07 February 2012

Cyberpocalypse Now...
...Or it might all be just a figment of our fertile imaginations...
This is NOT the world of our childhood, especially if you're a baby-boomer such as myself.
This is an ever-changing world...and a world that goes through such changes at breakneck speed many times.
What was the status quo LAST week, soon becomes obsolete, defunct, non sequitor, or some other term that means no longer wanted, needed, or desired. And that's a damn shame.
Look at your life and then look at a city, either from today or from antiquity, and you'll find an interesting parallel.
Our lives are like a microcosmic version of damn near ANY city.
In our lives we mirror the functions such as management of funds, providing a safe environment, setting priorities, but mostly we are in the (personal) business of upkeep and maintenance (of ourselves, primarily).
We might make a bad decision from time to time when it comes to health and wellness, but overall, we tend to take pretty good care of our households as well as ourselves.
And if we stumble along that path in life, we do what is needed to keep the whole show moving on, right?
Got a bad tooth? See a dentist.
Have high blood pressure? See a doctor.
Got a leaky roof? Call a repairman...and so on...
So, we are full aware of the "infrastructures" that comprise our lives...at least we TRY to attune ourselves to such things.

And the exact same thing can be said for cities...they have items that constantly need "attention", like public safety, clean water (and air), proper sewage, garbage and trash disposal, electricity and natural gas, public transportation, education...well, you get the idea.
But in today's world, there is another realm that has to be CLOSELY watched, and that is the CYBER-realm.
Now, I'm not just talking about our personal computers, smart phones, iPads, or whatever device is your preference.
We can pretty much find some software someplace that can allow us to roam relatively free from harm on the ethers of the Internet.
So...what about our CITIES...or our NATION itself?
How secure are they in their cyber-infrastructure?
Well, according to a recent Bloomberg study...not so much.
Here's the link to the source article:
The story goes on to say that those of dubious backgrounds (worldwide) have stepped up their cyber assaults upon major infrastructure systems in America, and that should come as no surprise to anyone, really.
In an age where damn near everything is dependent upon SOME sort of computerized system and software, it makes good sense to be able to utilize those systems without having to fret about being hacked, or otherwise compromised in some manner.
But, just as the tangible infrastructures in America are in deep decline, like bridges, roads, and water mains (to name a few), and need major repairs or outright replacements, the cyber aspects that control our cities are in even worse shape.
And like I'm fond of saying..."You can only put so many band-aids on a compound fracture, before you know that bone's gotta be set proper."
One would think that being able to PROTECT our cyber-infrastructure from harm (foreign OR domestic) would be pretty easy, considering we were at the forefront of the implementation of such systems....such is not the case.
We already KNOW that the current administration in D.C., has been way too busy bailing out damn near everyone, totally ignorant to the fact that cyber attacks on important aspects to OUR security and operations in THIS country have been on the rise.
Hell, the Pentagon's already been hacked, and thanks to some savvy techs on OUR side, major concerns were averted.
What about further down the governmental ladder, though?
What about our cities?
Who's to say some hacker bent on anarchy, can't get into the operating systems of some utility or even the phone company and play seven kinds of hell while there?
This administration hasn't even been trying to correct those TANGIBLE assets in our nation, like the aforementioned roads, bridges, etc., let alone properly address the whole CYBER issue, right?
Harry Reid (cripes, of all people) wants to introduce legislation for a comprehensive cybersecurity bill to Congress around 17 Feb.
Now, I will freely admit that we DO need some form of protection for our nation when it comes to cyber attacks...
(that's right, I'm about to drop that other shoe)
How far-reaching would such legislation go?
Would it reach into the lives of the average citizen, monitor THEM, and make THEM part of this newly-created "web" that is being watched 24/7/365?
Is this a ploy to enact laws that would curtail or otherwise disable OUR ability to freely connect, discuss, and practice our 1st Amendment rights to FREE SPEECH?
Yes, there is another side to every coin, and this one is no different.
Our current cyber-infrastructure is in bad shape, like the crumbling bridge, or pothole laced street, or that collapsed water main.
We (America) need to fix it soon, before the wrong person wrests control of things and turns it against us.
Can you imagine a utility company "going dark" when some hacker shuts it down with a virus?
A VIRUS for God's sake...and we're scrambling for some form of "immunization".
No easy "shot in the arm" for this one, that's for sure.
No inoculation to protect the masses...or the companies from such devious attacks.
No EASY FIX...at all.
Obama would have more "far-reaching legislation"...and that COULD mean the invasion of YOUR privacy (they'll stop short of saying that much).
This President would rather use the BROADEST BRUSH possible, when a more "surgical" approach is needed - target ONLY those bent on hacking into OUR cyber-infrastructure.
Granted, the COST to ensure continued operation of say, our POWER GRID would be in the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars (and that kinda scratch ain't that readily had with this President, because of HIS spending junket that he's been on, as well as the global economic problems).
Sure, we COULD have the "Fed" just print MORE money to cover the cost...and that would most certainly lead to inflation and devaluing of OUR dollar further (George Soros is drooling at the mouth on that one).
That Bloomberg article raises some scary scenarios...make no mistake.
We are often only a mouse click or an ENTER key tap away from the possibility of a type of attack that would rival Pearl Harbor, not only by the surprise of it's arrival, but the amount of carnage it would provide for those attacking us.
This nation does need to do something, but I caution those in power to refrain from overstretching their authority when it comes to the average, law-abiding citizen. THEY are not the enemy.
Our country need not become a victim of global cyber-warfare, but we have to prepare ourselves in that event, nonetheless.
As potent as an all out assault on the beaches of Normandy back in June of 1944 was, so also can be a cyber attack upon such things as our air traffic control, our power grid, our nuclear facilities, or our defense systems.
It truly IS a new era in warfare, and must be met as such.
And we must also weigh the price of protection from such things, when it comes to our freedom.
We must tread cautiously when enabling our government certain powers.
"With great power comes great responsibility" was a line used in the movie Spiderman.
And I feel that this government (and all our state and local governments) need to FULLY realize that, if nothing else.
They are tasked with protecting this NATION (and her people), but NOT through the control OF those people.
THAT is the message THEY need to remember.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

06 February 2012

Monday Musings...
It's a sparkling Winter day here in Ft. Wayne (dunno what the hell we did to deserve that), and the Super Bowl, with all the weeks of hype upon hype is FINALLY behind us. I was busy watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, and I was highly amused by that. I live for the Kitty Halftime Show
If you did watch the Super Bowl though, the best part would have been the final TWO MINUTES...the rest really didn't matter.
I also hear there was a bit of a flap about a halftime "guest singer" (read rapper?) called M.I.A., who obviously lived up to the NAME when it comes to brain cell functionality when he (omg, I found out it's not a HE...it's a SHE...astounding!!!) mumbled an expletive and gave a middle finger salute (according to news sources).
Leave it a person of "this" caliber to muck up a family oriented venue such as this. Whatta woman...NOT!
And naturally, the intelligence-challenged contingent in Indianapolis managed to get 11 of their number arrested for public intox and resisting (with assault) to police there.
Talk about examples of a declining society...well, maybe let's not, okay?
On to other things....
I want to speak about the recent "changes" to the 122nd Air National Guard Fighter Wing stationed in our fair city in just a bit, but first, we have some other news to attend to.
*** We have had homicide #3 in Allen country. Here's the link to the story:
And again, we have another (innocent) person in the MINORITY community gunned down in a car.
No, he has NO record, which in and of itself is amazing down here.
(umm...where's the OUTRAGE from the BLACK community, anyway? Down in Indy waiting to come back from the Super Bowl?)
We are still on track to at least DUPLICATE last year's totals (24 - I said 25). Personally, I think this city CAN do better.
Philly already has 34 homicides, but they also have TEN TIMES the population (but only less than 20% are CAUSING all the crime).
*** Well, I suppose there are other reasons why people LOVE Ft. Wayne, aside from the crime rates, as evidenced in THIS link:
Amazing how a city can consistently IGNORE the worst part of town, hoping it will somehow "fix itself"...ain't gonna happen, people.
(at least not with THIS crowd of TROGS living around us)
And I'm definitely in the minority wanting to change it back to someplace the rest of the city doesn't have to look down it's collective nose upon.
But, I digress...
*** Let's take a look at what the latest DoD reports have done to a proud installation, shall we?
The military is apparently performing another round of what we call BRACs (Base Realignment and Closure), in order to trim down those tasked with "providing for our common defense"...
Seems that cutting THOSE jobs makes about as much sense as teats on a damn bull.
Back in the 1990s, Baer Field (aka FWIA, home of the 122nd ANG Blacksnakes) was switched over to (older) F-16s, and then as recently as 2010, were changed over to (even older) A-10 Warthogs.
But the mission for the base remained the SAME...it was a FIGHTER group.
It was only the PARAMETERS of the mission that changed to ground support and light bombing from air combat and ground support.
Now, the A-10 is an aircraft the military NEVER really wanted...even when it first came out in 1973.
Here's the WIKI on the A-10:
But, in spite of what the military wanted, it proved itself decade after decade a VIABLE contingent when you needed something slow, ugly and full of ordnance...that ALSO got the job done every single time.
Hell, the B-52 (called the BUFF by a lot of us...you should look that nickname up for yourselves) has been in service since the year I WAS BORN (1952), and they predict it will STILL be around for at least another 20 years (hope I can say the same...LOL).
But now, in it's "infinite wisdom" (?) the military wants to (again) mothball the fleet of Warthogs, and send along between 9-12 of these "new" (???) MC-12 surveillance aircraft to take the place of the Warthogs.
Now, before we go any further, here's some history of the MC-12 (from WIKI):
You can see that THIS aircraft ALSO was first placed into service back in the early 1970s.
Of course, you have had upgrades over the decades, but the basic airframe is an OLD design...as old as the A-10, in fact.
The civilian counterpart to the MC-12 is called the BEECHCRAFT HURON, and is basically an executive aircraft, meant to fly the bosses from A to B.
Some smaller regional airlines use these "puddle-jumpers" to shuttle people to large international airports with great success.
Now what possible claim can be made for this aircraft being placed in the surveillance category?
Actually, it's more like RPG-fodder...or a target for small arms fire...that's about it.
It can't shoot back, and it's range is comparable to that of the A-10, which DOES have a serviceable function on even today's battlefield.
The Warthog is the BEST damn tank-buster in theater today...ask any ground-pounder.
It's the ONLY airframe that employs the GAU-8 Avenger 30MM Gatling CANNON (with depleted uranium rounds), and surrounds it's pilot with a titanium-alloy protective "tub".
Also, this platform has a REAL brain at the controls, and not some pre-programmed chip that might stray off mission and bomb something it's not supposed to. The HUMAN element is something no technology can surpass.
But, the 122nd is being given the MC-12, and supposedly losing the A-10s.
Yeah, this is one of THOSE moments, so go ahead and say it...
(betcha feel a lot better now. I know I did)
Interestingly enough, the Willow Grove NAS outside of Philly, is also losing THEIR A-10s (last ones should have left last year), and THAT facility used to be a really happening place.
I think in a time where we practice unconventional warfare, maybe we should keep things that are a bit unconventional (like the A-10s).
Here in Ft. Wayne, we WERE told ( a couple years ago) that the 122nd would be (eventually) getting the new F-35 JSF (Joint Strike Fighter)...
Now, the transition from the A-10 to the F-35 would be a lot easier than going from the A-10 to the MC-12s and then back to a REAL fighter like the F-35. This facility has had a proud history of being a FIGHTER UNIT...as far back as 1947 (the year the USAF was born, coincidentally).
Not to mention, the 122nd ANG base here has pumped in about $60 MIL into the county and city budgets in one manner or another.
Originally flying North American P-51 Mustangs, then Lockheed's P-80 Shooting Stars, then the Republic F-84, going to the McDonnell F-4 Phantom II, then up to the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, to the (Fairchild) A-10 Thunderbolt II aka the Warthog...these people KNOW fighter aircraft...period.
And to me, if something WORKS, why the hell screw with it?
(Guess this is Obama's way of getting back at congressman Stutzman and Pence?)
Back in the late 1980s, I was fortunate enough to spend some time aboard the USS Kittyhawk (CV-63 - Constellation class carrier) when she was in Philly (at the now, also closed dry dock of the Naval shipyard) for something the officer called the SLEP (service life extension program), intended to provide at least 30 years MORE service to her. Well, that didn't last barely 15 years, as she was decommissioned (and mothballed) in 2009.
The military "bigwigs" have this wonderful habit of SAYING one thing, and then doing the complete opposite...amazing we can still win ANY conflict these days with such tactics.
I say we petition our politicians to have the 122nd REMAIN a FIGHTER GROUP...and KEEP the A-10s (until they can get the F-35s we were PROMISED). Let the "bosses" take their COMMUTER PLANES and find another facility to use, instead of OURS here in Ft.Wayne.
You want surveillance aircraft?
Use the damn DRONES...or bring an SR-71 out of storage...just a thought.
If there is one thing that would depress the hell out of me (more) about this city, it would be having to see the 122nd BLACKSNAKES turned into the 122nd GREY SQUIRRELS, because that's the difference between the Warthogs and the Hurons...plain and simple.
That ought to get us all thinking about the future of our military.
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

* * * * * * * * * *
(( Tomorrow, we take a look-see at our "cyber-infrastructure", and the precarious state it's in, so we'll see 'ya here, then.))

03 February 2012

Friday Follies...
Well, we're ending this week on a rather FOGGY note, but a mild one, weather-wise.
Then it's back to colder temps NEXT week, beginning tomorrow...hey, it IS Winter, right?
Got some ground to cover today, before we all get started on the weekend, so let's get rolling...
*** Anyone TIRED of all the "Super" Bowl hype...YET?
I know I am...or was...about several weeks ago.
Our local station had a good story about HUMAN TRAFFICKING, and how, at places JUST like the SUPER BOWL, child sex for sale becomes rampant.
Take a click (or three) over to WANE.com for the lowdown...it's not pretty, just FACT.
-And in a related story, a sports store at Glenbrook Mall had it's inventory seized for COUNTERFEIT items...(Gotta love the FEDS - guns going across the border, illegal drugs abounding, and a suck-ass economy, so instead, they plow ahead and "snag some swag"...marvelous!)
That story can also be found at WANE...or here:
Whenever we wanted OFFICIAL (licensed) sports merchandise, there was only ONE place in Philly to get us some...MITCHELL & NESS (downtown).
They supplied the REAL teams in the city, so you KNOW they were legit!
Caveat Emptor...oh, yasureyoubetcha!
And now, for something criminally different...
*** Blocked in officer fires at driver.
I really LOVE this Sgt. I want about FIFTY more like him down here.
Here's the link to the story:
The wrong-way driver, Matthew J. Bulliner, 37 (and highly intoxed) of 4411 Lillie St, Fort Wayne, 46806 (our neck o' the woods...big surprise there) is now a guest of the local constabulary, and probably cuts a handsome figure wearing ORANGE.
He's got some other fun things on his rap sheet like disorderly, criminal trespass, false informing, invasion of privacy, public intox, and NOW:
- Driving while SUSPENDED
- 2 counts resisting
- Failure to yield to emergency vehicle
- Failure to return to scene of an accident
- Driving wrong way on a one-way street
- failure to stop at an accident scene
Mr. Bulliner was the latest demonstration dummy for the proper employment of a TAZER (and probably the only time his NAME and the word EMPLOYMENT was used in the SAME SENTENCE...lol)
Yep, that oughta do for a start...and keep his sorry ass out of circulation for a while.
Nice shooting, Sarge!
God, I love happy endings!
*** And speaking of JUSTIFIED...
(And not that fantastic show on FX)
How's about THIS story:
Another drunk-ass driver, one Michael Ard, of 2319 Oakridge Rd, Fort Wayne, 46808, took out TWO utility poles (heard this call on the radio, but no outage from the poles coming down), and THEN puts up a stink when EMS and the FWPD try to get him OUT of the totaled vehicle, onto a gurney and to hospital for treatment...what an asshole!
Now, spitting bloody saliva at people and yanking out an IV (he has priors for battery, so that figures) is NOT the best way to introduce yourself to law-enforcement (and EMS), nor make nice with those trying to HELP, so the FWPD officers up and TAZED his uncooperative ass, and some people saw the video and called the station on the po-po about "excessive use of force"...can you BELIEVE that sh*t?
Like the officers were WRONG?
Gimme a damn break, here.
This perp is in serious need of a "tune-up"...
The story actually has FWPD Chief York defending his officers (bad hair day for Rus), and on THIS point, I really AGREE with him...OMG, maybe the apocalypse IS closer than I thought...LOL.
You have to remember that in THIS city, the police are ALWAYS on the radar of those fringe groups that think that routine police work and protocol is (or should be considered) "brutality"...(those groups must kiss a lot of ACLU ass - I prefer to KICK it instead)
Personally, I think a LOT of our local troglodyte "residents" would really BENEFIT from some "electro-shock therapy".
Might get those drug-infused brain cells of theirs WORKING for once...make a good decision now and then.
Actually learn how to be a respectable citizen...whatta concept, hmm?
But wait, we're not quite finished yet, kids...
*** Need MORE proof that SOME people don't deserve to live in a (gov't-sponsored) house without LEARNING what it means to have a KNOWLEDGE of what we call being a responsible individual...check THIS out:
Now how many times have you lit candles in your house or apartment, and then decided to RUN SOME ERRANDS...leaving those candles UNATTENDED???
(I'm betting NEVER...right?)
Well, that's because all of YOU are something we call SMART..unlike THIS resident (moron).
Betcha they also use the stove for drying clothes...or worse.
Well, at last it didn't happen on the (...all together, gang...) SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne, which only serves to prove that the stupidity in this city IS spreading. Onward and upward, right?
Witnesses said someone was still inside, but firefighters found no one (guess those witnesses wanted to be entertained while the firefighters were placed at further risk...typical).
*** This story is part of that (vicious) Circle of Life gig I talk about:
We recently were "advised" that the city of fort Wayne could see a possible HIKE in WATER RATES...to the tune of FORTY F$CKING PERCENT!
And this is just another turn on that merry-go-round.
The LAST time we had a rate hike (2006?) people started to CUT BACK their usage (waste is so wasteful) of water...and we have been doing likewise, although we draw the line at "showering with a neighbor"...THAT ain't EVER gonna happen...EVER!
But we're frugal in our use, and we do OK...until now.
The city sees that people ARE conserving more (does that make them CONSERVATIVES...perish the thought for our Democratic mayor), and using less, so they do what ANY democrat-run city would do...TAX MORE (so they can SPEND more).
And so we all get to go to the "dance" once again...MORE taxes (cost of water), so we USE EVEN LESS (consumption of water), and then the city TAXES US AGAIN (to recoup the losses from conservation), and so on...and so forth.
This crap never ends.
On the one hand, we're all "expected" to conserve resources...all well and good, but at WHAT PRICE?
How the hell can I conserve when every time I cut back, they only jack up the price for using LESS of something (like water)?
Yeah, go ahead and say it....it's one of THOSE moments...
Wow, we can have at least ONE of those every damn day, it seems.
Of course we (the consumers) have to pay for UV treatment of the water instead of chemicals (that have worked fine for the last 50+ years).
I dunno...I can smell another ANNEXATION in this city's future...not that THOSE residents will prefer that any more than those in Aboite, who were forced into our fair city, and have reaped all those "benefits" since (he said sarcastically).
Yep...Circle of Life...not the best way to conduct business...just the ONLY way (for now).
*** Lastly today, no one has ever said that life was supposed to be "fair".
I get that.
What I want to know is why does it NEVER seem to be fair at all, especially when certain people DO "play by the rules"?
It's like the old "No good deed ever goes unpunished" thing.
What we need to do is stop raking the good folks over the coals, be they societal, or financial ..whatever.
We've already seen how WRONG (and costly) it is to "reward bad behavior"...look at those 400 gov't programs designed to pull folks out of poverty, while never instilling in them any sense of worth...yeah, that works SO damn well.
I say we start rewarding GOOD behavior...acknowledge ALL those people who DO pay their taxes, bust their asses, conserve whenever possible, and basically are just good old decent folk.
It's like if you don't have a car accident, that insurance company drops your premium each year a little.
Why not start giving breaks to those folks who DO follow the rules, and keep their noses clean and their asses out of life's slings.
Maybe, when the GOOD people catch a break now and then, it might spur those bad folks to get their proverbial sh*t together, so THEY can become better themselves, and thereby secure a few DESERVED "rewards" along the way.
Just a thought. (and a damn good one, imho)
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
((Coming Monday - my take on the "changes" coming to the 122nd Fighter Wing at Baer field...and other fun stuff, so we'll see 'ya then.))

02 February 2012

It's THAT Time Of Year.Again...
If you check your calendar, you will notice that today is GROUNDHOG DAY.
Now, considering this is a LEAP year, it might or might not figure into the little guy's prediction.
But remember that ALL those damn SPOT LIGHTS shining on his little furry butt tends to screw up his "skills" as far as prognostication go.
When you poke your head of YOUR bedroom, and see enough brilliance to make you think you woke up on the dark side of the SUN (which doesn't really have a dark side...LOL), you tend to get a bit cranky.
Add to that some older guy with a top hat and white gloves grabbing you around your gut and dragging you from that nice comfy bed, and it's little wonder that things can get confused when predicting the seasons.
I know that would cheese me off to NO end...I'd haul off and bite that mook!
Yeah, he'd think TWICE next year...
*** For the past 126 years, people have gathered at Gobbler's Knob, PA to watch Punxsutawney Phil (and his descendants, obviously) give us "his" prediction as to whether we'll have SIX more weeks of Winter...OR have an early Spring.
This year, Phil saw his shadow, and that means six more weeks of Winter.
Truth be told, with ALL the people there, he probably saw several THOUSAND shadows, so we might enter another ICE AGE...LOL
I'm just sayin'...
*** This little item is getting some much needed press here in NE Indiana, and with good reason.
Here's the link to the story:
Seems the bureaucrats in D. C.'s DoD are deciding how "best" to make cuts to our military.
Constitutionally-speaking (as well as personally), I find this an affront to this nation.
One of the FIRST mandates OF our government is to "...provide for the common DEFENSE".
Can't do that when you're downsizing the military to such a degree, can you?
(look at what happened in Russia - rusting hardware all over the place)
The 122nd Fighter Group (Blacksnakes), based in here in Ft. Wayne MIGHT be on the chopping block (again).
It seemed only a few years back they were consolidated with Grissom AFB and received some of their F-16s in the merge.
Having recently switched the aircraft over to A-10s hasn't caused any misstep by the people here.
The money this base pumps into the local economy is nothing to sneeze at, either....we're talking close to $60 MILLION bucks.
But, those in power seem bent on screwing with our military...hopefully, it won't come down to that.
I'd hate to think of the alternatives... (yikes!!!)

*** And while we're talking about our TROOPS...there's THIS:
The article says that the V.A. has frozen plans for housing homeless VETS...
(yeah, go ahead and say it...)
I said for years, that of the over 400 VACANT houses in Ft. Wayne, MANY of them could be rehabbed for a lot less than NEW housing, and still accommodate those vets in need...might even chase out the criminal element.
And I'd MUCH rather have a bunch of VETS living around us than criminals...ANY day.
THOSE troopers can shoot, and I could use the "backup"...lol!
Again, we see something this nation NEEDS being tossed to the curb.
*** And then, there's this:
Imagine you're riding your bike home from work, and come across something along Towpath Trail in Ft. Wayne.
Something like...TEN "one-pot" meth labs tossed by the roadside in the grass...!
Nah, we don't have a drug problem here...we have a MAJOR drug problem here.
Here's the story link:
Still, good thing crime is going DOWN, right? (he said sarcastically)
*** But is THAT isn't enough...let's try THIS:
This story takes place in the NORTH end of the city (for a change) and speaks about THREE kids home alone with DRUGS at the residence.
Christopher Deron Hatch, 33, of 6816 Mimosa Lane (near Cook Rd) has been charged BEFORE (and done time) for drug possession (big surprise THERE, hmm?), and is again charged with maintaining a common nuisance, possession, and neglect of a dependant.
Jennifer Dell Ley, 31, also of the same residence is charged with similar crimes as well as child endangerment.
Renee M. Potter, 39, of the 7100 block of Blackhawk Drive is charged with possession as well as aiding and dealing.
Upstanding citizens all...up standing in front of the camera for that MUG SHOT!
*** Lastly today, taking a bite out of crime works...when you have the "teeth" to do it.
Gumming it doesn't quite cut it these days.
And what we have to realize, is that it's not ONLY the drugs that are the problem...it's the NEGLECT of the children.
These children become "damaged goods" way too early in life, and wind up with the wrong message being taught to them (at home).
Trying to UNDO such a societal clusterf$ck can (and is) a daunting task for whoever has those children, because under these circumstances, they should not be summarily returned to such an abhorrent environment.
Face it, some folks are not mature enough (or even intelligent enough) to properly RAISE children...and they are that way BY CHOICE.
They choose to ignore the responsibilities of life, in lieu of the more "entertaining" aspect of illicit behavior...and drugs (among other things).
The children are always the losers in this "game", make no mistake.
And it's high time to get that changed around.
When you permit people to be on the dole, rather than hold them accountable, THIS is the usual result.
But, when you make the same people uncomfortable in that situation, they will want to leave it.
I didn't say that...it was Ben Franklin...and his word is good enough for me,especially when he's RIGHT.
And that's all that needs to be said.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.