19 December 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Middle of the week, and we're staring at perhaps 2 or more inches of snow by week's end in the Heartland...not a bad way to welcome Christmas week, is it?
And, as usual, we'll tackle today's military quote of the week aka WHO SAID THAT?
"After God, we should place our hopes of safety in our weapons, not in our fortifications."
In lieu of recent events and the current knee-jerking across this nation (which is why you're hearing all that "snap, crackle and pop" going on), I thought this quote most appropriate.
So...who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at aisle 5 in the gun store...
*** Dick's Sporting Goods is suspending sales on "certain" rifles in their stores nationwide, and removing ALL it's displays at stores closest to Newtown, CT after the recent murders, in respect for the slain.
Here's the story link:
Now, I can understand the stores CLOSEST to the CT town, but nationwide?
Helluva way to LOSE business, don'cha think?
Well, at least you can still get AMMO there.
But wait...there's more...
*** Investors are now pulling out of certain gun manufacturers...
Here's the story link:
Stocks of gun companies fell, and yet sales are WAY up...go figure.
Freedom Group Inc, which makes Bushmaster, DPMS, and Remington (rifles) is the largest firearms maker in the U.S.
Enter Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm that has stated it would sell the maker of the rifle used in the massacre.
Gee, and to think that quite a few LEOs actually OWN Bushmaster carbines.
That's gonna "leave a mark"...somewhere.
Cerberus has also invested in Chrysler (Obama bedfellows?), which is NOW owned by FIAT (just what we needed).
Interestingly, a huge CA teacher's PENSION FUND said they were reviewing a $600 MIL investment in the outfit, so you can see how this tangled web is spun.
Naturally, a Bushmaster plant in Maine will be closed and moved to NY state, where Remington will be better able to compete with DEFENSE DEPARTMENT gun contracts...nice way to eliminate the competition...and displace workers...sure HELPS the economy, doesn't it?
*** But, if that's not enough, consider this...
There is talk about banning semiautomatic weapons...the lawgivers are already thumping their paws in disgust over this.
When you think about it, damn near EVERY weapon (save for single-shot and black powder firearms) ARE...(...all together, gang...).... SEMI-AUTO!
You squeeze the trigger ONE time, and you get ONE bullet out the business end...simple, huh?
The weapon will discharge AS FAST AS you can pull that trigger.
It is NOT capable of discharging burst fire OR continuous fire...that's a whole other animal that requires a SPECIAL class license to obtain and purchase.
So, the know-nothing politicians have blurred THAT line.

And this is all aside from the fact that although ONE person goes into a school (or movie house, or mall) and kills over a dozen people, not ONE person in D.C. mentions the FACT that every single f$cking day, people are shot and killed in our inner cities...ONE...AT...A...TIME...!!!
No one has spoken to that, save for a few conservatives such as Bill O'Reilly...HE gets it.
Chicago, Illinois...home of some of the MOST strict gun laws in the USA, has shootings occurring DAILY and a homicide rate that makes the Newtown shootings pale in comparison, and still the mayor, one Rahm Emanuel (former Obamahack) calls for GUN CONTROL?
Wasn't it he who said that: " A good crisis should NEVER go to waste"?
(spoken like the secular progressive he truly is)
And who IS creating this "crisis"?
The anti-gun lobbyists, that's who.
Stripped right from the pages of Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals"...mark my words on this.
And then, there are those leftists who feel our CONSTITUTION is to blame...and would say it's "behind the times", and needs to be changed.
"INTO WHAT?" I would ask.
How about some "Articles of Allegiance"?
(shades of V For Vendetta...again from which the above term is derived)
We can pledge to our regime (and it's leader) instead of to the United States of America, our flag and the republic under GOD (all founded by GOD-FEARING MEN...unafraid to take up ARMS...in case you were wondering).
Starting to sound a bit like the Weimar years in Germany...isn't it?
The first thing Hitler did was...(you guessed it) take guns away from the citizens.
And how DID that work out for them, anyway?
(not well)
This isn't going to go away anytime soon, unfortunately.
And remember, a populace that can be better CONTROLLED become slaves to the government...when the government should be answering to it's PEOPLE instead.
*** But there is a smattering of GOOD news.
Like THIS story:
Police caught the perp who robbed the E. State Blvd Chase bank last month, thanks to a Crimestoppers tip (told you it would be LUCK).
Dajuan C. Cooper will be spending the holidays in the hoosegow...how nice for him (and good for those bank employees).
How much you wanna bet he's got PRIORS?
Well, because you wondering...here you are:
====RAP SHEET====
02D05-1102-IF-001206 602575
602575 COOPER, DAJUAN C 02/17/2011
Allen Superior Court 5 IF - Infraction
Decided 9-24-7-4/IFC: Learners Permit Violation
9-21-5-2(1)/IFC: Speeding - Exceeding 30 mph in an Urban District
02D04-1102-IF-001421 620205 COOPER, DAJUAN C 02/23/2011
Allen Superior Court 4 IF - Infraction
Decided 9-21-3-7/IFC: Disregard Lighted Signal - Signals Exhibiting Colored Lights
02D06-1105-IF-005846 623825 COOPER, DAJUAN C 05/04/2011
Allen Superior Court 6 IF - Infraction
Decided 9-24-19-1/IFA: Driving While Suspended
02D05-1106-CM-003846 000021936121 COOPER, DAJUAN C 06/28/2011
Allen Superior Court 5 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided 9-24-19-2/MA: Driving While Suspended (Prior w/in 10 years)
02D06-1108-CM-005155 NA
NA COOPER, DAJUAN C 08/26/2011
Allen Superior Court 6 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided 35-45-1-3(a)(2)/MB: Disorderly Conduct
7.1-5-7-10(a)/MC: Minor in Tavern
02D04-1111-CM-006760 000023732677
COOPER, DAJUAN C 11/09/2011
Allen Superior Court 4 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided 9-24-19-2/MA: Driving While Suspended (Prior w/in 10 years)
9-19-10-2/IFD: Failure of Occupant to Use Safety Belt
9-19-11-2/IFD: Child Restraint Violation - Child Less Than 8 Years of Age
02D06-1202-CM-000839 000023586255 COOPER, DAJUAN C 02/13/2012
Allen Superior Court 6 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Pending 9-24-19-2/MA: Driving While Suspended (Prior w/in 10 years)
02D06-1212-FC-000384 COOPER, DAJUAN C 12/06/2012
Allen Superior Court 6 FC - Class C Felony
Pending 35-42-5-1(2)/FC: Robbery
3630 Robinwood DR
2914 REED ST
Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Fort Wayne, IN 46816
There 'ya go...another STELLAR citizen...probably gets HIS guns the old-fashioned way...he STEALS them (most likely from the homes of law-abiding white folks) or through the local BLACK MARKET (where his type tend to shop).
That's because with that record, he's not going to be able to LEGALLY purchase one.
THIS is the result from not MORE gun laws, but rather inefficient enforcement OF the current laws.
And this is a big deal, make no mistake.
Thing is, we're allowing too many of those SMALL things to fall by the wayside, and then when they turn INTO those BIG things, we run around wondering WHY it happens...well, DUH!
*** Lastly today, this is one helluva way to welcome the holiday season...or ANY season for that matter.
We SHOULD be taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the holidays, but we've been diverted from doing so.
And 26 families in CT have had their season shattered beyond belief.
This didn't have to happen...at all.
As sure as I'm sitting here, NO amount of laws, rules, regulations, bans, permits, licensing, or anything else that can be thought up will stop this from happening again...someplace.
How many times have I stated that when seconds count, the police are minutes away?
How often does an ARMED citizen PREVENT a crime from taking place?
The answer is a LOT more than the lame-street media would have you believe.
ONE armed citizen in the right place and time COULD have prevented (or GREATLY lessened) the CT massacre...or the Aurora shootings, of the VT murders.
Can we seriously deny those potential victims the possibility of survival when that armed citizen is not around, or not permitted to carry a firearm?
I think the politicians should ponder THAT the next time they look at THEIR loved ones...or hug THEIR children.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I was astonished to see that FWPD actually solved a bank robbery... then saw it was just a "little fish", not a member of the Ninja group currnently making a mockery of them. I suspect this was a PR bust, AKA "Listen guys, if we don't tie SOMEONE to a bank job pretty soon..." Watch it get tossed for lack of evidence or "Richardsed" (pled down to a misdemenor).

Bob G. said...

I said that any of these captures would be by LUCK...aka a tip through Crimestoppers.
Those "ninjas" are like smoke...gone in no time.

Yeah, now the TV said that the FBI TASK FORCE needs our help...hell, I thought THEY were here to HELP the FWPD?
What gives there, hmm?

ROFLMAO..."RICHARDSED"...nice term.
They should publish that one.

I mean when they ALL dress alike, it can pretty EASY to find SOMEONE that fills the bill...right?

(especially down HERE...where he LIVED...I said they should look in my part of the ghettohood, too...lol)

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment today (and make me smile from ear-to-ear).
Much appreciated.

You stay safe up there.