance.
Watch for slippery conditions and black ice, because we want you ALL to be able to enjoy the holidays (along with my pungent social commentary...lol).
And, with our world coming to an end at ANY minute, let's not linger any longer, but get right into the muck and the mire which is what's been going on around us in the past 24 hours.
*** The 29th HOMICIDE victim in Allen County (and Ft. Wayne) has been ID'ed.
Here's the link:
Yes, Ramareo Debrad Booher was described as a loving father of two (and all of NINETEEN years of age)...busy fellow.
Despite recent run-ins with police (resisting, false informing, disorderly, coversion, and noise ordinance violations - since 2010), he WAS trying to get into Ivy Tech and study Physics.
Still, it makes you wonder HOW a person winds up DEAD in an alley from a gunshot wound (that no one seemed to hear) in the ghettohood days before Christmas.
I still think he was dumped there (if no one heard the shots).
He was working two jobs to support his two children.
Makes me shudder whenever I see (basically) kids having kids.
Gee, I wonder what's next...DOGS driving CARS?
(oops...spoke too soon there)
Now THAT would be a sign of the end times!
*** Major spice-manufacturing ring busted...
And it ain't on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE!
 (for a friggin' change).
Apparently these "entrepreneurs" are trying to change up the "formula" so as to circumvent the state laws against the production of such banned substances.
Here's the link:
Wow, this happened right up there damn near in the middle of all that nice SHOPPING that's available (and that we don't have down here in ghettoland).
Ain't that a kick in the head?
The initial raid took place at 4914 Speedway Drive, off Coliseum Blvd, between Coldwater and Lima Rds.
Twenty people were "escorted" out of B&B Distributors (I'll BET they were "distributing" ).
A house at 2519 Tillman Rd. was also raided in connection with the raid up north.
(guess that new fence and new muscle cars like Corvettes kinda gave THAT one away?)
The house was also the scene of a home invasion back on 6 Dec, and here is that link:
You can also check MY archives for 7 December 2012.
At THAT time, police were looking for FIVE suspects in connection with a robbery that netted a significant amount of money, and during which several shots were fired. Seems the perps are still at large.
*** 'Tis the season to be FRAUDULENT (at least by ONE woman).
Here's the link:
Here we have a 57-year old woman writing a slew of bad checks to several businesses, including a Christian bookstore.
Isn't that kind OLD to be doing such DUMB sh*t?
Charged with 6 felonies, the total run-up for Cindy J. Stanley is about $11,700...!
Cindy has had a LONG financial history of such crimes, and was convicted in 2011 for a similar check fraud offense in Kalamazoo, MI.
So, she came HERE to apply her "craft"?
Sorry, toots...it just ain't your week...happy holidays.
Hope you like wearing ORANGE.
*** Now, about this end of the world gig...
I look at it as though maybe it's not OUR world that's going bye-bye, but rather the world that's been headed to Hades for some time now.
It's the whole alternative universe thingy.
Tell 'ya, I wouldn't be sad to see certain ASPECTS of our world end, that's for sure.
-- Iran, along with most of the other towel head Jihadists over there...yeah, they can come to an end. Wouldn't miss them one damn bit.
-- All these secular progressives who want to turn OUR America into some socialist, one-world state clone...yes, they can also come to an end...and I'll be cheering that one on.
-- The criminals that make life for everyone else a nightmare (on a good day) - they can just end as well.
I would miss them as much as I would miss pounding my man-bits flat with a wooden mallet.
-- The stoners and the drunks...they sure could go away and the world would become a much better place.
-- If rap and hip-hop came to an end today, along with Mr. Gangnam -style, there would be a shout of joy heard 'round the world (at least at MY house)...then we could get back to producing GOOD music again.
-- I know there are QUITE a few politicians that I would most certainly NOT MISS if they up and went away (and the farther and faster, the better).
Then, we could place REAL Americans in their stead and begin the arduous task of restoring this nation to it's rightful role.
So you can see there are some GOOD things that can come out of ANY apocalypse...if it's done right...lol.
Still, that recent weather forecast had ME going...
Or hey, maybe the Mayans just got tired of doing that calendar thing...it happens.
Or perhaps, they'd figure they'd just start over again...we may never know.
What we DO know, is that we have a rare opportunity to begin anew, but it doesn't just occur TODAY.
Every day is a new beginning...as long as we BELIEVE that it is, and not just resign ourselves to "just another day".
And every day behind us has it's own ending.
We can never change the past, but we CAN affect the future...right here and now...in the present.
We can LEARN from that past, however - look to that as a guide for what we did right, and what we did wrong.
From THERE, we can move forward, and with a better handle on what we need to accomplish as well as what we want to accomplish.
In that, I think we might all be around for a lot longer than the Hopi, or the Mayans thought we would be.
So take some time to finish your Christmas shopping...go out and buy a gun (or two) and help our economy...and be sure to ignore those cracks appearing in the earth and those huge rocks falling from the sky.
It's probably just CGI, anyway...you know Hollywood.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"We can LEARN from that past, however..."

Sadly, too many of us refuse to do so. And it seems that that particular crowd of ignoramuses is the source of way too much of our political (ruling) class. Depressing.

BTW, Emperor Cuomo is talking not just bans, but confiscation here in NY. I may be moving south in the near future.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Yeah, I was probably "preachin' to the choir"(boys) there, with that quote, eh?

Bi, sooner or later, each of us comes to terms with our pasts.
(some just discover that AFTER they find their ass in jail)

Glad WE'RE not part of that mess, right?

If you find your "emperor" too stringent, you're ALWAYS welcome out here in Hoosier Land.

You don't have to BECOME a "Hoosier" either...I just RESIDE here, but I'm a Pennsylvanian FIRST and ALWAYS.
(pretty good gun laws, too)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting before the world ends.

You roll safe out there this weekend.

CWMartin said...

Always seems funny what one man using a public database can link together which the police, who run said database, can't figure out.

Bob G. said...

If you are referring to "moi", then I do appreciate the compliment.

But I've always been a person who can manage to find things others can't seem to.
I'm like a junkyard dog on someone's leg when it comes to TENACITY...lol.
(and as subtle as a mallet through a plate glass window)

When I worked as Parts Manager for the Philly region's Circuit City repair facility, there wasn't ONE thing I couldn't locate for our techs (and our customers).

Maybe THAT is why we won service ctr of the month so often?

I think we ALL need to question more than we do, dig deeper for the facts, and to give a glance at the principle of Occam's Razor once in a while.
The truth IS out there, right Mulder?

Thanks much for stopping on by today and commenting.

You all stay safe up there in Scrappy Hollow.