31 January 2012

Well, It's A Good Thing....
How many times have you heard that phrase in your life?
I'll bet a LOT, beginning with when you were growing up.
Usually, this is used as a premise to a concluding statement like:
"Well, it's a good thing you didn't take those cookies...and spoil your dinner."
It's one of those "universal" phrases...can be stuck in conversation damn near ANYwhere.
(well, it's a good thing too, because I was wondering what to say next...LOL)
*** Now, when it comes to CRIME, our fair city (Ft. Wayne) is not without it's (ever-growing) share.
Take for example the TEN robberies we've had in town just this month...
I know that some of you might be rolling your eyes saying "that's not so bad...think about ALL like crimes in REALLY big cities across America."
Well, compared to say...NYC or L.A., we are on the shallow end of the crime pool.
But there is a relationship between the number of PEOPLE and the number of CRIMES.
The vast majority of citizens in ANY city are NOT the ones causing the crimes(thank God)...it's less than 20% (approx)...across the ethnic board.
ALL races are involved in crimes...that's just the way it works with people.
How that crime is dealt with will dictate the pattern that the crimes will take.
When you "tighten the belt" regarding law-enforcement, crime DOES go DOWN...BUT (uh, oh, here comes that other shoe dropping) you also risk being labelled a "police state" or "ethnically-unfriendly".
When you loosen the laws, making them more like guidelines, crime WILL go UP...simple enough to figure out, right?
Case in point, the southern border situation...
Because we have NO wall or enough officers down there, people KEEP coming across and entering this country ILLEGALLY.
And within those tens of MILLIONS that have come over since before I was even born, (300K in 1952 alone, and more each year after) the law of averages says you WILL incur some criminal element. (and DoJ stats have backed that much up)
Yet, that's not to say we don't have our own "home-grown" assholes here...we've got them by the bushel!
Again, I refer you to those robberies here this month.
A person (or persons) waltzes into a pharmacy, show the clerk a note and walks out with whatever (prescripts) they (demanded) wanted...done deal.
These people tend to be WHITE.
Or, those robbers that enter a bank (or store) and rob it.
These people tend to be BLACK.
There is no real color line here...they're all guilty.
(well, it's a good thing they didn't try and rob that Belmont Liquor store where the clerk shot and killed that robber a few years back)
See how that phrase can be interjected...nice, huh?
In another city, a Walgreens manager had a pistol and "dissuaded" the attempted robbery at his store...and he was FIRED for doing so.
Walgreen's has this dumb rule about employees packing heat...
(( rolls eyes ))
Well you might as well put up a damn sign and ADVERTISE it then.
Curious, it would appear that whenever you OUTLAW guns in a specific store, the ONLY ones who will enter that store WITH guns will be OUTLAWS!
Amazing. (who knew?)
Crimes take a myriad of other faces, especially in larger cities.
And you all know the list of "activities" these perps perform on a daily basis.
Anything from child abuse to rape to drugs (dealing, making, or using), auto theft, burglaries, home invasion (a rising tide), vandalism, assault, larceny, prostitution...and so on...
But there does come that really ODD occurrence...the one that makes you stand up and go:
The man I mentioned in yesterday's post (still in critical condition, and with one less hand) is a prime example.
Here's a link to the updated story (from the J-G):
This is a good read, because other people living nearby were interviewed,
The article ALSO mentions that this guy had several "bombs" already assembled.
Now, you can call this whatever you want to, but when I think of a "hobby", I think about building models, or comic collecting...or even going shooting.
In a frigging APARTMENT for God's sake?
Granted the chemicals and powders found IN the apartment (by themselves) are NOT illegal to purchase OR possess, BUT (other shoe time again) it's when you decide to COMBINE such items to form unstable COMPOUNDS that people tend to take an interest (like the BATFE).
I know you HAVE to have a very specific FFL license in order to MAKE such compounds, let alone set them off (watch Sons of Guns on Discovery Channel..THEY have such a license).
Maybe this person had a copy of The Anarchist's Cookbook...who can say.
I showed Mrs. Bobby G. my copy of the Special Forces Handbook, and it has various items listed in there that can be used to make ad hoc "devices" (purely for combat purposes, mind you).
And yes, many of these items can be purchased on the Internet.
Hell, I can go to a home improvement store and get some things that, if combined will go "boom"...I just don't wish to do so.
For example, any survivalist can easily take potassium permanganate and add a few drops of water and PRESTO...make a fire (to cook whatever critter you just killed). Or you can take a 9v battery and some steel wool...again...fire.
The real fun comes when you make a polymer that will set into any shape you choose. The trick comes with PRESHAPING it BEFORE it hardens. (this guy didn't figure that one out...too much of ONE element...sets too fast)
Plus, you have to decide HOW to set it off, and the compound will dictate the method, depending on what you've made.
The military traditionally uses C-4, but they have a base compound called RDX (don't bother, you can't buy any). This is at the heart of most explosives used today, and in it's raw form CAN be "impact sensitive", so that's why they wheel the granular mixture around in STEEL carts with lids, and don't go bumping the hell out of it. Nitroglycerin is another impact-sensitive material...(and not what you put under your tongue for heart trouble), as is old dynamite that begins to "sweat"...this crap you don't play with unless you KNOW what the hell you're doing. Just bumping such items slightly can be enough to detonate it.
Other items need "help" to detonate...like C-4. It usually takes an electrical charge (like a blasting cap). Remote detonation is the usual choice.
TNT or dynamite can use blasting caps (electrical) or standard fuses or something called "det-cord" (and blasting caps by themselves can become unstable over time).
Helluva "hobby", eh?
Anyway..."It's a good thing YOU don't mess around with such stuff...right?"
I mean, as far as hobbies go, I NEVER met a coin or stamp that decided to go "boom!" when I messed with it.
And I think "Lefty" might have gotten the hint...now.
What the apartment complexes (and the FWHA) have to do, is take better precautions when checking prospective tenants the hell OUT.
Will that make us a "police state" by doing so?
Some fringe followers will positively think so...
But I personally feel that the safety of the MASSES should trump the cavalier attitude that has allowed such people INTO those apartments and/or houses. This makes a good case, as does the Alihana Lemmon tragedy when it comes to feeling SAFE in one's home.
Average, law-abiding individuals SHOULD feel a modicum of safety wherever they CHOOSE to live, free from such potentially dangerous individuals.
And if anyone thinks otherwise...remember one name - Ted Kacyznski...!
He had a "hobby" as well...and a LOT more smarts than this perp in Ft. Wayne.
Well, it's a good thing we can LEARN from history, isn't it?
Word to the wise, eh?
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

30 January 2012

Monday Musings...
Welcome to another fun-filled (?) week, and here in the Heartland, we're going to be having some MILD weather (for January, anyway).
Then again, if you recall LAST year, we got socked in FEBRUARY with some serious snowfall, so to all you global-warming "enthusiasts" out there...don't get your hopes up just yet.
We're fast approaching Super Bowl weekend (for me that would be PUPPY BOWL weekend - on the Animal Planet channel instead), and that's something I want to discuss a little later in today's post, but first, we've got some "news" out there in Hoosierland that needs tending to.
*** Shooting leaves one Fort Wayne woman in critical condition.
Here's the story as presented by WANE:
(( Updated: Monday, 30 Jan 2012, 6:17 AM EST
Published : Sunday, 29 Jan 2012, 11:50 PM EST
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - Police are investigating a shooting that happened at 2318 Covington Rd. Sunday night.
Police arrived on scene a little before 10 p.m. They found an adult woman suffering from a gunshot wound.
She was taken to the hospital in critical condition.
Police said they do not have any suspects at this time and no arrests have been made.
Investigators are speaking with individuals at the home to get more information on what happened.
The woman's name has not yet been released.
At least it wasn't on the...(...All together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne.
Maybe the bane is spreading?
The radio had her being transported in C-MINUS condition...not that great.
(( Update - 1430 HR - This shooting was ruled a suicide today, as the woman had died 10 minutes after making it to the hospital. ))
Here's the link:
*** Man injured by explosion.
Again, from WANE sources:
(( Updated: Monday, 30 Jan 2012, 6:18 AM EST
Published : Sunday, 29 Jan 2012, 10:24 PM EST
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - Fort Wayne police are investigating an explosion at an apartment complex in the 2600 block of River Cove Lane.
Officials said they were on scene for several hours Sunday night, after police were dispatched to the location.
Public Information Officer John Chambers said it appeared someone was inside chiseling something when there was an explosion.
Chambers said they are still working to find out more information about what exploded, but police did put up crime scene tape. The Hazardous Devices Unit, also known as the bomb squad, was on the scene as well.
An adult man was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Chambers said he had injuries to at least his hand.
"We don't know if it was a chemical reaction or some type of device. We are holding a police scene and are working with the prosecutor's office to get a warrant to go inside the apartment and investigate further," Chambers said.
This story will be updated when more information is available.
The radio chatter was involving some SHRAPNEL, so I guess that hand of his wasn't in the best of shape after whatever triggered that explosion.
And BTW, be careful who your neighbor might be when living in an apartment.
Makes me wonder WTH would cause such an explosion when "chiseling" was mentioned.
Artists chisel wood or stone...no "boom" there.
Can't be an artist, can he?
And only an IDIOT would take a chisel to a stick of TNT (or other firm explosive)...
A gunsmith "might" be working on a firearm or powder charge for reloading...that could go "boom" (if struck with metal the right way causing a spark), but WHY would anyone work on firearms or reloading in an apartment...that's stupid beyond measure.
But, "if" you were cooking meth and were "cutting" down the crystal and bumped the metal pot you "might" be cooking in, THAT could go "boom".
Hell, with all the chemicals in meth, I'd be surprised when it doesn't react to damn near anything.
Clearly, this IS just speculation (on my part), and not to be taken as fact until PROVEN...got it?
(( Update - 1430 HR - Idiot-Alert - Bomb-making materials were found on scene of that explosion. Apparently the mixture became rock-hard, and the man was using a CHISEL tio break it apart. Someone forgot to tell him that SOME compounds ARE "impact-sensitive"...it pays to READ up first.))
Here's the link:
*** Now, back to the Super Bowl and all the hype connected with it...(yawn)...
Have you noticed the AMOUNT of hype being laid upon the Super Bowl?
And doesn't it become a study of "outdoing the previous year"?
How fracking HUGE does it have to get before enough will be enough?
Personally, I feel lots more people are tuning in or showing up FOR the hype...rather than the GAME.
And to me, that takes a lot away from the players...provisionally-speaking.
I remember the game when it had players that actually had SECOND JOBS during the off-season...like a car dealership.
Today, it's about paying a player an enormous amount of money, hoping they play LONG enough (and well enough) to RECOUP that revenue via marketing...and praying they don't get injured along the way.
Stadiums are named for BANKS...or PRODUCTS (it is all about "branding" after all). Gone are the days when they were named after PEOPLE (memorial stadiums, for example).
Ticket prices become obscenely expensive, denying the game to all but those that can afford a second mortgage to purchase a season seat in the rafters. Sports used to be a lot more family-oriented, and by that, I meant AFFORDABLE to the average person.
Can't say that today...can we?
They erected a freaking SUPER BOWL VILLAGE in Indianapolis, just for the ONE-DAY EVENT!
This reminded me of the OLYMPIC VILLAGE during the winter games...
At least THAT village was up for the few weeks the OLYMPICS took place, and not constructed merely for ONE DAY.
So that makes sense to me.
But is the Super Bowl not as SUPER that folks need to have the "NFL EXPERIENCE" to get them fired up and interested?
And I won't even get into the whole PARKING issue, as well as accommodations , souvenirs, and ticket-scalping.
Most all those are atrocious at best (and illegal at worst).
It seems that these days, society is thrust from ONE venue to another...think about it.
After the Super Bowl we have March Madness (which will end sometime around MAY, probably...lol), and then Spring Training (with the NBA playoffs shoved in between somewhere). And so the cycle goes.
The OSCARS are another situation that have (imho) fallen on hard times from years past.
Each event has to be more "sensational" than the last one, and yet, the movies (and many times the stars themselves) bear witness that THEY are not the REAL reason any longer FOR such an event.
Look at years past Oscar events (go back at LEAST 30-40 years), and then look at some of the more recent ones...
Absolutely NO comparison...in either movie quality (with VERY few exceptions) or "star power" (again, with VERY few exceptions).
Now, I said all THAT...to say THIS:
I have often stated (here) that "It's all about being entertained"...and usually by someone OTHER than ourselves, or at someone else's expense (the inner city "experience").
Many have forgotten (by choice or by design) HOW to amuse THEMselves.
We have "reality" shows that do no more than show us how depraved some folks are...to make "us" feel better about ourselves.
We have sports events that have better COMMERCIALS than game play on the field.
We have various other venues that tout "accomplishments" in the cinema (or TV)...for films that are pale shadows of REAL movies...with REAL actors and actresses.
I will say that when it comes to marketing, we (as a whole) do an exemplary job.
Capitalism is ALWAYS a good thing...most times.
But when any sort of prosperity is measured by how many BIG SCREEN TVs are sold around Super Bowl time, that prosperity isn't extending to the HUMAN aspect of our society...only the acquisition of "stuff"...and appealing to the greedy side of mankind.
You measure the quality of a person's character NOT by how much crap he or she has purchased over time, but how they attack LIFE itself.
Hell, I could go out today and get us a 70 inch plasma TV...but WTF do we need one for?
The ones we already have work well enough, and I'm not planning to open a multiplex in our living room or backyard, so why bother?
I know that I'm bucking the tide here, and swimming against the "current", but stop and think about all of this.
Is all the "hype" leading up to that next "event" (whatever it might be) worth the actuality OF that event? Does it even come close?
Or does it far EXCEED the event itself...and you became duped along the way?
Don't get me wrong here...I enjoy a good time as much as the next guy...BUT...there comes a time to see the REAL reality in all of this.
When you get played, don't gripe about the choice of song or even the band.
Life can be filled with wonder...if YOU look for it.
It can also be filled with one damn "event" after another...with you following like a loyal puppy on the heels of whoever is the best marketing agency.
If you prefer being a sheep, that's not so bad a thing.
On the other hand, if you prefer your life to be filled with better things, sometimes, all you have to do is peer out your window...or pick up a good book.
Grand events such as the Super Bowl are fine, as long as YOU keep it (and all the others) in their proper perspectives.
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

27 January 2012

Friday Follies...
In spite of the crazy-ass weather, we've made it to the end of another week...huzzah!
Wifey has been feeling a bit UNDER that weather, so she's here at home, resting up.
The weather is stable for the time being, with a bit of snow tomorrow (1-2 inches), hardly a dusting for me.
So naturally, I did what any loving husband and help-mate would do:
I "volunteered" to fill in for the Missus at school, but since I don't have a piece of paper that SAYS I'm qualified, that washes me out.
I will admit that given the atmosphere in today's classrooms, I could easily be considered a "hard-ass" as far as teachers go.

I just expect kids to pay the hell attention (like WE had to). And I suppose the whole "running out of corners in the room to put the DUNCES in after the first few minutes" would have nothing to do with that.
Yeah, I could see myself as their WORST nightmare...I like that.
*** There are several careers I could not possibly perform in TODAY'S society, and not for the lack of wanting or knowledge of the "mission-specific" material involved.
Two of those careers would be TEACHER and POLICEMAN.
I remember who my teachers were, and the impact upon me that many of them made.
They were people we (as students) looked UP to...
Much the same could be said of the police officers in those days.
You just didn't backtalk to either of them, because that would put your ass in a sling faster than you could blink.
These days...it's a whole different ballgame.
Teachers have to deal with students that are WAY more unruly and disrespectful, and the punishments for those kids is not as severe as in decades past. Parental involvement (on the whole) has waned over the last 30-40 years, and that just adds to the problems.
Police officers have it just as bad (if not worse) with these kids both when they're IN school, as well as when they get (read drop) the hell out of school.
There used to be defined areas of BLACK and WHITE when it came to dealing with either person.
Today, it's more about all those SHADES OF GRAY...where teachers and police have to be more "user-friendly" and more "diplomatic" when dealing with the public. And the "public" is a lot more prone to violent behavior and dysfunctionality (Bob's lexicon...lol)...so go figure how THAT'S supposed to work out.
I'm from the era when if you did something wrong...you were punished...period.
THAT alone was sufficient to dissuade you from becoming a further annoyance to others.
Once in a great while, you got a second chance, and you made sure you didn't go and piss THAT up against a wall.
In essence, you LEARNED from that mistake, and when you decided NOT to learn, the punishment became appropriately MORE severe.
Yes, there were consequences to be had in those days.
Today, some people wind up getting a dozen 2nd chances...and keep on screwing the hell up.
Or problem students continue to be mainstreamed with the regular kids, when they should be in a special school for hard-heads with attitude.
And that's not exactly working out all that well in our classrooms OR on our streets.
But, I digress...
We do have other more pressing issues about town, so let's check them out while pondering the above.
*** Fort Wayne's RECYCLE program is doing quite well...mostly.
Here's the link to today's story:
King, I mean MAYOR Henry's goal is to have 80% of the city on the ONE-BIN system for recycling...(ROFL - good luck with that one).
I've been in contact with Matt Gratz (head of solid waste department) for more than a few years, and we've developed a good rapport (as well as with his predecessor, Dawn Ritchie, who taught Matt very well), and I can say that this one-bin rollout was handled in an exemplary manner.
There was media coverage, explaining in full what the mission statement was, and literature pertinent to the rollout was included in the utility bills preceding the acquisition of the bins my residents.
And Wifey and I were at the forefront when the "yellowtops" were provided. Been doing it from day-one.
It works for us...very well, in fact.
But you have to track back to 15 January when a story in the J-G described just HOW "successful" this program was citywide.
Here's the link to THAT story (New Bins a Boon for City):
There is an enclosed MAP of the city by zip code and you will notice that the zips with the LOWEST participation rates are those with the highest number of MINORITY groups. (mostly black & Hispanic)
The zip codes with the LOWEST participation rates are 46816 (61%), 46802 (56%), 46803 (47%), and MY area, 46806 (46%) nicely at the BOTTOM of the trash heap (pun intended).
Everywhere ELSE in the city, people seem to want to be on board with this, but NOT down here?
Why is that?
Apathy would appear to be my first response, followed by blatant stupidity and/or disrespect for ANY type of authority (like the city saying what you should do).
I would LOVE to see how Mayor Henry plans to get those mooks down here "with the program"...that would be fun to watch, because if there is one sound you ALWAYS hear on trash day, it's the clinking of booze bottles as the NON-recycle bins are emptied into the trucks when they pick them up.
Imagine how MUCH of that IS able to be recycled.
I'd bet if they brought BACK things like DEPOSIT BOTTLES, I'd not have nearly as much lawn trash from the troglodytes as I enjoy now.
Cripes, they'd be fighting each other FOR those bottles...LOL.
(now there's an idea to rid my area of undesirables...let them kill one another for deposit bottles...a marvelous concept)
Like I said...gonna be fun to watch the city TRY to get these people to recycle...Lord knows they can CREATE enough trash (from seemingly thin air) each and every week, and that's amazing in it's OWN right.
*** Bob Aldridge (local NRA-certified firearms instructor) had a great editorial yesterday in the paper regarding CCW laws in Indiana (and other states).
Here's the link to it:
I bring this up for a good reason (or three)...I'm a STAUNCH supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and I know my rights granted under our Constitution in such matters.
Recently, Indiana passed HR 822 (Nat'l right to carry reciprocity act of 2011) which basically allows law-abiding people to carry from state to state without incurring a felony (like you would get if you crossed into Ohio, which doesn't have such a law).
The discussion of the right to "Constitutional carry" or unrestricted carry is at the basis for the concept.
The 2nd Amendment, as established by TWO Supreme Court decisions (McDonald and Heller) says:
1) It's an individual right
2) The right applies to ALL states and federal enclaves
As said in the editorial, Vermont has NEVER had nor required a handgun carry permit for it's residents, and in 2003, Alaska removed it's requirements for law-abiding citizens to have a permit to carry a handgun.
Wyoming (that's "Momma Fargo-land" for you followers out there) and Arizona joined the Constitutional carry club in 2011.
Sixteen MORE states have introduced legislation along similar lines.
It would appear that THESE states realize that law-abiding citizens are the LEAST likely to cause trouble, and that the 2nd Amendment is NOT a "privilege", but a RIGHT, and as such, NOT subject to license OR permissions by governmental entities.
Besides, the criminal element is NEVER deterred by licensing laws...are they?
Bob Aldridge feels that Indiana should follow suit in eliminating the "requirement" for law-abiding citizens to purchase and posses a license to carry.
And I agree with him 100%.
(It would save me having to dole out $125 to get that lifetime license, $75 for 4 years, renewable through the FWPD).
I could use the money saved to...buy more ammo...lol.
*** Lastly today, there are people out there with GREAT ideas, and noble concepts.
Many times, they often involve less intrusion BY the government, and that's ALWAYS a good thing.
I believe that the majority of us CAN (and should) be able to self-govern a lot more than we do now.
But there will always be that portion of the people that REQUIRE governance, and that's on THEM...not me.
I'm not asking for ANY part of our federal, state, or local governments to "take care" of such people...just to hold THEM to the same level of accountability that we (those able to do for ourselves with less "supervision") hold ourselves to...that's all.
I feel that's the best way to get everyone on a similar page in life.
And why not have good people get a break for once...shouldn't a reward in some fashion be the result of being a good person, rather than being put down for being that way?
They say no good deed ever goes unpunished.
Maybe it's time to change that, and start looking up to such people again...like we used to do with those teachers...and police officers.
...And this post has come full circle - as was intended.
Have yourselves a fantastic weekend (whatever the weather).
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

26 January 2012

If It's Trash day Here, That Means...
We probably have some LOUSY weather outside...which we certainly do this morning.
More about THAT in a minute, but first, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Be a model of valor by example and precept."
That was spoken by a favorite officer of mine...one USMC Lt. Gen Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, 1942, to his officers and men before the landing of the 1st Marine division on Guadalcanal, (quoted from the Puller collection, Marine corps Historical Division.)
Now, back to that weather...
Having gotten some freezing rain across the Fort Wayne area, it's little wonder we are staring at closings for most all the schools, and traffic accidents that are keeping the local constabulary quite busy.
I dunno...it always seems like the crappy weather hits on Thursdays...when we put out the trashbins for pickup.
Had to knock a coating of ice off the lids when I added a bag of trash to the bin this morning.
Anyone with a vehicle outside will have to do likewise, so keep that scraper handy and give yourself a few minutes to warm the vehicle up.
Some extra TIME to get wherever you have to go (staying home is a nice option in such conditions) would be advisable.
So, while we're watching others deal with the weather, let's see what else has been going on...
*** School lunches are to become (even) more "nutritious"...
(rolls eyes)
Here we go again...with the whole healthy-thing crap, thanks in no small part to Mama Obama (Michelle - Ma Belle).
The dictate from "on high" is as follows:
Guess all those on the "free or reduced" lunch programs are watering at the mouth already.
Here is an article from NW Indiana that sheds some light on it:
Here's an older article that lays out the "framework" and what the COST will be:
And here's some data (county-by-county or by school district) for Indiana as to WHO is getting free or reduced meals:
The numbers for both Allen and Marion counties (we won't even get into Gary, Indiana...that's obvious) are not only ABOVE the state average, but ABOVE the national average.
Now, all nutrition aside, I'd wager you could push cans of CAT FOOD in those cafeterias and you'd STILL have a higher % of students on the program (unlike Grandma, who HAS to eat cat food because her pension or SSI was eaten up by our federal government to PAY for lazy-ass people).
Granted, there ARE some folks that simply CANNOT pay full price for school meals, but does that ALSO mean they can't provide a meal AT HOME for the kids to "brown-bag" it to school?
Leftovers, anyone?
And I won't belabor the fact that SOME "parents" CAN'T provide the whole cereal-bowl-milk-spoon gig for their kids, because they don't know HOW to figure something THAT "difficult" the hell out.
I don't believe it really IS about CAN'T...It's about WON'T.
I thought food stamps ALLOWED for such "necessities" that would make a BROWN BAG LUNCH possible...or even a simple BREAKFAST?
The logic of all this is irrefutable.
And the lack of responsibility on many of those parents TO provide is unbelievable.
It really makes you wonder when you see ALL these overweight parents with kids on FREE breakfast or lunch programs, right?
Maybe baby-mama needs to push herself from the table sooner?
I like being charitable as much as the next person, but I really don't feel like RAISING everyone else's kids because their own parent (s) is/are too damn self-involved (or high as a kite) to care about those they brought into this world.
'Nuff said there.
*** Been having problems with your Internet or cell phone lately?
Well, it might be due to something I mentioned some time ago that was coming to our planet...SOLAR FLARES.
We're in the midst of one of those "active" periods in our sun's cycle.
But NASA was on to this way back in 2009, as was said in THIS story:
This type of solar activity will play hell with comms system all over the planet, but lots more people WILL get to see the Northern Lights.
These occur when solar radiation smacks into Earth's magnetosphere.
(It's an astronomical-ionization thing)
Here's the 4-1-1 on this:
Okay, so NOW...you're informed (and take off that tin-foil hat)!
*** Lastly today, we see continuing evidence of more government meddling in our lives, as well as the lives of our children.
When WE were young, our parents knew what was "good" for us, as well as what was BAD...and provided us accordingly.
Junk foods (fewer as they were at those times) were regarded as a TREAT, and not standard culinary fare.
Even the few fast food joints that began to pop up were looked at as something to do once in a while...and not subsist totally upon.
Then again, we had Mothers that actually KNEW what it was to (dare I say it?)...COOK!
Mom KNEW that the KITCHEN wasn't just "another room in the house", and made good use of that big-ass porcelain coated appliance sitting there...called a STOVE.
We didn't use that stove for auxiliary heating, and the oven was not meant to dry clothes, hair or small pets...EVER.
Our parents gave a damn, and we never had to have the government interfere.
Come to think of it, the government never had CAUSE or REASON to butt the hell into our lives in those days.
Maybe they thought we pretty much KNEW what the hell "we" were doing...as families go.
Today...not so much.
Our "government knows best"...it's no longer "Father knows Best"...or even Mom.
And everyone should ALWAYS know there IS no "free lunch"...not today...and not even in decades past.
The only thing "free" about lunch in MY day was that it was FREELY GIVEN to me...by MOM...who bought the items from DAD'S paycheck...because he WORKED his ass off...to EARN it.
And somehow, we all appreciated it a lot more than we do with things these days.
It was never "expected" that we get something for nothing...everything had it's own price...somewhere.
These days...seems too many want that same something, and are willing to do either little or nothing at all to deserve it.
Where is the responsibility THERE, hmm?
When did it become all well and good to kick back, put our feet up, and "let someone else do it for me"?
If we took THAT stance say...236 years ago, we'd still be talking with British accents and sipping tea at 4PM.
There comes that time when we ALL have to "man (or woman) up" and do what is REQUIRED, and not necessarily desired, in order to make things work in our lives.
No one ever said that the BEST choice we might have to make was the most popular...or the most entertaining.
Just, that's it the RIGHT choice if we want the best for ourselves, our children, and our nation.
Now there's truly something to think about, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.