16 January 2013

Humpday Happenings...
Middle of the week, and the middle of the month...how cleverly we arranged that, hmm?
Today's Heartland weather is COLD, but not AS cold as the past few days.
Temps will actually get ABOVE freezing, with some slight breezes.
Feels downright BALMY now, doesn't it?
Still, don't lock up your long johns JUST yet...early next week, we'll be BACK in the freezer...big time!
In the meantime, feel free to top off that cup of coffee (or whatever), for we've some interesting stuff to tackle on this brisk day.
*** First out of the gate is today's Motto Of The Week - aka WHO SAID THAT?
"Our work is the presentation of our abilities."
I think this fits in wonderfully with today's articles...in many ways.
So, who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Moving on...
*** Next up, is today's "press conference" (read BS session, complete with several children as political "human shields") from our Fearless Leader regarding this whole nonsense-laden gun control issue.
To me, it's really a NON-issue, and yet, our socialist-in-chief will issue HIS decrees about how HE (singled-handed, no doubt) will ride up and solve EVERY, SINGLE problem with guns...through...(wait for it)...EXECUTIVE ORDER!
Funny thing, Rush Limbaugh yesterday was explaining what EXACTLY an executive order really was...(he must have read my blog post from back on 10 January this year, because I spelled out what this was...ROFL).
In any event, for those "low-information" people out there, it was pretty much an easy follow.
One of the best examples (and worse results) of an executive order was EO 9066, set about by FDR, which "relocated" Japanese-Americans into specified INTERNMENT CAMPS in the U.S.
But, that wouldn't stop OUR whiner-in-chief...this spoiled brat thinks he can run slipshod over our founding documents...how IMPERIALISTIC of him to think as much.
And, because he wants to pursue this course of action regarding guns (along with the regulation and control of them), and also since Obummer has put forth 147 executive orders since stealing (I mean TAKING) the White House, I've decided to give him a new nickname...
(for Executive Order)
The prez is looking to ADD another 19+ EOs to his ever-growing list...more than ANY other President (but not as many as a MONARCH...or dictator).
Personally, placing a pen in THIS man's hands is tantamount to disaster, because nothing GOOD ever comes from anything he signs (unless it would be a resignation decree for himself).
Naturally, there will be unintended consequences to Obama signing these orders, but he'll find them out soon enough, then MORE EOs will go out to handle those...and the "circle of life" continues.
Not ONE program he has signed has proven successful, especially in the long-term analysis.
(But he won't be President when all that crap hits the fan, anyway)
One Texas Congressman, Rep. Steve Stockman, is even calling for an impeachment over this latest issue on guns...
And here's the story link:
Now THIS man has the right idea, imho.
(and he might have more support than many think)
We shall see.
Meanwhile, back in the Rotunda...
*** We're currently up to TWELVE apartment robberies in Fort Wayne...in JUST the past week...
The latest one at Gardenview Apartments (again for the THIRD time) resulted in a woman being stabbed when a robber took the knife away she used to defend herslf, and used it on her. He escaped with nothing.
The level of violence IS ramping up...you can see this coming.
Here's this story:
But, that's not the WHOLE story...
We have ACTUALLY had a total of THIRTY-SIX robberies at apartment complexes since 1 January...!!!
You heard me right.
The REAL number is THREE TIMES that of what has been reported.
This came out at last night's City Council meeting, where the council quizzed FWPD chief Rusty York over these robberies.
Here's THAT story:
Now the headline is about a 2% raise for the LEOs out there...I'm not begrudging that one damn bit. Being 21 officers DOWN in staff is another thing.
It's further along IN the story that you find that morsel of TRUTH...the one that "splains" a whole lot.
(( Naturally. 6th district councilhack Glynn Hines just wanted to spend MORE, while 5th district councilman Geoff Paddock doesn't see the PBA (police union) as "just another expense". Tom Smith wants to look at the collective bargaining ordinance in that regard.
Sorry, Glynn...common sense RULES for a change, but that's another post for another day.))
Back to the apartment robberies, though...
THIRTY-(FREAKING)-SIX robberies, and we're only told about TWELVE?
Helluva way to keep the PUBLIC (the ones getting robbed) IN THE LOOP, Rus...NOT!
Some appear to be the work of serial robbers...'(ya think?)
York states the FWPD is focusing their efforts on THESE perps...
And the REST of that 36 just doesn't warrant your time?
I think working with all that stained glass and lead is affecting your BRAIN, chief.
EVERY robbery is as important as another...IF you REALLY want to get a handle on CRIME.
And EVERY robbery has a VICTIM...so, who speaks on THEIR behalf when you "only" focus on the 12 specific robberies?
Seems to me we have about 24 other people who want answers, too.
Helluva way to run a department...NOT!
*** Lastly, how well are you paying attention these days?
I know it seems an insurmountable task, and maybe that's why we have SO many "low-information" citizens who don't concern themselves with things they SHOULD. They're too busy checking out the newest "reality" show, or having their attention diverted and getting their daily "fix" of sensationalistic pablum.
Well, that might work...until you NEED to know something you should have known for a while.
Our nation's deficit, national debt, our economic and credit rating woes, inflation, regulations out the ass, knee-jerks from the political jerks, and so on, ALL add to our want to not be bothered.
But we NEED to be bothered...in a good way, mind you.
We NEED to being watching...and listening...and maybe even taking notes, so WE can be better informed when the time comes.
We are in the bleachers, watching history being made (cheering it on) and we should be paying better attention.
Face it, we're all not cut out for direct involvement, but just being made aware of what's going on around you is often enough.
Dosen't matter if you're in an apartment complex parking lot, coming home from work, or deciding your budget for next month, or even writing legislators about something you don't feel is in the best interest of this nation, or her people.
We all do our part...there is no small involvement here...everything is important...to someone.
There are only small people - the ones that can't be bothered.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Diane said...

I agree that people are "out to lunch" and not really paying attention to things that are going on - reality shows, that seems to be pretty much the only thing 'new' on tv, and they're remaking movies now like mad.. what, they can't come up with original stories?

When you were talking about Executive Orders, I just googled and came up with this article from Forbes.com (written today) http://www.forbes.com/sites/daviddavenport/2013/01/16/president-obamas-executive-power-end-run-around-the-constitution/ thought You'd like to read it :)

Put on some long johns, and heat up the kettle, and have some hot chocolate or tea to stay warm!

Momma Fargo said...

People have been in the dark for oh...over 8 years now and most of them voted. I think. They must have because look where we are. No way in hell Obama should have been elected...twice. That makes the US twice dumb...or is it dumb the first term and dumber the second. Anyway, this country is a mess. I fear our rights are dwindling to nothing. Very sad.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
If there is ONE person I NEVER have to convince about people who's NOT paying attention...it's YOU, dear!

YOU have probably seen more in ONE WEEK than most of us have seen our entire lives.

I had hopes for Obama..thought he could become like JFK or something.
But, I always felt that his meteoric "rise" to power had something (or someONE) behind it.

And now, after FOUR years, we still don't know much ABOUT him, but those of us who HAVE paid attention HAVE seen what he has become AND is capable of.

And it's certainly not in the BEST interest of THIS nation...nor ALL her citizens.

Our rights, liberties and freedoms HAVE been on the decline for a while...and it's all been in the smallest increments, until now.

But that FEAR you (and I) feel CAN be a good thing...a motivating force.
We don't have to be a part of the problem...but we CAN always part of the solution.
Let's remain focused and ever vigilant.

Thanks much for rolling on up today to comment.
Always a pleasure.

You stay SAFE out there.

CWMartin said...

Boy, Rusty's statistician strikes again, eh?

Typical Ft Wayne response to anything- if it's a problem just pretend its not there.
More important things to worry about- like moving Anthony Wayne's statue!

Of course move it! People shouldn't have to do a little sightseeing to see the sights, right? Drive in, drive out, stop at a McDonalds in the burbs on the way home, thats our motto!

And the elite can't figure out why the rank and file citizen doesn't want to pay more taxes to make them a better playpen.

50 years from now, Mayor Henry's legacy will be the same as Obama's- "He was the guy in charge when the wheels really started coming off."

But they won't care- they'll be dead because a health care bureaucrat didnt aprove them for life sustaining treatments due to age.

Their reward in the next life should be to be dressed in suits made of money and surgically attached, and put into a room full of IRS agents.

Bob G. said...

Right you ARE, sir!

I'm thinking of taking up a collection to get Rusty an ABACUS...(he can start out SLOWLY), then after mastering THAT, we can get him a REMEDIAL math course...beginning at the ELEMENTARY GRADE level, hmm?

LMAO...Love your thoughts on certain people and the afterlife.

Man, I'd PAY to see THAT!

Thanks very much for stopping on by today and commenting.
Stir that pot, my friend!

And DO stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, too many people wind up going from one "thing" to another,...and never stop to THINK on any of it.
They JUST want to be "entertained".
While that's always good ONCE IN A WHILE, it shouldn't become a lifetsyle choice.

The EXECUTUVE ORDER has a curious history, when you look back to how PREVIOUS presidents used it, and in what context it was put forth.

Yes, MY long-johns are VERY close-at-hand, as is the cocoa!
Gonna need 'em (here) NEXT week!

Hey, thanks so much for stopping by today.
Good to see you again.

You stay safe down there.

((I wanted to re-post my comment to YOU, because I didn't spell your name corerectly and it bothered me...sorry))

Slamdunk said...

I think your discussion of Executive Orders and the Gardenview Apartments should be more connected.

I believe President Obama should issue an Executive Order banning knives from households. We can then send confiscation squads out to your house (especially your kitchen) and take all of your edged-objects. I can't wait to start eating steak with a spoon.

Bob G. said...

Well, now...that would be JUST the beginning, would it not?
Michelle Obama doesn't want us to EAT steak as it is, but...

Ban baseball bats - love to see a ballgame played with TENNIS rackets (until THOSE get banned).

Ban pencils and pens...they're pointy. We type everything anyway now, right?

Ban KEYS, because they can be placed on a lanyard and used AGAINST a perp bent on robbing you (we cen get into our vehicles and houses the way the criminals do...through the broken windows).

Wait, BROKEN WINDOWS...isn't that what our society suffers from ALREADY?

Good idea you got there, my friend.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.
Stay safe out there.