14 December 2012

Friday Follies...
Here we are at weekend's door once again, my friends.
We're going to make this post short, sweet, and to the point, so get ready.
Our weather this weekend will have a tad bit of rain included in the mix, just so you know.
Temps will be more seasonal, and continue to rise into the low-mid 40s, so dress and shop accordingly.
In the meantime, go top off that cup of java or tea, and let's see what is going to be setting the pace for the next 72 or so hours, shall we?
*** FWPD is once again asking for OUR help trying to ID the person who committed the fatal shooting at E&M barber Shop in the Pontiac Mall  the other week.
After seeing the video a couple times, the perp looks like damn near EVERY MALE BLACK (and many of the Hispanics) in MY neck of the woods. Here's the story link (with video):
Guess you can't look any MORE ambiguous than THAT, can you?
Well, when they all DRESS ALIKE, that kinda widens the field, don'cha think?
So much for "individuality" in certain parts of our society, hmm?
Got a feeling it'll be more LUCK than anything that nails this shooter.
('cause dem folk don say nuffin to the po-po)
*** Cocaine sting nets two after high-speed chase.
Here's the link:
I caught part of this on the police radio as it unfolded around 1515 hrs this past Tuesday.
It began with an undercover buy of a KILO of cocaine, up in a retail lot along Lima Rd, and ended after a chase that reached speeds of 100 MPH at a fence in the 7700 block of West County Line Rd.
Perhaps using a Chevy Malibu as a getaway vehicle wasn't the BEST choice when being chased by Impalas?
Pedro Garza and Luis Juarez-Cabrera are now planning on spending the holidays in the local hoosegow, courtesy of our friendly neighborhood LEOs.
Federal charges were filed in U.S. District Court for possession with intent to distribute.
Wonder how far DOWN the rabbit hole this Hispanic drug dealing will wind up, and how ENTRENCHED it has become in Ft. Wayne?
I know in years past, law-enforcement caught Hispanics smuggling drugs into Ft. Wayne using large pottery vases.
THAT was a good haul...AND a good bust.
The authorities MIGHT want to take a look around my part of the ghettohood, because we have our share of Hispanic druggies as well as blacks (now).
I'm just sayin'...
*** Next up...I'm sure many of you remember the late Paul Harvey.
I have never heard such a marvelous commentator on the air, and I confess to missing his daily airings.
This particular commentary was sent to me from a dear friend from my high school days, and after viewing it, I just have to share this with all of you.
It's only a little over 3 minutes in length, and was first broadcast back in 1965.

Can you imagine that THIS was spoken around FORTY-SEVEN YEARS AGO...and it says SO much of what has been done (and continues to be done) in our nation and the world as we speak?
I find it fascinating that someone could be SO correct in predicting what has come to pass.
I never knew that Paul Harvey was that intuitive, but I certainly do NOW!
And now you know...."the rest of the story".
*** Lastly today...as the holidays fast approach, we're often reminded as to the REAL reason for the season.
However, we're also sidetracked by all the commercialism that runs rampant as well.
We need to understand that although the actual birth of Christ was not 25 December, but rather sometime in the early spring (according to latest estimates), we nonetheless DO celebrate it on the 25th of December.
Any gifts we give or receive are representative of the gifts from the Biblical Magi - the three wise men (or kings if you will) who travelled to bear witness to the birth of Jesus in Nazareth. I'm sure there were probably MORE than just the three of them, for travelling ANY distance back then was not for the weak, lame or lazy.
Those gifts we receive or give should not become THE focus for the season...just an "added bonus", as it were...a reminder of the true nature of giving.
We also play the appropriate music and watch the movies of the season as well, and rightly so. There comes that special feeling when we hear the strains of Joy To The World (with a fukl orchestra and choir) , Handel's Messiah, or Silent Night.
Yes, there does come a certain feeling in us all with this time of year; a feeling of peace and of joy...and even of triumph.
Now, if you're not religious, you can still take part in the whole "peace, joy and love" thing (but NO hippies, please...lol)...it's not JUST for believers of any religious faith, but much might be lost in that "translation".
I feel that anything that brings any of us closer together as ONE race - the HUMAN race is a good thing, especially if it's not forced, contrived, or coerced. When we WANT to come together for such a good "cause" as Christmas, as well as the birth of Christ, we ALL make out better.
So, when you're out and about during the weekend, take a little time to allow the season to "get under your skin" a bit more than it usually does.
You won't develop a rash, nor will you want to scratch that itch away.
Always hold to the REAL reason for this season...and you won't go wrong.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((~Next week - Christmas - all of our favorites, plus the ups, the downs, and the jerks - the whole week long~))

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