09 January 2013

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the midweek soiree into the wonderful world of reality, friends.
(a nice place to visit on occasion)
Weather today in the Heartland will be even milder than yesterday, with highs in the 40s!
And it will be partly cloudy. (dunno WHICH part, though)
So feel free to indulge yourself and enjoy it.
And it's also our Motto of the Week day, so here goes...
" If you count all your assets, you always show a profit."
So, WHO said that, hmm?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the accounting office...
*** An armed robbery occurred after a woman was followed both into a Shell gas station as well as after she left back on Monday around 0500 hrs.
Here's the story:
Guess you can't even go about your business EARLY in Ft. Wayne these days.
The woman was tailed from the station at W. Jefferson and Fairfield to the 2100 block of Fairfield where she pulled into a lot.
A dark car pulled in behind here, and when she got out, the black male (big surprise THERE) pulled a gun and demanded money.
She swung her purse at him and missed.
The male theatened to shoot her at that point, and she handed over $105. He then drove off.
The description is a black male, wearing a dark-hooded sweatshirt, a winter hat (with those goofy-ass strings down the sides), and a black and yellow jacket with an emblem on the back (and left chest).
It would appear that the jacket looks to be some form of logo...perhaps a skull (from what I can make out).
If you see this man, please feel free to shoot his ass, and THEN make a citizen's arrest.
No one should have to deal with such vermin driving along OUR streets, holding up OUR citizens.
*** Funny thing about THIS robber...he SURE sounds JUST LIKE the guy that ripped off the BP station at S. Anthony and Tillman...on the same morning, at around the SAME time.
Here's a refresher from THAT story I covered YESTERDAY:
How 'BOUT that...this guy ALSO drove a DARK colored car...astounding!
And he was wearing the SIMILAR clothing...or damn near exact with the hat AND emblem on the jacket.
Even though the times for the TWO robberies are similar, I think there is a "fudge-factor" here as to the EXACT times, both at the BP and the 2100 block of Fairfield...wouldn't take long to get from one place TO the other.
I know the area well enough.
Sure sounds damn COINCIDENTAL, don'cha think?
*** Here's a story about things that go "BOOM!!!"
A man is making aluminum dust...man leaves stuff in basement...man hears loud boom...man has house knocked off foundation.
A blast THAT concussive had to have disturbed the neighbors.
And who said it was OK to make "homemade fireworks" anyway?
Hope this guy has SOME form of license to allow it, because such things are not for the untrained.
Maybe that's WHY the BATFE got involved.
Yet THEY claim that no laws were broken (just the house).
Guess the Timothy McVeighs of the world are breathing easier to hear THAT.
If this were used in something "other" than fireworks, the results could be catastrophic, especially in a PUBLIC venue.
That's why companies that work WITH such metals like aluminum filter the dust and shavings away from work areas, and clean up a LOT.
And aluminum dust is used in something (we) called THERMITE.
(look it up - scary stuff in the wrong hands)
Then again, once in a while, they miss some and BOOM...an explosion at a metal plant.
Almost as dangerous as a GRAIN elevator explosion...and just as liable to occur whenever you mix certain "dusts" and some form of electricity (static of otherwise).
*** Got to see a good night of TV for a change last night.
Iron Man 2 was excellent!
(yeah, I'm biased...so?)
This flick was every bit as good as the FIRST movie.
Mickey Rourke does a masterful job as "Whiplash" aka Ivan Venko.
Good, calculating villain.
It has some great action scenes as well as some fairly deep drama.
And Scarlett Johansson...is hot!

Then, right after that, there was the Season Four kickoff for JUSTIFIED...and that sure did not disappoint.
The sh*t that Raylan gets himself into...or rather the sh*t that FINDS Raylan makes the show what it is.
And his calm demeanor as he levels his gun at a perp is outstanding.
Best thing that Tim Olyphant has done to date.
All the supporting cast not only compliments his acting, but have their OWN gigs going on.
Doesn't really make you WANT to move to Harlan, KY...but knowing they have U.S. Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens there does take the edge off.
*** Lastly today, I've been saying for some time that we got us a MESS of "weird" out there...way more than in times past.
Some days, I swear someone is putting something in the Red Bull...or the water...or something that's causing all this crap to slosh around our feet.
If it's not early-rising crims holding up people and places, it's kids doing drugs in Middle School.
It's semi-drivers that aren't paying attention that kills 2 people along an Indiana interstate, or the drunk that's been let out one TOO many times that crosses left-of-center on a road YOU happen to be on.
It's government that believes that chronic and cavalier spending will somehow ERASE all the ever-growing debt this nation faces.
And it's both a highly FLAWED mental health care AND judicial system that allows the freaks of the world to continue in the public mainstream, where they can get their hands on things that should not (like a gun, knife, bat, or a car) and then go and wantonly kill innocent people and/or children.
It's people that decry the name of God, abstain from ANY form of morality, and also promote pedophilia as an "alternative sexual lifestyle".
We are headed down the path that ancient Rome has trodden...and if we look back to history, we can easily see what happened back then, and predict with both confidence and clarity where THIS country could also be headed.
We can turn this all around, but we can't do it overnight, or even in a year...
Hopefully, we can see the forest for the trees, and still be able to do something to halt this advance into adversity.
And I sincerely trust and pray that we will not be too late (or too slow) when the time comes to act.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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Slamdunk said...

Your aluminum dust explosion guy reminds me how I wish that we had several acres between our house and any of the neighbors. People can be downright dumb for sure.

Enjoy the 40s Bob.